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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Great article Scott, the only people with a problem with him not going is espn. If this was mariota staying home, all we would be hearing is how humble he is and how his priorities are lined up. You just get that playbook Jameis and get ready for rookie camp. The glazers are on board the train, and it’s not slowing down.

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    I’m still uneasy with both QB’s as both have question marks. I’m hoping someone will trade with us and they give up an average QB for the swap of No. 1 picks, or trade for the swap with draft picks involved. My gut tells me to stay away from both QB’s.

    1. 2.1


      So why would you want an average qb horse? If someone is willing to give us their qb, it just shows they are either too old, too expensive, or just not any good. I’ll take my chances with one of these rookies any day. Tampa needs a franchise qb more than anything.

      1. 2.1.1


        cgmaster27; because Williams and a few other players are rated higher than these two QB’s and we do need a DE. I will fill it with Wiliam’s as he is the next bigger Bruce Smith type. We have a few pieces of the puzzle to fill yet and I would prefer a can’t miss DE.



          Williams is a great prospect. But his size and skillset seems to project more as more of a Richard Seymour type. I’m not sure that is a DE in Lovie’s defense. Probably more of a DT imo. Given our depth at DT already and glaring hole at QB, drafting Winston/Mariota just makes sense.

          It’s not like Winston is a mid round prospect that we would reaching for at #1 overall.



          Well I agree with the post below as Williams projects at d tackle not defensive end. As for winston he’s the highest rated player on some boards so it’s not really a reach. And most importantly, this is a qb driven league and we need a qb. No position on the field is more I flue rial than the qb. We have a dominant d tackle in Gerald McCoy and we haven’t sniffed a playoff game since picking him up. As for can’t miss defensive ends clowney was one last year. In the draft. there is no such thing as a sure thing.



          Last year’s ‘can’t miss’ defensive player proved that Houston should have picked Bridgewater.

          I’m willing to sit through a season of letting Winston / Mariota develop; however, trading out of the pick would just cause me to cancel my season tickets.

    2. 2.2


      Horse, I’m with you on this one. Both QBs have larger issues than normally associated with the number one overall pick. I’d rather the Bucs find a trade partner, move down, pick up extra picks and resolve multiple issues. Give Glennon a shot with some semblence of talent around him. Make sure a first round pick next year is included in the trade. If Glennon is not the answer move up next year for the QB.

      1. 2.2.1


        Exactly! Most these guys on here actually believe they know what they are talking about..ha! None of us do because we are not IN IT! Probability suggests we do exactly what you posted. Many more first round QB’s are busts than franchise QB and having more picks to fill many holes gives us a better TEAM faster..imo

      2. 2.2.2


        Not sure if you missed the past few number one picks or not. But last year it was Jadeveon Clowney, he of the questionable work ethic. The year before Eric Fisher, OT was taken number one overall. Then Luck and previous to Luck was Cam Newton, the same guy who got caught stealing a laptop while at UF and after transferring to Auburn was embroiled in controversy because his father allegedly tried to sell his transfer to Miss. State. I mean, I guess if you ignore every other number one outside of Andrew Luck in the past 5 years, then sure, these QB’s have many more questions than “normally associated” with the No 1 pick.



          I didn’t even go back to 2010 – Sam Bradford. Who was coming off not one, but two shoulder injuries and season ending shoulder surgery. Bradford, the number one overall pick in 2010 played in a total of 3 games that year. So….yeah, question marks, about that.

    3. 2.3


      Every player has question marks horse. Can’t be afraid

      1. 2.3.1


        Sam Bradford won Rookie of the Year but has been injured so hard to say he was a bust simply bc he cant stay healthy. The last few #1’s at Qb have worked out Stafford, Newton and Luck so I hardly think passing on Winston at #1 bc some QBs in the past flopped makes sense. And for the record we have had average QB play for years and that hasnt helped us. The Rams are a prime example of how fixing everything except the most important position can still lead to mediocrity. Of course we have other holes but none more glaring than the most important position on the team. Im glad Lovie and Licht have already come out and said a QB will be the pick and trading down simply isn’t an option.

