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    Don’t mind me fellas, but I’ve got a loop in my training camp program. Every practice is starting to look the same to me. And that may be a good thing – you know the old learning by repetition for emphasis method!

    Maybe PR could help me (us) see what is different, where we are learning, where we are getting better. I’m not even watching Winston anymore. The kid is good, probably will be great, but like all rookies he’s got a learning curve that he’s going to have to go thru with all the up and downs that will prepare him for the NFL.

    What I don’t know is whether this team as a whole is visibly getting better and is it being demonstrated with every next practice?

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      Mark Cook

      Well we try and do that with the practice reports. But if you have been to practices, it is basically the same thing day in and day out. And without coaches film of practices, being in the meetings and so on, I am not sure anyone from the outside could say “what is different, where we are learning, where we are getting better.” Smacking tackling dummies, practicing in shorts like they did yesterday and basically running virtually the same plays against a defense that is beginning to know exactly what is coming, makes writing if the team is getting better, pure speculation.

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        Mark, I understand and to be clear, I think your practice reports are fine. You will notice that I said every practice, not every practice report. I think you saying the same thing I’m saying – I can’t tell much from watching the OBP practices. Lovie doesn’t do full on scrimmages, nor does he believe in practice with other teams. BTW, I read the practice reports on all local websites and Yasinskas on ESPN. I simply come to PR first! lol.

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    Macabee, I agree with you, but this is better than nothing. The quality of players appears to be better than seasons past, but so has our opponents. I think it’s rare to jump from 2-14 to 10-6, so I’m going to stay with my 5-7 wins this season and happy if something better happens. Go Bucs!

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    Need to start Jameis out with some easy throws when he starts his games.
    That should help him get into a rhythm and help build his confidence.
    The way the Bucs started their TD drive was perfect. Easy sideline pass to Stocker helped jump start the offense.

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      I disagree to a point drdneast. He has the potential to be special. I don’t think babying him will help him. Im a Gator obviously and I think that with a yr of growing pains this kid could be special. There is no ‘homerism’ in this post.

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    Rarely to I promote the Steve Duemig show (however no personal dislike), but I recommend that all of you hear last night’s 9 min interview with Jameis Winston. It gives us a feel for where his head is and the emphasis and confidence he has on winning. I thought there was genuine heartfelt expression about where he is and what he’s trying to accomplish. A young man that is growing up fast, but knows what he has to do to get there. Needless to say, I was impressed!


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