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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Good article but Lovie Smith and crew have not increased the talent level on the roster. Zuttah has blossomed into one of the better centers in the league and we still have no answer for who replaces that Revis guy he claimed his defense didn’t need. You get no bonus points for selecting good players when you’re drafting in the top 10, thats what should happen. I’m not disregarding the J.Smith and McDonald acquisitions I’m just saying we had money to do those things AND keep Revis/Zuttah so no gold star for those pickups. Not to mention the money we are wasting on Bruce Carter who can’t even get on the field. Give me a break they have wasted money, poorly evaluated talent, and provided us with uninspired performances week after week, nothing good has come in the Lovie Smith era.

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    Citing our scoring defense as an indictment on our defensive performance is misguided.

    – our defense has given up fourteen scores, a TOTAL of four scoring drives (2 TDs, 2 FGs) that didn’t come directly off a turnover or missed FG.
    – 16/20 (80%) of our offensive drives that resulted in a score or a punt have lead to the opponent punting or turning it over on their subsequent possession.
    – of ALL the scoring drives against us (including those off of turnovers) Five have been 7 plays or more, and Six have been 60yds or more.

    People seem to forget that we’ve given up 48 points off of turn overs. That’s most in the league. When the defense has had to defend real field position (aka not from a turnover) they’ve given up 17 points per game, that’s good enough for second best in the league. One thing almost all the top defenses have is that they’ve given up 7 points of less off turnovers. Also their teams takeaway/giveraway ratios are also among the top favorable.

    1. 2.1


      That is from the past 3 weeks. The defense was terrible vs the Titans week 1.

    2. 2.2


      Bucs pass defense is currently tied with the Revi’s Jets. I don’t get all this belly aching for an injured, over paid player like Revis.

    3. 2.3


      Good data and analysis Dreadnaught. Go Red Devils! 😉

    4. 2.4


      Stats can be misguided, the Bucs are dead last in the NFL in allowing touchdowns in the red zone. Opponents are boasting an 88 percent touchdown ratio when getting into the red zone. GO Bucs!!

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    I know Bucs Fans want to hear positive stuff, listen lets keep it real people the Bucs are a horrible team how horrible is the question are we worse than the Jags? Possible, we already got a spanking to a mediocre team like the Titans in our home opener and lost to a pathetic Houston team and made Panthers look great without Benjamin and Keutchly. Lovie won’t survive the season esp if we get trounced by the Jags which at this point is very possible

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    Speaking of Rainey, why is Sims splitting carries with Doug instead of Bobby. If you look at the numbers from last year (and previous years), Rainey is our best back. It doesn’t make any sense to me… but either does sitting Verner for Jennings. It is impossible to figure out Lovie. The guy is blind.

    1. 4.1

      Uncle Stan

      You just woke up?

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    Nobody is going to be fired mid-season – it’s not the way the Glazers do business. However, they’ve shown no reluctance to replace an entire administration after two years if no progress is perceived. There’s enough blame to go around for everyone to have a bulls eye painted on their chest!

    Like some of you, I sat thru 0-26. I mean literally sat thru because I was in the stadium for every Bucs home game. The only thing I remember about that gawd awful time was that like winning is contagious, losing is also contagious. At some point, it becomes self-fulfilling. The experts expect you to lose, the fans expect you to lose, and worst of all, the players expect to lose. The players might not be playing with a great deal of inspiration, but they haven’t quit yet.

    For the last 7 or 8 years, the Bucs have fallen prey to this mentality. We can change coaches, we can draft new players, we can get new uniforms, logos, and themes but nothing will change until we break the cycle with a win and win at all cost attitude by doing some things differently.

    We need activist owners – not Jerry Jones activism, but observing owners in the box, occasional sideline appearances, time-to-time press conferences that show fans and players they are committed to winning.

    We need independent general management. The downfall of many a franchise has been giving arrogant, inflexible coaches final say over personnel. Even our Constitution requires separation of powers. A yes man GM is a recipe for disaster.

