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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    PewterReport.com has maintained the need for a pocket passer in Tampa Bay and has said that from its first mock draft that Winston should be the pick. For those Bucs fans that love Mariota, you need to come around to the idea that this team will draft Winston.

    Oooooooooh lord!!!

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    That line of “For those Bucs fans that love Mariota, you need to come around to the idea that this team WILL draft Winston” is a pretty strong statement. It sounds like SR has some strong inside scoop that I hope is true. Dominik on ESPN said he would take Mariota. I’m very happy he is sitting behind a desk at ESPN then a desk at One Buc Place!

    1. 2.1


      I was thinking the same thing. Wow. It made me a little giddy, i’ll be real with ya. When I saw Dumbanick pick Mariotta, that was the kiss of death to me. He is such a moron. Not because he said he would pick mariotta, but because he is literally the ONLY person who thinks Mariotta starts day 1.
      I like MAriotta and his intangibles, but Dumbanick was the worst talent evaluator of all time. But I sure hope PR is right on this one.

  4. 3


    Good Fab 5 Scott! Look forward to these articles every week. Like some of those picks for nickel corner and Mike LB. we sure could use a couple of more picks this year. I think Glennon is gone for sure and one other, probably Martin. The draft can’t come soon enough!

  5. 4


    Thought the same thing when I saw Dom take Mariota. I’m 100 percent behind Winston now. Dominick flunked his G.M. test when he chose Freeman.

  6. 5


    Funny no one has/had an issue with Kobe Bryant being the face of the Lakers or Rothlisberger with the Steelers. T’baging Manning the face of the Colts/Broncos. I can go on and on..

    1. 5.1


      The Glazers don’t own those teams. Kobe had already won NBA championships when he got in trouble off the field. Roethlisberger had already won a Super Bowl when he got in trouble off the field. Winston has not won any Super Bowls yet.

    2. 5.2


      This is a common false narrative I have seen written on this site quite a lot: Attempts to compare Winston to players who have incomparable cases. If you’re able to find a QB prospect who went 1 or 2 overall in the draft in that had as many character concerns as Winston does then I would gladly welcome a discussion on that.

      1. 5.2.1


        What about Peyton Manning and his sexual misconduct and he went #1. He dropped his pants in front of a trainer and paid her off? That was a sign of guilt when you pay off a person that accused you, no? Winston after TWO investigations have not been arrested or paid anyone! Time to let it go as their is NO enough evidence to support the woman’s claims.



          “Paid her off” is a misleading statement. And if you’re comparing Winston to Manning those cases aren’t equivalent. As far as there not being evidence to support the girl’s claim against Winston, there actually is if you’ve taken the time to peruse the 200+ hearing transcript and 200+ pages of investigative material that has been released.



            Why is it misleading? She won the case and got paid. As far as being equivalent your right, Manning was proven guilty, Winston was not. The evidence that you are talking about was not enough to prove his guilt after TWO investigations. No proof means not guilty.



          The connotation of “Paid her off” implies that he was not guilty and sought to avoid legal ramifications. She also did not win the case, since a settlement is done out of court.

          You have a naive sense of what the definition of “not guilty” is. Winston never went before a court and therefore was never declared not guilty. You also contradict yourself by stating there “was not enough to prove his guilt” only to then say “no proof.” Again, there was evidence to support the girl’s claims but Harding felt that her claim was more believable than Winston’s. I encourage you to read the hearing transcript and educate yourself on the matter.



            that should have read, “…felt that her claim was not more believable…”



            I guess we will continue to not agree as my feelings are much more different then yours. In the case of Winston I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty and believe that after TWO investigations that they didn’t have ENOUGH evidence to charge him. With Manning,I believe if you settle out of court from a SUE case you are guilty. If you are innocent you go to court and trust the legal system. With your logic, when a person accuses another you go directly to court without enough evidence to find them guilty. Why is it we have a GRAND JURY or investigations? The courts would be backed up forever with your logic.



