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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    As usual, a superb Fab 5, Scott. We heard of the issues Lovie had with his secondary, but to have it spelled out like this by Banks & Verner was extremely eye-opening as to exactly why Lovie Smith was fired. Too bad the national media never takes the time. That’s why we diehard Bucs fans depend on you. Keep up the excellent work.

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    Interesting to hear defensive players talk about Schiano in such endearing terns. They actually enjoyed his attacking style and you can see there was production. Lovie is a great guy and a great mentor, but he frustrated the defense. Hopefully Dirk can bring the best of both worlds and have a balanced team with both a good offense and defense.

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    You know what I like about this Fab5 is that PR has two players that will be under the microscope on the record. I’m going to take them at their word, but judge them by their play. This season will be no different than all seasons for me – I’m going to trust my lying eyes!

    There was an old school comedian named Flip Wilson who portrayed a character named Geraldine (not Gerald McCoy lol) on his weekly TV show. Geraldine’s favorite saying was “the devil made me do it”! I don’t know who told who what in the secondary last year. I don’t particularly care at this point. I know it was bad because I saw it. It’s a brand new day with brand new coaches and we will see both Banks and Verner play. We will know if the devil made them do it!

    This draft is rife with quality CBs and FSs and because the Bucs signed several over-30 placeholders, I fully expect them to draft for the secondary. They have also scheduled a visit with Xavien Howard/Baylor, a long CB with great instincts for the ball. There will be competition.

    Don’t be swayed by the names of players scheduled for private visits this early. But watch the positions that they are playing – it suggests what they are most interested in. Each NFL team is allowed 30 visits. Private visits may be at OBP or at the player’s school or another agreed upon location with other players. Bringing in DT Billings may not mean they are more interested in him than Rankins – lots of subterfuge this time of year to hide true intentions. And it’s very early, they may yet bring in Rankins and other DTs. I think it’s fairly obvious that DT is on the radar screen!

    I am most impressed with the Bucs representation at Pro Days and our own D-Line coach Jay Hayes, conducting a lot of the on field trials. I agree with Scott, that the Bucs are trying to win now. It is evident in their FA signings and should continue with an effective draft. Go Bucs!

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      I’m sure the youngsters on this site are saying, “Flip who?”I always liked when he played the preacher of the Church of What’s Happening Now and when he would sit at a restaurant “In a corner, in the dark”

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    Congratulations on the record amounts of traffic to the site, Scott! I really appreciate the incredible amount of detail that you go into with the coverage, as I’m sure everyone else does… Plus, you have Mac adding that much more info… I wouldn’t be surprised if the Glazer & Meathead wake up and scroll through your pages to see if they are missing anything with the team! On to the DBs; It’s great to see more depth at the position with Grimes and Robinson. I’m still not sold on the safeties at this point… Vonn Bell maybe in the second round? I’m actually excited to see that the team doesn’t have nearly as many glaring holes as it has had over the last decade and going into the draft with the best-player-available mentality. I still wouldn’t rule out Hargreaves if he fell to nine, because you can never have too much talent at that position, but I’m open to anything at this point. I also think that if, by some miracle, they pull off a low first round pick for Glennon and the Bucs are sitting there at nine and Goff falls to them… hmm… could be a great investment pick?

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    This says it all about 2015: Lovie to press, “our corners need to take away the slant and force the fade pass”. Verner, “Lovie says we need take away the fade and force the slant”. LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    On “win-now mode”: maybe we’re in “win some games now mode”, maybe even “win enough games to make the playoffs mode”, but we’re definitely not in “win the Superbowl now mode” when we’re lining up Ayers and J Smith as our DEs, Hawley (at C) and D Smith (at LT) and I’m not sold on Sweezy or Cherilus either, and most painfully, Tandy/Conte/McDougald at Safety…okay, we’ll fix one of those in the draft, but that’s still a lot of holes for “win-now mode”…not bad for maybe even “win 9 games now”.

    On drafting BPA: I’ve never believed that such a strategy actually exists….that there is actually 1 single player that is clearly the BPA for any team at their draft spot on the day. There is almost always at least 3 or 4 guys that could be BPA…and the team should always take the one they need the most IMO.

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    This is a great job,I truely really get inspired about what the bucs are doing behind the scenes.Regardless of what they don in the draft every team will be worth all the hours of each player drafted.Go Bucs in 2017 and beyond.

