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    Lovie effectively benching Verner is one of the weirdest of the dumb things from his tenure. He’s a talented guy. In last year’s secondary, there’s absolutely no way that he wasn’t one of the best 3 corners we had. No way. The length of that ridiculous game of musical chairs among our corners still blows my mind. The whole way that secondary was handled – the way we made personnel decisions, the techniques our corners were coached to play, the way the team separated safeties and corners for ALL position meetings – it’s one of the biggest indictments of Lovie, IMO.

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      Trying to cover for his son.

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    I suspect the more veteran cornerbacks were questioning what they were being coached to do and got benched for not complying. Could also be that the coaches wanted to blame the players for their own failed “system”.

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    Lets just move on from Lovie. Hope this guy gets it together again. He was pretty good before we got him. Smith will put players in position of THEIR strength which should help.

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    I hope the new defense comes together quickly.

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    I’m excited to see this new defense on the field! I know it’s all hype at this point but to me, having all the players on board the way they seem to be is a great sign of things to come.

    Between Verner, Banks, and VH3 we’ve got solid coverage in the secondary. Abdjei-Barimah showed promise as well last year and I’m anxious to see his development in the new system. I still say we should’ve held onto Moore but not gonna cry over spilled milk at this point.

    Our much maligned safeties aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be either. I believe Conte/McDougald showed decent production last year under a failed scheme. I hope to see much more from them this year

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    The key for our Safeties is that they are not being coached by Lovie Dovies’s Son. The Glaziers should have a strict no nepotism rule. That could have helped stopping Warhop from giving a job to his son this year too instead of a more talented offensive lineman. I am happy with our Safeties we have now. I frankly think we should give Tandy a shot at starting some this year. He has good speed and is a great special team’s player and has always played well when he has played Safety and is a good tackler too. Also we have flexibility with him too in that he played CB in College and could play well at CB if needed there in a pinch too. Major Wright was helpful under Lovie because he knew Tampa 2 from playing in Chicago, but he likely has lost some speed and might easily be replaced by our rookie draft pick who will also compete to run back kicks so you know he is faster than Major Wright and should be a candidate for Free Safety. Conte is a hard hitter and should play Strong Safety.

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      “The key for our Safeties is that they are not being coached by Lovie Dovies’s Son. The Glaziers should have a strict no nepotism rule.” Very wise words owlycat.

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    Hope Verner returns to Prow Bowl form. I think Grimes has some gas left in the tank, and I can’t wait to see Hargreaves play.

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    It’s amazing to think about the corners Lovie couldn’t make work in his system. Revis, Verner, and Banks. Heck even Leonard Johnson looked like a decent nickel and dime corner under Schiano.

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    I heard one of you guys from Pewter Report on NFL Sirrus today but was unable to listen to the broadcast because I was working.
    Could you post the interview so we can all enjoy it. I forget who was being interviewed but he was very eloquent about the horrible shootings in Orlando today and I want to commend him for his words.

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      Mark Cook ‏@MarkCook1970 7h7 hours ago
      Mark Cook Retweeted SiriusXM NFL Radio
      I’ll be on The End Zone show on Sirius XM NFL radio at noon today talking Bucs football.

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    I hope that the Coaching staff should put him into a familar position before all the move around. If it doesn’t work out another young corner will replace hgim.

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    I hope the change of coaching lets all the players look back and be happy for the change of top leadership. For some reason I think the players might have bear a portion of responsibility – we will see.

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