    We need capable competent coaches with fire – coaches who are respected but feared, who can teach and motivate. If the DC can’t coach the defense, we don’t need him. If a player can’t play, don’t keep him.

    We need supportive fans – fans who do not panic and head for the exits with the first sign of ill weather. Demand excellence and praise individuals. Hold management and coaches responsible first. Players are a reflection of their choices and subsequent success or failure at development.

    I rarely make predictions because……..well, I’m not very good good at it. But I am accustomed to going out on the proverbial limb. And I’m going to predict that giving final say over the 53 man roster (written into Lovie’s contract) is going to be the death knell for Lovie Smith and Chip Kelly – two otherwise men that have had some success in the NFL. If Lovie is fired, it will not be because of the much maligned Cover 2 defense, it will be his dismal failures in selecting the right man for the job. And most importantly QB Winston’s perceived success or failure.

    I also believe that the lack of success on the Bucs Cover 2 defense began with the failure to land Rob Marinelli as DC in 2014. I believe that the reason Lovie has brought in so many former Bears and Cowboy players – players already schooled by Marinell – is that Lovie can run the Cover 2 defense, but he can’t teach it and doesn’t have anyone who can – witnessed by shelving former HC Frazier as DC, benching former pro bowler Verner at CB and once star LB LVD’s seemingly backslide.

    Time will tell. Hope I’m wrong as I have nothing to rely on here but my gut. But I’ve been around this stuff for quite a while and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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    This is for the most part a class organization and they will not fire Lovey before the end of the season. But it is a little early for that kind of talk anyways. Give it a few more games. It is not as bad as it looks.

  7. 7


    Losing 10 straight home games as HC already IS totally unacceptable. Losing to the teams in the manner they are lost is, of course, totally unacceptable. Losing to the Jaguars at home SHOULD be the final straw and it would certainly ruin the chances of any home field advantages for the rest of the season as far as crowds go. Fans are sick and tired of being outnumbered by cheering visiting team fans by the fourth quarter. It’s disgraceful, embarrassing and it has got to STOP.
    But St. Lovie will get the rest of the season anyway. That’s just the way it is. Part of the hopelessness we are feeling now.
    Now should the Buccaneers win and look good doing so on Sunday? A glimmer of hope. I’LL TAKE IT!!!!!!

    1. 7.1


      Garv: I’m one of those fans who never leave before 0:00 is on the clock. I must say, it is no fun to have the opponents fans gathering and chanting their team’s name in what is supposed to be our “home”.

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    Great JBF article Scott, you guys should combine sites. Asinine to consider firing a coach 4 games into a rookie QB’s first season imo. Another sensationalized article from an overrated hack,how shocking.

  9. 9


    I’ve lost all respect for you Scott Reynolds, and wont be renewing my membership on this site, nor will I visit ever again. That is the most irresponsible thing Ive ever heard. You do realize the reason this team is where it is is because of all the coach firing? Do you realize the irresponsibility of coming out with an article like this? How many more coach firings before the Bucs become the next Houson or Baltimore or St. Louis losing football franchises.
    There is nothing wrong with Lovie Smith, nor is there anything wrong with the Bucs, they are progressing just fine. Stop counting last year which was unavoidable without an offensive coordinator. Give Lovie Smith 4 full season to see what he can do, stop being like a loser franchise, and start being more like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England…who have had 1 coach during the time the Bucs have had 4. WHat do you expect. Shame on you Scott Reynolds.

    1. 9.1


      Niko- To say “they are progressing just fine” I have lost respect for you my friend, we have lost ten straight home games to the likes of Derek Anderson, Austin Davis, Mariota, Rg3 etc We cut Barth for Murray cut Murray for Brindza then cut Brindza for Barth, this organization has become a laughing stock and the coach is in over his head he looks bewildered on the sideline hell just look at his face in the pic in this article and that’s the face he has all game

      1. 9.1.1


        Well stated Jon. Me and my brother always make fun of the fact that Lovie has that same face all damn game. There is no fire in this guy and this teams lack of fire comes right from their coach.