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    Nice fab 5! So glad we are away from Lovie as a defensive coach. I hope & pray for a trade down opportunity from 9, and want to believe that some of their visits with late first round talent are preparing the BUCS for that opportunity. TB needs more draft picks, and in Licht we trust in the draft!!Go BUCS

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    One thing seems apparent no matter what scheme is employed. A three tech tackle is a disruptive force in any defense, and very hard to find. Most are taken high in the draft, and I’m assuming Licht thinks he won’t be picking this high again, so I better jump on McCoys replacement. I don’t see Gerry making contract three. Drafting Rankins now also gives him the perfect mentor in McCoy. Plus every player is one play away from gone, having Rankins makes sense.

  9. 9


    Well most of this comes as no surprise to me. Lovie is outdated and clueless. The fact that some other thought it was the talent and not the coach is even more laughable now that it comes out of the players mouths. But as they say, good riddance to bad rubbish. Those college spread offenses are going to tear his defense apart.
    As for our draft, I have no clue who we will take at this point. I’m in alignment with some above that we should trade back, unless there is somebody that Licht absolutely loves.
    I like the Rankins pick as well and Surfer makes a great point about Mccoy being gone soon. Should be one of the more interesting drafts in some time.

  10. 10


    Two things bothered me more than anything last year? The DB scheme as not working. We didn’t have a hard push to the QB. I believe the problem was DE Smith was and is too small and most times was being manhandled; Gohlston who I thought when we drafted him, would be a force and it hasn’t happened. Clinton McDonald going on IR hurt us the most; we really missed his presence. Getting another DE, CB, Safety should be our priority. All these older guys we signed at CB, LB, DE says alot about our past depth. Our Offensive side might be young and has a bright future; our Defensive side is getting older not younger and we need up grades in this draft at DE,CB, Safety, LB. I understand and agree that Rankins would be a good pick at Spot 9; the problem still is the DE spots.

  11. 11


    Another great Fab 5! It’s very interesting to hear directly from the players’ mouths their opinion on the scheme. Also, great to hear all the talk about competition in the secondary. With our recent FA moves and the upcoming draft, the competition will cause all our players to improve each other.

    Our offense will also improve from facing a tougher defense in practice. So things are looking to improve on both sides of the ball.

    We are only missing a few pieces that will get us over the hump and into contention. With Licht’s track record the past 2 years, I believe we will find those pieces and compete for the playoffs within the next 2-3 years!

  12. 12


    Very enlightening Scott. It confirmed what I surmised with our secondary woes. I suspected Banks, Verner and maybe other more veteran members of the back end, questioned the direction they were given and were punished for it. Glad they are getting a chance this upcoming season.

    As for the Draft, I’m a BPA proponent, but recognize that need has to be a factor when deciding between two or three position options when on the clock. I would have no issue with a speedy wide receiver and do believe we will draft one at some point. I just think given the relatively weak talent at the top of the Draft, we may not get the value picking at #9 unless teams taking QB’s ahead of us pushes a better player down a bit. I just see few sure things after the top 5. This is evidenced by PR’s Mock Drafts which have already named three different players.

    Always fun!

  13. 13


    Just a thought on our pass rush last year. As Scott pointed out, we were burned regularly with the slant pass, it’s also the quickest pass in the book for a Q.B. to complete. Talk about a double whammy, couldn’t defend it, and didn’t give us time to get the Q.B..

  14. 14


    I believe Verner and Banks echo how Bucs fans felt last year, it is refreshing to know they as players feel it and know it too, that fans can see what going on

  15. 15


    Agree 100 percent with you about McDonald, Horse, although very little was written about the subject.
    With the loss of Spence and Alexander in the last four games, including the fact McCoy was playing with one arm, it pretty much left a big open wound in the middle of the field.
    I don’t know who to believe as far as the DB’s play was concerned. It really doesn’t matter at this point.
    All I know is in the Washington game they weren’t able to cover anything, anywhere.
    Then when Jenkins came out after the game and blamed it on a lack of focus, I wanted to reach out and beyotch slap him and then cut him.
    “Better to let people think you are a fool than to speak out and prove it to them,” Mark Twain.

