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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    The news that the Bucs are changing philosophy on signing free agents is very welcome. For too long we have ranked last in personnel decisions. You have covered the lack of success in the draft for the last several years and you reiterated in this article how woeful we have been in signing free agents. All of this lack of success has spanned many GM’s and HC’s. It begs the question that with the leadership changing so often, what is the common denominator? Are our leaders listening to the same scouts and just getting bad information? What has changed since last year’s draft that can give us hope for success this year?

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    I think the Law of Averages is the only thing that will help us. We are due for some good picks after so many failures…the penny only can come up tails so many times in a row and then it will be heads!

    1. 2.1


      Work on your optimism Buctebow, that is pretty lame!

      1. 2.1.1


        Oh shut up!



          Oh yeah? Die like Kenny!

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    I would like to draft Cameron Erving and Jamil Douglas, I also like Perryman MLB from Miami, but well see how it plays out. Jamil Douglas reminds me of the cardinals guard who is also from ASU Paul Fanaika who is good but not all pro guard who will solidify that position for yrs

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    I never liked Adrian Clayborne since we drafted him I thought his arms were short, he relied to much on a bull rush move and only had 3 sacks in his senior yr at Iowa, I thought at best he woruld be a Greg Spires talent and thats not good enough. The players I loved that yr were Aldon Smith From Mizzou and Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue, but yet again we are just out of reach of these players and I get the privaledge of watching them have success elsewhere, but hey I’ve watch the Bucs Draft for 30 yrs so this is something I’m use to, lol

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    It’s interesting, that one excellent year of drafting and picking up the right free agents can turn a franchise around. I do think we have to look at the scouting staff with quite a bit of suspicion based on the history of failed picks. You would think that tape on players against just their top level team and individual based competition would tell the story of how they will translate to the NFL, instead of overall stats, potentially inflated by games played against weaker opponents.

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    There are a lot of players on the “New Bucs Starters” list that we have complained about for a long time. I hope they do make the wholesale changes indicated as likely to happen (by PR).

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    Great read SR! I agree on all points made, except of course any reference to Winston being our 1st overall pick due to the Glazers, but that pretty much goes without saying at this point.
    Fab 1: Besides M. Johnson who I want to give one more year at RDE, I’m in favor of all those moves. I’m even in favor of not taking an O-lineman in the 2nd round if there is a better player available.
    Fab 2: I completely agree that this is a deep draft for O-linemen. I also like the data on where the top 4 teams this year drafted their O-linemen.
    Fab 3: I find all these guys to be pretty exciting. Nothing wrong with short WR’s. T.Y. Hilton is another name that comes to mind.
    Fab 4: That’s pretty (expletive) funny!
    Fab 5: More great info. Much appreciated!

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      Pinkstob- I would like to say we don’t need to take o-line in the second but man we have the worst o-line in history and we are deseperate for a LT or RT which ever you want to play opposite Dotson and can ill afford to wait till the 3rd to take a potential starting tackle esp when you can possibly grab an Irving or D. Smith from Penn St on board, you MUST take one unless you want O Cousins there again for another yr? My heart can’t take seeing that again.

  8. 8


    I respectfully submit that we need not two, but three starters on the OL. Our line was so historically bad that I don’t think two new starters are enough. Only Dotson should be safe. Hoping that EDS and Mankins somehow get better (after getting a year older) is a pipe dream. At the very minimum, we need real competition for those two.

    1. 8.1


      You may be right. Our line ranks last in the NFL according to “Football Outsiders.” But, if you want one tackle, center, right guard and Mankins at left guard, that is 4 players. With all of our other needs I don’t think we can hope for that. I would be happy with two new starters at guard and tackle.