      2. 9.1.2


        Still feel there is no progression?

    2. 9.2
      Profile photo of Scott Reynolds

      Scott Reynolds

      Coaching changes don’t work? How are Dan Quinn and the 4-0 Falcons doing right now? How are Todd Bowles and the 3-1 NY Jets doing right now?

      1. 9.2.1


        SR, I think mores specifically coaching changes made by the Glazer sons don’t work. We’ve gotten further and further away from winning with every coaching change they’ve made since firing Gruden. They’ve also given each HC less and less time to turn the team around before firing them. I’m not saying Lovie shouldn’t be fired (at this point I don’t care who they fire at OBP) but I am saying as long as the Glazers are in charge I don’t expect the team to become winners by changing HC’s. Also, if you want to keep Winston and you clearly do, Koetter needs be made HC as you stated above but also signed to a long term contract. Otherwise, Winston is going to get “Freemaned” by the new HC after Koetter completes his term as the interim HC.

      2. 9.2.2


        First of all, I will apologize to you as your entitled to your opinion. Coaching changes work, I didn’t say they don’t. TOO MANY coaching changes don’t work. Quinn didn’t walk into a situation where he was the 3rd head coach in 5 seasons!!!! In hindsight, you also are NOT pointing out positives either, which there are some, we only needed to wait a little bit. You called the Tampa Two dead, yet QUINN, whom you JUST POINTED OUT… is installing that defense in Atlanta, where its also in Carolina and doing quite fine.

    3. 9.3


      Also, didn’t Baltimore win a Super Bowl and get cheated out of a divisional round win against NE last year?

  10. 10


    I guess to me it depends how they lose. If the Jags crush them like the pathetic Titans did at home then I say yes. Fans just cannot keep sitting through this garbage. If it’s a close game and Bucs play decent then it becomes a very hard call and I’m pretty sure he would stay. Thinking they will wait until end of season, but who knows. If they continue to get smoked in embarrassing fashion at home any option is on the table and those who think it won’t happen will be shocked. I’ve said all along I don’t think Lovie can evaluate talent and is not going to work out. That’s my opinion only and I am not going to sit here and say I know it for a fact because I don’t. It would bring me no joy to see another coaching change either. This means we will be set back big time again. It sucks and I will not do any stupid chest pumping and say see I was right like some are doing over the QB situation. I think Koetter is a great O coordinator. I love his no BS way of speaking. Unlike Lovie and his pathetic excuse ridden press conferences that all sound the same to me. I still have plenty of faith Winston can play at a high level too. Just going to take time. With Lovie enough time,enough excuses, and enough horrible personel choices that have been just terrible. Can’t hit on all your decisions but come on!

    1. 10.1


      Agreed Fredster as we not only need an offensive minded coach next time, I love Koetter fire. He’s not afraid as you said to tell it as it is and I like his drive. He seems the kind of guy that will tell you to your face you’re playing like crap and get out. We need that. No more damn nice guys.

  11. 11


    Scott, great article and I applaud you for having the guts to write it! If you believe in your heart it’s the right call then you have to say it. I seriously doubt the Bucs Fire Lovie and he thrives elsewhere based on everything that has transpired. Who the hell knows though. Lol.

