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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    “Tampa Bay’s biggest need is at defensive end, and that’s why you’ve seen Eastern Kentucky’s Noah Spence mocked to the Buccaneers – first by PewterReport.com and then by a host of other websites.”

    There were at least a couple other sites that mocked Spence to the Bucs before you did, including this one:


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    I respectfully disagree about Greg Hardy. I think he’s very talented and although he only got 6 sacks officially last year he was very disruptive. The DL coach we hired from Cinci has experience with talented but troubled players and I think is the perfect guy to potentially bring the best out of Hardy. On a team devoid of legit pass rushing ability we shouldn’t be eliminating talented players based off of perceived character issues. Continue to add through the draft but dont shy away from Hardy bc he doesnt fit the monotone motif most of our defensive players display. Stirring the personality pot on that side of the ball is exactly what we need and the talent definitely justifies the gamble. Also if the Bucs plan on being conservative in FA then resigning Doug Martin should happen. If they claim we want to build through the draft then we have to resign him. I previously thought letting him walk would be ok but if we are ok paying Bruce Carter 5 mill to be a backup LB then giving Martin an extra million or so should be the least of our concerns. Mankins and VJax will be off the books next year so we are not in the position cap wise that allowing him to walk is a necessity. Don’t create holes on a team that has plenty to handle as is, get creative with the contract but make it work.

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    Good Article Scott. Your diagrams helped in explaining the three types of schemes. I like Spot 9 because we can pick either DE,DB,OL or what is close enough to use the term BAP. I forgot all about Brown and he could help us this year. We are starting to get long in the tooth at DT and might have to pick a DT later in the rounds to develop. Like most fans, I’m not seeing much out there in free agency other than our own free agents. Might be worth it to extend some existing contracts and use some of that extra cap money that’s available.

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    As Stephen White pointed out in his evaluation of Bosa I am a little concerned about whether he may be close to ‘tapped out’ as a prospect. Obviously the technique is there and he has some of the measureables but if Bosa can’t tighten his corners because of stiffness he could disappoint.

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      Read the same article and I completely agree. I’ve watched this guy play couple of times and he just doesn’t blow me a way.

      1. 4.1.1

        Uncle Stan

        Completely agree. It seems like he has a switch that he turns on only in “emergencies” (and they are rare). Other than that he is just plain average or maybe less.
        Would not be disappointed if we didn’t draft him at all. It’s not a physical problem but mental and if his college coach couldn’t correct it, what makes anyone think we can?

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    Re: Fab 1. I think it is bass ackwards to draft for need in the 1st round and BPA afterwards. It should be BPA in 1st round and fill needs in later rounds. That way you have no round 1 bust.

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    Great Fab 5 as always. Love seeing the combine get rolling as there is at least football to talk about.
    I’m not a big fan of Bosa, the production just doesn’t match the competition he’s played.
    If he passes the tests I’m all for Spence. Started watching some of his tape and he is MUCH more explosive than Bosa.
    I also like resigning Jaq Smith to a long term deal now as you could get it on the cheap. He’s been injured the last two seasons so why not get it done now.His injuries are the only thing holding him back as he has played very well when he’s out there, so here’s to hoping he plays a full season.
    The bucs woill approach FA cautiously, but don’t be stingy. I know they’ve been burned in the past couple of years, but thats’ just because they picked the wrong guys. We have WAY too many needs to avoid free agency. I am also a little saddened at thinking they won’t go after Vernon from Miami. How often does a young , very good, and improving pas rusher hit free agency?
    You have to bring in some free agencts as you can’t get everything you need in the draft.
    I also hear Dougie is going to get to test the market. HOpe they have a backup plan, which I’m syure they do. Maybe they let him see the market and it’s not what he thinks it is and they resign him. They are saying he’s asking for right around the Demarco Murry deal and that’s just absurd.
    I know it’s not my money being spent ,but there’s a cap for a reason. No running back in the NFL is worth that a year. NONE
    I do have to chuckle a little after every player I read about slamming Lovies “predictable” defense. Hell any casual fan could see that. Thank god the Glazers had the balls to can that clown.
    Should be n interesting couple of days to see some of these guys shine.

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      ON a side note, about Greg Hardy. Lats year I was of the voice that we should go after him, but after last year , no way. The guy is just an asshole and has legitimate anger issues. Seems like a shitty locker room guy as well. Not worth the headache.

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    Fab 2: Guys, which is better; Lovie’s stay in place and read defense or Schiano’s constant blitzing? Why can’t we get this right?

    1. 7.1


      I would take Schiano’s constant blitzing any day over that atrocity Lovie put on the field the last two years. I literally get angry just thinking about it.

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    Hardy is more trouble than he is worth. He helped make a bad team worse. So much about the Bucs is headed in the right direction. Let’s keep it going that way and avoid Hardy. Take a chance on Spence. At least he has shown an attempt at doing what’s right. Hardy is out of control.

