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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Nice article Scott. I don’t know about the McCoy thing though. He is a pro and he knows the defense depends on him up front. I still believe he is not close to 100% but knows he needs to be in there getting those double teams to free up the other linemen. I just think he is down on himself some for not being the dominate player he can be.

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    Saw McCoy get flattened a couple of times last week, and it wasn’t from a double team. Since we don’t have a legit D end I wouldn’t mind seeing McCoy get a few looks there. He’d see less double teams, and he has to have a better first step then any D end on our roster.

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      That’s the thing Surfer, watching him play, his “get off” is the fastest I’ve ever seen. He just launches off of the snap. The problem is, and I think Horse has mentioned this a couple of times, is that he lost all of that weight this offseason. I love your idea of throwing him out there at D-end for a play or two. Move him around and get him out of double teams.

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    Another home run Scotty! Dude these have been some of the best, informative, and easy to read FF’s since back in the day. Dawg, I don’t know what you’re drinking these days, but I’ll see you at the Hard Rock and buy you a couple. Very Nice! Now you just need to get Cookie doing the same, lol. Just kidding Mark.

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    Not much to comment on with this one. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of players all these guys mentioned in the article will turn out to be. They all need to be more consistent, particularly Winston. But this is Evans’ 2nd year so I expect a little more out of him in terms of the drops and injuries. He’s going to need to tweak his training regimen this offseason to figure out how to avoid soft tissue injuries and how to maintain his concentration through the catch.

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    I agree with Pinkstop. Most of this stuff was available on Buccaneers.com with Scott Smith’s Articles and video discussions. I will say I hope McCoy becomes the player he needs to be. I doubt we will see ASJ or VJ so I hope we can run a lot in this game. I’m more concerned about a four man pass rush against Philly because we have to hold back on the blitzing this time and LB’s have got to cover their areas. Go Bucs! Get this win!

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    Couple readers out here tried to make the comparison between Clayton and Evans earlier in the year which I shot down.
    The biggest reason was that Evans still trusted his hands and makes the overwhelming large majority of his catches with his big mitts.
    Clayton began to distrust his hans and started trying to catch or pin everything against his body.
    Even when Evans had all those drops against the Giants you could tell it was from concentration and not looking the ball into his hands which he easily solved.
    I heard that rumor about McCoy a couple of weeks ago and honestly I’m not sure I buy into it.
    For one thing I never thought of McCoy as that dynamic of a leader in the first place.
    Not sure anyone on the team thought so either.
    I do know the front four need to put more pressure on the QB and it shouldn’t all be on McCoy’s shoulders, one of which is hurt.
    There are three other DL who need to start pitching in and contributing. McCoy can’t do it all by himself.
    Hell, I would be happy if George Johnson would just equal his sack total from last year by the end of the season.

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    Good Fab as always.
    I’ve been saying the same thing about Smith all season as he has played fantastic all season long. He is a rookie so like the others there will be bumps in the road, but this is a rookie left tackle. We hit the jackpot in this draft offensively. We just need to do it again next year on the defense.
    It’s great to finally see our DB’s actually touching receivers at the line of scrimmage and allowing us to actually blitz for a change. The defense has been night and day since the move. Kudos to Lovie and the guys for finding the right guys.
    As for Jameis, he is doing just fine from all fronts, it’s hard to judge a QB when he’s throwing to Evans and a bunch of no names. I’m glad he’s taken the leadership role on this team because we needed it.
    As for the mccoy reference finishing things Scott, I said the same thing three weeks ago after the Atlanta game. Personally it’s clear as day to me that Mccoy is bothered by Jameis taking “his” team over.
    I also said the same thing about the video to my brother the first time IO saw it as well. Couldn’t see Mccoy anywhere. Mayeb it is just us Scoot, but I think it’s affecting Mccoy a little. He needs to worry about his job and not worry about who the leader is.
    I’ve been hard on Mccoy and he is a damn good D-tackle, but when you’re the highest paid player on the teamn, that heat comes with that paycheck. Three tackles in three games is horrible. I don’t care about him “disrupting” things. Make a play.

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    I got no complaints about nobody when we win. And last week we won. Every week when the Pick 6 predictions come out, I always pick the Bucs to win. I do that out of sheer loyalty, not because I think they have “the” best chance to win, but because I think they have “a” chance to win.

    In reality, it is hard to win football games when you have every man on the field. It is next to impossible to win with only two weapons on the field and the Bucs found a way to win. Last week Scott Reynolds’ after game headline read “Finally, A Penalty – And Luck – Was on Bucs’ Side”. The word “Luck” stood out. That is not going to happen every week – may not happen again! Some fans hesitant to bask in the sunshine of a win called it an “ugly” win. What’s wrong with that? I’d marry an ugly woman who just won the lottery and father owns a liquor store – but that’s just me!