            That is not true. Literally not true. There is no evidence to back up her claim. None. Neg tox screen, physical exam showed nothing indicative of trauma, loq blood alcohol level, nothing to show why she couldn’t remember the events of that night clearly, but had a story that changed from beginning to end. If you are going to bring up some mystery evidence that supported the accusers claim feel free to share it with us. Because as someone who has also read the reports you must have read something I didn’t.

  7. 6


    Fab 1: I agree that there are a ton of great nickel CB’s in this draft. I’d rather have a healthy White in the 3rd round than Ifo Ekpre-Olomu coming off an ACL in the 2nd round. Those are my favorite two CB’s in this draft though. The others SR listed sound intriguing as well.
    Fab 2: I don’t know much about this guy but from this description I’d be fine with McCain in the 6th round.
    Fab 3: Anthony sounds fantastic. I didn’t watch as many Clemson games as I normally do this past season. My question is I didn’t hear any negatives about this guy so why is he only projected to go in 4th or 5th round? He sounds like a 2nd rounder from this glowing report. Either way, I’d like to see him as a Buc.
    Fab 4: I’m glad to hear Rhett was a nice guy. He was my favorite player at the time.
    Fab 5: Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Last time I checked SR we as the fans pay PR so what gives PR the authority to tell us what we “need” to do? On the subject at hand, I’ve stated before I’m not trusting any mock draft whether they have us taking Mariota or Winston because they change like the wind. I’ve put all my chips on the table based on what the Glazers will do and I’ve backed that up with facts on past behavior with players who get in trouble off the field. No one in the national media has mentioned the Glazers one way or the other because they stay out of the public light unlike some other owners. The national media quite frankly isn’t looking at all the factors that weigh into the decision to take a franchise QB in Tampa. PR has said little in regards to the Glazers role in this decision and the national media at most has mentioned Lovie as being able to calm the storm that is Winston. None of that matters when the Glazers are involved and there is a better option in Mariota available. No, I will not be “coming around” to Winston. Instead I will continue to post facts, analysis, my opinions and links to other websites to validate those 3 things between now and the draft.

    1. 6.1


      Well pink I have to ask, do you personally know the glazers? I mean come on man, you sound like you eat lunch with them every day. SO they can’t change course? Maybe they do see Winston as no problem. Maybe the value his skill set. My point is what you are stating is history and has no indication on what could happen.
      I think you know it’s a 50 50 shot of Winston or Mariotta at leaste on this so you might have to get used to Winston.

      1. 6.1.1


        No Cgmaster27, I don’t know the Glazers personally. I believe anything is possible so it is possible they can change course. However, I live and work in the West Palm Beach area. It’s unlike any other area I’ve ever been to in terms of the high ratio of senior citizens, rich citizens and both. Hell, where I work is only 2 or 3 miles from Palm Beach Island, where the Glazers, Trump, Limbaugh and other billionaires have houses. I’ve learned many things from my interactions with rich folks and one of them that stands out is that rich people don’t get less conservative with age, they get more conservative. So could they rid themselves of Winslow, Talib, Blount and Williams who made bad headlines only to have a change of heart and embrace a face for their franchise that has made bad headlines? Yes. However, that is a very, very risky move which is the opposite of conservative. My interactions with such men has taught me that the likelihood of such a move by a rich person is less and less likely with age. I would be more inclined to believe they would change if they were changing from a history of taking a chance on troubled players to not taking a chance on one since again that would be a conservative move with low risk. I’ve learned that as rich people age it’s more important to conserve the legacy they want others to remember them by.

  8. 7


    If SR has his way, the Bucs would have extended Freeman and they’d still be hamstrung by his contract. Too long between now and the draft to come around to anything.