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    If Bosa was the pick, let’s hope that he wouldn’t be a huge bust like his dear old dad John with the Miami Dolphins.

  10. 10


    Great Fab 5 this week SR! A lot of meat on those bones! Might come back for a second helping later in the week!

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    Good Fab 5, especially Fab 3. The only thing I strongly disagree on is that B. Carter is an ideal fit. In Carter’s contract year the Cowboys had switched to a 4-3 where he played OLB and got multiple INT’s. He was so bad in the 3-4 the prior years that they still let him walk in FA. But since he’s a backup now it really doesn’t matter whether he works in the new defense or not.
    Also, after E. Elliott ran a 4.46 in the 40 today you might as well move him into the top 10 ahead of us because there is no way he’ll last until the #9 spot. At least that pushes another pass rusher down to us if we want to take one with our pick. I’ll have to focus on another player who I think will be the BPA and still on the board when we pick at #9. I also fully expect the Bucs to sign D. Martin at some point, I just don’t know if it will be before or after the draft.

    1. 11.1


      I forgot to mention the teams I expect to draft Elliott ahead of us: Either the Cowboys, Ravens or Dolphins.

      1. 11.1.1


        Pink- Take Ravens off your list ever hear of Justin Forsett?

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    Bosa reminds me of a Grant Wistrom who was same size at 6’4 280, would rely on strength rather than quick twitch moves and speed, I think Bosa will be a good player he is very powerful esp against the run but we need a pure pass rusher like a Spence now that dude is like a poor mans Von Miller. I heard someone mention we should get Greg Hardy, I won’t reply based on how stupid that suggestion was

    1. 12.1


      Greg Hardy comment up there with Stocker is a good TE comments, hilarious

      1. 12.1.1


        You’ve done it again. Anyone who has played football knows that what you and the youngsters call a tight end is not a football player; he’s a basket ball player with shoulder pads on. I want a football player like Stocker. He blocks and catches. Stupid defined is
        lacking intelligence (IQ). Many of the people you are calling stupid probably have IQ’s >105. What’s yours coach?



          Stocker had 60 yds for the entire year who has lack of intelligence?



          76Buc- Ever hear of Tony Gonazales, and Antonio Gtaes? Both were basketball players with pads on, see you learned something today

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    yes, best player available; could be a surprise. Let’s stick Rankins next to McCoy; better yet, let’s trade down a little bit, and pickup which ever of the three Dt’s are left, and pick up another draft pick. There’s Rankins, Billings, and Vernon Butler. Then, the second pick, there’ll probably be Ogbah, 74.Bronson Kaufusi, one of the two will be there.

    1. 13.1


      the good thing about Bosa falling will be that we can trade down.

    2. 13.2


      Or Oakman could be there in the second round. Yes, there’ll be some development/coaching needed, but the Dline will be talented, and will develop in time.

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    PR, I have felt for a while that you guys are the best news source for the Bucs in the world. When you report something, I take is as gospel.

    But your analysis is really, really rough, guys. I hope that you all will one day either (1) put an emphasis on employing a staffer or two who is really strong in film study and understanding the inner workings of the game on a play by play basis, or (2) just stop trying to analyze players, schemes, etc. It’s bad enough that it deters me from reading sometimes.

    So many of the labels applied to our current players for how well they fit a 3-4 defense are so far off. Apparently, according to you guys, we have the personnel to run one of the best 3-4 defenses in the entire NFL starting today. And how can you defend the decision to just sit on all this cap room? Ultimately, there are exactly two things you can do with cap space – spend it, or don’t. We have four more years where Jameis is going to be on a contract that is well below his market value. Those are the four years we have available to spend liberally to try to find players to make this team a true contender to an extent that we won’t be able to once we’re paying our QB more than $25M per year.

    This might be the part where you say that rather than spending on free agents, we’re going to spend on our own guys…..but which guys are you even talking about? It appears that there’s a good chance that Doug walks. If that’s the case, then here is the FULL list of guys we currently have on rookie deals who are, as of now, likely to command substantial money once their contracts are up, with the year for their new deals in parentheses.

    Jacquies Smith (whenever the time comes that he’s no longer a RFA and is instead unrestricted, not sure about the year)
    Mike Evans (2019)
    Jameis (2020)
    Marpet (2019)
    Smith [I’m being generous here] (2019)
    Kwon (2019)

    That’s it. Beyond that, we have a handful of guys who, as of now, might get medium-sized contracts, or less – namely Banks, ASJ, Sims, Pamphile. And again, this is being a bit generous.

    So we have $50M in cap space. We have at least $17M about to come off the books by next offseason with VJ and Mankins’s deals expiring, plus another likely savings of $4.25M with the probably impending release of Bruce Carter, and ANOTHER $4.5 we could save by cutting Gosder Cherilus, who sucks and is making middle of the road starting RT money, plus Joe Hawley, who is well below average and, again, getting starter money for his position at $3.5M. Throw in George Johnson and his $2M, and we’ve just come up with a whopping $31 MILLION that will be an absolute non-issue just next year. AND the cap is expected to continue to expand year by year for the foreseeable future.