    Now I’m not dissing the fans who do point out the idiosyncrasies and lambast the players who could have done more – that’s to be expected in the theater of the absurd (sports websites) and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just not where I am, especially when we win. If the Bucs win I’m going to revel in it and without hesitation move on to the next nail biter.

    There are a few things that must/should be taken into consideration. When we play without our full offensive complement of weapons everybody is trying harder and some people are genuinely playing hurt. Not making excuses, but that is a fact. Some of the people playing hurt will heal and some of the people who obviously are not helping out will not be here next year.

    Jameis Winston likes to praise all of the people who did play and doesn’t lament the fact that key players are missing. That’s great for his “never give up” mentality and encouragement for the other players to step up. But the reality is Winston is human and extremely competitive, and like a natural vacuum he tries to fill the void. And when he does that, he sometimes tries too hard and presses a little bit, and when he presses, he’s likely to make an error – understandable behavior but not the recipe for consistent success. So I expect some errors here and there and is just a bit forgiving under the circumstances.

    The Bucs may win Sunday out of sheer “want to”, but it looks like they will again be without V-Jax and ASJ. We really need every man back and then some to tie a nice bow around this season and until then it’s going to be tough sledding. Given that, when the Bucs do win, we ought to be happier than a pig in that stuff (wishful thinking). As usual I will be picking the Bucs to win and if they don’t win I will understand why. I would even bet on them with your money! Lol.

  9. 9


    I agree with Pink. Consistency is required to excel. Evans has yet to show it, his #s are a result of there being no one else to throw to and Winston’s habit from college of locking onto one target for much of a game. It has been good fortune that has kept Winston’s turnover #s from being quite a bit higher, his consistency leaves a lot to be desired. The Dallas game was painful to watch, two bad teams fighting for the right to lose – one of them with a third string QB barely got it done. Let’s be realistic, we are a year behind where we should be in the turnaround due to bad drafting in year one and bad coaching mostly throughout.

    1. 9.1


      Winston made it happen at the end. Some QB’s can’t handle the pressure at the end of a game; Winston has no fear. Bucs by 2.

    2. 9.2


      Consistency is important Matador, but you’re asking consistency from a rookie QB. You’re not going to get it, that’s why he’s a rookie. As for the tipped passes and the amount of picks he could have, well he could have about 5 more TD’s too if his receivers could hold onto the ball so that works both ways.
      As for Winston locking on, who do you want him to throw it too? He’s giving his best play maker a chance to make a play. We’re playing with two rookies and Evans as our receivers.
      I do agree we are a year behind where we need to be, but I think we are getting there. We have the right team in place to start something and we have the most important pieces in place with young talent.

      1. 9.2.1


        Winston wasn’t consistent, which is largely expressed in a QB’s decision making and accuracy, in college either. And he admitted to locking onto his WRs in college also which was a big contributor to the large # of INTs he threw. It’s hard for a cat to change its stripes. You can get away with poor footwork (which I see on many/most of his throws) and a lack of accuracy in college when your team is physically superior to many of your opponents but not in the NFL. No doubt he is a gamer but that’s not enough in this league. His game needs a lot of work. If he can polish it up over the next 2 hrs we’ll really have something

  10. 10


    Macabee; your comparison to Luck and ugly was funny than heck. I’m still laughing.

  11. 11


    I had my doubts about Smith being able to pass block in the NFL while I knew he would excel as a run blocker. I am very happy he is developing into an outstanding LT. I loved Hawly from the start and he has been great at shoring up the middle of our OL.
    As to McCoy, I was appalled to see how much weight he had lost at the start of the season and knew that was a huge error. That was the start of the end for Freeman when he tried the same loss of weight. At 250 pounds he could still get off passes when being hit. But slimmed down he hit the dirt like a rag doll every time he was hit and he could not use the QB sneak anymore either. McCoy could not absorb hits like he used to and messed up a shoulder and now his confidence in himself has dropped like a rock and confidence is paramount to success; notice how Winston never loses his self confidence and that is the key to being a winner. I am all for using McCoy as an edge rusher the rest of this season to get his confidence back but Lovey needs to have a stern talk with him at the end of the season and tell him to get back to last year’s playing weight, don’t ever dye his hair again, and get back to the All Pro DT we are paying for. We can draft a great DE with our first pick next year!

  12. 12


    I’m convinced that McCoy is injured but still trying to do his part. I suspect he realizes how ineffectual his play has been since the injury and perhaps is feeling he has less right to lead when his contribution to the team’s success has been minimal. Hard to go to the forefront when you’re embarrassed about yourself. McCoy isn’t jealous of Jameis at all; right now he is feeling unworthy.

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