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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    No Scott, the players blew it. Anybody know why Dotson was Inactive? The Saints defense seem to know what we were going to do before the ball was hiked. Our OL played poorly. Our DL didn’t get enough pressure on Brees; he hadly saw the dirt.

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    I agree the Bucs blew it today. Drops and penalties over and over at the WORST possible times. It was a verty frustrating game to watch and seeing that in front of what was the best home field crowd all season was disappointing to type the least. Yes, it’s still been a learning year and great strides have been made but today’s game was a huge downer and the Bucs did indeed blow it.

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    Let me see if I recall correctly from my 7th grade anatomy class. You have to exhale to blow – you have to inhale to suck. I think what we really did was we…….err either way, pretty bad, huh?

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    Clearwater Buc

    Scott, I gotta call you out on this. For most of the season, you were clamoring (along with most Bucs fans) for Lovie to be fired. After signs of improvement, you wrote a piece just a couple weeks ago about how you were wrong about Lovie. And now- after a disappointing loss- you’ve swung back again to Lovie shouldn’t be our head coach?

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    This team is what their record says they are. They are a middle of the pack team (which is a huge improvement) that at best had an outside chance of making the playoffs at the beginning of the season. But, I’m not letting a game like this damper what has been a really fun season to watch. While this game was the polar opposite of the Philly game where it seemed that everything went right. It just didn’t go that way this week. There are many reasons (excuses) to explain why. But I feel like there were plays to be had that were just barely missed. That doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t be made next week. I for one am still optimistic about the direction of this team. It has been such a long time since I’ve watched a game in December that mattered. Yes they need to tighten things up and play better. But I have seen plenty of evidence so far this season to give me positive hope for the NEAR future that it can happen. So lets have a strong finish to the season to head into the offseason with hunger, drive, and hope for next season. Don’t let it go and end up with a down vibe heading into the spring. It’s been such a fun season to watch with many obvious improvements. It’s been unlike many in recent years. So don’t let this loss destroy that. Oh, and Kwon was sorely missed. No doubt.

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      100% agree with this post…thanks for saving me all the typing!

    2. 5.2


      Well typed! After the disappointment of yesterday’s poor showing your post still rings true. The Bucs are getting there and a setback cannot and will not change that fact. I too look forward to the future, a future very close to the present. Hoping for a strong finish and a great offseason to set up a playoff run next year.

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    Gee Scott, do you really need to start calling for Lovie’s head again? How about wait until seasons’ end. With all of the potential firings due to the group of teams hovering around the 500 mark, who you bringing in? How much regression do you want when we start over….again? It’s clear to me that this ultra-youthful team still is lacking in talent.

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    The Panthers finished last season under 500 so there’s hope. I would describe our defense as a dog chasing it’s tail. We need better players Horse, but Lovies coaching hasn’t been very good, and he got schooled today by Peyton. Why is Donte Dye on the roster? Dude can’t run block but makes up for that by dropping passes. I’ve been posting for weeks to give Hall, or anyone else a shot.

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    I think Lovie’s talent evaluation abilities are LOW!!! Not a fan. His defense is just not working. More talent needed??? Doubt if it will help with this scheme unless we outscore the other team consistently.

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    I guess a .500 team is our future with Lovie around. Guess it beats 2-14.

    1. 9.1


      Read what I’m thinking in Monday Afterthoughts!

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    Agreed on all points made SR. I was going to wait until the season was over to point out that we haven’t beaten a team with a winning record in hopes that would change before the season ended. Hell, we haven’t PLAYED a team with a winning record besides the Panthers and the way all the teams are playing we may end the season only having played one team with a winning record. That’s got to be some kind of a record. My only other comment is if memory serves me correctly PR predicted the Bucs would go 7-9 and now you say we’ll “be fortunate to finish 7-9”. Why so glum if you thought this is where we would end up before the season even started?

