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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Scott, thanks for another nice Fab 5, especially in the football black hole of July. I completely agree on your 4 point plan, and any BUC follower has seen all 4 areas of weakness in action over the last 4-5 seasons.

    I really do think Smith fixes the Defense, and Koetter will address deep balls & scoring (especially since the offense & Winston will be in year 2 of the system).

    Penalties, the BUCS have been horrible. Not just the number of penalties, but critical game changing penalties was disheartening. I really believe the penalties cost them 2 games last season (coupled with the porous defense).

    I like in Boston for 4 years, and by force of nature learned more about the Patriots than maybe I wanted. The 1 thing about Belichick was his focus on fundamentals (especially in the preseason) AND consequences for players who couldn’t play fundamental football. Ruthless draconian consequences of demotions or release of good players that even frustrated the most diehard NE fan or media member. However, the team responds (fear can be good), and plays crisp football & obviously wins.

    Do you see Licht (a Bill guy) and Koetter being more blunt / forward / ruthless in their approach to penalties. It was certainly refreshing to see how Koetter handled ASJ in OTA’s…it sends a message.

    As always, thank you, God Bless, and in Licht we Trust!

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    Nothing is more than a sore subject to me than penalties on the Bucs. Every time there was a big play for the Bucs, I kept waiting for the yellow flag. Sure enough, there it was. Then I kept hoping against hope it wouldn’t be on the Bucs. Sure enough, it was. It usually was something due to lack of discipline. Goodness gracious! It looks like Coach Koetter is doing something about it!
    I am also glad you addressed another sore subject, opponents’ 70% pass completion percentage. Lovie made career back-ups look like all-pros. Good Lord! I am very happy Mike Smith is here. It looks like he is mixing coverages and fronts. This will only help the defense and Jameis, too!
    If Jameis can have the same red-zone stats as Stafford, that would be fantastic.
    So it does look like this coaching staff is addressing these issues. I will be nice and say Lovie also addressed these issues. But, the way he did it didn’t work.
    Another fantastic Fab5, Scott! Go Bucs!!! Training camp is almost here!

  3. 3


    I’m looking forward to the start of the season so we can build upon our existing database of information on this team. If you didn’t know before we now all know what this team needs to do to make the playoffs. I look forward to finding out if they can do it against a tougher schedule than what they faced in 2015.

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    The discipline and sharpness that the receivers are having to learn because of the way the DB’s are playing will also help the Red Zone woes as they will make sharper cuts and get open for Winston. The key for Jameis will be to anticipate those cuts and get rid of the ball sooner. The other thing he and the receivers need to work on are the Fade and back shoulder throws which will allow his taller receivers to use their height and girth to block out and out-jump DB’s. A couple of things that I noted on his deep balls last year was that they didn’t give the receiver the opportunity to adjust to the ball because they were either thrown out of bounds, or they didn’t have enough air underneath them. A little more arc on the throws allows receivers to make adjustments whereas bullet throws have to be perfect. These two improvements would allow his receivers, who have pretty big wingspans to contest more balls and make more catches.

    1. 4.1


      Excellent insight JB52.

  5. 5


    Hi Scott, Welcome back, hope that you are all rested up and ready to hit the ground running. :>) Another great Feb 5, I’m glad that you hit all of those points, and this was a good time to do it. We can all see how these things are addressed during their upcoming practices. I am so ready to be able to see how these players compare to each other, hopefully you and your crew will be watching out for the same things. Let the new season begin!

  6. 6


    Hey Scott, thanks for a good Fab 5.
    I’m curious to know what roughing the passer penalties were called on what QB’s. You get what I’m saying. Are the penalties called on us when we are playing a team with a “golden boy”. Watching last year I can remember some calls that just did not seem that flagrant.
    But that’s the new NFL.
    The ones the get me are the dumb penalties.
    See my comments yesterday on ASJ. Mike Evan also needs to learn to shrug it off and move on. I really believe that when a team starts bitching about calls that it just becomes worse for them. And that is any sport, not just in the NFL. That is called discipline.
    when established superstars start complaining they get more attention than the average player. “golden boys”. Granted Brees and Brady are great QB’s, but don’t make a play on them unless you are absolutely sure you’re not mussing up there hair.
    It’s a little bit of double standard here, I’ve seen the “regular” guys get pummeled pretty good and no calls were made.
    On the pass protection, how can we not be better? All we have to do is maybe cover guys the first 5 or 6 yards and quit giving up automatically on every slant pass. LS just gave those passes away, it still mystifies me.
    I’m all in favor of more points scored.
    All joking aside I was surprised that Brees wasn’t on the list of top 10 red zone scoring. Made me look at it twice. I think this part of your article shoe horns with you’re post about ASJ yesterday. That is exactly where I see ASJ shining this year. With ASJ, Evans and Jackson all in there healthy we can expect much greater things in the Red Zone.
    Now on to deep passes.
    I can’t wait to see it.