    4. 2.4


      I agree with Horse. I wish we could trade the pick and get some OL help, some DL help, some LB help… I think the QB pick at number 1 will be a waste. Winston in the third round. Well that makes sense…

  3. 3


    One of my favorite movies is Shawshank Redemption and I have yet to see a prisoner hug a warden! lol. Lots of TV promotion going on here and I agree wholeheartedly that Winston should decide how he wants to share that special moment with his family. If it’s TV ratings they’re after, bring in Greg Hardy and let him hug Goodell – now that’s reality TV!

  4. 4


    I’ve been a big fan of Pewter Report and Ive always been a big Bucs fan. But, I cant stand the fact that both of my favorite websites to visit on Bucs news are cramming GARBAGE down my throat. If you look on the Bucs official site, everything is about Mariota and here on PR is all about Winston. Its like CNN and Fox News. I just want info, and to be intitled to my opinion without being called a biggot or a hater. I am not a Winston fan, that being said if he makes us better, I am all for it. Since Im not being paid to make the decisions, I want to bask in the glory of having the first pick and the fact that we can only get better is encouraging. I trust Lovie and hope he, ownership, and Litch and hope they make the right decision!

    1. 4.1


      You’re not a hater kracker, sorry it feels funny typing that. Pewter report loves them some winston so that’s their story to tell. I will say, it’s harder to find mariota articles anywhere, not just here. Jameis is just easier to write about. As for the Buccaneers official site, it’s not just mariota, they have a ton of Jameis stuff in there as well.

  5. 5


    Non story lets move on

    1. 5.1


      Best comment so far…..

  6. 6


    Kracker25- Agree on the bias reporting but when writers love a player personally as in the case here thats all you will see is one sided reporting, I’m still waiting on an article to say why Mariota could be the qb and why he could be successful just to be subjective, but thats not going to happen.

  7. 7


    I actually agree that there’s nothing wrong with Winston or any other player not attending the draft. The elephant in the room is why he’s staying home and contrary to this well written article we all know the driving reason is not that he wants to spend draft night with his family. The driving reason he’s not attending are his off the field issues. Even if the issues don’t cause him to slide on draft day (which I believe they will…to this day no other team has publically shown interest in Winston) the issues could lead to booing from those attending the event. That would be embarrassing to him and his family. I’m sure he wants to share the event with his family, but that’s the driving reason he’s staying home. The cost to travel for his family would be reimbursed in a few months.

    1. 7.1


      Actually pink the Jets and Titans are having winston in for a workout. I’m hearing less and less about mariotta actually. And you think the boos are what is keeping him home. Like he hasn’t heard that every game the last two years. And to say you know the reason he’s staying home is pretty presumptuous on your part. Maybe just maybe he actually does want to be with his family.

      1. 7.1.1


        Boos (or worse) in a stadium is one thing, but having your family dressed up and on live TV and hearing loud awful things from those in attendance is another. I believe it is far more embarrassing for his family which would indeed bother Winston and influence his decision to attend. As for other teams, that’s why I added in the word “publically” in terms of showing interest. Yes, teams have brought Winston in for visits. However, no team has made public statements about being “comfortable” with Winston like the Bucs have. More specifically, no team has let it leak out that they have interest in Winston or interest in trading up for him like many teams have done with Mariota (Redskins, Browns, Eagles, Titans).



          Pink,I agree with cg27, very presumptuous about Winston. As for no one talking about trading up to get Winston, maybe they know the Buc’s would be crazy to miss on Winston. That being said, maybe I’m being presumptuous thinking Winston is the far better QB.