  11. 11


    Scott- is like most Bucs Fans when we win even against very bad teams we jump on this high and rose colored glasses and start thinking “playoffs” well not me I knew we were a mediocre team at best but I was surprised to see Doug Martin play so well this yr as for everything else I was on the money with, and before you say “your wrong about Winston” I never said he wouldn’t be good, I was worried about his immaturity issues off the field and I liked Mariota better. I predicted Winston to have 17 td’s and 15 int’s before the season, I’m not far off with that one. I’ll make a prediction for next yr too Stocker will once again make this team and I will bitch about it and I will still face fellow Bucs Fans supporting the move “sigh”

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      All the bucs complaining need to chill. If you truly think the bucs were a playoff team this year then you’re crazy lol the bucs are young, they are gonna be fine. We have Jamies Winston who’s gonna do great things for us. We just need to fix up somethings before we say oh we are a playoff team. We are almost there.

    2. 11.2


      you are kinda far off, he has 23 TDs and 11 int this year

    3. 11.3


      I think your comments are amusing and get a kick out your unvarnished perspective of the Bucs. But if you’re going to put forth such opinions, then tell the whole story.
      Your worries about Winston off the field have been assuaged or relieved. Winston has thrown 11 INTs, Mariota has thrown 10. If the draft were held today the Bucs would be picking 17, the Titans led by Mariota have the dubious honor of picking 1st again.
      If you report that someone came in 2nd in a race, it’s useful to know there was just two people in the race. In other words tell the whole story!

      1. 11.3.1


        Winston off the field “so far” has been relieved, he has a whole career ahead of him still to make me worry. second- the fact the Titans are picking #1 again means what exactly? Winston is better than Mariota or maybe Doug Martin is better than Bishop Sankey? Mariota doesn’t have Evans or V Jax or the second leading rusher in the Nfl with him, don’t worry I’m not saying one is better than the other, but to say Mariota isn’t good as a rookie is absurd and simply pre conceived bias on your part. What whole story do you want me to tell? Not sure what your asking there? We are a young team with huge flaws still, NO DE, no secondary, still not completing the deep throw, to many penalties etc etc do I think we have our franchise qb yes, and we should build around him for yrs to come but we are not a 6 win team the record can be very deceiving as haven’t beaten a team above 500 yet, if you want to compare Titans vs Bucs didn’t they play head to head already?

    4. 11.4


      jongruden, although I find your pessimism to be a little off putting, I must give you credit. You have been saying for weeks that the Bucs are mediocre and would finish somewhere between 6-8 wins. Even as the rest of us got our hopes up for the playoffs, you continually tried to bring us back down to reality. Unlike most of my fellow Bucs fans, I still believe the playoffs are possible. Im an optimist to the end. My question for though is “what is with this hate for Stocker and Gholston?’ I agree they are not starters, but they are solid depth pieces at their position. To me the biggest waste at TE is Myers. What does he do? Also, why is Wright on the team. He is constantly late in coverage and he missed an easy interception yesterday. Why not focus on the real bums on our team and let Stocker and Gholston live?

  12. 12


    Agree 100% SR. Most posters take one of your lines and “create” their own interpretation. I recall some posters responding negatively last week when I posted the Bucs haven’t beaten a good team this year in response to them “turning the corner”. How dare I after such a convincing win! The Bucs are much improved no one is disputing that. We’re the youngest team in NFL as well. It’s been obvious to me however, that Lovie is being outcoached which is different all together than players not playing. Lovie seems to be a 4th round pick going against a 1st round hall of fame coach. I hope he is honest with his self and “turns the corner” or we will struggle to be a contender.

    1. 12.1


      DBuc ^ agree

  13. 13


    Well we did blow it yesterday and as Bucs fans it’s a little tough as they tease us and then let us down. We are an extremely young team so there will be these peaks and valley’s we are just looking for some growth this year.
    We’ve already eclipsed my prediction and I figured 8-8 would be a stellar season. The problem is that we just don’t have enough talent yet.
    Our whole secondary outside of Sterling more, who again played pretty good yesterday, wouldn’t make most teams rosters.
    And the injuries are starting to mount up as well, which is going to hammer us down the stretch. I DO think Lovie will get another year, and I personally liked him getting into some defenders on the sideline. I like to see that fire out of him.
    His demeanor is sometimes a little too stoic for my taste but if he can start sprinkling in some fire, I”m, all for it.
    We have ourselves a pretty good young team in critical areas, we just need another offseason to add some important pieces.
    As Bucs fans we’ve long been starving for the playoffs so we might have gotten a little ahead of ourselves.