    1. 6.1


      Well said Chetthevette. Can’t stand the lvoe that Drew gets from the officials while Jameis is getting smashed while sliding and getting nothing.

  7. 7


    Hey Scott, something is screwy with your math because you said “New England’s Tom Brady was the most accurate downfield passer last year and he completed 11-of-23 passes (56.5 percent) for 340 yards, but without any touchdowns or interceptions. Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger was the second-most accurate downfield thrower completing 10-of-22 passes (54.5 percent) for 406 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions.”

    In MY math class 11 of 23 is 47.8% and 10 of 22 is 45.4%. So something is off – either the numbers or the percentage.

    1. 7.1


      Kind of wondered the thing. Didn’t see any over 50%.

  8. 8

    Bucs Capacitor

    I think it could be cool if you revisit this after the season. You could give a grade at the Bucs did at each area, and draw conclusions on how it did or did not result in the final record.

    Great stuff as always, Scott!

    1. 8.1

      Bucs Capacitor

      *at how the Bucs did

  9. 9


    I think having Lovie as H.C. had a lot to do with redzone production. Give him a slight pass having a rookie Q.B., but to me, Lovie seemed more worried about losing three points, then scoring seven. I think you’ll see better redzone results this year,and a more aggressive approach from all over the field under offensive minded Koetter.

  10. 10


    Excellent Fab 5.

  11. 11


    Very good fab five and these points are indeed very large for us this year.
    The penalties absolutely drove me nuts last year. Although I will have to agree , Breese gets brushed a little too hard and he’s getting a free 15.
    It’s the pre-snap penalties that are inexcusable and it’s great to see the coaching staff not putting up with any crap. I also really like to see them using officials during practice. How could it not help?
    Hearing Lovie didn’t want them is no surprise. That guy was the king of clowns.
    I think the pass defense makes big stardes this year based on talent, but really shceme more than anything. They were horrible last year. the consistently looked like they had no idea what they were doing last year , and with the grand wizard of stupidity, Lovie Smith, guiding their hands to mediocrity.
    Technique and scheme should make this defense and offense instantly better.
    Red zone will be big for us and I think just the lack of a good red zone target hurt last year. Brate came on strong towards the end, but at times the play calling was a little tentative there as well. Another year in the offense with the same receivers should do well for Jameis.
    Timing is everything in the redzone and quick slants aren’t really Jameis’ game so I’ll be interested to see his improvement in that area as well.
    I am pretty sure we are going to see a good bit of the deep ball this year. The O-line having another year to gel and learn the system can give Koetter time to call those shots. I’m all for some play action deep to the hashes or deep in routes. Those are Jameis’ bread and butter throws. Now we can only hope that our receivers would actually make it to the endzone before getting caught from behind.
    I mean really how many times did one of our guys have it only to get caught at the 5 yard line. haha
    P.S. parting shot one holds a special place in my heart. Thanks Scott.

  12. 12


    I noticed Denver wasn’t in the Top 10 in passing in the Red Zone. I don’t think we did enough on the DL to be able to take us above 8-8 this season. I hope I’m wrong. Go Bucs!

    1. 12.1


      I see the same thing Horse. Hope were wrong though. Defense has to pick it up this year. Have to get to the QB more.

  13. 13


    If we fix the Defense we will be alright. Playoffs ? Probably not this year when we have got so many new coaches. But if we can get our DL and secondary working and of course one usually follows the other, We are going to be better. I think we are still a couple more drafts away from winning the Division.

  14. 14


    As a youngster I remember going on vacation with my parents sitting in the back seat of the 1956 Buick, chocking on the smoke of my dad’s Pal Mal when I first uttered the words we all know well, “Are we there yet?”

    In just one week I’ll tell my wife what I have for the past 47 years as a new football season begins with Training Camp, “See you in February.” Once in 40 years of Bucs football my “This is the year” prediction was accurate, so I now refrain from such dubious forecasts.

    I’ll be at Training Camp every chance I get. It’s sure a lot better than the old days at One Buc standing in the bed of my truck peering over the fence hoping I didn’t get run off. Only once (Sam Wyche) was I told to leave.

    Scott only listed four things on which the team needed to improve but we all know there are many. Here are four more. #1.) Improve the punting that was one of the worst in the league. Hopefully the addition of Bryan Anger solves that problem. #2.) Make getting inside the opponent’s 35 yard line a 3 point certainty. Too often last year we all were deflated like a Tom Brady football by those missed FG’s. Hopefully the addition of Roberto Aguayo makes us raise our hands instead of sit on them. #3.)Take back our “home” stadium. Since the end of the playoff run, our home turf has once again become a vacation destination for our opponent’s fans and a reunion destination for the transplants who, due to the Bucs decline, have rekindled their affection for their former team. #4.) Take on a Popeye attitude of, “I took all I could stand and I can’t stand no more”. Too often when something bad happened the team and some fans took on a defeatist attitude and cowered down to the opponent. The Redskins debacle is an example as were the Titans and Panthers games.

