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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Great fab five Scott! It’s scouting that’s been hurting us for a while now and we seem to at leaste have the right ideas now. Good to hear mr mankins taking I that leadership role as well. The ship appears to be heading in the right direction, and to all of the new noles fans, or any other new fans , welcome!

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    As good as any Fab5 ever. Good reads all. Thanks.

    1. 2.1


      I’m ready, Go Bucs!!

  3. 3


    Good,thorough Fab 5. The emphasis on scouting is where it should be.
    Fab 1: I agree on all points made expect I think it’s a misconception that the Patriots draft well. I think what they do better than anyone else is scout other teams and scout themselves. Over the past 10 years or so their draft picks haven’t panned out relative to other teams (they have done better over the past 2 years), but they are tops at getting players from other teams to play well for them as well as knowing when to move on from their own players. We need upgrades in all three of those areas so helpfully Licht can help do that.
    Fab 2: The same goes for Robinson.
    Fab 3: Great plan, but I’ve heard it before around here. Let’s actually execute it for a change.
    Fab 4: That’s what I want to hear about Mankins. Keep it up!
    Fab 5: We could definitely use the depth at WR and LB for a change.

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    This was a great Fab 5. The section Mankins has me pretty pumped up. Seems like a great role model to have with all the young Olinemen we are trying to develop. 6 pack abs on a guard??!!

    1. 4.1


      heard it was bud light, he’s on a diet after all.

  5. 5


    Nice work, Scott… And, as a ‘Canes fan, Winston drove me crazy because he was, without a doubt, the best QB that I’d ever seen on any in-state rival team. Now that he’s a Buc, I would like to offer up all of my past rival frustration and disappointment to all of the Panthers, Saints and Falcons fans out there… Get used to it for the next decade!

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    Kwon Alexander has some bad youtube highlights!

    1. 6.1


      There’s not much youtube on Adam Humphries; wonder if these Bucs assistants can upload some!

    2. 6.2


      Wasn’t Robert Heron at the rookie mini-camp? I mean second year players go also, right? I take it he didn’t light it up?

      1. 6.2.1
        Profile photo of Mark Cook

        Mark Cook

        No, he was not there. If you were on the 53 man roster more than a certain amount of time you are ineligible.

    3. 6.3


      I still think he will be a good player in spite of his highlights.

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    Good Fab5, Scott!

    I usually read bits and pieces and after a few comments go back and read specific referenced items. I read every word of this one and held my attention on every subject.

    You are unique in that your articles and information are a result of your own research and investigative reporting. Not casting aspersions, but the other Buc websites offer their opinions on what other pundits have written – easy to do and lacks originality in my opinion! Basically, what I do when I post! lol.

    Keep up the good work and go Bucs!

  8. 8


    Scott; this is one of your best Fab 5’s for me.

  9. 9


    Scott I want to express my thanks to have myself understands the new personnel that have been added I will give the Bucs grade from a C- to and A Plus. I think 6 and 10 or 7 &9 would be a victory for the bucs this season. GO BUCS GLHicks

  10. 10


    Fab 1 – “Emphasis on scouting will key Bucs’ turnaround” – Scouting will be one key, but not the most important thing. You have to also have time to let those players develop. You also need an owner and fan base that is PATIENT enough to let the plan come together. The difference between the Bucs and the great organizations listed: Green Bay, New England, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis have had very few philosophical changes in the past 10 years. THAT is why they’re successful. Cleveland firing Belichick proves the point that it takes time. Belichick was hired by the Jets for about 10 minutes after Cleveland fired him and days(minutes?) after that, the Patriots came calling. Teams that stink have one common theme – TURNOVER. They get rid of players, assistants, coordinators, coaches, scouts, etc. too quickly. Longevity doesn’t guarantee success(New Orleans, St. Louis, Cincinnati, NY Giants), it just helps a lot and is truly the most important factor.

  11. 11


    Thanks Scott – Mankins on a Mission…GLAD TO HEAR IT! As for the front office stuff, I guess I am just more Billy Beane than the rest of you. I find it very hard to believe that any football geniuses exist when it comes to consistently evaluating talent (as I think Billy proved in baseball). I honestly believe that any reader on PR could have drafted better than the Bucs GMs for the past twenty years by just picking up a copy of their favorite pre-draft magazine and selecting players. I think Scott and Mark know as much about the talent on the roster as Licht and Robinson do…and that will be proven to be true when many of the current Buc selections get cut in the months and years to come. I think too much emphasis on finding the genius who just has “it” and just “knows talent when he sees it” is very dangerous. I much prefer the number cruncher, geek approach as it has far less emotion to it and relies far less on one’s eyes and more on the cold hard facts. I’m sure that’s a pretty contrarian view around here…but I have just seen one too many failed Buc geniuses to believe in that approach.