            That could be, but that doesn’t mesh with the comment boards on ProFootballTalk. The majority think the Bucs would be crazy to take Winston with the #1 overall pick so other teams have got to be considering the fact that the Bucs could pass on him. Some teams are obviously bringing Winston in for a visit so why not poke around to see if there’s a chance they could move up and get him like they’ve done Mariota? If it was just one team that made it public that they wanted Mariota that would be one thing, but 4 teams and not a public peep about Winston? A 4 team margin is too wide a margin for it be a coincidence that there are also 4 teams that are just as interested in Winston but somehow know how to keep a secret better than those other 4 teams that like Mariota.



          Actually the visit to the jets and titans was on ESPN.com, you can’t get much more public than that. And if you’re a team outside of number one that wants Winston, why even make it public your love for him? All you can do is hope he falls, and or at the last minute make a move.



            Good point about his family though and that might have something to do with him not wanting to put his family through the boos and such. Good point there Pink. I heard after he completed last year , he was thinking about coming back, but what his family would be put through in another year was a part of the reason he came out. That and the fact that he lost his two best recievers and his entire offensive line.

  8. 8


    I was wrong Buc fans. I think it is alright for thr next buc no#1 pick to make it known that’s he wants to be with his family and friends at this extream Important event in his life. If Tampa is going to select him. Why not make it known period and have a contract to sign in front of the camera’s with a buc rep’s at his home. I think he will become a great qb and Tampa will have him. I hope Tampa will swing deals through-out th nfl draft to build around this young man. GO BUCS.

    1. 8.1


      Great comment George! I totally agree. Huh?

  9. 9


    I have a different take on JW staying at home for the draft.
    While I don’t want to begrudge him a chance to share this moment with his family, he is expected to go Number 1 and shortly thereafter get paid more money than most of us will ever see in a lifetime.
    The Number 1 pick IS A BIG DEAL. Why can’t a guy share it with BOTH his family and the fans of his new team? Fans of the team who garnered the #1 pick are looking for something to cheer about. Personally I want to see my team’s selection walk the stage and hold up a BUCs jersey.
    Regardless of whether or not JW goes to Chicago, my hope is that I still get to see our pick take the walk…..

    1. 9.1


      Because its not about you…… People picking on this guy don’t know him and just have nothing better to do…. But were willing to sign convicted wife beater Gregg Hardy….. please, this is a huge non-issue….

  10. 10


    Scott Reynolds. Prolly cutting down on the Jameis Winston articles would be in your best interest. I,am actually on board with Winston as long as his character doesn’t become an issue. But Your wearing the Winston train down before tampas even punched their ticket for him. Would you look pretty bad if leonard Williams goes number one or web trade down. Should either of those happen, no but they could. We don’t need to hear about Jamie’s Winston every other day…it’s getting old, Even for those who want Tampa to draft Winston.

    1. 10.1


      Take it easy on Scott- I don’t want us to draft Winston but if he fails we’ll get the #1 overall pick next year again. I think he knows something the public doesn’t (aka drafting Winston). Its an article- you don’t have to read it if it bothers you so much. IMO I would like to hear more about player interviews/pro days/etc and such that the bucs have been conducting since the combine

    2. 10.2


      The thing is , with the number one pick, comes a ton of intrigue . This moment is the biggest in Bucs history probably, besides the Superbowl. Of course it’s going to be all about Winston, that’s who they think we’ll pick. The articles are about what coach smith and Licht are being asked and matters in the forefront and for our team, that just happens to be Jameis. I know I might be in the minority being a huge WInston fan, but the articles don’t bother me.

  11. 11

    Dolorous Jason

    Scott Reynolds is an unapologetic Fan boy.

    It’s laughable at this point.

  12. 12


    Let him stay home, or not stay home I don’t care. The
    Bucs won’t draft him anyway, because now we know that Brett Favre has Tommy Copper arm and leg bands, so he feels great and is making a comeback as QB for the Bucs……….this might seem ludicrous, but it makes as much sense as most of the draft speculation I read.

