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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Scott, great Fab5 as always. Why not grab Ira or Roy for some of the Pewter Pulse segments? I think you need a 3rd voice in those segments and having Roy or Ira would be awesome. Just thrown’n that out there….

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    Great as usual SR. Already on to 2017 draft, lol. You are a machine. Thanks for getting the website issues corrected last week

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    The only picks I got right in my PR final mock draft were Noah Spence and Dan Vitale. Vitale brings a lot of versatility. Great 6th round pick!

    There are no Buc free agents that concern me for 2017. If William Gholston has a breakout season, the Bucs may want to extend him before FA. OTC projects the Bucs to have 68mil in cap space in 2017 (assume cap goes up 10mil). Re-signing players or replacing FAs no longer desired will not be a problem. Click on year 2017 in link below.


    I think the Bucs will continue to focus on defense but not exclusively in 2017. Remember there was a lot of bridge players signed in FA this year. JMO, but I think the Bucs will draft a 3 tech DT early in the draft as we start to turn over the DTs we have now. If DE Noah Spence needs help on the edge Myles Garrett and Devonte Fields are the best two pure edge guys identified so far. My early opinion is Garrett will be gone early and the Bucs will be picking late (hopefully). Fields is another guy like Spence that had a few problems (different) at TCU and had to transfer to Louisville, but possesses skills coming off the edge and projects to be an every down DE.

    Depending on how our WR group performs there may not be a need to draft a WR high in next year’s draft. If they do there will be lots of high octane WRs in addition to JuJu Smith-Schuster – Mike Williams/Clemson, Jehu Chesson/Michigan (who Hargreaves should remember well), and Malachi Dupre/LSU are all excellent WRs. V-Jax may also decide to retire a Buc at a reduced salary.

    As usual PR, a packed Fab 5 edition with lots of interesting material. Keep up the good work and Go Bucs!

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    I think the “V-Train” will make the team. It’s pretty interesting to see the similarities to Alstott. Yes, Scott, that would be amazing if Meathead pulled out four more eventual starter from this draft like last year. It’s only a matter of time before the development of depth pays off in November and December for the Bucs. On a side note, I’ll be watching the development of Vonn Bell & Deon Bush as the season kicks into gear. I bet the guys over at TBT are sneaking a look at PR try to fill out their coverage! Great work Scott, Mark & team.

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    Look at how big Alstott’s leg were in that throwback picture. Good god! It’s no wonder why other players could never bring him down.

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    Good point in Buc Shots about the offensive attack featuring mismatches with tall wide receivers, yet a defense that at CB is undersized with 5 CB’s 5’10. We will see how it works next year…

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    I love PR but puuuuleeeeeze no more about the 2017 draft.
    Good god man, enough already.
    On the plus side, I also wished the Bucs had drafted Rankins instead of Hargreaves and only time will tell is we made the right decision.
    Also loved the sixth round pick of Vitale. Although you say he wasn’t drafted to be involved in the running game I hope he has enough skill and burst to get those one or two tough extra yards down near the goal line and in fourth down situations.
    We have seriously lacked a RB who can do that since Alstot left.
    As for our past sixth and seventh round picks, I feel a few of the players on that list didn’t deserve to be there.
    Bruce Gradkowski, Cody Grim, Sammy Stroughter, Mike James and to some degree Adam Hayward were all players who performed well but were thrown on the trash heap due to injuries or a change in the regime.
    Heck, Mike James is still here and was running well until he broke his leg against Miami and we saw the emergence of Bobby Rainey.
    He is still languishing in limbo but I believe he will get a lot of chances to be the bell cow RB during preseason.
    As for Gradkowski, he should have never been thrown into the situation he was put in as a sixth round pick, but he has gone on to be a pretty good backup QB.
    I don’t know what you find so great about what Carolina did. They let one Pro Bowl player go and had to replace him three other draft picks.
    I remember when we did the same thing with Reavis and replaced him with three players for about the same money.
    As I recall, it didn’t workout to well for us.

  8. 8


    Vitale is a pt player, bay-bee!

