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    YEEAAAHHH! Where you at Tampa! What a great win. The O-line did a fantastic job in pass protection and a pretty good job in run blocking. Collins has to corral those penalties though. That helped Glennon to play well. The D-line looked the best they have all season. Oh, and how about L. Murphy? He’s my hero! He may just change my mind about Gator skill position players. I hope Evans is okay because we have a lot to look forward to with him.

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    Awesome win. The future is now with Glennon. Go Bucs!!

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    AGREE! Please Lovie, let’s ride the ship with Glennon. No looking back. Great win and confidence booster. I am really glad I was wrong about them losing and hope this starts a long winning streak…GO BUCS!!!

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    Everybody join me in song! Oh, happy day…..!

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    If Glennon had started the season we would be 3-1, but that’s the past now. Let’s remember this was one game, but you can see a team being built and that’s exciting. Have patience as Coach Smith builds this team to be more than just an average team. It will take some time. I hope we get a real back up QB in case Mike is injured. No team respects McCown’s arm. I am very happy the players got to feel how it feels to get a win; time to move on and get the next one. Go Bucs!

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    Can you believe the Bucs are only one game out if first in the division? Yes, one game…seriously!

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    Give Coach Smith time as he builds a solid foundation; it doesn’t happen as fast as some are hoping. Progress was made today. Evans will be be missed. I;m glad to see Johnson and mcCoy back as we had a push from the DLine in the Steelers game. Need a back up QB. Jackson, Murphy have to make those catches. Glennon has some inaccuracies, but he still is a threat and other teams know it. He reminds me of Williams, but with no run threat. Give it time as it comes together. Go Bucs!

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    Great day in Tampa. It has been awhile and everything next week will have a little better feel. Congratulation to Lovie, the coaches, the players and the fans. Have a great week.

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    So nice not to hear from my Steeler fan nephews, nieces and cousins. I wont call them either. I’ll be more subtle and let it slip into the next conversation. I thought the Bucs would keep it close and play with a lot more spirit and fight than the Falcons game. But I also know it’s tough to win in that venue and wasn’t sure our offense was up to the task. After the dismal first half in which the offense did very little and struggled even getting off the play; I thought we’d have to rely on the defense and special teams to have any hope of victory. Unlike the Falcons game, the pewter pirates never conceded. Afterwards, my wife and I enjoyed Shorty’s (Washington, Pa.)hot dogs (I keep the chile sauce in the freezer) to celebrate.

    And for macabee; Oh happy day……in Tampa Bay! But not so happy, in Pittsburgh P. A.

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    Oh happy day!!! Go Bucs.

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