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    I thought our defense absolutely sucked considering they were going against an OL that was decimated by injury. We hardly had any pressure on Mallet and couldn’t stop the run. David and Alexander missed a bunch of tackles that would’ve been losses that turned into nice gains.They’ve been doing this much too often so far this season.

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    Defense did suck. Couldn’t stop Blue who hasn’t done anything all year until they play us. Couldn’t stop run and the penalties were just horrible. Mallett stinks but you run it down someone’s throat all day like Titans did and play action is available for anybody to expose if your a crapoy backup. Lovies defense was garbage. Thought o line played decent considering who they were up against.

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    Before all the bashing starts as it inevitably will since we lost, I want to point out how good a job the O-line has done in pass protection, both last week and this week. Winston has had all day to throw both weeks. Koetter called for extra protection on most pass plays with TE’s and backs on either side of Winston, but sometimes the O-line didn’t get help today and they still performed well. D. Smith even blocked Watt one-on-one a few times and won the battle. They’re run blocking was hit or miss today, but with that front seven they were facing that’s to be expected. As for the Bucs losing the game, I’ll repeat a post from last Thursday. “I don’t watch the Texans enough to have a good enough feel for them to know whether we are going to win this game or not. What I do know is that Mallett sucks, and their best RB, WR, TE, LT and 2nd round pick OG from last year are all hurt. The last time I can remember facing an offense this toothless was the opener in 2013 against the Jets…and we lost. However, the Jets needed the help of the refs with that bogus call against L. David and a stellar run defense to beat us. I suspect the Texans will need both of those to pull out a win on Sunday.” I think questionable penalties and our inability to run the ball did us in. Inaccurate passing and bad kicking didn’t help either. That’s why I say the kicker is the 2nd most important position on the team.

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      You hit the nail on the head pink my friend. How we didn’t dominate this offense without their starting qb and a make shift offensive line is beyond me. I mean does Lovie ever blitz?
      Winston was innacurate today on a couple of throws and his receivers were embarrassing with the drops today. But I agree whole heartedly with you about our offensive line. The last two weeks pas protection has been damn good and is very encouraging. Our rookie lineman did a very good job. I knew we’d have trouble running the ball as big daddy wilfork is just too much man to move.
      As for our kicker, that was horrible. The kicker position is 80% mental to me and after his first miss he was pushing everything right. I was honestly surprised how good he’s done up to this point as he was terrible at notre dame.
      As for the questionable penalties, I’m almost used to it by now. Mike Evans had a rough day to say the leaste.

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        On a side note I was glad they finally called a penalty on the Texans for going at Jameis knees. They hit him in the knees the entire 1st half and it wasn’t called.

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    We now know how to beat the Bucs: short slant passes, quick strikes. They just can’t defend it. Titans and Texans used that strategy and the Bucs couldn’t a stop it.

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    Dallas’s defense got beat bad today too, basically the same one we run. Seahawks run a form of the T2, but Carroll is an aggressive coach. Watching Sea playing da Bears today, Carroll sent his backers through the A,B, cap today constantly on third, and long. Result was a sack, or a throw away. We show that look all the time, but almost always never come, result, they converted most of their 3rd downs. We have a passive coach who plays a sit back and react defense. He’s stresses takeaways to the point we’re so busy trying to strip the ball, we fail to get the runner on the ground. He’s a simple coach, who’s nick name should be simple as that.

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    Defensive line didn’t have enough time to sack the QQB because Mallett was taking quick 3 step drops ad getting rid of the ball.
    Until the 4th period he didn’t throw one pass further than 10 yards.
    the answer to this is for the DBs tohit the receiver at the line but I didn’t see any of this going on.
    It wasn’t the lack or a rush, it was the quickness of the ball coming out.
    That’s the third game I have watched where the CBs didn’t try to jam the receivers at the line and we got beat because of it.
    The other two games were the Raven last year and the Titans this year.
    After the first period the coaches should have seen what was going on and told the CB’s to start jamming the receivers at the line.

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      I am tired of seeing the same thing myself. I mean can’t the dbs play that style? Teams are going to slant us to death all day long as our dbs are playing 5 yards off. I don’t care how they played against the saints, unless we start pressing receivers and actually blitzing every once in a while , this defense is going to continue to get beat with three step drops.

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    I know Winston is taking some flack for some errant passes and well he should but how may drops did our receiver have. I would dare say a half dozen.
    The drop Murphy had down the middle of the fourth period on a first down was a killer. it would have flipped the field.
    Also, how was there not a pass interference called on Evans in the endzone when he got one balled against him in the first period for a negligible push.
    We got jobbed on that one.
    In fact, even though we had to many penalties, I don’t see how the Texans got away with just two or three thrown on them. They aren’t that good.

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      The interference calls were clearly one-sided yesterday. Even the announcers commented on how tight they were calling it on the outside, then when roles were reversed they commented how the officials were “letting them play”

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    We couldn’t get out of our own way yesterday. Winston threw errant passes and Evans had WAY too many drops. Brindza has been good but had a REALLY off day, then you add in the penalties (several were bad calls) and you can see how we lost the game.

    On the positive side, our OL handled Watt and company pretty well. Koetter’s scheming helped keep some pressure off Winston and allow him time to throw. It was a rough day for Martin/Sims but we all saw that coming and they weren’t THAT bad. Winston said it best…”promising loss.”

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      almost forgot about all the missed tackles…not sure what’s going on but I’ve seen more from David in 3 games than the rest of his career combined

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    A schizophrenic season this year…the Bucs will drive you nuts!

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