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    I thought Winston played well today overall. He’s allowed Lovie to keep his job for another few weeks at least and likely the rest of the season.

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    Winston played a very good game. Mistake free. Mariota stunk today. Will see how rest of year goes and I make no dumb predictions after few games. They both are rookies and both have had good and bad games. If Lovie goes this year or next it will likely be because his defense sucks more than anything else. Offense and special teams both very good today. Defense gave Bortles career high day. It’s his defense he’s calling and his guys and they are still the worst part of this team. Game shouldn’t have even gotten that close at the end. Gotta love Dirk Koetter though. Nice game plan today. Doug Martin too! Crazy good game.

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      Wai wait wait- After Winston had 4 int’s and a fumble last week, I think saying “Mariota didn’t play well today” is an act of desperation, 21-32 178 yds 1 int and rushign for 47 yds isn’t bad btw its mediocre. Winston completed 13 passes today vs Jax so do I think this was a good day either? eh, it was ok as well, the fumble or what wasn’t ruled a fumble was bs it was a fumble down by contact shit was ridiculous and what the hell was Winston doing throwing the ball blindly behind him anyway? Winston had a better day today but god last week was the worst performance I have ever seen so yes today was better. I would really like to staop this hate on Mariotta stuff and lets keep it to Bucs Talk.
      Bravo to Doug Martin he is really carrying the team

      1. 2.1.1


        I am a big Winston over Mariotta person, but I agree with you. Mariotta didn’t have a bad day. His day was average against a very good defense. I think saying Winston’s performance last week was the worst thing you’ve ever seen is an overstatement. He had a bad game, but he is a rookie. McClown oh my bad McCown had some game just as bad last year as a veteran. Point is both are rookies, but I still like Winston over Marriotta. Also, yes Bravo to Doug Martin.

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    JW was ok. They really dumbed it down for him. Most of his competitions came on screens and checkdowns which I am good with. His downfield throws were hit and miss as he continues to recognize and throw late to open receivers. Better today, lots of improvement needed.

    1. 3.1


      How do you know that they “dumbed it down” for him? the big change was mixing it up on First Downs, and Martin and Sims set up the middle of the field. I don’t think the dumbed it down, they just had a better game plan all together…

    2. 3.2


      They didn’t “dumb it down” , he just took his check downs. 3-4 for 91 yards and a touchdown on third down. You sound salty, is it because Jameis did well and Mariota didn’t today? Please stop

    3. 3.3


      I don’t know what game you were watching. Winston passed to all of his eligible receivers except Reid Fragel. He was no Check-Down Charlie. Sheeesh, people have an agenda and try their best to fit things into it.

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    “consequence-free lessons learned from a rookie that is still going through some growing pains”. It’s 5 friggin’ games in his FIRST season. He’s still going to be progressing on the learning curve for his first couple of YEARS dude, if not longer. News flash for you SR, Manning and Ryan both had 2-INT, 0-TD games today. Guess they’re just rookies still learning the game, because vets evid don’t throw picks and make bad decisions in games per your logic. Winston will probably still be making some questionable decisions 10 years from now. It doesn’t make him a bad QB, it just makes him human.

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    Stayed calm on the pocket and when he realized his receivers weren’t open he checked down to his RB.
    Only had one McClown moment when he tried to throw that ball away when being sacked by all people ex-Buc Roy Gibson.
    Crucial call went our way for a change.
    Did Kevin Pamphille’s blocking make that big of a difference in the run game today?

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    This was one of the “ups” in an up and down season. O-line was very good, Running and passing games worked well. Special teams were very good in both running back punts and kicks. But allowing 31 points on defense?! The D-line played pretty well. But the pass defense was nonexistent in the intermediate and long middle portion. Tim Jennings was beat like a drum.

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    I think we are starting to find out slowly that Winston is going to be our QB of the future. Let the ups and downs play out for the year and know that the Bucs just need consistency. Hopefully, the Bucs will stick with a coach for more than a couple of years and we’ll start to see the kind of success that the Bengals are having. Good win and stay the course, Bucs.

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    Greg Auman ‏@gregauman 1m1 minute ago
    Of 24 NFL starting QBs this weekend so far, Bucs’ Jameis Winston has fourth-highest QB rating at 122.5. Only Palmer, Brady, Bortles higher.

    1. 8.1


      Macabee, love the optimism, but the real point of that statement is that Bortles was higher. Our defense keeps letting up yards to average QBs. Bottles is steadily improving, but guys like Ryan Mallet or Mariotta can’t be killing us like this. Not to mention all of the backup QBs that had career games against us last year.

    2. 8.2


      So why is the grade a ‘B’ then?