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    I don’t think the Bucs are giving Doug Martin, mike Glennon, Adrian Clayborn, or mason foster a fair chance. We could keep all of these guys for very cheap and they would provide solid depth while we draft young guys to develop and be the “fast twitch rusher” we seem to need (by the way Aldon smith ran a 4.8 40time- that’s not speed). Drafting rookies isn’t going to solve our problems..it takes rookies about 3yrs to physically develop (there’s a difference between a 21yr old and a 28yr old) not to mention the mental transition from college to pros. Foster isn’t going to get more than 2mil/yr so I’d try him out for 1-2more years b/c our next option is Dane fletcher. Clayborn provides quality DE depth for rotation w/ smith+Johnson+gholston and even PR has described his play in the past as “dreads on fire”- he’s ferocious and will make our Oline tougher in practice. Glennon should start next year while we retool the offensive scheme/o-line/and develop a rookie QB. McCown has just made us look plain bad, he looks like an amateur….I’ve never seen plays like that out of Glennon. Say what you want but Glennon protects the football, has an absolute rocket arm, football iq+ a masters degree, and hasn’t ever shyed away from stepping into a throw and taking a hit the way McCown does

    1. 9.1


      Deznuts, thank you for having reason. Why are we cutting every player now just bc? I get clayborn isn’t a “fast twitch” athlete and all that, but he’s physical and has a non stop motor and would provide great depth to our dl. if we’re gonna cu. Clayborn, do it after we have better player. This is why we don’t have depth. ClaYborn can play in this league and imo needs to be resigned to a prove it deal. But it’s just one man’s opinion.

  10. 10


    Winston is NOT as good a qb as M.M. will be now or in the future.Besides Winston seems to find trouble so I guess Scott must want to hang with him.He always throws out his buddies name

    1. 10.1


      Winston IS better than mariotta now, and to say other wise puts you in the minority. Then claiming he’s scotts buddy. Are you mariottas buddy?

      1. 10.1.1


        Winston is better at playing from under center than Mariota. That makes scouts comfortable which is why many of them rank Winston higher. Mariota can throw from the pocket, outside the pocket, on the run and he can just plain run. Giving an OC all those options makes Mariota the better overall QB now in my book. Some people don’t know that Mariota played under center in high school. It won’t take him long to get back in the swing of things before his Pro Day. The first 8 games or so I’ve been saying it will take Mariota to be the full package will be learning to read NFL defenses from under center. I think it will take Winston that long to learn he can’t throw into every tight window in the NFL (17 INT’s last season). I don’t think either of them will reach their potential until about Week 8 and at that point Mariota is the better QB going forward because of the abilities I stated at the beginning.



          Thing is pink you can’t base how good someone is by their interception total. Andrew luck throws a ton of picks this year. 18 I believe, and manning had 16. Doesn’t make them bad qbs, just take chances to make plays. I just don’t think Lovie can wait out an 0-8 start waiting for mariotta. I could be very wrong here though.



            Luck also threw 40 TDs….how many did WINSTON throw….you see it’s about the ratio….

  11. 11


    Hello Scott-This is your old time fan of the bucs George Hicks. You are doing a great job.Scott right now-Tampa has 8 picks. Maybe they trade the b/up qb for a 2 . Then I would my 2 main needs after the qb. I hope with the Offensive Cord and a new qb coach.GET THE QB IN RD-1 That they want regardless of baggiage on Winston. I SAY GO FOR IT. I will be getting ready for a 6 day cruise when the draft is taking place.I’d hope the bucs hit it right on all the draft and Free Agents.GO BUCS

  12. 12


    I have another comment about NFL Players.Remember fans these players come out of college and all the teams pay them big money.If they don’t produce the players moved on. I’d also like the young players that have done a great job. Tampa will do very well this year in the draft. DON’T TRADE DOWN IN RD-1. BUT IF TEAMS WANTS TO TRADE UP IN RD-2 &3 AND WANT TO GIVE A BUNCH OF DRAFT CHOICES BE MY GUEST. NOT THE NUMBER ONE PICK.PLEASE TAMPA IAM 69 YRS YOUNG I WANT TO SEE TAMPA BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR GO BUCS.