  14. 14


    Who decided not to play our best tackle? Our best Tackle, Dotson, wasn’t in there despite the fact he is the best Tackle on our team and has been for years, and was healthy. He should have been playing left tackle and there would not have been a long pass cancelled for Smith’s holding. I have said from the start that Smith’s best position is at Guard because he is a good run blocker but not good enough at pass blocking as his scores have shown this year by unbiased stat sites. Who ever is responsible (and I suspect WarFLOP) should be held accountable.

  15. 15


    If anyone is being absurd and in “denial” as you often state so many Buc fans are after a win, it is you jongruden
    Your continued insistence that the Bucs aren’t a 6 win team is proof that you need to get back on your meds.
    Go to the standings in the south and look under Bucs and wins and you will clearly see 6.
    So in reality, the Bucs are a 6 win team.
    You repeating over and over that they aren’t isn’t going to change reality like Donald Trump attempts to do.

  16. 16


    Well that was painful article to read. Scott Reynolds is truly the weak link on this website. With 21 teams below .500, you think it would be rational to fire Lovie? We are playing with 3rd strings on defense but somehow we should have been able to stop the saints that almost beat the panthers last week? This is an overachieving team. Yes the entire team played horrible but offense played flat. Jameis was off and WRs did not help.This team will probably not the playoffs not because of the defense and definitely not because of Lovie. But you are too biased to see that. I have been on this website for 7 years. Its getting incredibly painful to read these Lovie bashing articles.

  17. 17


    Last season it was the Doug Martin bashing articles. Nuff said.

  18. 18


    That’s for sure scubog. Not just here but everywhere else. now he’s everyone’s BFF who always true to him.
    Scott’s arguments have validity but here is the main question.
    Is there anyone else out there who is better than Lovie on a noticeable level.
    Everyone thought the Falcons and the Jets had found the magic elixir but both teams have turned out to be just average.
    Doesn’t really matter because Lovie is going to be here another year.

  19. 19


    Lovie Smith is fine. Let’s not make wholesale changes again. I have been please with Winston’s performance and off-the-field nothing. I wish Mike Evans wouldn’t drop so many passes, but I don’t want to get rid of him. The stupid penalties are killing us.

  20. 20


    Scott, I usually am onboard with your articles and opinions but as other posters have said and it’s no secret…You flat out seem to hate Lovie as a coach. Last year I was with you and wondered if he was the right guy for this job. After the strides the team has made I now think he is the guy.
    Let’s look at things for what they really are. Rookie QB, that is good. Second year WR that is immature, injury prone, and hot/cold but at the same time is still a pretty damn good player that needs to grow as a man and a player. Pretty damn good RBs and an OL that has exceeded expectations and become one the more solid units on the team, that includes two rookies at some the more important spots. We have a pretty good OC that is doing a great job with our rookie QB. Offensively speaking this team is light years from where it was last year and will only get better.
    Defense has McCoy that shouldn’t even be on the field at this point and is costing this team. Plain & simple we have to get more pass rush by next year however that may happen. The secondary although starting to improve is still piss poor. Our LBs are pretty damn good. Sometimes it takes more than 2 years to revamp a defense and get all of the players a coach wants & needs in those roles.
    This is still a young team that needs to mature especially concerning committing penalties. Basically, I give Lovie a free pass on last year after the Tedford debacle. You seriously have to hit the reset button but without that said debacle we don’t have Jameis. So, the team has improved quite a bit and I think we all in our hearts deep down know this is NOT a playoff team this year and have no business being in the playoffs. If anything this is a learning lesson for those young guys to see what won’t get them to the playoffs. All & all I think Lovie is doing about as good a job as he can given what he has to work with. He’s not the one out there committing the penalties and dropping passes. They are grown men and need to act like so. I just think you are being somewhat harsh and not really realistic. To hire a new regime right now could possibly set this team back years and that’s just not something we can endure right now.

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