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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    I’d have both Billings(Baylor) and Robinson(Alabama) above Rankins as a DT.

    And being that Licht has some insight on Nebraska, Maliek Collins would be good mid round consolation if DT was truly a point of emphasis.

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      I think Tampa could get Rankins at a mid-1st slot. I really like him,He may even go to the 2nd round. I alsoo like Qb Dak Prescott in Rd-2. Would that be something if Tampa draft Elliott from Ohio State in Rd-1 and trade Glennon for a 2nd rd pick. Get Rankins in Rd-2 and Prescott the QB to b/u winston.The rest of the draft would be ice cream on the cake!-Go Bucs

  2. 2


    I was ridiculed for suggesting some time ago DT was as big of a need on this team, as any other position. I hope it sounds better now that Scott has pointed it out. It starts up front. It’s hard for a Q.B. to avoid middle pressure, Brees deftly avoids edge rush, but struggles when you get in his face. I’m also on board with the OT from Notre Dame. Win in the trenches, you usually win period.

    1. 2.1


      Really? I’m always pushing for either either better Oline or Dline; then best available, any other position. I suppose I don’t get much support. But, I’m confident that it’s better to pair up on positions.

      1. 2.1.1


        Just seems to me that if you have only one good player at a given position, then the other team can double team. If you have say 2 Dts, the other team can’t double team.



          i’m split between Billings and Rankins at 9. One of them should be there. As I said when Aaron Donald could have been had, “how do we screw this up?”

  3. 3


    I will be surprised if we take a DT and especially Rankins because of his size at Spot 9. Really not info in this Article Scott that we haven’t read before. I guess you all are taking sometime off since you were at the Combine.

  4. 4


    Hey Pinnaq13, I too like Collins as a later round addition to DT. If we get someone else at spot 9, DE, RB, CB, then I also think we need a later round pick on DT. We need to bolster the depth because as good as the guys are that we have, they have been injured often. Two other guys that I really like later are Willie Henry and Connor Wujciak. They both have superior athleticism and great measureables. All very close if not even better than Rankins in most categories. I wouldn’t mind even if we drafted Rankins and one of those three for depth. Dream draft would be to get Bosa and 1 or two of the others later.

    1. 4.1


      Indeed. I’ve said McCoy’s eventual replacement needs to be in house for a while now. But I don’t think Rankins fits as the #9 overall pick. I just don’t see it.
      Collins, Butler and a couple others make more sense later.
      If there’s gonna be a DT selected at #9, I’d prefer Billings.

  5. 5


    I like Rankins and his effort every game. Build both lines through the draft and you will build a consistent winner.

  6. 6


    I like this article, and if Rankins is the man than so be it.Go Bucs.

  7. 7


    Re A. Spence, I like him but worry about any D-lineman with back issues. Those types of “injuries” seem to return too often and rewarding Spence with a big contract is risky. I do like the idea of drafting a D-tackle but doing so in the middle rounds given our roster. For me – and with Winston here, the best offensive lineman is always the first choice. Always!

  8. 8


    Macabee- I find it interesting to see that one day later after our debate of Floyd being a possibility for the Bucs that Scott Reynolds talks about this very thing and copy cats exactly what I tried telling you, lol “Floyd was a converted DE to LB cause he was a liability vs the run, he is meant for a 3-4 OLB position this is why he won’t be a Tampa Selection” You might want to educate and send Scott Reynolds this new scheme we are running this yr cause he seems as lost as I am, hilarious

    1. 8.1


      You are still missing the point. I’m not arguing for Floyd anymore than Scott Reynolds is saying Noah Spence anymore. It’s a mock and there will be a couple more and they will change. Every one that PR has done, the 1st round pick has changed.
      I simply wanted you to understand that the Bucs will not be running a traditional 4-3 scheme. And you still don’t get it! They will be aligned in a 3-4 sometimes with a tackle over the nose. Read what Akeem Spence says in this Fab5. Geesh! We buy you books and send you to school and this is what we get? lol. (just kidding Jon, but you should really know better)

      1. 8.1.1


        Tell Scott Reynolds too since he doesn’t know this either, ha



          So you think that we should draft a guy at #9 so he can sometimes play in some packages rather than a full time guy? We have Jacques Smith for that, why get another?



            The reason I continue to address you is that you are a good guy. You just have this aversion to reading and you say things impulsively before you’ve taken time to read and get the facts. Enamor me and go back and read (hopeless) my post. I wouldn’t pick Floyd at 9, only after trading down and getting another 2nd round pick! If you read my post, the guy you’re looking for I suggested the Bucs get in Free Agency!

