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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Good fab as always. When it comes to our secondary I don’t think it’s a cohesion thing, I just don’t think our guys are any good. Getting banks back will help a lot.
    As for the roster moves, I like hearing that we want to kee Hawley playing in stead of eds. I personally hope we can keep Vincent next year for cheaper as I love his veteran leadership with Jameis and Mike. He’s also still productive.
    I also love your parting shot on mariota. It makes me smile a bit. But you forgot to mention his qbr in the 4th quarter is 48 which is lowest in the nfl. His qbr in the 4th quarter losing by 7 is an amazing 7!
    I think we can burry the we should’ve taken mariota talk for good.

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      M.M. will be MUCH better qb when he has 2 top wideouts on his team.. Winston skill set is not near as good as M.M.

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    We’ll know a lot more where this team is after the Washington game. If we get this win then we have the potential to win 7-8 games; if not then we will be lucky to win 5-6 games. Go Bucs! Get this win!.

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    As always, a great read and I agree with your assessment horse.
    Washington is an average team, not a “rotten” one as another site proclaims.
    This team has to beat average teams when they have a chance and tat will help the achieve the confidence and swagger needed to beat the better ones.
    Enjoyed how you broke down the coverages on the TD receptions and the mistakes made by the players.
    Would have liked to have known the down and distance on each of the TD’s.
    It’s one thing to bite on a play action on 2nd and 7 and quite another on 3rd and 6.
    I’m also with you cgmaster as far as it being the skill level or cohesion.
    Mike Jenkins is at least in the neighborhood when his player catches the ball whereas Jennings is usually smelling the receivers burnt rubber when his guy catches the ball.
    Pretty sure Jennings post op knee is affecting his play and I think our opponents have figured that out as well.

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    Yeah, the secondary still sucks and will for a while until we draft the right type of CB in the draft. For the record I’m still adhering to what I said after Week 1. I won’t bring up Mariota unless someone else does first. Also for the record he’s leading Winston in every statistically category kept by NFL.com expect fumbles despite having faced a tougher schedule…with fewer weapons around him…with a damaged MCL. All while winning rookie of the month, not week. But whatever, we’ve still got 2.5 years of this to go I suppose.

    1. 4.1


      Before i say anything pink, I’m just debating you here, not attacking you. The problem with your argument pink is that almost half of his stats are from smoking our defense. Without that game he not only doesn’t have better stats but that single game got him rookie of the month practically. He’s been horrible since. He’s 3-21 on passes over 20 yards and his QBR has plummeted. That’s terrible.
      As for the weapons point, You made it pretty clear that he was transcendent to the game of football. We’ve never seen anything like him I believe were your words. SO weapons shouldn’t matter.
      And just from a football perspective, if you have really watched him play, as I have every week, and you think he would fit Koetters scheme well then I don’t know what to tell you after that.
      But I digress, we are all Bucs fans here and we will most certainly be having this discussion well into their careers. Where they were drafted guarantees it. I”m just going to stick to my guns and say we made the right choice.

    2. 4.2


      didnt john gruden say stats are for losers? wins matter. and right now, he has more than Mariota, who i have nothing but positive things to say about. both platers are going to be great. winston is starting to get the nfl a little bit better each and every week. he may turn the ball over, but that will change as he becomes more seasoned. hes a very young qb who is learning what you need to do to win in the nfl. im nothing but pumped hes our qb, just as titans fans should be pumped they have mariota. im tired of comparing the two. mariota isnt even in the same conference. i wish Scott Rynolds would stop trying to justify that tampa made the right choice bc all it does is get pinkstob worked up lol. but really,both will be great. winston is a gamer and was much better on 3rd down against jacksonville than he was against carolina.

      1. 4.2.1


        I am happier than I thought I would be with JW. I still prefer MM because of accuracy. Never the less, JW is our QB and I am fully behind him. I think he looks best when he is not trying to do to much. If you look at the games where he is throwing a lot, bad things happen. Soon, perhaps this week, teams will take away our running game. At that point we’ll see what kind of QB JW really is.

  6. 5


    Well since you brought it up pinstob, does it really matter if you fumble the ball or throw and interception. A TO is a TO.
    Actually I’m not up in their stats, but from what I remember, they are pretty close to being the same except Mariotta has one more overall TO. Mariotta didn’t suffer the MCL sprain until the last game so I don’t see where that affected his performance much in the first four.
    Was listening to a NFL Network broadcast today and the announcer was stating as teams adjust to Mariotta’s game, his QB rating has descended every week

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    I agree this is not a cohesive thing with this secondary, this is simply a sucky secondary. When you have a secondary that sucks you can’t keep the same guys 6 years and see if they don’t suck! Banks is better than average but hardly a shutdown corner. I guess if you compare him to Jennings Jenkins, etc, he’s awesome! Really not even worth commenting on Mariota. Lol. He has stunk since he played our crappy team. Don’t want to hear about he has less to work with than Winston either. Titans crushed us remember? Lol.

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    Winston or Mariota? You guys handle that one. I’ve got more important things to decide. Olivia Stacey or Casey Phillips? lol. #oldbutnotdeadyet

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    After spending a few days in my hometown of Pittsburgh and having a good time at the Steelers game, I’m glad to be back home. What a difference it was going to a game where everyone except a handfull of brave Cardinals fans was wearing the home team colors. I could not believe the number of stores around town devoted to Steelers merchandise. No other teams’ gear was even available. Maybe one day, the folks here will become loyal to their “home” team instead of living in their past. Wore my 1998 Hall of Fame Game sweatshirt that has both Bucs and Steelers logos.

  11. 9


    SR, really good 5. It’s encouraging to know the Bucs MAY have some good, young corners. Unlike many, I don’t blame Lovie for this defense. HE inherited a VERY depleted roster and the last two very good drafts have been exclusively on the offensive side of the ball. The bottom line, you have to have talent to win in the NFL and the Bucs have very little talent in the defensive backfield

  12. 10


    You confuse me scubog, you lament the fact that more folks here don’t support the Bus instead of their old “home” team.
    But there you are at a Steelers game whooping it up with other Steelers fans in your self described “hometown.”
    Very confusing, sir.

  13. 11


    drdneast:I merely went to the game during the Bucs bye week and cheered for the Steelers instead of JonnyG’s hometown Cardinals…… in Pittsburgh. I can assure you, when the Bucs play the Steelers, I’m a Bucs fan to the core. Proudly revealed to everyone around me that I am a Bucs fan.

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