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    Grade seems a tad high honestly.

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    I agree grade looked high. What bothers me the most is his really slow wind up. Safeties in the NFL close so fast. In addition, he didn’t see at least 6 open receivers. I’m hoping we didn’t waste the number pick on a guy with a great smile and questionable skills.

    1. 2.1


      I thought I was watching Byron Leftwich.

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    Winston was the least of my worries, he’s going to be fine. Gilkey on the other hand has no business being in the NFL. Our other 2 picks Smith did good after giving up that first sack. I attribute that to not having to go against a good D end in practice, because we don’t have one. Marpet also got better as the game went on.

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    I’m not worried either, surfer. But both Winston and the Bucs media should chill on the ‘Man of steel” mantra and that he is not fazed by anything. He acted as one would expect for a young, rookie QB in his first NFL game to act – nervous and excited. He’s human and looked it last night.And that’s okay with me. As the game went on he got into a rhythm and as games (plural) go on, he’ll start with a rhythm. Now that secondary is a whole notha story!

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    Always wise thoughts from you macabee. Unlike some, who are already questioning the rookies after but 1/2 of a meaningless exhibition practice.

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      SCUBOG- Who’s questioning Winston? He stunk period! Will he improve absolutely but last night he STUNK. There’s a difference between today and tomorrow as there is Winston sucked last night and being more improved in future. I truly think he has the tools to succeed but any grade better than a “D” last night is about expectations in future not about last night. He’s a rookie and played like one. I think he’ll be average at best this year. (hope I’m wrong)Very few QB’s have a good rookie year and we have more growing pains this year. It’s hard for fans to be patient…we have stunk for so long now.

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    IT was a rough night on both sides of the ball. I didn’t get to see the 2nd half, but the Defense really looks soft. I guess they cleaned up things in the 2nd half.

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    Agree with surferdudes, macabee, scubog. Winston needs to keep his arm warmed up while on the sidelines. I’m going to harper on this until it happens. He always starts slow because his arm is not warmed up enough. Many QB’s throw a few tosses before going in to have their arm loosened up.

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    C’mon SR, really? Winston a C? I believe your grade is about future expectations as well in factoring his grade last night. Winston led the troops for 1 touchdown, great, but also threw a pick that resulted in a touchdown so that’s a wash to me. Looking at everything else he did isn’t really all that impressive. He was outplayed by Shaun Hill for God’s sake! I 100% believe he gets better, a lot better, but not last night. So much for objectivity…

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    The lack of objectivity is stunning. To be fair, I didn’t favor drafting Winston because of his character flaws. Still, he’s our guy and so far he hasn’t shown and regression to his behavior and character issues. That being said, he looked awful last night–about on the same par as last year’s highly touted first quarterback taken, Bortles. He has obvious technique issues and he simply wasn’t sharp. McNown was good in the two minute offense too. And the Vikings had more subs playing at that point. This performance was a D or D+ giving the benefit of the doubt. I don’t blame fans for wanting Winston to be a savior. But he ahs a long, long way to go. Patience will be called for and this site needs to evaluate with much greater objectivity. I have serious doubts about Winston but I’m a BUCS fan and am hoping to be wrong.

  11. 10


    Actually, for those truly paying attention, a C is a perfect grade. So much more to the game of football than just the surface and the stats. Let’s look at the really strong things that Winston showed last night: Started the game with his back against the endzone and checked (twice) to the correct run play at the line for an eventual first down to give his offense room. For those scoring at home, Mariota turned it over twice inside his own 20 resulting in 10 points. Was Jameis totally accurate in ALL of his throws? Absolutely not. But, his INT was actually not as bad as the twitter experts and ESPN would have you believe: he had single coverage with Mike Evans down the seam … ball was probably overthrown … meanwhile, a flag for defensive holding probably should’ve been thrown, too, though. BUT, that’s the kind of throw our FRANCHISE QB needs to have the courage to toss every week. The type of throw that McCown/Glennon/Mariota would be too afraid to attempt. Winston controlled multiple drives from a no huddle offense and showed command of the field when doing so. That is above average play from a rookie in his first ever NFL action. Seriously, gang. There are a lot of positives to take away from his performance. Mariota – based off of those two horrendous turnovers alone was a total disaster (his INT looked like a kid who was panicking and was way out of his league so he just tossed the ball to get rid of it … unacceptable). Winston looked more like a rookie. Which is fine. Because, you know … he is one. The grade of a C is perfect here.

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