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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Fabulous work, Scott! I didn’t realize that you were up until 2 a.m. often times to get your “assignments” in… Kudos to you. Meathead is so valuable to this team that if I was starting a franchise tomorrow, I would select him over Winston or anyone else associated with the team in any capacity. One of the most disturbing charts that I have seen was the success chart for NFL teams throughout the teams’ history. The Bucs were, by far, the worst team on that chart of all of the teams. Times are a changin’ … And deservedly so. There are few things truer than long term Bucs fans and I look forward to a long decade of success or more coming up for this team.

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    Whoops… Drafting history charts, folks!

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    Yep…another good article. I am excited to see what we have in pre season. Our 7th round pick at fullback/TE will play a lot.

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    Jason Licht is building a reputation for taking chances and drafting starters. The play of his draft picks speak for themselves. He’s doing a good job! No doubt about it.

    Last year he drafted Jameis Winston who came in second place as OROY (should have been first in my biased opinion) and this year may have drafted the DROY. In Today’s Pigskin, the Bucs have two players that (in their opinion) are in the Top 5 of players most likely to be DROY. Of the Top 5, two are hurt (hope Ramsey is not serious) and while not the way you want to win, improves the Bucs chances for DROY. To add to Licht’s resume, LB Kwon Alexander, had he not been suspended, may have been a candidate for 2015 DROY.


    The thing that will affirm Licht’s status as a draft guru is to start winning games. If you listen to the latest round of coach’s interviews, that is definitely the plan. I like what the Bucs are doing on defense and apparently future HOFer and part-time Bucs scout (lol) Ronde Barber does too! Go Licht! Go Bucs!

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    Great insight on Licht and the draft. Thanks SR

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    Good Article Scott. I’m not sure of Spence success because of his air head thinking in the past. If it is truely gone and he is focusing on having a long career in the NFL, then Licht will look brilliant. You still have to ask why he was still around in the 2nd round. I hope he does good because we need his past rushing ability.

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    Awesome article, Scott! This maybe some of your best work. One of the many reason I subscribed to “Buccaneer Magazine” in the past and continue to get my Buc info from Pewter Report. Amazing insight.

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      Iabucfan I agree with ya 100%

      Go Bucs !!!

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    Fantastic article as always. I love these fab 5’s. As for Licht’s drafting, he has been money the last couple of years and I’m glad that the starts were put up about 4th rounders being starters. Every pick has a possibility of busting and if they had Aguayo that high, then go get em. AS for moving around the draft, I think Licht has done that very well and has known when to make a move and when to sit. Ain’t going to lie, I thought for shit sure Spence would be gone when we picked.

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    Oh boy Scott – you’ve hit an EEB nerve with this one I’m afraid.

    1) I’ll start with Aguyao (btw, I tried to just move on from this pick into “acceptance” mode, but you keep bringing it up like an old wound). I’m sure he’ll be a fine kicker…and nobody is disputing that kickers matter…3 points: I) his percentages (as you quoted them 90% and 80.8% are not exactly league-leading by NFL standards…that would be around 10th best, and 10th worst respectively)
    ii) the fact that he never missed a kick inside of 39 yards is nice, but sort of “so-what”…most NFL kickers (albeit not all) are near enough to 100% inside 39 yards…maybe at the college level he makes 1 or 2 more out of 50 than the average NFL kicker but whatever…you make your money as an NFL kicker from 40+ (or if you’re really good, from 50+)…and at that level he’s been bottom-quartile by NFL standards,
    iii) the big point here really is that WE ALREADY HAD A VERY GOOD (I accept not amazing) KICKER in Conor Barth…the whole “Brindza was a disaster” thing is irrelevant because Aguayo was not chosen to replace Brindza…he is replacing Barth….at the expense of us starting Conte and McDougald at safety this year.

