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    For the record, I have no further interest in the NFL race to the bottom for the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft. Que sera sera! Whatever will be, will be! I’m not going to sit here with pencil and paper and try to calculate who wins or who loses to plug numbers into some complicated SOS formula to see if the Bucs will retain the first pick.

    Shame on me! I sat up Thursday night and watched two gawd-awful football teams for the sole purpose of trying to find out if the Bucs would have smooth sailing to the bottom. Never again! I want that first pick like everybody else, but I’m going to let the players decide that. We’re going to pick somewhere and that’s good enough for me. More important is when we do pick, we get someone that helps us avoid this race to the bottom in the future!

    Not trying to rain on anybody else’s parade. Hope you get your wish. I always want the Bucs to win and they probably will lose – just not going to lose any sleep one way or another!

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    Packers win by 11 after the Bucs make it a game because the Packers pulled all their starters after the third quarter.

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    Good for you Mac, How anyone could wish their team “lose” a game is well, not a fan by MY definition. Only real losers think in terms like that. On another note, Telford is now a head coach and has been feeling great for 2 months. WOW! I wonder why it is so hard to tell us what “really” happened. None of it makes sense and why I am most curious is because of our head coach and players..oh well…Jon G, If you read this post try and elevate your comprehension of my post in terms of its “entirety” you really need to take it down a notch with Mariota. You cannot predict future performance any better than any of us. Go Winston!!Nah, just kidding!

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    As usual I agree with macbaee, Horse and even DBuc63 on this issue. Those fans who want the Bucs to lose out so we can be “on the clock” as soon as this season ends likely won’t be sitting in the stands with me this afternoon surrounded by Cheeseheads. I can assure you that if you’re there in what is supposed to be “our house” when the Packer Backers roll up thinking they’re going to come in here and punk us like some bully taking our lunch money, that you’ll quickly forget all about “Suck for the Duck” and Marcus Mariota. Any NFL team can beat another as they say on “any given Sunday”. I realize our chances are not great and in all likelihood we lose by 11 as Horse predicted. But it sure would be a nice Christmas present for Scubog for the mighty Bucs to send Green Bay packing and their fans hurrying back to Busch Gardens hoping to salvage their ruined vacation by taking a ride on the Mamba. Oh, that might make them sick too. Pity. Shouldn’t have eaten those brats.

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    The lead up to the 2015 draft is going to be interesting. The Bears are going to unload Cutler – even offering a high draft pick to take him. Cutler played at Vandy and the Titans who play in Nashville are already doing due diligence.
    If the Titans get first pick and they are interested in Cutler, they will certainly trade the first pick – get a pick for Cutler, then get a ration of picks for Mariota.

    Chip Kelley now knows that Sanchez is just a back-up and Foles can’t run his total offense. He is going to the mat to get Mariota. If this occurs, what would the Bucs do?

    What if the Bucs got the first pick? Would they consider the same strategy? Would they take the chance on Trestman at OC, Cutler at QB, and McCown at back-up QB plus a ration of draft picks to re-do the offensive line?

    I wish I had some idea what is in the mind of Lovie Smith, a coach that took Rex Grossman to the Super Bowl and has never picked a QB before the 4th round. I wish I knew!

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    Too early yet macabee. Lets wait to the season is over and after the College championship games. right now it’s QB and OL, as the priority.

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    I should be tailgating at Raymond James right now with a caravan consisting of a mix of Buccaneer and Packer fans from NJ. Instead we’re meeting to watch on TV. Thanks Lovie

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    Lets see as a fan do I want 4-12 or 2-14 and get to take the top qb in the draft hmmm, ah ok I have thought this through and I’ll take 2-14 and the top qb in the draft so call me a non fan or whatever you like But I have seen the Bucs win meaningless games at the end of the yr to end up missing Deion Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Derrick Thomas and settle for the lesser players in Broderick Thomas and Kieth McCants and Gaines Adams. Just like the Colts through away there season for Luck who is now the best young qb in the league I will take my chances with Mariota and to me gives us the best recipe for success in the future

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