  12. 12


    Great article Scott and you should be commended for having the set to put it out there since I am sure you have to deal with Lovie on a daily basis.
    Unlike most morons who just say “Fire Lovie his is a terrible coach,” you state your reasons with concrete facts to back up your
    I have been on the fence about this since I first started hearing this idea a few weeks ago and your article definitely has some validity.
    At the same time, I realize when Lovie first gor here the talent cupboard was almost bare after close to a dozen years of bad drafts going back to Jon Gruden and his worthless hand picked GM.
    Remember, we passed on Arron Rogers and took Cadillac Williams because we had Chris Sims as a QB.
    Chris Simms?
    I could write a five page story about all the bad draft picks in the Dominick regime.
    They just weren’t bad, they were horrible.
    Make no mistake about it, this team, save for a few positions, had terrible or mediocre talent when he got here.
    So Lovie got here with a poor excuse for an NFL roster and went FA shopping.
    After he was done, critics lauded his selections, said the Bucs won FA and would be headed to the playoffs.
    Of course we now know history proved everyone incorrect.
    Macabee, as usual I read your post and only saw one problem with it.
    The Bucs do not run a Cover 2 full time as many report. In fat, if you saw last weeks game you would have seen a lot of single high safety with one on one coverage.
    They do however play a one gap scheme which is an essential element of a Cover 2.
    Derrick Brooks gave a lengthy report on this a couple of weeks ago on the radio and it was very informative.
    I also agree with you about your comment about winning and losing and the fair weather fans.
    I have said this season if the Bucs could put a couple of two or three game winning streaks together, the team would start believing in itself and play with more confidence and swagger which always leads to better play.
    Also agree with you about the fans. Was in RJ last week when it started raining and half the fans headed for the exits.
    Really, its just rain. Wimps.
    Compare that to fans up north who sit in freezing stadiums and snow.
    BTW, I was a bandwagon fan who didn’t start going to games until 1977 so I bow to your greatness and suffering, sir.
    I will say if the Bucs do choose to fire Lovie if they lose to the Jags, I hope they promote Koetter to the HC position.
    I saw no great job performance by Frazier when he was the HC of the Vikings and believe he is just a Lovie Smith Light facsimile.
    I like Lovie and don’t believe a rah rah coach like Vince Lombardi or Buddy Ryan is needed.
    Lombardi would be laughed out of the league now by players and Ryan has wiped more egg of his face it should be made of Teflon.
    As it is, I really have no dog in this fight.
    Stay or fire I always support the Bucs no matter who the HC, QB, RB or trainers are.

    1. 12.1



      Let ole macabee help you out here because like me you comment a lot and I want you be crisp!lol.

      All football teams both 4-3 or 3-4 run some version of the Cover 2 which has been around as long as NFL football, but nobody runs a pure Cover 2 anymore. You’ve obviously been caught up in the misguided Cover 2 controversy regarding the Bucs and have a narrow definition of it.

      The Jets run Cover 2, just Cover 2 – man. The Seahawks run a version called Cover 3 where they bring a 3rd man down into the box. The Tampa 2 run by Dungy and Kiffin was a version of the Cover 2, brought from the Steelers a well known 3-4 defense.

      You’re right! The Bucs today only line up in base Cover 2 only about a 1/3 of the time. You inadvertently left out the adjective “Base”. But to say the Bucs do not play a Cover 2 scheme is flat out incorrect. BTW, my post is saying the defensive scheme is not the problem. If there is a problem, it is more likely to be personnel – like Mike Jenkins. lol.

      Hope this helps. Ask any time!


  13. 13


    Even with a loss against JAX and even if he should be fired, We are stuck with Lovie… Call it class,call it moronic- the Glazer boys are gonna do what they are gonna do and I don’t see them getting rid of him.
    This franchise is a decade deep in poor decision making- and until that changes, it really doesn’t matter who’s coach…I don’t think the Glazers know how to build a winning franchise and seem content with the way things are and have been…every one bad choice seems to lead to at least three more( glazers hire Lovie- bad move one.then bad move one hires Telford,arroyo and Frazier – bad moves 2-4,see how that works?) Every missed Rodgers we get a Caddy,freeman,Adams,Clayton,etc…THIS is the issue with the Bucs- poor choices lead to more poor choices…
    Now here’s the trick- it’s a poor choice to fire a coach just weeks into a season that includes a rookie QB- but it’s also a poor choice to keep an ineffective coach in charge of the development if your franchise rookie QB. I don’t feel Lovies coaching is complimentary to the development of our franchise QB but more so a reflection of his ego. His defense might currently be top ten but it’s not helping our QB win games…his concern seems to be how to make his def look good – not developing his rookie QB and winning football games.one win,two losses again- see the pattern?
    If this team wants to compete it has to figure out how not to take two steps back with every step forward…keeping Lovie and getting rid of Lovie now are basically both bad ideas- we must now figure which will lead to two steps backwards or which becomes the first step in the right direction…