  9. 9


    Unless Rankins is Sapp, McCoy, Suh, Donald ability coming out in draft then we don’t need to upgrade a position we don’t need filled. We have the worst corners well maybe Jax and us in the league, Rice was the last DE to record double digit sacks 10 yrs ago, there are a ton of high first round grades on pass rushers mixed in with a few corners that are draftable at #9, the fact we might lose Martin cause of our cheap ownership and the lack of knowledge our fans seem to posses with that move is down right bothersome. Filling a position we already have filled with top rb in the league with a rookie who is unproven and hoping he can be somewhat close to a Martin is laughable and if this happens I maybe checking out of Tampa for good as I can no longer support a clueless organization continuing to make bone headed roster moves, we might as well compare notes the Cleveland Browns. Here is a question when is the last time Ohio St had a proven NFL RB? My guess is Eddie George 15 yrs ago before that I can’t tell ya

    1. 9.1


      Jongruden, here’s a question for you. Before last year, when is the last time FSU had a proven NFL QB? My guess Brad Johnson drafted in 1992. Does that mean we shouldn’t have drafted Winston last year? You usually make great points to back up your opinions but saying we shouldn’t draft him because he played at Ohio State is a weak excuse. We draft best player available and Elliot is top 10 talent. Don’t get me wrong, I love Martin but I’m not all for overpaying him. His production hasn’t been consistent enough to warrant it. In the last 4 years (his entire NFL career) he has avg 951 Yds and 5 Tds per season. Those numbers aren’t good enough to get paid top 5 at your position. Not to mention he had the 2nd most fumbles last year. I would love to have him back but at the right cost. I believe anything over 5-6 mil a year is to much for Martin. We will have to see what he gets in FA. If he signs somewhere else for that amount then I will agree with you about letting him walk was a bad decision but if he gets 7-9 mil then I don’t agree with you.

      1. 9.1.1


        QB Chris Wenke, Heisman, National Champions 1999.



          But he had little success in the NFL. Same with Casey Weldon. Too bad Charlie Ward decided to play basketball.

    2. 9.2


      Well Jon, here’s a little tid bit for you sir. You say it’s impossible for a rookie to do what martin did, yet there has been 17 1,000 yard rushing rookies since 1998. 17! Another interesting stats since you bring up Doug’s ability to break tackles. DO you know we played 12 of the worst statistical tackling teams in the NFL last year? Add that to the fact that Doug has never been a speed guy, since he gets caught from behind on every single breakout run, and hes not worth big money.
      Relax my friend and eat a snickers, you’re not yourself when your hungry. Or are you always hungry?

  10. 10


    Hey, DT can sack and put pressure on QB just as well as well as anyone on the DL. Sapp. Great article. I am all in on best available and Rankins might be top of his class. There are so many options on defense and this time of year everyone has an opinion. But I like Rankins. I am not sold on Hargreaves, Noah Spence ,and definitely not Floyd. I also believe that Licht would take a serious look at Stanley, Bosa, Buckner, and Lawson if they fell. Actually any player other than a Quarterback is fair game this year at 9. Best available and find needs deeper in the draft seems like a good plan to me.

  11. 11


    I don’t get all excited about mock drafts, especially mock drafts before FA. They’re fun for me and that’s about as far as I take it. PR tweeted this on Feb 28 “We had Ogbah No. 9 to #Bucs in our 1st mock draft, then Spence in 2nd mock. We’ll see what happens in our 3rd mock”. And of course, there is likely to be another one or two before the draft. So the message here is to do all mocks in pencil.
    And I’m terrible at picking the Bucs draft picks. In 2015, I got the Winston pick right, and would’ve missed that one if Dirk Koetter was HC at this time last year. In 2014, I wanted OBJ, but happy with Mike Evans. Bucs didn’t have a 1st round pick in 2013 (Darelle Revis), but pretty sure I would have missed that one too!
    I picked Floyd contingent on the Bucs trading down and getting another 2nd round pick. Then I’m not alone. Scott admitted that Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball also picked Floyd. If you Google search Draft Rumors, the Bucs have definitely shown interest in Floyd. Perhaps it’s a smokescreen. Scott says they definitely won’t pick Floyd, but he also told us that they definitely would pick Noah Spence. And I’m good with that. It’s a mock – they’re not real and they’re all different – no such thing as a consensus mock!
    Now having eliminated myself from the title of draft guru, I will say that taking Rankins at 9 is kinda rich for me, but anything can happen all possible choices will probably be an upgrade for the Bucs. But when I see DTs like Javon Hargrave slotted in round 4 that have equal or better numbers than Rankins in every category except the shuttle and 3 cone, there’s a value differential for me. But, what do I know? Lol.
    I encourage everybody to chime in and give your expert opinion because it’s as good as any. Just remember to do it in pencil – a pencil with an eraser!