    2) this is the one I struggle mightily with…I can accept that someone is a good GM because they get contracting right, they make good salary cap decisions, they do a good job of enticing (some might call it marketing) free agents to come to town, etc…..but in terms of evaluating talent in the draft, I just don’t see the statistical evidence to support that conclusion. What stat tells me that Licht made better draft choices than any other NFL GM did for their team, or than any arm-chair GM would have for the Bucs? I have looked historically at the evidence I see that guys like Kiper/McShay/etc would have just as many successes and busts as our GMs. When Dom selected Brian Price it was heralded as a steal that price had fallen to round 2; Myron Lewis had a frame that DBs would kill for; Mike Williams was a virtual pro-bowler out of the 4th round….it’s easy to call draftees “starters” early in their careers…the Cleveland Browns have drafted a lot of starters too…it’s also crazy to say that Licht’s record of drafting starters should count Aguyao – GMs pick kickers and long-snappers in the 7th round too, should they be counted as drafting starters…it’s not that I disagree that we have some good draftees (I’ll give you the rest of your list), but it’s very very early in their careers and I’m not sure anyone on the list (including Alexander) wouldn’t have been selected by [insert favorite pundit here] too at those spots…I think I’m just going to disagree with the notion of a magic talent evaluating wand and lean on “show me the stats” and “luck has A LOT to do with good drafting”…IMO

    1. 9.1


      Alright, first things first – if you’re going to type posts this long, then you really need to start separating your paragraphs more effectively. It’s really not hard. Watch.

      You just hit enter, type two dashes, then hit enter again. It makes for a much cleaner read. Trying to read five paragraphs spread across 30 or so lines is miserable. Reading your post made my eyes bleed.

      See – like this.

      It makes it much more pleasant for those breaking down your thoughts.

      1. 9.1.1


        Lol – thanks for the pointers on paragraphs … Couldn’t figure that one out.

        Now if there was just an edit button, I coukd back and fix it….hmmmmm

    2. 9.2


      I agree with EEB on Licht, disagree about Aguayo for the most part. I do agree Aguayo’s percentage last year was unimpressive.

  10. 10


    “His percentage the last two years – he was 100 percent on field goals if they were kicked from within NFL hashes.”

    This has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard a major football decision maker say.

    1. 10.1


      How right you are. Kickers like golfers are aiming at a target. The fact is he missed the target. Licht has a problem. He thinks ALL of the fans are idiots. You have to be totally brain dead to buy this spin. The fact is Licht is getting KILLED all over the NFL by football people calling this what it is… A TERRIBLE overreach!

      1. 10.1.1


        Just for the record, I still like Licht overall. But man, what an idiotic thing to say. You presented it well – kickers aim at a target. Saying that had he kicked from a thinner spaced hashmark, a kick would have been good….man. That’s just dumb. I dunno any other way to put it. If you’re going to count all of those misses as makes using that rationale, then you also have to figure out which kicks he would have missed had he kicked them at the same angle in the NFL. And those results will be awful.

        They’ll also be meaningless because, again, it’s an incredibly stupid way to think of field goal attempts.

  11. 11


    Good articles. My only worry (having been a fan for 40 years) is that the recent draftees may be starters because the existing competition is so poor, not becuase they are such great players.

  12. 13


    Scott, I am starting to think you have a man crush on Licht and I getting one too. Did you, or any of the other posters notice that he was dressed like Belichick for the interview.OBTW, I was a “Buccaneer Magazine subscriber in the ’90s also. It was my only pipeline to things Bucs out here in Hawaii. Still love the job you guys due.

    1. 13.1


      76- you are correct. SR should be sending Licht roses on Valentines Day. Respect PR but the objectivity is in jeopardy.

  13. 14


    SR- another well researched Fab 5 and while I respect your writing I have several points of disagreement. 1- It is WAY to early to call any of these drafts a success. Most football folks say you can’t properly evaluate a draft until 3 years have passed. 2-The Bucs grading all of these players doesn’t matter at all. With respect to Licht, I think he is spinning on this. he wants to project that he got great value. 3-as to the Kickers, what he doesn’t say is that Venetiari and Gostkowski were undrafted free agents and a 4th round pick respectively. It’s not that kickers are not important, it’s that smart talent evaluators don’t over pay for them… see Belicheck.

