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    It seems like Florida St. is losing their entire offensive line to the draft. e

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    when is the next “Best Bets” coming up?

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    I’m not that sold on FSU OL. They were expected to dominate, but had many problems protecting Winston and opening holes for the RB’s. I would stay put at my draft positions and pick whoever we have rated the highest and fits into our needs. We need QB, OL, OL, DE, and a lot more.

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      The reasons for FSU’s line struggles dealt mainly with the center Bryan Stork being gone. AS soon as the freshman Rodrick was ready at left tackle and Cam slid to center, their line was much more effective. Their rushing yards per game and sack totals were significantly better.

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    The problem I have is Warhop. Not a fan of this guy, as soon as the Browns let him go their OL became much, much better. Lovie made a mistake keeping this guy and he will again pay for this mistake.

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    I agree about Warhop. Getting rid of Arroyo and getting a real offensive coordinator was a given, but I though moving on from Warhop was a given as well. Lovie evaluating anything to do with offense gives me no confidence. The changes to the o line last season, offensive draft choices, McCown being starter with no competition or earning it, etc, etc. I guess time will tell if he is more than a defensive coordinator.

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    On a side note, if anyone missed the whole GRuden Qb camp with WInston here is the you tube link. It was great watching this.

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    So let me understand this. The reason Winston threw all those INTs was because he had poor talent around him. Poor OL and Greene did not know how to run a route. But we bring in all the FSU OL and Greene for evaluation?

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      Maybe they were bringing in those guys in part to get more intel on Winston.

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        That sounds reasonable, at least in part.

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    When did Christian Jones start playing WR for FSU? Last I knew he was playing LB for the Bears. He left FSU after the 2013 season.

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    all I can say to this group of college players is WOW! If Tampa could get atleast 25% of them on bucs roster.Tampa did the job.Go Bucs

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