    I say again – there are two things the team can do with the money it has available to it to spend. We can try to make the team better by pursuing free agents of various levels, including premium ones. Or we can literally do nothing with it. Because, again, WE DON’T HAVE ANYONE CURRENTLY ON THE TEAM to give it to.

    Will we miss with some signings? Yes, of course. But free agency is just one mean available to a team to improve itself. We’ve missed with some. But other teams have killed it in free agency and won championships they wouldn’t have won without it. Denver just fielded a dominant defense in which half of the best players on that side of the ball for them were free agents – Aqib Talib, TJ Ward, Demarcus Ware. They don’t win a championship without those guys. Same for Seattle, who had a great defensive line, the best two players which came from free agency – Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

    Note: I’m not saying that free agency should be the long term hope for building a team. It’s not sustainable. But for now, (1) with a large gap of time before we have to pay big money to players currently in house, (2) we have a franchise QB on a rookie deal, and (3) we’re $50M under this year’s cap and likely to be a LOT more under the cap next year if we don’t spend a fair amount in free agency…..it’s a perfect storm. Now is the time to strike with significant free agent signings. In 5 years, hopefully, we’ve drafted and played well enough that we have neither the need nor the resources available to do it this way. But as of this specific moment, this time, for this team, this should absolutely be a major resource. Like i said, we will undoubtedly miss on some players we sign. That’s a given. But we’ve also got a pretty good chance at hitting on some. The more shots you take, the more you make. We can live with the misses, purely because, again, there’s not a damn other thing for us to do with this money for right now.

    1. 14.1


      Man, the inability to insert spaces between paragraphs with this posting tool makes for a brutal read on any long post.

    2. 14.2


      Man, the inability to insert spaces between paragraphs with this posting tool makes for a brutal read on any long post.

    3. 14.3


      The vast majority of your post makes a lot of sense Toofamiliar17. It made me think about some things I hadn’t considered before, which to me is the point of having comments on a sports news website.

    4. 14.4


      This makes absolutely good sense about spending some money on free agents. I am still also in favor of getting some deals done now with players we know are going to be here for a while and have a year or two left on their contracts.

    5. 14.5


      Great post sir. This is the first time I’ve seen yopu post on here and it was a good one. With the caproom we have now, and the impending monster contract we will have to give out in a couple of years to Jameis, the time to strike is now. I’ve said it before, past failures shouldn’t keep from trying the same things to succeed. And that is free agency. We’ve just overpaid for guys who quite frankly weren’t that good. Great post and welcome to PR .

      1. 14.5.1


        Thanks for the welcome, cg, but I am actually a bit of an old timer who just stopped commenting for a long time. At some point I forgot my password, and then the site switched over from it’s old format, and I had issues with the password recovery tool. As a result, I just…..well, I didn’t care that much to comment, so I just gave it up, lol. Been lurking ever since. Probably, part of the reason I have been fine with stepping back is that I really do get so frustrated with so much of the analysis side of things on here. I don’t have much nice to say about it, so I’ve chosen to be okay just not saying anything. Anyways, thanks for the welcome (back). I finally just decided to try the password recovery feature again, and it worked seamlessly, so I unloaded a lot of thoughts.

  15. 15


    I can’t get overly excited when our best free agent signing is re-signing Jaq Smith. He is probably the best defensive end we have, not really saying much for this group.

  16. 16


    Excellent article (as usual). There’s no question that the Bucs need some pass rushers. Signing J. Smith is essential…we should learn that lesson from letting Bennett go two years ago. We have McCoy, good linebackers. One thing that’s difficult is to determine whether any if the other returning players in D are any good because of the constant shifting of CBs, the crappy coaching on the defensive side, and a defensive scheme that is most politely called “bend but don’t break”. Unfortunately, they broke a lot!

  17. 17


    This is a good example and what the bucs will do. go bucs

  18. 18


    PR even though I am not a Bosa fan I liked how you showed a mock draft where he does slide and is available to the Bucs. Similar to what you did there I have seen articles about the Cowboys saying they might not be able to pass on a franchise QB and that Kaepernick wants to be traded. Do you think there is a chance that 3 QB’s are taken before the Bucs pick and if that were to happen does Ramsey become a legit option?

  19. 19


    In evaluating defensive players you left out Danny Lansanah. Please explain why. After all he won the starting SAM position.

    1. 19.1


      I was wondering the same thing

  20. 20


    With the Spence train being derailed with interviews and his combine performance, I’m thinking we should open up the checkbook and sign Vernon, resign Martin of course, then go for the BPA in the draft. There isn’t anyone in the draft that is a “must have” for us so maybe even trade down for more picks.

    I have faith that Licht and company will do their thing and make us better as they have the last 2 years.

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