  16. 16


    very good article, albeit poorly edited. i have a slightly different take on licht.

    in the first draft only evans has produced up to expectations, putting aside the problem with drops for a moment. simms had a pretty good 2015 but as a 3rd rounder, his production has been okay but not great. at this point you’d have to label asj a bust, hopefully he can start contributing but he hasn’t yet. the rest of the players are throwaways.

    last year winston and kwon were great picks, putting aside the mariota question which we won’t know the answer to for a couple of yrs. two starting offensive lineman on top of that makes it a very good draft, putting aside the question of whether we spent a high 2nd round pick on what will end up being a right tackle.

    turning to free agency, it has been a bust and we just signed three players aged 31-34. i hope for the best but any/all of those could end up being mistakes.

    all of that means licht had better have a good draft this year. otherwise his claims to fame will be making two obvious first round picks, landing kwon and marpet and reaching for smith and simms. that’s what the numbers say, anyway.

  17. 17


    I understand the need to pile on the coach who left, but let’s remember, this team has been terrible for the most part since the last few years of Gruden’s tenure. The one constant in there is ownership, and until they change their ways, nothing will matter. It’s easy to blame Lovie for all the bad, and praise Koetter for all the good, but remember, the Offense wasn’t much better than the defense, and much of that could simply be attributed to the fact that Winston is a star. I hope we are on a better path, but just remember that so far Licht and Koetter haven’t proven anything, no matter how many players bash the former coach.

  18. 18


    I remember this game in 2012 like it was yesterday. Last year just seemed like old times. lol.


  19. 19


    I was not biggest fan of Koetter before the hire, but if we don’t give him at least 4 years, we will never find out if he is any good…..we need continuity…..but I do think Winston can mask a lot of our GM/Coach mistakes…..

  20. 20


    Scott, another great SR5 as usual. You showed exactly why slants killed us last year. I like what I hear about our new defense. Schiano’s defense was better than Lovie’s only because Schiano had a lockdown corner covering half the field. Don’t forget Schiano trying to get pressures with twists and other games that put McCoy out of position. Schiano also made his players fit his system and got rid of a lot of our talent which is a great reason why we have had lousy results ever since. I love that our new coaches will alter the scheme to adapt to the players we already have! We will be competitive this year!!!

  21. 21


    Yes, fiasco is good word for it. ClusterF.ck would be another. Doesn’t take a genius to watch that crap last year and know it was scheme and coaching more than talent that made us the laughing stock of the league. They re-aired the Redskins game few days ago and I was sick to my stomach watching us blow a 24 point lead again against Kirk Cousins! Slant after slant completed at will. Lovie and his whole secondary coaching staff were a complete joke. If one or two guys suck, maybe you have a talent need. When your whole secondary, second round CB, previous pro bowl CB, and all your safeties blow it’s not the talent level! I mean Banks and Verner both played decent for other coaches. I’m just glad Glazers had the balls to make the change even though Lovie had 3 years left on his contract.

  22. 22


    Fredster, you make a good point. Reminded me of the point I made during the 2014 season when our offense looked messier than a 5 year olds room.
    Said at the time that all of those players who used to be good couldn’t all go bad collectively at the same time. I blamed Arroyo at the time but it was early in the season and people were still to busy pointing fingers to listen.
    I believe the main reason Lovie got fired was he took over the defense and it got worse than it was before and with players he hand picked.
    When the Glazers heard he wasn’t planning on making any changes in the coaching staff, that’s when they had heard enough and pulled the pin.

  23. 23


    Gee Matador, not every player you draft is going to be Jim Brown or Lee Roy Selmom.
    For a third round pick, Sims more than pulled his weight this year. Combined with Martin, they formed the No. 1 RB tandem last year.
    Evans had two games where he had drop problems, one of which was in the rain. But guys like you are always trying to denigrate a players because of your tunnel vision.
    The biggest disappointment has been Jenkins but the reason for his low performance is because injuries have kept him off the field. Those are things you can’t foresee unless the player had a problem with it in college which he didn’t.
    Sp Licht got three good starter in 2014 and a fourth who is waiting on the bench ready to go.
    In 2015, Licht picked up four starters and a possible fifth if Kenny Bell can get his act together.
    Any GM in the NFL would pound his chest if he could get those kind of results from his draft.
    Why don’t you go back to grading English papers and let the professionals handle player personnel.