    1. 13.1


      Makes sense. If I may make a stab at which one is two steps backwards I would say it would be firing Lovie now. One reason is that it sends a bad message to potential HC hires that our last three head coaches got 3, 2 then 1.25 seasons to turn the team around. How many will new HC get, 1? Another reason is if we fire Lovie, Koetter will likely be his replacement and he will surely be committed to Winston going forward along with Licht. I think we should give Winston AT LEAST the rest to see what he can do before we make short or long term decisions that are centered around him. If he continues to suck as he has up to this point, firing Lovie and replacing him with guys that are fully committed to Winston will be your proverbial “two steps backwards”. If Winston clearly gets better as the season progress then it makes sense to keep coaches around him that will keep him around, i.e. the first step in the right direction.

      1. 13.1.1


        The above should read, “AT LEAST the rest of the season…” Good job getting the photos working on the website PR. Any plans to allow us to edit our comments like in the past?

  14. 14


    A good rule of thumb in the NFL these days is if the Redskins or Dolphins are doing it, don’t follow in their footsteps. Both of those teams have owners who do what fans would do if they were owners. In other words, they don’t know what they’re doing.

    The Bucs have a lot of rookie starters and new players still learning to work together as a unit. Lovie has only been with the team for 20 games, and only 4 of those with qualified coordinators. To pull the plug now would be like a fan leaving in the third quarter because we’re down by two scores. It’s amateurish, rash, naive, and arrogant to believe that just anyone can step in and do a better job than Lovie can starting week 6. There is no Teddy Roosevelt waiting in the wings in case McKinley gets shot. The success of the new system depends on the vision of its creator. It is too late in the season to start over from scratch!

    I’ve lived in Tampa and Laramie but always remained a Bucs fan. One thing you can say about too many of the people who come to the RayJay is that they are not hardcore in the way that Broncos and Packers fans are. Most are fair weather dilletantes who approach football with the same ignorant impatience that drunken talk radio callers have, only without loyalty to the home team. I came late to our home opener last year to discover thousands of fans pouring out of the stadium with 20 minutes left to play. Only a few of us remained to cheer on McCown and Lovie in their first Bucs game, a nearly successful comeback against the Panthers.

    You have to love the Bucs to be a true fan. If you only like them when they’re good, you’re not a fan. You’re a whiny football critic. Football critics should stay home and watch some other teams play. They shouldn’t interfere with the people who do care about the short and long term success of the Bucs. Changing coaches in midseason is just shooting yourself in the foot to satisfy the mindless masses. I’m glad the Glazers are too smart for that. I wish we had more true fans to give us a legit home field advantage. You don’t get those from being a winning team in the first place, though. You gotta be a good fan to sustain a good team. Weak, fickle fans who only like you win you win encourage teams to move to LA.

    1. 14.1


      I have never missed a “home” game and I never leave early Russ; but I can certainly sympathize with many who do hit the exit. It is no fun sitting there when the opponent’s fans are treating the victory like they just won the championship. Really annoying when those folks have lived here for decades. Many leave even when the Bucs are winning. Now that I don’t understand. That might explain why some guys are poor lovers. Perhaps a little red pill that allows you to “stay in the game” for 4 hours would help.