    1. 11.1


      oh…and before I get fried…please don’t mistake that same thing for coaching – that’s actually a skill set worth investing in and not something I think Scott and Mark (or anyone on PR) could do better than Lovie…

  12. 12


    nice fab5…well worth the read. I agree with Pink though that there is a misperception that new england draft’s well. It’s always easier playing poker when your the chip leader (hence you’ve got a stud QB, like all of the teams mentioned…with maybe baltimore as the exception). The ravens are probably the best drafting team out there, really placing value where value is placed and not picking up diva’s or over paying guys and waiting for compensatory picks. the patriots basically drop most of their late round selections after their first contracts are over so they get their value for them. The big difference I see with them is that they allow their people to leave, and if they fail, they allow them to come back. with stability in coaches comes quality of picks. though Lovie was a long tenured coach in Chicago, he never had a stable OC, hence all the poor offensive draft choices…stability comes from being lucky enough to find a great QB, and if you look at those stable franchises, with the exception of indy (who tanked on a great year) greenery (sat a QB many years) and Pittsburg, they all got lucky without having to draft a 1st round qb. GB fortunately sat rodgers many years…hipefully things work out for us and we can start drafting better first round line backers, OL and DT’s and find solid role players who fit our system at the other positions from here on out.

  13. 13


    Scott, you really set the bar high this time. Best Fab 5 ever!

  14. 14


    This Fab 5 deserves to go into PRO HoF!

    1. 14.1


      PR…not pro…stupid spell assist

  15. 15


    Thank you Scott really nice I think we will make a big turn around this year. I can see a lot of TD passes this season .

  16. 16


    That’s right East End Boy; anyone can be a GM by simply subscribing to Mel Kiper and and watching a few Youtube videos. Same with tightrope walking. Just get a pole, a pair of ballet shoes, watch a few Flying Walenda circus acts on Youtube and bingbadabing you can be on the high wire. Better get that net…..just in case. Remember, good ol’ Mel had those failures we chose ranked high up on his Big Board too.

    1. 16.1


      The problem with your statement Scubog is Rich McKay, Bruce Allen, Mark Dominic….you may think Mel Kiper (or back in my day Zimm was the man at SI) are no good, but compared to what?

      1. 16.1.1


        EEB, I understand your point and think there may be some truth in it. However, there are some personnel people who have a knack for find good players and coaches, just like some people have a knack for finding good stocks.Warren Buffett didn’t become so rich by accident. There is a system and process for everything. It is not random. Some do it better than others.

      2. 16.1.2


        Compared to reality.



          I think that was my point….the reality of our GMs has been WORSE than any TV expert….or anyone else for that matter….

          Moreover, the parallel to tightrope walking misses the point…talent evaluation (the emphasis of my post) is not a physical skill, whereas tightrope walking (or QBing for that matter) is. So, no – I would not expect any PRite to be able to watch a YouTube video and start tightrope walking….but I definitely expect that any PRite could hire a couple of programmers and build a model based on player output (facts) and draft better than the so called professionals we have had doing it for the last 20 (or even 40) years….

          Just my opinion.

  17. 17


    Best Fab 5 ever Mark, kudos to your insightful report!!

  18. 18


    I meant Scott, not Mark, sorry..

  19. 19


    Excellent Fab 5 Scott.
    The scouting program sounds great as they present it. As says Pink, here’s to hoping that they can execute.

  20. 20


    There is a flaw in your title: Licht, Robinson will rebuild the Bucs. The flaw is that such a statement can only be made based on results and right now Licht’s results are primarily the recently mistakes at QB, LT and DE. Unless you are arguing those three weren’t Licht’s decisions (i.e., Licht deferred to Lovie on those three, which I have not heard you say), you can only say that Licht and Robinson hope to rebuild the Bucs.

  21. 21


    Great Fab 5 and I agree on all points Scott! I for one am happy with the moves we’ve made since the L&L era began. Sure we had a few FA misses but that’s to be expected. The new approach seems to have brought in some fresh new talent in Evans, Simms, ASJ, Winston, Alexander, etc.)

    Who knows what kind of season we could’ve had without the unfortunate loss of Tedford along with some costly injuries. 6-10 seems well within reach but I’m optimistic we can do even better than that. Time to fire the cannons and take back the division…Go Bucs!

  22. 22


    Been reading Pewter Report since 2001. Great Fab 5. The past two Fab Fives are what I remember becoming accustomed to in the early and mid 2000’s. This article is worth paying for as was the last. The exclusive interviews, the inside information…that is what Pewter Report was known for. Thanks Scott for your work over the years. Keep the info coming

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