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    Noted. Should be an interesting chat, and Fab 5.

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    “Bucs sources told PewterReport.com on Thursday that this civil suit will have no effect on the team’s draft plans whatsoever.” Wow, whatsoever? That’s a pretty strong word if he’s later found guilty in the civil suit. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. In other words, smokescreen. Either they were planning to draft Mariota all along (which I believe) or they’re lying about how an actual rape civil suit (different than the expectation of one) doesn’t affect their decision even a little in light of how much scrutiny the league has gotten recently related to assault against women.

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    Pink, this lawsuit won’t come to trail at eariest sometime in 2016. Her suit against FSU isn’t happening until August of 2016. It’ll have been four years since the encounter, and Winston already having played a whole season as our QB, before this smells a trail. That’s why it has no effect on what they do 2 weeks from now. This story will be dust in the wind for the next year or so.

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      If you think this story will become dust in the wind for next year or so you and I have wildly different opinions on the effects of active rape lawsuits against high profile NFL QB draft picks.

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    If Winston is selected by Tampa the suit will be settled immediately as Tampa Bay will want this over with. If Winston slides significantly on draft day I see a counter suit by Winston for damages and this civil law suit / suits going on for years.

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      I’d tend to agree with you sir. I think if the bucs do select Jameis, they’ll prefer if he just pays and gets this over with instead of dragging it out.

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    Pink, no one in the media is giving this much legs because they know this trail, or settlement, won’t be till like I said, way down the road. You seem to be one of the few who want to keep beating this dead horse. No offense, Horse!

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    Other than this girl’s attorney and others trying to use her for their own gain; if there are no facts to support her rape claim, then it won’t matter if a civil suit requires less of them to garner a cash restitution. I suspect her attorney knows this but chooses to to file this suit right before the Draft to harm Winston by possibly causing him to be selected lower. Then this attorney can find some glory in saying she “got him.” No compensation for her client though.

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    Risk gentlemen, that’s why we’re here. That’s why we built this starship!! Capt Kirk sometime in the future. I’m more then willing to take the risk on Winston. He’s the best pro ready QB in the draft, played in our state, WANTS to be a BUC. Mariota, I don’t care who drafts me. No what Marc, me neither.

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    The suit alleges that the plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount in damages — but asserted in the suit that they exceed $15,000 which is a statutory Florida requirement. It is not breaking news that this is about money – all civil suits are about money – both compensatory and punitive damages are monetary awards. The timing of the suit is to urge Winston to offer a settlement quickly and make this go away at time when he can ill afford this kind of publicity. IMO, that will not happen soon as Winston’s attorney will savor the opportunity to show uncomfortable evidence regarding the plaintiff at discovery that she would not want discussed in open court. At some point, as usual, it is in the best interest of both parties to make this go away!

    John Clune, Ms Kinsman’s attorney, was the attorney for the plaintiff in the Kobe Byrant rape case. When his client was presented with evidence of multiple samples of DNA in her underwear, she refused to testify and the case was dismissed. She later filed a civil suit which was confidentially settled.

    Winston should lawyer up. Although he is a capable attorney, this is not a job for David Cornwell. This is going to be nasty business and the lawyer for this job is Rusty Hardin out of Houston, Texas.

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    I happen to believe this girl’s story. And with a second accuser preparing to come forward, my vote is for Mariota. Even if Winston is perhaps more prepared for the NFL (supposedly… no guarantees. Other studs have tanked… Probably more than have had stellar careers). Many analysts have talked about Mariota’s huge upside. I’ll take that route over a few extra wins in 2015. Just my .02.

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