  15. 15


    My knee jerk reaction is to fire Lovie now, send a message – but pink makes a point, what message does it send? We won’t attract the coach we NEED if we do business like that- we haven’t is all the proof we need.
    We do need to put it out there to the right people that we are not happy with Lovies direction choice and are open to new ideas.when season ends- skip Lovie like a stone and bring in the new direction…We then look like a team hoping to right the wrongs of our past.We will likely have a top 5 pick which can help our new coach put his stamp on our future…no more one step forward two,three,four steps back for the Bucs.I can stand rebuilding if we are building for a future – we have been tricked for too long by crappy personnel who are nothing but patch jobs and hole fillers- what can you expect when theses clowns are left in charge?Bucs football currently…we have some young pieces if an Oline and a few def players- we do have a future stud QB, if we raise him right…

  16. 16


    Lovie is not going anywhere regardless of the outcome on Sunday. The Buccaneers will win 5-7 games this season and show improvement. They will win decisively on Sunday against Jacksonville. The teams talent has been upgraded. Progress is slow but you don’t judge a season on the basis of four games. I was a Mariota guy, but until or unless the lawsuit comes out differently, I’m backing Winston. But let’s be candid, he was not pro-ready. Rookie quarterbacks only rarely win their first year or two. That is well documented. Oddly enough, the defense has largely played well enough to win three of the four games. We’ve out-yarded two of the four teams we’ve played. And we still haven’t played a game with all of our weapons.

  17. 17


    Fab 2- really? Ok, we know your committed to Winston if this is your justification of his play to this point. Truth is he is a rookie making rookie mistakes. it wasn’t long ago Winston was “pro ready.” Language is certainly loosing up now..He is young and has potential but as of now isn’t any good and cannot win games without a stout defense which we don’t have. I really do hope he gets better as I do see great plays at times but I also saw great plays in Freeman.Time will tell. There are great points on all sides as to whether or not fire Lovie. I sensed something wrong with this team after our first game and as much as everyone wants to forget it, I can’t. To me, it is telling from last year’s intentional loss to the saints. Something is not connecting here. The Glazer boys need to do some hard selling regarding our team’s future. Perhaps Belichick can be cottled down here to sunny Florida…lol

  18. 18


    So far, the last two coaches(including this one) have been good talent evaluators/drafters; but neither can win a game for various reasons. Schiano actually did the right thing in getting rid of Freeman(in the face of some Freeman fans; apparently, even the Glazers; they fired him instead of weathering all the emotional stuff)

    So, Lovie Smith has had more talent to work with, and improved the talent, and still can’t win. He’s taken a ho-hum approach to improving the team. Not a beat them into shape. That’s my problem with coach Smith.

    A time table didn’t need to be made(if we win against the Jags or not). I would have fired Smith last year and hired Bowles(yes, I did say this). It’s just like having a good Qb, but you’re in a position to draft a great one; what do you do? You draft the better potential Qb. There was a better potential head coach on the market, so what would you do(or at least I’d do); i’d swap coaches; especially after a 2-14 season. No artificial time table needed to be made up.

    1. 18.1


      then again, there is the issue of not having an O-coordinator last year. Still, that O-coordinator didn’t come back when he could; they didn’t see eye to eye about something. I suspect it’s about coaching.

  19. 19


    Tampa Media and fans sure do like to make their Captains walk the plank. I think Vegas put the over/under on the Bucs at 6. I think most media stayed within that ballpark of 5-7 wins, including writers on this site. Owners cut checks. GMs do the hiring. Coaches coach. Players play. The owners of the team are pretty bad. That’s where the problem starts. They have no leadership

  20. 20


    Scott, I’m with you. Lose to the Jags making it 12 in a row at home, and I’d have him walking the plank. Koetter has his hands full with Winston, Frazer needs to be with the defense. We need some Hardware! coaching this mess. Ronde said as a rookie he was afraid to look Nickerson in the eye! He was afraid to mess up, and disappoint him. He did learn from him like all our greats did. We can spare a L.B. coach. Can’t lose a coordinator. Hardy Nickerson for interm H.C., Keotter Asst. H.C..