  9. 9


    The 2017 draft? Sorry, can’t go there yet. Not until after next season. The one that doesn’t even start for four months from now. But I do realize there are plenty of message board GM’s who DO care so I get it.
    Love the Dan Vitale story. Sounds like a keeper. But I must object to your bunching Adam Haywood with some of the bad choices in previous drafts. That guy was a gamer, showed up ready to play every game and made lots of plays, especially on special teams. Also a solid backup LB who got time there as well. Just a thought from a fan.

  10. 10


    I’m really excited to see how this draft plays out. I can see the argument for Rankins but also for VH3 so I would’ve been happy with either one. I think we got a steal in Spence and Vitale as well. I’d say they’re likely equivalent to the 4th round steal we got last year in Kwon.

    The kicker pick is a love/hate pick and I’m on the love side. Having a steady kicking threat is HUGE. I can take or leave the Benenoch (sp?) and Bond as they seem more like depth/ST picks.

    We have a lot of FAs coming up in 2017 but the 2016 season will determine much of that. Hoping to be picking in the high 20s in the 2017 draft so didn’t look much into the WAY too early mock.

  11. 11


    Great Fab 5 as always guy! I love this Vitale pick and I’m glad PR put on there how to say it correctly. Mark my words, he will be starting by wee 4 if not week 1. Everything about this guy is what ASJ should be but isn’t. The full back in the flat is so useful in getting first downs , it’s absurd.
    As for next years free agents, not too many on that list I would cry about losing, but you have to have numbers at some point. And with as much cap space as we will have next year, my goodness.
    As for next years draft class, way too early for that, but any NOle will look good in Pewter. With this running back class coming out, that is why I wanted Dougie on a two year deal. These guys are game wreckers. But again, RB probably won’t be a position of need and I hope we aren’t drafting high enough to even get them.
    I think by seasons end we have 4 more starters out of this draft. That’s two in a row and unheard of. Go get ’em meathead!

  12. 12


    “There haven’t been many Buccaneers sixth-round picks to get excited about over the past decade – or even in the 40-year history of the franchise.”
    There have not been a lot of day 1 and day 2 picks to get excited about in Tampa. I think that is changing!

  13. 13


    Hey Scott, saw where Clayton gave the Bucs rave reviews for their undrafted free agents. Thanks for the clip of Barber. Seems like a guy you can trot out when you need to grind down the clock and get some tough yards. Also we can’t go wrong with another Barber.
    But the guy I really want to see is Vitale. Hope he is everything you say he is.

  14. 14


    Scott, thanks for giving us a comparison between Vitale and “the A-train”. It helps to add a little more clarity as to what the current regime may have in mind.

    I think it is safe to say that many fans loved Alstott as much as they loved Brooks, Lynch or Sapp. [Though, Sapp did not exactly always have a what might be called a “loveable” demeanor! … :>)]

    Go Bucs!!!

  15. 15


    Fab-1, I don’t really have any comment.

    Fab-2, There isn’t really any name on that list that concerns me. We know the Statue of Limitations is gone after this season. Hopefully Ditson goes as well. I’d like to see VJax back, but pretty sure the Bucs could get him.

    Fab-3, The Bics will most likely have a pick in the Top 5, so any of those names could work. I don’t really know any of them, though.

    Fab-4, I didn’t like Rankins before the draft, and I still don’t. I’m glad the Bucs spent their pick elsewhere.

    Fab-5, I hope the server issue is stable now. It’s been difficult at time to read, or post.

  16. 16


    Fab 1: I hope Vitale works out but I really wish we would stop comparing our current players to past greats. We need to allow these players to become great in their own mold.
    Fab 2: That is a very big FA class. It’ll be interesting to see who plays well enough this season to warrant a new contract.
    Fab 3: Too soon.
    Fab 4: Let’s move on.
    Fab 5: I hate to see any company closing or going through layoffs. I’ve seen many layoffs over the years where I work. I heart goes out to the families of those affected by the Tampa Tribune closing.

    1. 16.1


      Absolutely on the last point pink.

  17. 17


    I’ve already gone on record in other threads that Vitale is going to do some damage for us in the slot and that Peyton Barber will beat our Mike James. Barber should be playing like every play is the final play in the superbowl and it’s hard to replicate that kind of motivation. At the time I wasn’t sure about our draft but upon reflection I am pretty stoked and ready for the season to start. Go Bucs!