  13. 13


    This organization has to improve as over the years our drafts have been POOR. We continue to let players go that are not great but are not bad players and could be used as backups. We will never have depth on this team if we continue to let average players go looking for a diamond. Need to build depth then look for the diamonds in the ruff. Foster and Clayborne are good insurance as a backup for the right price. IMHO I would trade Martin and Glennon, a 4th for Martin and a third for Glennon and move up and get some O-Line help. We could trade those two and not hurt the team at all. Sims could take over for Martin and the new QB makes Glennon expendable for a draft choice. I could also see us going after Suh and the D Would be a top ten D overnight. I just hope L&L can improve our drafts that has dragged this team down for the last ten plus years.

    1. 13.1


      I tend to agree, expect for the part about trading Martin or going after Suh. I’d rather see us go after Patrick Willis with our FA money. He’s very likely to be a FA giving his +$10 million due him this season, his injury history, his age and the fact they love Borland, the guy that played in his spot last year. We need a fast, smart, tough leader like Willis at MLB in our Tampa 2 more than we need another starting DT. McDonald is a fine Tampa 2 NT and we could get Willis on the cheap.

      1. 13.1.1


        Agree Pink, I have liked Willis from back in college. Would not mind getting him if available. I believe they are going to try and upgrade the Mike either from the draft or FA. I suggested trading Martin for a draft pick so we could possibly upgrade our O-Line and he is the only RB that would fetch a draft pick and we could use a bigger RB on the team that could be found in the back end of the draft. Martin is going to start his fourth year so it would be a good time to move on from a player that has not produced since his rookie year.

  14. 14


    OK, who’s the wise guy that put this on the Bucs website? Did the Glazers approve this..this..propaganda? Inquiring minds want to know!!lol.


    1. 14.1


      Ha that’s pretty funny. I wonder if they will do other prospects? It is very interesting that’s it’s on there.

  15. 15


    Side note. There’s a rumor out there that say’s our new QB coach Bajakian, may be getting cold feet. He’s accepted the job, but hasn’t signed a contract yet. The rumor suggests that he is still interested in the Central Michigan HC job.

    I get this stuff from the Interwebs so put no faith in it until you hear it from the Bucs officially.

    I like this guy! Please not Chip Kelly all over again!

    1. 15.1


      Unfounded rumor. Go back to sleep! Bajakian is a committed Buc! Damned Internet!!

  16. 16


    Interestong but a pie I’m the sky article. Look closely at the breakdown of the four teams OLs 7 of 8 tackles are first or second round picks. 4 of 8 guards are in first 4 rounds and 3 of 4 centers are in top four rounds. There are 2 UDFAs between the 4 teams and 2 of the 3 starters you mentioned for the Bucs are UDFAs. And we have two more positions to fill. Your logic of filling them with late round picks is ludicrous. That is what Lovie has done in the past,how many times has he had a QB survive the entire year? You list 2 DE and 1 MLB you want to draft in the 2/3 rounds. Which means you start drafting OL in round 4. Oops,you listed 3 receivers you like,and you list them as 2-4 rounders, so now we are into round 5 looking for starting tackles and guards.Why waste a pick on a QB in round 1, without an offensive line he can’t pass and we can’t run. This sounds like a solid plan to BUILD a team. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  17. 17


    Good Article Scott. I’m still in limbo as to what we address first. We obviously are in an excellent position to fill 2-3 needs; after the 3rd round who knows who will be a surprise and help the team.

  18. 18


    Point is the first pick has to be qb period. In a position to have the first overall pick and two options, you don’t pass. If glennon was the future he would’ve been starting last year.
    Then oline with pick two, hopefully can is there. Round three could be a lineman as well or our linebacker.
    I’m with most of you above in that if you can keep some of these guys for cheap and have good depth, why get rid of them? Deoth has always been a problem and you know you can probably get mason and Claibourne for cheap. This team has a good bit of needs.

