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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    In keeping with my philosophy of never look back, I’m going to do this just once and ……never look back regarding the Bucs pick of Vernon Hargreaves at 11.

    PFT is reporting that the Jets tried desperately to trade up to get the falling OT Laremy Tunsil, but found the trade price too high. I don’t understand why a deal could not be struck using the draft trade value chart. The difference between pick 11 (1250) and pick 20 (850) is 400 points. The Jets 2nd round pick (51) is worth 390 points – a fair trade.

    If the Bucs traded down to 20, getting another 2nd round pick would seem worthwhile. LB Darron Lee was picked at 20, CB William Jackson III was not picked until 24, CB Artie Burns was not picked until 25, and DT Vernon Butler was not picked until 30. DE Noah Spence was still on the board and the draft is loaded with good 2nd day CBs like Xavien Howard/Baylor.

    Hey, it is what it is and I’m happy to have VHIII, but for a team needing draft picks I could have easily justified moving down again! There, I said it, now I’m moving on!

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      my guess is the drop off for the bucs from VG3 to the next CB was to wide, hence they needed more compensation than 400 measly points. Solid pick for two reasons…Tampa/Miami and UF kids who wants to be in Tampa from day one. that goes a long way especially for the fan base that was divided with he Winston/FSU pick last year. Second, VG3 is the most fundamentally sound CB in the draft. I spend an unnecessary amount of time following combine stuff and pro day videos. VG3 has fantastic back pedal and hip turns. This kid has a very high ceiling, 5’10” whatever, the NFL is a team sport and those who want a shut down corner, talk to me when you have a QB that creep it into windows as tight as the ones he’s going to create with his vertical. More importantly he plays the run support with aggression and low pad level! More than likely my guess is Banks will be covering the taller receivers in man schemes anyways…let’s hope we get the steal of the draft next in Javon Hargrave

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    SR- I love PR but your website has made this draft a complete bust. I could not get on the past two days. I expect it to be slow during the pick, but can’t even get to the message boards now. No more excuses, you lost a lot of visits yesterday. In my over 15 years coming daily, it has never been this bad.

    1. 2.1


      yep! they need a new hosting company bad… had to go to other sites for buc news 🙁

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    I didn’t read this as Hargeaves is a complete bust at all. I look at who was available when we picked and didn’t see anyone that seemed like a day and night better pick? Anyways moving on rd 1 over. Got another good CB and a 4th rd pick. Let’s get another Kwon type pick in 4th! Wishful thinking I know. Lol.

    Great article. Lots of good info. I was wondering about Jude because all CB talk last few months nobody really mentioned the guy. He started as a rookie and matched up against top notch players and did pretty damn good considering the defensive issues last year. Also who is to say because Hargreaves was 1st rd you have to match him against Julio jones and Benjamin or other giants. Banks was 2nd round and tall enough to match up. Maybe with better coaching and scheme he can. I just hope Hargreaves is a guy that makes splash plays and turnovers. If he does that doesn’t matter if he’s in nickel or whatever.

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    I watched a few of this kid’s games – and outsourced my watching of his tape, interviews, high school practices, etc to Mayock, Kiper, Jeremiah, PR, and so forth – as I do every year…which I think is perfectly well informed.

    When we picked Mark Barron I said “not sure…saw him get burned a lot in the games I watched…my consultants seem to think he’s great…which I guess he will be as long as we don’t ask him to cover anybody”…which of course we did, and he sucked.

    I use that comparison for this reason…after watching VHIII play a few games, my thoughts are “he looked good, except when he was left on an island and asked to shut down a WR….my consultants seem to think he’s great…which I guess he will be as long as we don’t leave him on an island”, which fortunately, it seems Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter (unlike Greg SchiaNo and the Chirp-man) have in mind….making VHIII the next Ronde Barber, not the next Darrelle Revis.

    So, I like the pick! And, I would like to thank my consultants for their hard work around Round 1.

    As for the idea of our Defense being more aggressive…sounds great in theory…will be a disaster if we don’t upgrade at Safety…more aggressive means more pressure on the Safeties to fill-in the holes…that went very very badly last year…we need a great looking Safety very soon in this draft…if not at #39, then trade back into the second round and get one near the bottom of the round….please!

