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    I coached the Bucs with an FSU quarterback,things worked out alright. Jon, you crack me up, but he’s right. Winston played for Florida State, the Bucs play in the State of Florida. sounds like a no brainer to me.

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    I always enjoy Coach Gruden doing these QB Camps. I will always appreciate him helping the Bucs to SB XXXVII victory!

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    Winston lovers calm down. Gruden made a much bigger endorsement for Mariota. He talked about how special he is as an athlete, competitor and leader. He used the words “can’t miss” when talking about Mariota. On the flip side, he spoke of Jameis’s unique college accomplishments(of the past) and then mentioned how charismatic but polarizing he is. Gruden brought up his own success with another person entirely just because they went to the same school. That is NOT an endorsement for Winston.

    1. 3.1


      Mariota Lovers calm down. This is Jon being nice. He adds a compliment about him being an athlete. I didn’t see Jon say one thing about Mariota being a good passer, so you might be the one who wants to pump the brakes. And then you press the words can’t miss, but don’t included Jon saying Winston is a “rare talent”.

      1. 3.1.1


        cgmaster27-Time will tell obviously. Unfortunately, I won’t be surprised if Winston goes bust and is mediocre at the next level. I hope he matures and proves me wrong. As a Bucs fan, there is no moral victory if they select him and it turns out I was correct cgmaster27.

    2. 3.2


      some of my thoughts about the situation are that winston is getting into trouble with the law, and doing questionable things now…. without $60 million in his pocket…. can you imagine what he’ll be like with all that money and even more attention ??? he smells like potential trouble for an overall #1 pick….mariotta doesn’t, but i’m not 100% sold on his pocket presence or ability to call plays.

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    Can Jimbo Fisher be trusted when talking about his QB’s? He duped Buffalo and Minnesota into spending a first round pick for Manual and Ponder. It seems Tampa is next on his list.

    1. 4.1


      Actually Jimbo was well aware of how bad those QB’s were. He told NFl execs Manuel was a third round prospect at best, might want to research a bit before going that route. And ANY fan, including us FSU fans, know exactly how terrible Ponder and Manuel were. So somehow NFL scouts were “duped” into taking them. They sure must be gullible.

      1. 4.1.1


        Just think, if the Bucs trade Glennon to Buffalo(to compete with Cassell) for EJ Manuel, and if they pick up Christian Ponder, and then if the Bucs draft Winston, they could have all three florida state first round QB’s from the last 5 years! I have a name for the trio – BUST-FECTA!

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    Another former Bucs coach compared one of the top two QB’s in this years draft to Aaron Rodgers. Wanna guess which guy Coach Dungy was talking about? Here’s a hint-It’s NOT Winston.

  6. 6


    It’s incredible how people analyze every word to seek out a hidden meaning to prove their own bias. Jon, make sure when Mariota gets on the white board he can show you how players line up by position in this thing called a “huddle”. Make sure he explains why he sulked on the sideline of the Ohio State game. To some people those “on-field” issues are important.

    1. 6.1


      i’m still not sure of winston either…$60 million changes people…. and he is already a braggart, full of himself and in scrapes with the law.

    2. 6.2


      Im sure it will be really tough for Mariota to learn how to huddle and take a 3/5/7 step drop. On the flip side, Im sure it will be really easy for Winston to learn how to run hurry up offense without huddling for long stretches to keep defenses off balance like Mariota did. Yep, easy as pie.

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    Has Gruden ever said any QB sucks? Seems like every QB is going to be an all pro.

  8. 8


    If you listen to the full broadcast from Gruden’s appearance on Mike&Mike from which these quotes on the two QB’s were taken Gruden said if it were him he would draft Mariota. This is the 2nd article PR has posted with quotes from that interview but it didn’t reference that fact in either one of them. I didn’t say anything the first time because I think Gruden’s reputation as a QB guru is overrated anyway, but for those keeping track of the endorsements of the talking heads it’s worth stating.

  9. 9


    Am I the only one who looked a Winston’s trademarking “Famous Jameis” and thought — here he goes again. This kid craves/demands attention. The world revolves around “FJ”. He is very self-centered.

    I keep trying to get onboard with JW as the BUCs pick, BUT everything he does raises a flag with me. I truly believe that once he has the money, he will self-destruct into “Infamous Jamies”. (Gosh, maybe I should trademark that!)