  19. 19


    Nice Fab 5 Scott. Those three smallish receivers were impressive. But I can do without the background rap music(?) Classless phone call by Raheem Morris regardless of who was to be the intended recipient. A locker room celebration after a victory isn’t what made you look bad Rah. As for the Draft, I will always be a proponent of selecting the best player (hopefully at a position of need) over targeting a specific position in a given round. Needs can change. Be nice if we could find a late round gem once in a while. Never been a fan of over-paying in free agency.

  20. 20


    Whomever they select for Q.B., they’d be wise to take Cam Irving at the top of the second. Talk about pro ready. Quarterbacks hate pressure up the middle, and Irving is as solid as can be. This kid will be a pro bowl center for sure, and probably a left tackle as well. He’d be our best O lineman day one.

  21. 21


    I know everyone is thinking QB at #1 but I implore the PR society to watch film on OT B.Scherff. This guy is incredible, sure-pick. He can hang clean 450lbs x3…you can’t teach or train for upper body strength like that- AND he’s got some serious speed. He looks like JJ Watt except as an OT..extremely physical and plays through injury. I’d recommend taking him with our #1 based on the fact that MM and JM don’t have the talent level of previous #1 QB’s…I’d liken them to the Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers draft (2004?) instead of clear cut super elite guys like Luck and Manning. Also some FA to look at- OLB Sean Weatherspoon, DE JPP, S S.Brown/N.Allen, OG D.Jospeph/M. Iupati

    1. 21.1


      Only problem with waiting on a qb is that, players like luck come out once in about 29 or 30 years. And maybe never again. We need a qb terribly and Winston is luck with some attitude.

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  23. 22


    Here’s a video of Winston working on that release. So much for the Byron Leftwich comparison. He’s made it much quicker now. I had troubles getting into the site a couple of times but it’s good to see this kid giving his all to erase the little mechanical issues he has from baseball.

    1. 22.1


      The site is getting worked on so sorry if you guys can’t view that link occasionally. It is interesting to note how far he dropped the ball when he threw in college.
      Seems he’s nat patting the ball either. It’s all about not resorting back to bad habits when the bullets fly. I’ve looked for mariotta training vids but haven’t seen any yet. I believe he is working at the manning academy.

  24. 23


    It’s amazing how badly the Bucs have drafted. Barron didn’t have the feet to be an above average corner coming out of college. He was bad in space then and still is. C. Simms was a waste of a 3rd rounder this year. He played in a spread offense with wide open holes. He doesn’t hit holes like he needs to in the nfl. He’s not heavy when he gets hit. In the prose you have to be able to run thru tackles.

    I go back to the drafting of A. Benn when golden Tate was still on the board. They were taking potential over production. Just a few examples of bad decisions on early picks that will kill a franchise.

  25. 24


    Remember that guy Micheal Bennett? He’s pretty damn good. Not worth 5 mil… ? Yes please on getting some one competent at getting and keeping talent on this team.

  26. 25


    I was disappointed that they drafted Clay born instead of Cameron Jordan, who has made several Pro Bowls for the Saints.

  27. 26


    Scott,if Mizzou is so damn awesome at grooming DEs,why in the world have we not brought in Mike Sam as he was one of the most talented.If it’s the gay thing,Lovie needs to shelve his religious views and predujudices and do what’s best for the team.The guy can play at a high level and is walking the streets due to his sexual orientation.That is so asinine imo.What your thoughts and can you add insight to this mystery.

  28. 27


    SCOTT!!! What the (expletive) took so long to start telling great stories like that! Can’t wait to hear the Monte….keep em coming!!

  29. 28


    Sam is NOT “one of the most talented”. He was considered a fringe prospect BEFORE he came out. He isn’t very athletic, isn’t very strong or fast. He IS a hard working, relentless type of rusher tho. He will never be a star but he MIGHT be able to be a decent backup DE.

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