    1. 11.1


      Hey macabee, Rankins is also better than Hargrave in the vertical jump and the broad jump. That is 4 out of 6 measureables where Rankins is better than Hargrave. Just wanted the other readers to know the facts. That is why Rankins is rated higher. He also has better and more consistant college numbers.

      1. 11.1.1


        You’re cutting into my weekend Jack Daniels appreciation time, but for you, no task goes undone. LoL. I went back and got the official Combine results.
        –Rankins 6-1
        –Hargrave 6-1
        –Rankins 299
        –Hargrave 303
        40 yard dash
        –Rankins 5.03
        –Hargrave 4.99
        –Rankins 28
        –Hargrave 29
        Vertical Jump
        –Rankins 34.5
        –Hargrave 34.5
        Broad Jump
        –Rankins 9’10”
        –Hargrave 9’01”
        –Rankins 4.59
        –Hargrave 4.70
        –Rankins 7.44
        –Hargrave 7.90
        You are correct. I transposed the broad jump numbers. So Rankins outperforms Hargrave on 3 measures and Hargraves outperforms Rankins on 3 measures. They were equal in the vertical jump. My post said equal to or better than. Now make no mistake, Hargraves is not the player that Rankins is. But we’re talking about the 9th pick in the draft versus a 4th round pick. There is a value differential, but I concede that it may not be a meaningful one! But Licht has to ask and answer that question before he spends the 9th pick in the draft!



          Correction: Hargrave ran a 4.93 in the 40 yard dash!

  12. 12


    Mac- Nice disclaimer- its about drafting the right players to fit our style of offense or defense scheme, we aren’t going to draft a guy to play in a small percentage of plays part time, yes, you can google 100 mock drafts and find one that agrees with yours and they will change that pick 100 times over from here on out, just like PR changing 100 times then saying the day after “we had the pick right in our Mock #99 article” claiming to be right again, ha these are water cooler convos and article fillers, PR couldn’t keep writing the same article over and over it would be boring to read and wouldn’t bring any interest to us the fans, so bravo going all over the place with what we could do at #9, can’t wait for the article where we possibly draft Wentz or Goff if they fall and hear fans saying “best player available” stuff

  13. 13


    One thing I know without certainty is we will be drafting one of 3 positions DE, Corner and if lose Martin possibly a RB (sigh) with that first round pick

  14. 14


    I enjoyed this Fab5 because it was unconventional and I have been playing out the draft in my own head as a GM if I were making business decisions. My conclusion matched up with your mock for Rankins in the first because of the following reasons. First, the overall grade. I’m not a big combine freak and I’m non-reactionary to some combine numbers but this kid overall tape and grade from what I’ve seen is clearly the best of the DTs. I’m not overly high on Bosa and I like Spence but he’s not a clean pick at 9 so drafting Rankins does register for me. Second, I see this a depth and leverage move for the future. Having young players with starting potential coming in right away to contribute is tremendous but special players like Rankins can come in right away and fill in for injury and also become a future leverage for stars like McCoy who will be looking for one more big contract from the Bucs before long. I also like the interior pass rush duo this could be and the scheme flexibility it gives us. We might not have Ware and Miller but if you have to dedicate 3-4 offensive players to protect from the inside, our outside rush just needs to good or above average to impact the game.

    My only concern was getting more ST help and more speed at WR rather than betting on a unproven Bell.

  15. 15


    The more and more I read about this pick, the more and more I like it. I don’t like it at 9 however. MY sweet spot would be to trade back to about 13 or so and get another second round pick then draft this guy. I like everything I read about him and he checks all of the boxes so to speak. And with McCoy certainly missing at least one game at some point, might not be a bad move.
    One thing I do know, is if we stay at 9 , there is ZERO chance we take a DB. Personally, and I know Pink would disagree with this, but I think Banks is a much better corner than the past coaching regime made him out to be. Same with Verner. Our old coaching staff just plain sucked. They kept both guys so there is no way they draft a nickle corner in the first round. Aint happening.
    The rest on here is a little more filler but I love reading stuff like the end with Jameis consoling Spence. Damn the dudes such a leader.

    1. 15.1


      It could very well happen.

  16. 16


    i have been posting elliot for a week or so, some say he is the best player in the draft

  17. 17


    I’m very perplexed by the logic SR and PR espouse about dropping Vernon Hargreaves because he is 5’10. The best cornerbacks ever to put on a Bucs uniform at Ronde Barber 5’10, Darelle Revis 5’11, Donnie Abraham 5’10 and Brian Kelly 5’11. So does SR suggest that Revis couldn’t cover Julio Jones because of his height? Would it be better to stick all-bust team member Myron Lewis who is 6’2 on Jones or Benjamin than an in-the-prime Brian Kelly or Donnie Abraham?