    Just maybe our team, which has little respect and expectations, will sneak up on some unsuspecting foes. Here, after being down so long we hope for 8 and 8. I guess the team motto should be “Make the Bucs Mediocre Again!”

    1. 14.1


      Hopefully I’ll see empty cans of spinach littering the side lines after each WIN. GO BUCS

  15. 15


    Penalties are part of the game but the pre snap penalties are the worst. They display a lack of discipline, concentration and understanding.
    All three of those are an indication of poor coaching.
    Also, although I am a fan of Winston’s, he has a lot of work to do on his mechanics, particularly his footwork and balance during his throws.
    He seems to have a great understanding and recognition of the defenses he faces and is great at looking off the safety on many of his throws.
    But he needs to get his completion average up and the only way to do that is to improve on his mechanics.
    Red zone inefficiency last year was almost a certain given his rookie status but the positive is was that he threw very few INT’s in that very important side of the field.

  16. 16


    Offense is great but I still see a big weakness at the safety position. Looks the same as last year and it was not good then!!

    1. 16.1


      Look who coached the safety position was last year.

      1. 16.1.1


        Coaches didn’t play a single snap. We haven’t had good safety play since Ronde left.

  17. 17


    Wow. I didn’t realize Mariota was so bad downfield…

  18. 18


    For those of you willing to get a non Tampa look at our team, follow the link below. Our local writers including SR are spinning the stats to support JW. Here is a real outside assessment which points out JW was the least accurate QB in the NFL last year. Take a look. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/film-room/2016/film-room-jameis-winston

    1. 18.1


      I picked up what the other commenters did. He throws off his back foot and doesn’t step into his throws.

    2. 18.2


      Yeah it’s clear as day his footwork and lower body needed improvement here. Anyone with a set of eyes could see that. And the stats that PR put out are in fact the stats. SO I’m not sure what this post is about, maybe sting you a bit about the mariota comment?

      1. 18.2.1


        We need to keep in mine that those are mechanical issues that can be easily fixed; especially with someone as dedicated as JW. They may already be fixed. Maybe we can tell this week if the PR folks watch him and report back to us.

  19. 19


    Agreed with everything you wrote, Scott. You were right on point. I will say one thing in Glennon’s favor, he was real good in the red zone though he rarely got the Bucs there. If JW is bad in the red zone this year, pull him in the red zone and let Glennon show him how it is done, if we don’t trade him this year.

  20. 20


    Scott, thank you for another great Fab 5. I think the 4 points you make almost automatically get better with the firing of Lovie Smith, the hiring of Dirk Koetter, and Winston’s 1 year’s worth of experience . I feel Koetter will be more free with his play calling now that he ultimately only has to answer to himself and not Lovie. Also I’ll be shocked if the defense isn’t better with the hiring of Mike Smith. The last two years of porous defense can’t be blamed on talent alone. Also, now that Winston has seen it and done it he’ll definitely be more comfortable. I get a feeling the Bucs will be going to the playoffs becaues they will naturally improve on every point you made. Go Bucs!

  21. 21


    Pre-snap and PF penalties have been a lack of discipline & frustrating! I hope I never hear LEAPING called in a Bucs game ever again… Evans drops + penalties need to be corrected this season, otherwise the yardage alone won’t cut it

  22. 22


    Fab 1 on penalties sounds good, but in truth, penalties really do not determine the outcome of a game or the success of a defense or a season. Take last year as an example : Buffalo, Tampa, Oakland, Miami, Denver, New Orleans, Seattle, and Carolina were the 8 teams that were most penalized last year and in that order. That’s the bottom 25% in the league. Of those teams here is how their defense finished vs the rest of the league: Carolina had the best turnover ratio(+20) while Buffalo and Seattle were tied for 6th best(+6). Top team defense by yards was (1)Denver then (2)Seattle. Scoring defense was led by (1)Seattle, (4) Denver, (6)Carolina. Meanwhile, the Bucs were 10th in yards allowed, tied for 22nd on turnover ratio(-5), and most importantly 26th in scoring defense giving up 26.1 pts per game. Sure penalties can be frustrating, especially when it costs the defense a turnover or takes away a 3rd down stop, but the best defenses remain aggressive and keep competing for the ball while keeping the other team out of the endzone.

    1. 22.1


      On the flip side, the teams with the fewest penalties were Vikings, Titans, Jets, Bears, Falcons, Giants, Lions and Eagles. Only two of those teams even made the playoffs(Minnesota and Detroit) and Tennessee was flagged second fewest times and was the worst team in football with a 2-14 record!

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