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    This has been a problem because of the constant do-overs and coaching changes by ownership. It seems like the Bucs are perpetually young and are constantly rebuilding. The players have had little time to build any continuity before the turnstile starts spin. This is a yet another young team that needs to grow. The penalties will start to diminish when there is stability and repetition on the field.

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    Some teams for years whether they win or lose seem to get breaks if they play the Bucs or a couple other teams. Just my opinion.

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    I agree w/Horse. But the continuity issues have also (imo) have been caused by the constant turnover of players since Lovie took over. Bringing “the Bears Two” in to supposedly make this team better.JMHO.

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    Pretty certain Holston summed it up best, Using your one size fits all I hate Lovie logic really doesn’t work here pitbullbuc.
    Can’t remember the last time any of our ex-Bear players committed an off sides, illegal motion or formations, let alone a personal foul.

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    Is there some sort of subliminal messaging going on here? Why is Lovie’s unflattering picture in the headline instead of Gosder Cherilus? Right tackle Demar Dotson said it’s on players to execute game plans properly. “It’s all the players,” the veteran lineman said. “Coaches don’t have anything to do with false starts or holding or lining up right. That’s all players, so we as players have to look in the mirror and realize that it’s on us.

    We all know PR’s position regarding Lovie, but is there some visceral obsession with this man? If you think the penalties are his fault, then say it. The players obviously don’t see it that way. Lovie isn’t the head of ISIS, he just hasn’t won enough games to be considered COTY! lol.

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      Agree MAc but some of the blame does fall on Lovie. Have you ever seen him lay into a guy for a stupid penalty? Have you ever seen him straight bench a guy or cut him for a stupid play?
      I’ve seen winning organizations like the patriots cut a guy for a fumble. Here in Buc land he would continue to not only have his job but never hit the bench. Lovie is not responsible for the infractions , but him doing nothing about them is enabling the players to not give a crap if they do mess up. So it does go both ways in my opinion.

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    I am not a Lovie hater. I admire the man for his times here in the 90’s & early 2’s, I was commenting on E’s do overs & coaching changes excuse. But we were not the highest in penalties during the Dungy or Gruden eras, what’s up with that?

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    Regarding the blame for penalties; a kid in Pee Wee football knows to wait until the ball is snapped before moving, to line up properly, to snap the ball before 0:00 shows up on the clock, to keep their hands off the opponent’s facemask, to not toss the ball down the field in anger, to not taunt an opponent, and to not take a swing at an opponent. Surely, a player who has been coached in Pee Wee, high school, college and now the NFL knows this stuff and shouldn’t even need to be reminded at this stage of his career. For crying out loud, any junior bookkeeper knows the numbers need to add up without the CPA prodding him. Of course the responsibility for the penalties I’ve noted is on the players. None, when told how their repeated infractions are hurting the team’s chances to win can give the old Johnny Carson retort, “I did not know that.” My goodness people hate to accept responsibility for their own actions these days. Always someone else’ fault.

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    There seems to be no accountability for these mistakes be it coaches or players. Undisciplined play. Lovie is so passive I just don’t see his message getting across.
    It would do my Buc’s sense good to see Lovie get really upset with the referee’s during the game. Maybe a little emotion towards these guys would help swing some calls our way.

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    Comes down to coaching, this team is not disciplined at all you saw when Akeem Spence had a personal foul penalty of a Giants Player late in the fourth quarter and countless times we have a big run or play in passing game only to called back for some stupid penalty by the offense. Lovie tolerates poor play and poor decisions only time I saw him hold somebody accountable was when he got into Akeems face other than that he looks puzzled and clueless it’s time for a new coach

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    Yes cgmaster, I have. In referencing jongrudens scenario where Akeem Spence committed a personal foul in the Giants game, Lovie took Spence out of the game.
    Of course either jongruden has conveniently forgotten that to try to make an invalid point, or he was to busy reading about his favorite team the Cardinals, while the game was going on.
    Lovie is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
    When Martin fumble he takes him out of the game for a series and everyone wails like hysterial children.
    Dotson got it right and he should know.
    Last season he led the Bucs in penalties so he is speaking from experience.

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      Well that n the instance you state I also said that week that I was proud of Lovie for showing some fire. But doing it once in the 509 or so stupid oenalti s this year doesn’t make it good. Lovie needs to do that every time someone messes up. That more my point. As for Dougie sitting, I think that’s more the flow of the game.

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    drdnest- I love how I get underneath your skin I must keep you up at night, ha If your going to reference me please be accurate and in the post I said “only time I saw him hold somebody accountable was when he got into Akeems face ” see I made it easy for you. I suggest Tylenol PM or a Lovie post game interview to help you sleep at night

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    Some are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Penalties do hurt, but not near what no pass rush hurts; high percentage of pass completions, and 3rd down conversions. Stay focus people, it’s the defensive coordinator coaching and leadership from Lovie. I’m no hater, but Lovie is not the answer.

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    You flatter yourself jongruden. I really think you need to get on some meds because now you getting delusional.
    Nowhere in your post did you say Lovie got in Spence’s face. There was nothing about being held accountable, either.
    Wow, dude, you can’t even quote yourself right.
    Goooooooooooooo Cardinals!
    BTW, I listen to Bill Belichek’s pressers to nod off to.

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    “only time I saw him hold somebody accountable was when he got into Akeems face ” are you to stubborn to read my post and see that line or to stupid? It has to be one of the two? wow man, you amaze me you really do, lol and yes absolutely “Go Cards”

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    As Bobby Bowden would say “boys will be boys”. Jongruden and Drdneast, let it go.

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    Don’t bother J.G., I really believe drd is Lovies agent.

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    Wow dude, chill. Take a Xanaax and get on those meds I suggested.
    My bad. Sorry. Your sentences are as disjointed as your thoughts though.
    Why you in such a grumpy mood? Your real favorite team the Cardinals are going to the playoffs.

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    So,let me get this straight. If, as a grown man, making a decent salary if I continue to fail to comply with procedures, rules and standard practices it’s my supervisors fault and I bear no culpability if said supervisor doesn’t yell at me enough? Wow! And some of you actually believe, because you didn’t witness Lovie or his staff reading the riot act to said unruly player it didn’t happen. How about chastising the player who doesn’t accept accountability for his own actions instead of the coach who may have little choice than to cut the player. A response that may be even more detrimental to the team. I guess it’s like when a government employee has tenure it doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t do because termination is nearly impossible.

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