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    Fantastic. This will only make Winston better. Go Bucs!

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    Make the mistakes now. Good job!

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    I agree with all. Great strategy!

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    Great to see Winston completing 50% of his passes. That’s pretty good seeing that the defense knows what’s coming. GO BUCS

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      Agreed JW completing 50% is progress

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        Are we going to get another unnecessary article tag from you? You’re boring with your completion percentage stats. His stats were better than cam newton as a rookie, had a top 10 QBR the last 8 weeks of the season, and won rookies of the year. You want the completion % along with the quick slants, there’s a team in Tennesse that has a QB that’s great for that.
        This will only help him actually seeing some different looks. At least wait till the season before you bore us with your completion % stats.



          Tenn and NE yeah slants don’t work the NFL ha

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    Suffice it to say Winston never saw this type of variety of looks last year when running against our defense last year.
    A good point chetthevette, its a lot easier to play pass defense when you know a pass is coming.
    Also, a lot of times, the defense knows what kind of play is going to be thrown at them.

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    This is great that the defense is throwing some standing stuff at him too. The more he sees it the better he will be when the game action comes. I can only hope that he completes 86% of his passes to Bucnut can be satisfied.

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    After spending over 40 years watching Training Camp, folks need to understand that there’s a big difference between practice sessions, pre-season games and actual games. Drdneast correctly noted that the Defense knows what is coming in certain periods, ie, run vs pass plays, which gives them a bit of an advantage. Likewise, on some of the drills the Offense has an advantage when there is no pass rush.

    Winston’s completion % will always be on the lower end because he is willing to make a play instead of three easy completions in a series and have to punt.

    This Defense looks more aggressive to me than it has in a very long time; very disruptive with wave after wave of pass rushers. Coverage in the Secondary is noticeably better. Tight coverage and passes are actually being broken up.

    Didn’t see OG/OT Kevin Panphile at practice yesterday. Evan Smith appeared to be the starting LG. Sweezy still in floppy hat status.

    For those interested in the Brate-ASJ competition. Both had some exceptional moments. Brate does seem to be a favorite target of Jameis. He gets open and generally catches the ball. ASJ is simply a beast. He uses his big body to shield defenders and snatches the ball. We’re in good shape at TE. Wouldn’t surprise me if four were kept on the roster.

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    Think Meyers might be odd man out, but could still see us carrying four. One of the younger, cheaper players like Westbrook.

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    I understand Detroit, as usual it seems, is in a real need for an experienced TE.
    Would be great if we could get a 5th or 6th for Myers who indeed seems to be the odd man out.

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