  18. 18


    I’ve gotta say, I hated the idea of Rankins at first, but its starting to sound good.

  19. 19


    Don’t write off Noah Spence just yet. While out wandering the Interwebs, I ran across this Pro Day update for Spence. Just an FYI.

    2016 Pro Day Notes: Friday, March 4, 1:10pm – WalterFootball

    Update on the Noah Spence Pro Day at Eastern Kentucky. The workout finished just a little while ago, and Noah Spence completed the 40 as well as position drills. Almost 40 scouts from 24 different teams were on hand. Times for Spence ranged in the high 4.6s to 4.77 on a wet field in 37-degree temperature.

    Tampa Bay Bucs defensive line coach Jay Hayes ran the workout, and the early reports are Spence was impressive. Noah Spence just did defensive line drills today, and no linebacker drills were requested by the teams on hand. I’m told it was a huge crowd today. The New York Jets had almost a half dozen people on hand. Spence met with Tampa Bay defensive line coach Jay Hayes last night, as the team is considering him at defensive end. He is also scheduled to meet with the Miami Dolphins.

    2016 Pro Day Notes: Friday, March 4, 1:10pm – Tony Pauline, draftinsider.net

    The schedule picks up today at Eastern Kentucky where the big name of the day is Noah Spence. Spence was scheduled to run the 40, shuttles and 3-cone today then participate in position drills at Eastern Kentucky, but I’m told the weather is not agreeing. It’s been a cloudy, 30-degree day in Richmond, Kentucky after snow and rain last evening. The field is not in good condition and EKU has no indoor facility for the workout. It’s likely to be wait-and-see situation for Spence and others, who are scheduled to work out in about an hour.

    Several people tell me Spence’s combine interviews were not nearly as bad as they are being portrayed in the general media. While he didn’t knock it out of the park, there were not a whole lot of teams shaking their heads after speaking with Spence.

    Comments courtesy of WalterFootball

    1. 19.1


      I was reading the same thing here Mac. They said there wasn’t any coaches there , but I think it was telling that Hays was there running him through the drills. That and he ran a better 40 time in terrible conditions. I wouldn’t be surprised if we still went with him. I know I sound like a broken record but we could probably still get him if we trade back a few spots. I’ve never been more for trading back than this year.

  20. 20


    Good info Mac. Look, how can we go wrong with Spence, or Rankins at #9? It’s hard to blow a top ten pick. The only one in the group I’m leary of is the CB from Fla. I don’t doubt the kid can play, but at #9 you at least want a special athlete. His size, and times scare me. Also be nice to have bookend OT’s by drafting Stanley. So with Licht, and crew, whoever we get will benefit the team greatly. With high picks in all rounds this year, and the draft aligning with needs, we should be in good shape.

  21. 21


    I had heard there weren’t manyNFL teams present. No Head Coaches and GM’s and DC’s; only DL and below. The Bucs had one person, the DL Coach. His 40 yard time was slightly better, but the comments was not much had changed.

  22. 22


    NFL.com reported it and there’s an Article on it.

  23. 23


    Horse and other Buc fans, I post this to say read everything, but be careful with the content. Leading up to the draft is silly season and smokescreen time. While it’s true anything can happen, some things are more likely to happen OR not happen. Take everything the pundits or experts say with caution. Just have fun and at some point (draft night), all opinion becomes fact! The mock I linked to below as an example is taken straight from Ripley’s Believe it or Not. lol.


  24. 24


    macabee; thank you. I respect your judgement and will hold fire about Spence, but I’m not looking at him in my Top 10.

  25. 25


    Amazing to me that there was no Doug Martin talk in here. If we let him go all we are doing is creating another hole. We need to keep our best players so we can draft/FA our needs at DL/DB/OLWR

  26. 26


    artpac; Doug will find out in Free Agency when it actually starts that he will be lucky to get 5-6 million. My guess is Martin will sign a 3 year contract, 5 mil a year and 10 mil of it guaranteed. I know he got 1200+ yards, but he lost a step and won’t be quite as quick as he was this past season. I believe he could still get a 1000 yards. I sure hope he has been working out as hard, or more than even last year especially fumbling.

  27. 27


    I really don’t care where it comes from, we just need a better pass rush! Unless there’s a true shutdown corner available, which I don’t think there is, we need to take the best pass rusher available regardless of where he is on the line

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