  21. 21


    Yeh Scott, let’s just fire Lovie if the Bucs lose. Hell, let’s just load up the trucks and move the Bucs to Omaha in the middle of the night. A little desperate aren’t we. The Bucs are getting better, it’s just not showing in the score yet. We are all pissed after last season, but why screw ourselves for another 2 years. Let’s let this playout for 2015, then if no improvement we move on again. We are conditioned for getting rid of people, but at some point we are going to have to stay the course and let a team mature. There are some good players and there are some rookies busting their butts to put a winner on the field. Everyone has injuries. We definitely have some weak positions, but there not going to get better until they have some experience and time to mold into a cohesive unit.
    Now that you’ve set the bar at one game illimination you have exposed your true colors. Here we come Omaha.

  22. 22


    Pinkstob, remember history. Everyone who became Ceaser got stabbed in the back, but it never stopped other men lining up to become the next Ceaser! LoL

    1. 22.1


      I see your point, but the difference here is there are 31 other Caesar positions available. Historically there was only one Caesar position available at any given time. Less supply, more demand. Other men will line up, but can we win with the type HC’s that apply to a position where they know they can get fired after one season?

      1. 22.1.1


        Pink: Any candidate would jump at the chance to be a head coach. All would have big egos who would be supremely confident in their ability to achieve the success that thus far has eluded Lovie. If that frightened them, they don’t deserve the role and I wouldn’t want them.

  23. 23


    SR, nice try but you are totally off base. No way they fire Lovie and with all due respect this year is is not his fault. The defense is ranked in the top half of the league. 2 of our 3 losses are on our “playmaker” QB. You are correct, his is a playmaker for opposing teams. I was in favor of drafting him or MM but there is NO denying that while he may have a great career in 2 of our 3 losses he has been a disaster and KILLED us. Retain your credibitly and call a spade a spade, JW is THE reason for out tough start. If MG is playing QB we are 2-2 at worst and perhaps 3-1.

    1. 23.1


      Perhaps 3-1 with mariota? Haha that funny. His own team is 1-2 with the last two coming directly off of his 5 turnovers. Let me guess if mariota was on our team we would’ve never missed a filed goal? If mariota was in our team our receivers wouldn’t have dropped 9 passes against the Texans. If mariota was on our team we wouldn’t have gotten gashed for almost 200 rushing yards that game as well.
      I’m sure mariota so plays reszone defense so that would be much better too. Winston was responsible for our loss last week no doubt but you mariota fans are damn delusional.

      1. 23.1.1


        Bucnut2 said “MG” not “”MM”. “MG” is Mike Glennon, not Marcus Mariota.

  24. 24


    You just succeeded in making me dizzy cremdonado.
    Again, macabee, I enjoy reading your posts.
    I think we are both right.
    As far as our corners our concerned, I’m not in love with any of them except for Banks and oray for his speedy return.
    Jennings, Jenkins and Verner have all displayed either a lack of concentration or skill in their games this year.
    Jenkins was the latest on Sunday when he tripped over his own feet while he was standing 1 yard in the endzone which allowed the WR to catch a 6 yd TD at the goal line pylong.

  25. 25


    I’m going to start a new EEB structure to my posts in response to drdneast’s requests for more positivity. Part 1) what’s on my mind, Part 2) always something positive…we’ll see how long I last.

    Part 1) Scott, I see a different J Licht than you…he gets no credit for picking WINSTON. He picked Evans over Donald – jury is out still but Donald appears to be surpassing GMC as a star. He picked Sims over Gabe Jackson (a star on the Raider’s OL). He picked a backup FB destined to be cut over taking a chance on some guys with probowl level skills that have issues. He cut (or will soon cut) every FA of consequence other than McDonald. He traded for a DE that is now benched. And so on. What one great decision can you point to that he has made….I can’t think of one…the closest might end up being trading up for Marpet…maybe.