  9. 8


    Oh.. Thanks for that fundamentally flawed logic. The pick should be JW. I think we should make everyone think if we can get teams at 3,4,5 think we are going to take Leonard Williams. Maybe the Jags would be willing to deal move down to 3 get a couple extra picks and take the QB that’s left. Although Mariota is not a winner. Has never brought his team back from a deficit greater than 14 pts. NEVER!!!

    1. 8.1


      Yeah your right, when has Mariota ever won anything. As for the deficit, thankfully Mariota is so good at scoring points he didn’t have nearly as many opportunities to come back from a deficit. When you do things like throw 4 INT’s like Winston did against Florida you have plenty of opportunities to erase deficits.

  10. 9


    Give me a break with the INTs. You know what they mean. Nothing. Just like MM’s TD passes. They mean nothing in the NFL. They both have an equal chance of being busts. But JW has the the better chance of good to great. Can’t win if you don’t bet.

  11. 10


    I am not saying the BUCs should pick MM but for those who want JW, think long and hard about this kid’s personality.
    Giving sensible, responsible people a lot of money can often change them (into idiots). But give millions to a kid who has a proven track record of being irresponsible…
    I don’t know if that is a wise decision.
    People are what they are and a leopard doesn’t change his spots.
    All I can say is that if the BUCs vett him and deem that he is ok to take a chance on, then I will gladly have him, but I will also be pleased if they avoid his baggage and take MM.
    As far as the article is concerned, great read Scott, but I don’t know if I would want the light-weights below 180. That just seems way to light to be durable.
    I was stoked about Anthony. He would be a great pick-up for the BUCs.

  12. 11


    Lovie and Licht will never draft Mariota, because he will not play next year. Period. These guys know that drafting him means they will have to play McCown or some other retread and will likely be back in the top 5 of the draft next year. If that happens they will be unemployed next January. If they draft JW and he plays that probably buys them another year at least.

  13. 12


    Good Fab 5 Scott. I myself am not loving the thought that our Nickel is 5-9 to 5-10; in today’s game they have to be bigger than that because they also have to cover TE’s and tall WR’s. That’s just my opinion.

    1. 12.1


      Lovie Smith shares your opinion Horse. So do I. Enjoy and have a good weekend, my friend!


  14. 13


    The thought of Suh and McCoy BOTH being Bucs has me smiling ear to ear…If it happens~Im buying a Suh jersey! Teams will have to fear our D then~plus his presence will bring more attention to the club and maybe give guys like David a better chance at making the proBowl which he deserves..I have my fingers crossed…

    1. 13.1


      cremdonado,I’m with you, I haven’t purchased a Jersey in a while but if they get Suh or Winston I’ll try and be first one in line.

  15. 14


    I’d think If Tampa can trade Glenn and Martin for 2 picks then Tampa could selects 2 CB and a LB in the draft go bucs-Oh Just don’t trade down for a simple 2 or 3 picks,Like the writer said its got to be 3 to 4 number one picks. Like Cleveland give up their first two pick plus 3 future #1 picks, then I would make that trade. Maybe we can pick up Cleve vet qb in Brian Hoyer also.GO BUCS words are only words unless the trades do happen,if not Winston is the man.

  16. 15

    Deacon Blues

    Holy Moses George… I am now dumber for reading your comment.

  17. 16


    I get tired of PR trying to tempt the Bucs to take Defensive Players in the draft when the biggest need after Franchise QB is OL. PR needs to be talking about the huge turnaround last year by taking OL high in the draft even though they were full of holes on Defense by the Cowboys but they had a great Defensive Coach who still got good production with what he had. Lovie is a great Defensive Coach. He can find hidden Gems to improve his Defense like he has already found this year with Smith, Lansanah, etc. I would keep Claiborne and sign Pierre Paul. They both are good DEs when healthy but have had health problems. That should give at least one healthy DE opposite Smith. Get Max from Houston for MLB and find another hidden gem for Nickel Back and you can use 2d to 4th round to stock OL and sighn the 49er’s Guard in Free Agency and with a veteran OC and Mariota we would be set. Have Licht find a great run back specialist, and trade off Glennon for a second round pick.