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    wolfet, I will tell you the same thing that I tell my kids, if that is the most you have to complain about, your life must be going pretty good so just keep your pie hole shut.
    Millions of people fleeing war torn countries, countless thousands of people losing their jobs to cheap labor from overseas, thousands of others being flooded out of their homes because people refuse to believe humans are causing climate change.
    But poor wolfet can’t get onto to some aimless web forum and twitter away like a little girl.
    In the famous words of Col. Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now,” “the horror, the horror.”

    1. 5.1


      And yet you bitch about how much money the Glazers make. You’re the definition of a hypocrite.

  6. 6


    Oh my! I would’ve rather seen the Bucs go with Sheldon Rankins or Laremy Tunsil here. Or even better, trade down.

    Not looking forward to all the TDs scored on the Bucs next year over our slow/short rookie CB.

    Jason Licht swing and miss. Steve Keim still owns you…

  7. 7


    Great SR and maybe if you guys had a hard time to getting on you should stop using dial up and maybe go to DSL or even god forbid, a cable line.
    I had no problems getting on so perhaps its your equipment.
    Like blaming a bad golf swing on the club.
    It’s nice to hear all this chatter about a new “attacking defense’ but if memory serve Schiano was using an “attacking” defense and I remember a lot of DB’s standing around looking stupid as WR’s ran free into the end zone.
    It looked like the DB’s were confused about what defense they were supposed to be in.
    I like Will Gholston and remember a PR story where Joe Cullen was really riding him and Gholston’s response to the attention was that he knew Cullen was riding him because he wanted to get him to play to his ability.
    What a great attitude, I thought at the time and still do.
    Wasn’t aware the guy was so young and raw though when he was drafted.
    I always thought the Bucs draft improved when Schiano came on board and if Spence and Gholston keep developing it will be because of Schiano, not that moronic pretty boy Dominick.
    I’m still not sold on Hargraves but I don’t see why he can’t start this year since he has said over and over, “I’m a shut down corner.”
    Well it’s time to show up or shut up young man.

    1. 7.1


      That’s because Shiano was teaching his CB’s to never turn around and look for the ball. If on most plays one of them would have took a peak when they saw the receivers eyes zero in on the ball would have turned to play the ball they would of most certainly had a pb or int. It made me sick to watch it.

    2. 7.2


      Most guys blame it on their equipment.

      1. 7.2.1


        And we remember each time it fails us.

  8. 8


    Arizona Joe, I hope you don’t mind me saying you have a great rack.
    Do you hang with Kaitlen Jenner?

    1. 8.1


      Lol, thanks bud. Actually, a TB Cheerleader…

  9. 9


    I am very happy about Coach Hoke coaching the secondary. That is the major upgrade the Bucs needed. Go Bucs!!!

  10. 10


    wolfet; that’s BS as I got on yesterday and last night.

    1. 10.1


      I’m not the only one having a problems so not bs, at times I can get to message board but can’t open the threads. Other times not at all. I tried on two computers, ipad, phone, etc. Articles on the main page work fine though.

      1. 10.1.1


        Is your first name Joe?

    2. 10.2


      I’m not the only one having a problems so not bs, at times I can get to message board but can’t open the threads. Other times not at all. I tried on two computers, ipad, phone, etc. Articles on the main page work fine though.

      1. 10.2.1


        I had a problem early yesterday morning but it was OK by the afternoon. Yes, drdneast, I have modern equipment.

  11. 11


    Scott, very good Fab 5. I like you and many others aren’t wowing about the Hargraves selection, but we’ll still live. I was just disappointed we didn’t draft OT Tunsil if we weren’t going to trade down again. I hope we don’t waste our 4th round pick up by trading up a few slots in the 2nd round. I’m hoping we can trade down at spot 39 to spot 49 or 50 and pick up another late 3rd round pick. There’s plenty of DE’s and DT’s available, but they do trail off quickly after about Spots 110-120. Well we still need a DT, DE, Safety, WR, probably a WR and LB; of course I would be happy if we could get the FSU kicker in the 4th round, but he might be gone in the 3rd round. Go Bucs!

    1. 11.1


      Horse is a psychic.