    1. 9.1


      here are my red flags over the past 3 weeks:
      — weight gain (then loss)
      — the baseball comment
      — trademarking FJ logo

    2. 9.2


      I thought the same thing when I read that on another website (I forget which one). He is showing no signs of maturing and if fact is continuously creating more examples of why he is not. To me, all his actions show that he feels entitled. Trademarking “Famous Jameis” is another connection to Johnny Football (who did the same thing last year) that Winston didn’t need.

    3. 9.3


      Oh I get it, you’d be one of those people who would gladly let someone else use your name for endorsements and not get paid for it. Jameis doesn’t file for these kinds of things by the way. His agents are paid to do this to protect their clients. Their agent also stated, which you clearly didn’t want to read, that “Jameis is solely focused on football right now. These are things we will do to protect our client and use WAY down the road.” Yeah Let’s slam jameis for everything. Christ this kid could take a dump and some of you would make it look like he’s crapping on the homeless.

      1. 9.3.1


        Yeah, I read all of that Cgmaster27. I just simply chose not to believe it. This is the time of year everyone in the NFL profession is lying, especially agents. Trademarking nicknames is not common behavior for QB’s before they’ve won a Super Bowl. This is the same type of thing I was worried about with RGIII before he was drafted and everyone thought I was nuts. Building a name brand and doing endorsements before you’ve won a playoff game just opens you up to criticism when you start losing games. Teammates don’t like it either, which is why none of RGIII’s like him. Win at least a playoff game or win Rookie of the Year, then it’s acceptable to your peers to trademark your nickname or be in Subway commercials. I can only imagine the commercials Winston will do before September, all while “solely focused on football”.

    4. 9.4


      i agree…. but it’s far more than that…. he made comments about how it’s going to be “jameis vs brady, and jameis vs peyton manning “…. the last i looked ,this is a TEAM sport…. i think he may be a full of himself head case.

      1. 9.4.1


        t is a team sport and that’s a great point. Have you ever watched one of his post game interviews? ALl he ever talks about is how good his team is. Never himself. He said that in his presser because he’s tired of being compared to Mariota. He wants to be compared to the greats. I fail to see what’s wrong with that.



          cgmaster27-Hey man, you are right. It is a team sport. And kudos to Winston for not throwing his teammates under the bus for turnovers, protection breakdowns and defensive lapses after Oregon shredded them in the semifinal. And kudos to Mariota for doing the same thing when his teammates let him down against Ohio state in the final with their physical rushing attack that the duck defense could not stop.

  10. 10


    Instead of “famous anus”, I would rather have Mariota and Richie Incognito.

    1. 10.1


      Richie Incognito was signed by Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills.

  11. 11


    The point I was making with Richie was because I heard it was the glazers who nixed signing him. Hope they do the same with JW. To pay someone 30 million and not know if you can trust him is not a smart move. JW = FOOLS GOLD

  12. 12


    Had we gone Hill instead of McClown we would be discussing moving up for Williams or talking ourselves out of Beasley because of the Clemson stank…
    The longer this back and forth goes on,the more I am concerned with this teams decision making -period.There is a good chance that no matter who Tampa drafts at this point,they will make the wrong choice.
    Most draft picks for the last decade sucked as well as most free agent acquisitions.We have had multiple head coaches,GMs and scouts who have missed more often than not.Our Super Bowl win was against our HCs old team,QB and his assistant coach- that was the one time luck really worked for the Bucs…
    it really doesn’t matter who’s camp you’re in,wether it’s Mariota’s or Winston’s .The real concern is the choice just another in a long chain of bad ones or has Luck finally returned to the Bay..

  13. 13


    Again,my wife was in my ear and I missed a sentence or two in there which has been replaced in my head with times for art classes for my six year old and keeping my two year old from wrecking my six year olds lego train…save a lego train,lose MY train of thought…

  14. 14


    After Iam looking at the pro’s and cons of both qb’s with Tampa in 2015. Remember Draft Day the movie! How the man had to look at all aspects of the players. Regardless of which player they select or they trade down for a slew of picks. The Organization from GM and HC down has to get it right for a change. Remember Buc fans their’s alot riding on this pick. This is a five year pick. and the future of the bucs teams. gl hicks

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