    1. 16.1


      I think they are correct in building defensive depth. Most OL take a while to develop so I would rather them find a couple of quality, experienced OL starters in FA.

  18. 17


    That’s a funny story about Errict Rhett. I have a hand-painted, autographed portrait of #32 on the wall in front of me that was painted by my son in law. He and Mr Rhett had planned to sell prints, but it didn’t pan out. I ended up with the original.

    I’m not going to get into the Winston-Mariota debate since there really is no comparison in my mind. As for the Glazers. They’ll want the guy who has the best chance to bring wins and Bucs fans back to our stadium on Sundays. Me too!

  19. 18


    IMO the Buccaneers will draft Jameis Winston and I’m fine with it. With the first pick in the draft why NOT pick the best player? And he plays the position we need the most. No freaking brainer.
    I still have an Eric Rhett jersey I won in a contest on 820 the Team years ago. GREAT throwback! And it’s an Wilson orginal.

  20. 19


    I think much of this discussion is premature. A lot will be decided after the combine and FA. If Jameis Football gets in trouble again all bets are off.

  21. 20


    Good read. I agree MLB and nickel CB needs improvement, but if they don’t improve pass rush changing personnel elsewhere will not matter. Still burns me they let Bennett go to Seattle for 5 million/ one year deal then pay this clown Johnson almost double. Lol. Getting rid of our whole O line this year was even more stupid! It starts up front but for some reason the Bucs haven’t really seemed to grasp that on either side of the ball. Sounds like Winston will likely be our QB. Sure wish it was Andrew Luck we were taking! Tired of losing but thugs haven’t helped us in the past. Talib always hurt or suspended for this or that.Suh and McCoy would overnight be one of best D lines but not overly excited to possibly have one the biggest A holes in the league either. I just hope we draft well for once.

  22. 21


    Getting rid of Bennett for me was no big deal. Bennett is now surrounded with players that allow him to succeed. As to our OL, how many of them went to winning teams and contributed? One Zutah. I think that was their only mistake because of his versatility .

    1. 21.1


      Have to disagree Horse. Bennett is only succeeding now because of other talent around him? Is that why he had 9 sacks in 2012 with a bad Bucs D line and defense. Who else has had close to that kind of production for DE position? Nobody even close to his talent level at DE last few years IMO. His production in terms of sacks actually dropped in Seattle to 8 and 7.5 last couple years in but he makes huge splash plays and plays run pretty well too. Zuttah is average talent.

      1. 21.1.1


        Also doesn’t matter if the other O lineman were stars on other teams what matters is we had worst O line in the league! Took average to maybe little better than average starters and replaced with garbage.

  23. 22


    If Hardy (despite his baggage) and Suh somehow found their way onto the Bucs roster, then we would have a DLine to be reckoned with…! No stomping required.

  24. 23

    Mr. Incredible

    I feel like i’m losing my mind or something. Consider the following – the NFL is right in the middle of a full-on PR nightmare regarding the treatment of women overall and domestic violence in particular. They are suspending guys all over the place with any hint of violent altercations. Right at this time, the Bucs are considering using the #1 overall pick on a known (though unproven) domestic abuser and proven knucklehead. I don’t think Mariotta is the answer either, but this Winston thing is just tailor made for a historic Buccaneer implosion. If we blow this pick, we’re done for the next 5 years. Is this REALLY a risk worth taking? Get as many picks as possible and trade out of this HORRIBLE position. Only the Bucs could land the #1 overall pick when it’s a liability. God why do a love this team.?Somebody shoot me.

  25. 24


    I love the fact that you have recognized that we need a MLB, but please God NO MORE CLEMSON PLAYERS!! Denzel Perryman would be a steal in the 2nd round if he falls to us.

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