  12. 12


    Arizonajoe- also roots for the Cards like myself as we both live out here now. As for Hargreaves? Not impressed and I root for the Gators as when I lived there I was a Gators Fan, he has quick feet and so what he gets smoked to much for my liking and doesn’t throw his body around vs the run. Much rather would have had selected Karl Joseph or William Jackson. We got a 4th round selction for moving out of top ten but Seahawks get a 3rd for moving from 25th to 32, Hey Licht you could have gotten a 3rd. Add Hargreaves to my most disappointed draft pics along with Clayborne, Freeman and Michael Clayton. Still mad we didn’t choose Steven Jackson and drafted Michael Clayton, but hey who am I just some guy from AZ I guess.

    1. 12.1


      We should meet and watch the Bucs, I am in the East Valley. Are you going to try to get tickets to the Bucs/Cardinals game this year (week 2)? Actually, not a Cardinals fan. I bleed Buccaneers!

      1. 12.1.1


        Well guys…I live half the year in Snotsdale. I root for cards but the Bucs are my home team.



          It’s a golf thing

  13. 13


    “In the end, the depth at the defensive tackle position had a lot to do with the Bucs’ drafting of Hargreaves.” . . . this has been my silver lining about drafting Hargreaves III – Dt/De were the only D positions I really studied heading into this years draft. Last night was the first time I really watched all the youtube highlights anyways of Hargreaves, and well, my conclusion was, glad there’s a lot of Dl in this years draft!

  14. 14


    I think Spence/ Ogbah/ Bell will be the pick in the second round for us. No need to trade up because one of the three will fall to us in my opinion. What I would like to see happen is for the Bucs to take a chance on one of the injured guys if they keep falling. If Myles Jack is there when we pick in the third, I would take him. Similarly, I would spend one of our fourth round picks on the LB out of Notre Dame. I know both would be luxury picks, but at some point the value is greater than the need at other positions. Just imagine the kind of depth and versatility our defense would be afforded with these two guys on the roster with David and Alexander.

  15. 15


    Thank you SR. I really needed Fab 1. I haven’t had too many positive things to say since week 1 last season–Lovie really crushed ALL hope for me–so I just kept it to myself. But now here we are, new coaching, offensive minded, the Bucs’ are leaving the vanilla 2 in the past and we’re picking in the top 10…AND crap, I don’t really have a lot of excitement for our draft pick. Thanks Scott for putting my concerns into writing, and throwing a little fresh perspective into it too.

  16. 16


    As far as drafting a DE goes, I think Spence would be a great choice. When he was with OSU, he was the man, better than Bosa. Also, I would like to see the Bucs grab one of the injured linebackers, Jacks, or Smith from ND. Jacks career may be very limited, but no one really knows. Smith will recover and be as good as ever, and he may even have a very long prosperous career. Either one would make our linebacking core one of the best in the NFL, if not thee best group.

  17. 17


    Spence is OLB in a 3-4 defense he is not a 4-3 DE understand players ski set please

  18. 18


    Jon, too small. Smith already is his size and can’t stay healthy because of the pounding he takes from the opponents OL. If Spence is the only DE available then I’m moving on to another position to draft.

  19. 19


    Your right cgmaster, I should have addressed the obscene amount of income disparity not only in this country but in the world as part of my diatribe.
    Thanks for pointing our my mistake.
    That was what you were trying to do, wasn’t it?
    Wolfet. my apologies to you, sir, if I went after you a little heavy handed.
    We get Pewter Report for free which I appreciate a great deal so when they receive criticism about what I perceive to be minor issues, I sometimes can get on a rant, much like jongruden does with Luke Stoker.

  20. 20


    Hey Scott..just a quick comment for you. I absolutely love the site and it’s always my first click when looking for Bucs info. You guys always seem to have some inside scoop and it’s obvious your sources trust you. My only complaint is the continued “we told you so” theme. I don’t need to always read or hear how PR “told you this..or told you that”. If you guys continue to provide us with the best behind the scenes info on the Bucs (which in my opinion you do), we’ll continue to come to the site. Reminding us that you told us something was going to happen or could happen afterwards is getting to be a bit over the top. Thanks!

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