  13. 13


    I was just reading an article in the Tampa Trib. on remarks made by Lovie. To me Lovie left little doubt that the Bucs will select Winston #1 overall. If that’s the case I would like him to select another Jersey number. Five(5) wasn’t very lucky for our other first round QB.

  14. 14


    It is important because Jamesis told the Bucs he wanted to be the face of their franchise. If that was a true statement what better way to prove it by going to Chicago and show that happy face in a Bucs hat if picked with our first pick. We have to have a QB we can trust and this move erodes trust that he was truthful in his desire to be the Face of our Franchise. However, this may also show that Jamesis saw the handwriting on the wall if he found out the Bucs are having their Veteran OC partner with the QB Coach in writing their new playbook. The Buc’s QB Coach last ran a spread offense for Tennessee. If Jamesis is the Buc’s First Pick their OC would not need any help in doing a playbook for a drop back passer. But if Our First Pick is Mariota, our OC would need help because he has never run a spread offense. Jamesis could have figured it out and he doesn’t want to be in Chicago and have the world see his face when Mariota is the pick! So he wants to only be in privacy with his family. See the significance now?

    1. 14.1


      No,bc I could care less About him walking across the stage and getting a hat as long as he’s ready to play on Sundays and stays out of stupid trouble. Stop making it such a big deal when in the great scheme of things, it’s not.

    2. 14.2


      Honestly owlycat what you said makes 0 sense.

  15. 15


    If the Bucs are definitely going to draft him first overall, then fly him and his whole family into Tampa for the Buc’s draft party. They can put them in luxury boxes at RJS to be wined and dined. When Goodell announces it in Chicago they can parade Winston out with his Buc’s jersey and hat in front on our fans.

    1. 15.1


      I like where you are going here, Buc-Up!!!! That would be one hell of an entrance for JW and all of us fans.

  16. 16


    No matter who the Bucs pick at number one- they have quite a mountain to climb…
    If it’s JW, he has to prove his past behavior is just that,his past….Also he will be expected to win out of the gate or be marked the next Jamarcus Russell …
    If the pick is MM,he will have to prove he can command an offense at the pro level.Will all that skill,speed and talent translate into a winning pro game? Will he be a quick study or will the process be laborious and physically punishing? With all the pluses the guy processes he leave you with so many question marks…Again, an uphill climb.
    And if the choice is Williams,a few fans will sigh a sigh of relief but many will be frothy from us passing on either/both QBs.Williams will be expected from day one to dominate every time he hits the field- this only gets magnified if both or one of the QBs fine great success with another club.Again,the deck is stacked against the pick…
    I would be surprised if the pick was not Winston- I think most of the league would be too…We will only know the frenzy of teams who have interest in Winston if we pass on him,but that’s something we will never know…
    It is in the best interest of JW,his family and the Bucs if he stays home.If he is truly our pick and goes on to be a successful franchise QB,that footage of people yelling rapist when the pick comes in will haunt all involved for much longer than any of them need it..His mother and little brother really don’t need that burned into the memory of that big day…And either do the Bucs for believing a troubled but talented kid could change his ways…

  17. 17


    In a side note , if any of you have the nfl network next week, the 31st I believe , they have a show called game changers. They are running the top players through the grease board etc, gruden style. Mariota and winston will be shown as with the other top players. Looks pretty awesome.

  18. 18


    LOVIE “That’s one part, you say ‘What can improve?’ ” Smith said. “Us getting him on proper nutrition. Lifting. Getting him in the weight room. When I say he’s an immature athlete, he hasn’t a chance to really develop his body. You say, ‘Jameis, what are you least proud of?’ He’ll say, ‘The 40-yard dash. I was embarrassed.’ ”
    Yeah, he was at FSU, had some of the best Coaches and facilities in the country and will now be a millionaire… But now he’s going to stay fit and work hard and keep his nose clean. And not throw a pick every 280 passing.
    This franchise has become a laughing stock. SAD

    1. 18.1


      When hasn’t winston been known to work hard? Please enlighten the rest of us.