    Part 2) there us no chance we lose to the Jags this weekend…we have way more talent….they have nobody that can compete with GMC or LvD (regardless of how bad he’s been this year)…and I have faith that Koetter went back and looked at our first half TD drive last week to realize what to do…just KISS on offense.

    Go Bucs!

  26. 26


    You did it again. Another outstanding bold but informed article about a difficult task at hand by ownership. I won’t pretend to know what should or should not be done but I will say the staff of Licht and Licht himself are highly touted and come from pedigree organizations. I don’t believe Licht and Lovie are joined together by job and relational. I feel that Licht has the staff and relationships around the league to find the right guys if Lovie is fired. Lovie game management and ego/stubbornness is one of my biggest knocks on him. He coaches not to lose and some times leave opportunities on the field. I don’t pretend to know more than the professionals but I listen well and observe and I’ve played football in my life and this team just feels apathetic. Again, if you have many soft spoken laid back guys we should get a substantial experienced fiery leader (not like Schiano) but Bowles and Quin are proof that good coaches can coach up their teams. The trick is to find these guys that are ready for the opportunity not some retreads like Lovie. We will see what happens but a loss to Jax will definitely not be a good look for Lovie and his future here.

  27. 27


    We are 1-3. But the last loss is hard to pin on Lovie. In fact, it’s hard to assess anything about the Panthers game. Winston turned the ball over 5 times. How do we even evaluate that game? Maybe we win without the horrific QB play. Who knows? My point is that Lovie is 1-2 with an Incomplete. It’s just not enough to fire him, especially with this type of QB play. For the record, I have little faith in his coaching ability. I predict he will get fired, but the Glazers will wait until season end.

  28. 28


    Scott you seem to forget that we tanked a number of games last year to get the Overall Number One pick and first shot at the waiver wire. Would you rather they won a few more games and not had the opportunity to select a QB?

  29. 29


    I think most folks here are aware enough to know that the Glazers don’t make knee-jerk moves out of their own anger or frustration. I see little chance that they fire Lovie over the bye week if our team loses yet another home game. It might make them and many of us happy, but then we’re left with the “Now what?” dilemma. The sad thing is that many of us welcomed this favorite son who we thought would return us to the Dungy days. There is just no denying that through 1-1/4 seasons it just isn’t working. Something or someone needs to ignite a fire in this team and we fans before too long. Apathy is quickly taking over. Not sure a coaching change in and of itself is enough. What’s that saying, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares”. We are reliving the late 80′ through early 90’s. I’m getting too old for this now. What’s that other saying, “Wake me when it’s over.”

  30. 30


    “Lovie Smith should be fired if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.” was that Lovie with the 5 turnovers last week? Is that Lovie out there getting flagged for penalties? This team will be no better on offense this year than #3. If someone’s head must be staked, let’s talk about the defense. Poor tackling, gaps being missed, Jenkins …

  31. 31


    Agree with your comments Scott! IMO Lovie is not the type of head coach that can build a struggling franchise like the Bucs. His time has passed: no innovation; no motivation; no dynamism…it’s time for him to go NOW or we will be discussing his potential replacement for the rest of the year!


  32. 32


    Really…fire the coach? That’s the answer. If we don’t give some coach a real chance to turn this team around…the Bucs will be long-term bottom dwellers. I’m not happy with the results, but it seems just respectable QB play would have this team winning. I really wanted Mariota, but I think Winston will be ok.

  33. 33


    What a stupid article. Fire Smith after 1 season when we have a rookie QB, 2 rookie o-linemen and several starters out. Plus he has to clean up the Glazers mess after hiring Raheem and Schiano. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 his first year in Dallas. He improved 2nd year then went to the playoffs his 3rd year. Then went on to win 2 Super Bowls. You would have called for his head in year 2. I’ll say it again, what a stupid article!!

  34. 34


    I never get on here true but I read this post all the time just to gauge the local community my question to all you people on this site how many games has Lovie Smith el coche another coach? If you’ve watched every game of this regime can you really say he’s out coached any other head coach in the NFL??????

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