  14. 15


    Very informative and interesting article so I hope only typing in a correction isn’t viewed poorly on my part.
    This statistic for Aguayo is off a little bit…26-of-30 (80.8 percent)…that should be 86.7 percent. He really did hit 80.8 percent with a 21-26 total.

  15. 16


    I wish PR would stop going crazy over this drafting 4 starters in each of the drafts. That speaks more to the lack of talent on the team and is not a plus. If those players turn out to be pro bowlers or all pro’s, than that’s a different story. I’m not trying to say that these were bad drafts, but that PR should stop measuring success by the number of starters on the team.

    1. 16.1


      Agreed. It would be different if the team didn’t go 6-10 with an easy schedule last year…and 2-14 the year before that.

    2. 16.2


      Yea no kidding. It also doesn’t help that it’s utter nonsense. When you draft a kicker or a FB, you don’t get credit for drafting a starter. Those are both essentially specialists. I doubt there was a single team in the league last year that used a fullback even 25% of their snaps.

  16. 17


    It remains to be seen what these 2016 draft picks will accomplish as “starters” but you fellow Bucs fans are being pretty hard on Licht here. The NFL is the NFL, yes 4 players were able to come in and start from last years draft because the team had glaring holes but they didn’t play games against their practice competition, they played versus other NFL starters and all made an impact. Winston throwing for 4000 and having a top 5 rushing attack clearly shows Smith and Marpet are capable of being good players.

    They could all regress and then Licht wouldn’t look so good but where is the optimism ! I read Buccaneer bashing on other websites….I don’t need that here.

    If Aguayo is average or busts..well shit but right now I am excited to see just how much he can help the team and with any luck that answer is … Significantly. Now, while I am optimistic, I also don’t believe the Bucs are headed to the Superbowl this year whether they drafted Aguayo or some other position player (ex.S) so if this solidifies the kicking game and we can address other positions of need next year …great.

    1. 17.1


      I think there’s room for both those who see the glass as half full or half empty (or 6/16 of the way full or 6/16 of the way empty based on last year’s record). So long as the comments are Bucs related there should be room for all.

  17. 18


    One of your very best enlightening articles, Scott. I appreciate your work ethic too. I think Licht will be with us for as long as he wants. I understand now where Licht is coming from!

  18. 19


    What I like about Licht is he isn’t afraid to take chances on the small school Marpets, but also brings in a lot of local talent. Alexanders success doesn’t surprise me cause he played big time ball in the SEC. VH3, Barber, Mckinzy, the UDFA’s, Winston, Arguayo. All these kids have been playing with, or against each other growing up. He’s drafting guys who have a bond way before they come in the building. I always thought when in doubt, pick the players from the top programs in the southeast, where they would already be comfortable living.

    1. 19.1


      surferdudes; that makes a lot of sense.

  19. 20


    Mac I agree when Bucs start winning then he will start getting a lot of draft recognition. That and if this draft pans out anywhere near as good as last years. I’m excited. It looks like a great draft on paper, but you just never know. If Spence and Hargreaves both start and contribute right away that would’ve awesome. The kicker move only time will tell. It will either go down as brilliant or idiotic no in between. I hope he makes the transition to NFL seamless and stays healthy for a long time and is our next automatica. Go Bucs! Vitale is very intriguing with potential. It’s a very interesting draft overall for Bucs , and I can’t wait for training camp and season to get here!

  20. 21


    In Licht I trust. It’s been awhile since I’ve trusted the Bucs FO but they are in good hands now. Licht is building a super talented team. Not collecting talent but building the team the right way – and finding the rigt coaches. Jameis changed everything and Licht is putting the right pieces around him.

  21. 22


    Surferdudes, that whole drat players from the south ad the SEC is the most inane concept I continue to hear.
    There is so much talent across the country that if you practiced such an illogical notion you would have a continuously bad team like Ray Perkins who followed your line of thought.
    Stop judging how good conferences are by useless bowl games, too. That is just as ridiculous.