      1. 18.1.1


        Did you not read the quote from Lovie?
        Have you not seen the pics of Winston’s body before his predraft QB camp?
        But according to Lovie now he’ll mature as an athlete…

        IF you can’t get in shape and take fitness seriously at a major university like FSU, you sure won’t do it after you win the lottery.

  19. 19


    I’m with you JonnyG. This may be the stupidest non-story of this never ending QB debate. Biased opinions are running rampant. If MM wanted to remain on the Big Island roasting a pig over hot lava with his family those who are enamored with his good guy image would point to that as proof of his humbleness. But the thought of Jameis and his brood feasting on some Alabama style BBQ makes them seek out some hidden meaning. As someone named Charlie would say, “Good grief.” Me, “Who cares?”

  20. 20


    Where do some of you get your ideas? There will be know womans groups, whatever that means, booing Winston at the draft, know why? He didn’t rape nobody!! Never charged, never convicted, never had any other aligations brought against him. Bill Cosby played the King center hear in Melbourne this summer. One lady showed up with a sign, and from what I read quickly left. Gregg Hardy just signed with Dallas, any womans groups show up protesting? Remember most women don’t even know what, or when the draft is!! The only little girls who are afraid the Bucs will draft Winston, and keep protesting are the panty waists on this site.

    1. 20.1


      Never charged because of the cops. The DA said he couldn’t charge because of the way the case was handled. Not because of the accusations and know facts of the case.
      The same way Aaron Hernandez shot the guy in the head outside a club in Gainesville, was the only Gator player interviewed to show up with a lawyer. Think Hernandez didn’t do it. LOL

      College towns man.

  21. 21


    By the way panty waists, what’s the difference if you see Winston on stage, or in his living room? He’ll still be the 1st pick, he’ll still put on the hat,he’ll still be interviewed, he’ll be a Buc. It’s not like you’ll be at the draft, and he won’t. The people who hate him the most, are the ones who want to see him at the draft, I don’t get you.

    1. 21.1


      Very True!! I could care less where he wants to be on draft night. As long as he comes in here and helps turn this franchise around, let him share this moment with family where he wants to. Like you said the only people making a big deal out of this is the people that dont like Winston in the 1st place

  22. 22


    and don’t wear that hat, it looks stupid, or maybe it’s just the way you are wearing it?

  23. 23


    An investigative reporter would try to find out if the Bucs deliver a package (with a hat and jersey perhaps) to the Winston residence. Pay a spy at UPS, FED Ex and USPS to tell you if something comes through and whalla, you know the first pick.

    1. 23.1



      This is your friend macabee. Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but when you said “whalla” which is the panhandle word for the french word “Voila'” which literally means “see there”, I just had to say something. You know. brother helping a brother. Enjoy your candid posts – keep’m comin’! lol.

  24. 24


    Shouldn’t “The Future Face of the Organization” show up to a major event.

    I’m sorry but this kid just does not get it. The Bucs will rue the day drafting him.

  25. 25


    1 pick every 280 yards passing playing with FAR superior talent around him and some of the best Coaches in the country.
    Then throw in the poor physical shape.
    And add in the chance he has bad attitude when he starts to experience losing and DEs who are far faster then he is…
    Oh and the character issues…

    1. 25.1


      sounds like you are doing a lot of assuming there. When he plays well and the bucs start winning I’m sure you’ll be the first in line to say ” I knew he would be great!” And who breaks down interceptions based on passing yards? As for the shape, please show me one too 5 qb built like a body builder. Big Ben, manning, brees, none of them are built, but you keep running with that overused weight issue.

