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    This is the kind of articles we need this time of year to get a handle on the team’s needs. Keep it up! We need in depth FOOTBALL analysis.Thanks Eric! Keep it coming.
    Who are some of the players you think the Bucs may be targeting?

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    Great points EH. Sorry for being critical but we lost week 7 in Washington. 🙂 Go Bucs!!!

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      Eric Horchy

      Good lord! Your politeness is too much. I deserve to be ripped to shreds for that. That was the worst loss (for me at least) of the year. Can’t apologize enough for that error. YOU LIKE THAT!!! Now we all have to hear that and know it came at our expense. *#$%

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    Good article. Little confused why we did not sign Melton and or McDaniel back? Salary cap issue? They are talking about replacing them with other old free agents or un-drafted rookies that never played in NFL? Yea I guess McCoy and McDonald better stay healthy!

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    Got a feeling that it won’t be easy to double team GMAC so much this year. Hope this keeps him upright for longer this year. I look for Gohlson to play better in the middle also. You know how these guys bring it on during a contact year. The youngsters on the team are just gonna have bring it on. GOBUCS

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    For me it is logical to assume one of the four DT’s would be a rookie. Go Bucs!

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    Melton appears to be the best of the lot and didn’t have a bad season last year but didn’t get the umber of sacks the Bucs were looking for.
    He could probably be had for the league minimum which is a big pus.

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    They need to sign Melton now, so he can learn all the nuances of the DC’s system, before another team has an injury and picks him up. He didn’t produce the sacks they wanted last year but he was good against the run and can also play DE if needed!

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    Well Guys when your team gives everything on the field it shows that they give everything they have. I believe that this year it may be better and the players will be in better shape. Iam looking forward to the challenge and the the rewards this year Go Bucs and the fans-GLH age 71

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    Ayers can play inside if needed but I don’t really like any of the “older” options listed above. Would have been nice to stay put and draft DT with 3rd round pick or even grab Andrew Billings from Baylor in 4th. All moot points if this rotation does stay healthy as there’s already a lot of talent here!

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