  22. 23


    Scott, another great Fab 5, I always look forward to the information that you provide us, you and your staff keep up the good work. I do have a problem though with how many posters here seem to think of themselves as knowing more than the Bucs GM and his staff. I should think that by now the fans would realize that Jason Licht knows what he is doing, his F/A’s and draftees are working out very well and the results are becoming obvious. Some folks think that we should hold the win/loss record against our GM, I guess that they have forgotten just what an incompetent head coach we had at the time.

    I chose to give our GM and coach’s the benefit of the doubt and assume they still know what they are doing. After the season starts and the players hit the field, then we can watch and evaluate just how much talent these players, the GM and his staff, and our coaching staff has and hopefully watch as the number of wins for the Bucs increase. In the meantime, I enjoy learning more about the players and the coach’s due to your efforts, Thanks Scott.

    1. 23.1


      Two points..

      1) the point in the article, and the rebuttals above, was about our GM not our coaching staff…nobody is making comments here about Koetter and his staff

      2) the point about our GM is not that anyone on PR (or elsewhere) knows more than him, it’s that specifically when it comes to the task of draft selection (the one aspect of the GM’s job highlighted in the article) there is no all-knowing genius…the stats are very clear that draft selection is largely about luck…whether you’re an NFL GM, a TV pundit, a PR writer or a PR subscriber…

  23. 24


    Doesn’t sound like Licht has confidence in his talent scouting; doesn’t he think he can find the right 40% at the fourth/fifth round picks?

    1. 24.1


      just what the hekk are ya trying to say ?

  24. 25


    Scott, Great Fab5…really enjoyed this one!

  25. 26


    Flashgordon…Licht wanted to make a 95% pick instead of a 40% pick. He’s focused on finding the right guys for the team. At this time of year every draft pick has unbelievable promise. Then reality sets in as we see player production at the NFL level over the next 3 years. I will take Licht’s draft over fan draft every year.

  26. 27


    Fan sure things and easy picks:

    Maurice Stovall 6’5″ 220 Buc 90th pick draft 2006 (fans really excited)
    Wes Welker 5’9″ 185 draft Buc’s undrafted FA 2004 (fan don’t care..just camp meat)

    Bad Choices:
    Talent is hard to spot that is why Michael Bennett is play for Seattle and not the Tampa.

    1. 27.1


      I had to hear his MB name enough during the season when all the ” commentators ” were singing his name like he was in the HOF.

    2. 27.2


      We acquired Bennett after he was cut by Denver. Guess he was a late bloomer.

  27. 28


    People also seem to forget how bad our coaching has been the last few years. We could have all the talent in the world, but unless you have someone that can coach up that talent, it’s a waste. It’s almost hard to predict how our players will even adapt to the new scheme. Players aren’t always the issue is what I’m saying.

  28. 29


    Great read Scott. I think Licht has done a good job with the draft so far. I am a believer in the three year plan to determine a draft picks true value, so we have several players still under the microscope. Personally I liked the Spence pick, I did not care for the Hargreaves pick, and was surprised by the Aquayo pick. At the end of the day however it is all about winning and I think every poster here would acknowledge that there are a multitude a factors that influence winning. It reassuring that we have several players in one or another stage of the draft pipeline that have an opportunity to contribute. Every year I drop $20 in Vegas that the Buc’s will win the Super Bowl, this may be the year.

    1. 29.1


      just give the 20 to me for the next 2yrs, then maybe I’ll match that with ya and we’ll party down!

  29. 30


    Another great Fab 5! It’s only a matter of time b4 Licht’s drafting adds up to more wins and playoffs. This year? Possibly, but I’m thinking double digit wins at least. I’m just glad we stopped drafting players only to see them succeed on other teams

  30. 31


    All Aquayo has to do is win us 2 games and not lose us any. With all the new kicking rules I hope he is our next automatica !

    Go Bucs !!!

  31. 32


    when the smoke clears…taking 2, yes 2 high draft picks to get a kicker was dumb .He may kick for 10 yrs but bucs had a decent kicker and lots of holes left on team.

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