      1. 25.1.1


        Try googling any of those 3 QB’s and see their workout routines. They are all BUILT. D1 Sports Training for Peyton. Drew Brees’ Crazy TRX Single-Arm Pendulum Leg Swings. Big Ben get’s away with just being one of the strongest guys on the field but no fancy cardio.
        And Tom Brady was just Tom Brady splitting time QB at Michigan until he started doing intense boxing footwork drills with the Pats.
        Winston has to long of a windup.
        Makes poor decisions that lead to far to many ints.
        Winston had LAZY preparation for games based on the 1st half performances he so, so, so often put in.
        Winston is JaMarcus Russell part 2. Same Coach Jimbo selling the same bad bill of goods. Only no scout compares Winston to John Elway or dares say “Three years from now you could be looking at a guy (JaMarcus) who’s one of the elite, top five quarterbacks in this league.”

  26. 26


    This is a 100 Million dollar decision for this organization (Contract + fan sales + legacy of 1st overall pick potential). And the choice of Winston will anger 20% of the fan base off the bat…
    The choice of Winston has about a 20% chance IMO of continuing this franchise down the path to moving to London. The Bucs are already sliding down a slope with having the worst record (or close to it) over the last 12 years… Winston could be just the thing this franchise doesn’t need. Or the fans in London do.

    1. 26.1


      Well it seems like you need to find a new team then Rolland. Maybe you could just watch soccer since London interests you so much. The bucs are taking winston you should get used to that idea. And the choice of winston also bring sin fsu’s entire fan base. But please show us all your statistical work on this 20%

      1. 26.1.1


        I’d prefer not to find a new team. I’d prefer that the Bucs leadership would make more right decisions. And I was a Man U fan long before the Glazer’s bought them. Futball is better then baseball any day ever. But football is by far and away the best sport.
        But even I couldn’t finish watching all of the games since January 16, 2009.
        We need a real offense. We need a real QB. Winston has so, so many flaws and question marks.
        The camels back is breaking my friend. With each poor move by the Glazer’s another straw is added. And Jamis Winston, from what I see, is a big bale of hay.

  27. 27


    Your opinion is not shared by any “expert”. Have you never watched Winston play? It’s one thing to question the motives behind a 19 year old’s indiscretions but another to not be impressed with the youngster on the field to the point of giving others credit for his exceptional play.

  28. 28


    The Bucs are simply trapped by opportunity. When there’s a chance at a franchise QB, it has to be taken. This isn’t the financial tsunami of years past. The cost of a first pick bust today is certainly costly to the team, not the team’s financial future. And if JW turns out to be the real deal, well, we won’t care if he hugged or didn’t hug …

    1. 28.1


      Common sense is the basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by (“common to”) nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without any need for debate (you would think). I am always optimistic when there are people who remain with it! Well said Gulfstrings!

  29. 29


    Its actually a great time for the Bucs to have to take a risk on a QB~rookie pay scale will protect us if Winston(or Mariota)becomes the next Jamarcus.
    Jamarcus hurt the Raiders because he sucked AND cost them a crap load of money~not gonna happen with either JW or MM…
    Tampa should pick up a vet QB right now ~say Matt Schaub. This in a way puts Glennon on the block and lets ask a high price for him~like we really dont want to move him(which we shouldnt,unless the offer is too good to refuse).
    Draft either MM or JW and bring all 3 QBs to camp.Have MG and MS compete for the back up position~Glennon should win this battle and increase his value~THEN we have yet another chance to move him if he survives the draft. Then we could go into the season with JW or MM with Schaub or Glennon as our BU,not too bad.
    If our pick tanks~which so many have,its business as usual down at One Buc and we pick early again next year.We can possibly have a decent pick from moving Glennon(if he makes it to camp on our roster before getting traded)and could prove to give us a little room to play and move up if we are interested in someone a lil out of our reach…
    We need to take the plunge and grab a QB~if it doesnt pan out,it really isnt the end of the world…Brees and Rivers will be out their next year as will others, so its not as bleak as some are stating…
    I hope Jaboo is wearing pewter and red~and look forward to him silencing his critics…
    GO BUCS !!!

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