  18. 18


    Didn’t Bruce Gradkowski play for at least 12-14 years making a career out of being a Backup QB in the leagues for quite a few teams? Didn’t Clay and Losefa get picked up by other teams immediately? Scott, you aren’t the only one who has noticed the sports coverage of the Bucs go way down in the Times and some TV stations. What’s all the hype with The Lightning? It’s not a big arena and not a big television market either. I don’t believe it’s about their winning ways either; there’s another reason for it’s following. Have you noticed who is the very overwhelming ethnic group who attends?

  19. 19


    Am I missing something? Patting Licht on the back for getting 4 starters in a draft. If you get 4 starters each year, they would have to play 5.5 years based on 22 starters (that does not include PK so no credit for that pick). The average NFL football player lasts 3.5 years based on a 2007 survey. But with 4 successes a year, each of the Bucs players would have to play 13.25 years to round out a 53 man roster.

  20. 20


    Scott, I also thank you for giving us a rundown of how you see the draft in retrospect as per your “Fab 4” discussion. I will be rereading it a bit later on.

    If there are some who just won’t “forgive” Licht and Koetter for this draft, maybe you will lust after the selections taken by New Orleans as shown below. It was strong on the defensive side also.

    •Round 1, (12) Sheldon Rankins, DT, Louisville
    •Round 2, (47) Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State
    •Round 2, (61), Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State
    •Round 4, (120), David Onyemata, DT, Manitoba
    •Round 7, (237), Daniel Lasco, RB, California

    I personally want to see the NFC South get stronger so that when the Bucs come out on top they will be ready to take on any other team(s) in their paths to multiple Super Bowl wins.

    That’s right! I am dreaming of multiple titles. I have no interests in playing Fantasy Football. (Nothing against those who do!)

    Go Bucs!!!

  21. 21


    licht has done a better job of finding 6th & 7th rounders that at least play in the NFL… isosefa is on the patriots 53-man roster & clay caught on with the ravens and had a return for a TD last season

    1. 21.1


      I agree with you that Licht has done a good job drafting late. Unfortunately, as happens this time of year, FB Joey Iosefa was cut by the Patriots yesterday. Will probably be picked up by another team.

  22. 22


    Another great fab 5 SR. I love this Vitale kid. Great pick by the Bucs and great find by you. On the re-draft, I agree but would not under any circumstances spent a third and a fourth to trade up to get a kicker. Taking kickers high in the draft with lots of holes elsewhere on the roster is something losing teams do, see the Raiders. I would rather have seen another D-lineman, linebacker, slot receiver or another. We MAY have gotten two starters instead of one. IMO very suspect pick no matter who good he is.

  23. 23


    Another O-lineman

  24. 24


    As other “old school” posters like Horse, 76, macabee and I’m sure others already realize our years are moving quicker as we’re on the wrong side of the “hill”; I don’t need to be looking at 2017 when 2016 isn’t even half over. Plus, I don’t need to clutter my brain with useless information about events that won’t happen for another year.

    Since Licht’s stew is being analyzed before it’s even had a chance to be cooked, served and tasted; perhaps a look back at other folks’ “woulda, coulda, shoulda drafted this player” critique to see how their decisions would have fared would be entertaining.

  25. 25


    Great job as usual, Scott! My comment on our draft was that it was good but could have been better. Your showing here of what our draft could have been illustrates exactly how it could have been better. Our problem is that the Saints just out drafted us and the rest of our division had good drafts too. I do love our new FB/HB though and think he will improve our team. He has all the skills to be a great third down back too. He can put on crushing blocks to protect Winston then roll out for a short pass and get yak too. I look for our third downs to be more successful this year and wear down their defense, too, while resting our improved defense for three and outs. We will surprise a lot of people this year! As for our short CBs, Joe Haden out of Florida is 5’10” too and has been a Super CB in the NFL for many years. We have two short/light LB starters too who also are Superstars as well, and Grimes has been a solid All Pro for years at 5’10”, so Hargraves may also be just as successful. The proof is in the pudding.

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