  10. 9



    I agree with everything you said. I’m not comparing QBs. Like you, like the one we got. Not hating on the others. But there are stats and some people believe they’re not just for losers. Personally, I like wins! But for those who do make comparisons, especially Winston/Mariota, here are the stats from Sunday’s games.


    Result: Lost 14-13 at home to Buffalo

    Stats: 21-of-32, 187 yards, INT, 68.1 passer rating; 5 carries, 47 yards

    Quick look: The AFC Offensive Rookie of the Month for September failed to throw multiple touchdowns for the first time in his career. In fact, he was held out of the end zone altogether. And with the Titans trailing by a point late in the fourth quarter, he threw an interception near midfield to seal the defeat.


    Result: Won 38-31 at home against Jacksonville

    Stats: 13-of-19, 209 yards, TD, 122.5 passer rating; 4 carries, 9 yards

    Quick look: Running back Doug Martin churned for more than 100 yards and three touchdowns, taking the burden off Winston, the first overall pick in the draft, as the Bucs won their first home game since December 2013. The no-turnover performance was important for Winston, who rebounded from throwing four interceptions last week against Carolina.

  11. 10


    Those are some crazy stats macabee. Bills have a tough defense, especially the down lineman.
    Looks like sexy Rexy figured out how to play Mariota.
    This is going to happen in the NFL as teams get more tape on you and develop schemes to take away the better facets of their games.
    You can bet teams will start loading the box on Winston in the coming weeks to take away MArtin and force Winston to pass.
    It will be up to Winston to overcome that stacked box by throwing them out of it.
    Both QB’s will suffer their ups and downs this year.

  12. 11


    Winston played a decent game yesterday. He played how I would expect a rookie QB to play. We need to continue to run the ball and keep the pressure off Winston. Hes not ready to try and carry this team yet. I really don’t think Mariota was horrible yesterday but he wasn’t as good as Winston either. Neither was great. For all you McCown haters, did any of you see his game yesterday. He went 36/51 for 457 yds and 2/0 Td/Int. That’s not bad considering Clevelands receiving core. As for our defense playing crappy, what did you all expect. How many draft picks have we used on defense in the last couple years? Its already been proven that you cant build a defense in FA. Until we invest some high draft picks on defensive players our defense will not improve.

    1. 11.1


      Holy crap- Your saying McCown is good because of the ONE game he had in his 13 yr career? Look up the most passing yds by qb’s in a single game you will see the likes og Elvis Grbac over 500 yds and Tommy Kramer etc. Here is how you grade out or judge a qb its by a whole season yep wierd I know but true look at his stats and wins at the end of the yr, and if you really want to judge McCown look at his career esp when he played with Fitz and Boldin in their primes and still sucked ass. Wow, here is a funny question; Whats more surprising McCown having a career day or a fan actually thinking McCown is a good qb?, ha classic

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    Winston played very well within the game plan designed by Dirk Koetter. Keeping Winston as a “game manager” and focusing on the run game will benefit Winston and the offensive line and keep the defense off the field. “Great plan Koetter!!!”

  14. 13


    The win was a nice change but there is still a ton of work to be done…I actually think the Titans and the Bucs are more fortunate than most teams currently at the QB position. Our guys are both young and have special talent.Both are learning and progressing- that’s all you can hope for out of your rook QB…
    There are 34 teams and currently 11 teams with winning records ( there will be 7 in the AFC and 5 in the NFC) and many of those 22 teams with losing records are having serious issue or will be facing serious issues at the QB position in the not too distant future…
    Houston,Detroit,SF,Dallas,Philly,St.Louis to name a few,have serious issues involving their QB/backup. Mallet and Hoyer together MIGHT make a decent playmaker but alas,they are two guys fighting a losing battle. Kaepernick and Stafford are likely coming to a crossroads with their ball clubs due to high expectations and low returns…Fragile Foles and Brittle Bradford are an injury away from going full Romo not to mention the reanimated corpse of Payton Manning…Brees and Bortles and James both walked out of Raymond James with a sore ass and sore shoulder- Things looking bleak out there in the QB world…
    But not in Tampa or in Tennessee(barring an injury),we have promising young QBs just startin out…

  15. 14


    There are only 32 teams Crem……unless you have the inside scoop that Roger is going to add 2 for LA.

  16. 15


    Sorry about that- I was typing,breaking up a scuffle between two of my kids as my wife asked me questions about dinner and what leftovers we should keep- I don’t get much time to really focus on everything at once – maybe a quick proof read would help…
    But the point I was making remains the same, regardless of my bad math.We are apart of the losing majority BUT are also a minority in that same group because we have a QB that’s worth building around- even if there are just 32 teams!

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