    1. 23.1


      drdneast: Totally agree with your defense of Jason Licht’s past two Drafts; each of which received good post Draft grades. Some wannabee GM’s have this mistaken idea that every choice is going to become a productive member of the team. One need only look at the other 31 teams to see that all GM’s make mistakes in their evaluations, players do get hurt, coaches and schemes change. We at least recognize that not every Draft nets Sapp and Brooks. In my view, four starters from last season’s selections is pretty darned good.

      I hope I have spelled and punctuated everything correctly here. I don’t want the Old Lady Ammons of PR.com coming down on me. If we’re grading each others’ papers here; I thought yours looked pretty good.

    2. 23.2


      Sorry you feel the need to attack me for disagreeing. Sims had one good year and one bad. For a high 3rd round pick that’s not great. Ignoring 2014 and using the halo of Martin’s 2015 as you have doesn’t change that.
      If you think Evans only had two games where drops were a problem, you missed a lot of Buc ball last year. And ASJ has been a dud. He looks sluggish and heavy. As one site says, he is earning a rep as a chronic underachiever. I hope he wil be productive this season but so far he’s 0-2. The numbers are what they are.
      Signing a bunch of 30+ year old free agents, one likely to be disruptive in the locker room, suggests another year of FA busts. Doesn’t make me happy but it is what it is. Fortunately the bar set by lovie’s mismanagement is so low that we’ll be a much better team this year.

  24. 24


    Outstanding work here SR!
    One quick question, let’s say we sit still at 9 – does taking an explosive Coleman go against Licht trench first philosophy?

  25. 25


    Matador, for someone who attacks a publication because of “poor editing” you have pretty think skin.
    You must be from Philly.
    I will also go head to head against you any day about how many games I saw last season or any season for that matter.
    I didn’t watch much of the inaugural 1976 season because the team played against the AFC and I was an NFC fan at the time.
    I missed the 1979 win over Kansas City in the rain. Lived across the state at the time.
    After that I have managed to see every game the Bucs played, much to the distress of my family and friends.
    Sims broke his foot during preseason which might have something to with his lack of numbers in his first year. Duh.
    Please point to the games where Evans had a lot of drops outside of Houston (first game back from hamstring) and New York (rain).
    Won’t argue with you about Jenkins because if he can’t stay on the field he is of little use.
    But again, reread my post, you can’t take injuries into consideration when drafting a player if he has no history of them in the past. Jenkins didn’t.
    Insurance companies take the same risk when they insure people.
    You think a company would fire an employee if he sold someone a $2 million whole life policy only to see the guy die in a plane crash a month later.
    Besides, you are just regurgitating viewpoints from sites of which many of the writers rarely, if ever, even watch the Bucs play.
    Also, get thicker skin, too. Especially if you are going to start out your posts by attacking the staff with the remark, “poorly edited.”

    1. 25.1


      I was in that cold rain in 1979.

      1. 25.1.1


        Me too Horse.

  26. 26


    Okay I must be mistaken. Evans didn’t lead the league in drops last year and the typos littering this article and many others, more than on any website I’ve ever seen, don’t exist. My bad.
    Here is an interesting question that I’d appreciate hearing your opinion on – has GMC performed up to his draft spot and contracts?

    1. 26.1


      He did better than Suh last year. I think Suh has already slowed down.

  27. 27


    Considering that McCoy was drafted behind Suh, who he has more sacks than in the last three possibly four year and is paid much less, I would say yes.
    We are all typing posts on a blog matador, not turning in term papers in freshman English 101.
    If you want to be anal retentive why don’t you go hang out at Imajerk.com.
    Also drops can be subjective.
    Saw one pass to Evans that was over the wrong shoulder which glanced off his fingertips and they called that a drop.
    I know a drop when I see one. That wasn’t a drop.

  28. 28


    Every time a receiver drops a pass when our team is losing is magnified, but I saw a lot of good catches by Evans too. As for ASJ; Like Sims who was injured early in his rookie year, I’m just not ready to tag him with the bust label when he wasn’t on the field because of an apparently legitimate injury. I guess if one’s goal is to degrade Licht’s better than average drafting record they have to dig deep. We’ve had our share of true busts in the past 40 years. ASJ and Sims shouldn’t be on that extensive list just yet. Neither are in WR Danny Peebles or WR Dexter Jackson’s class.

  29. 29


    Banks will not make the team, he is not a good player.

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