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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    A contentious Fab 5 this week. Miko, ISIS, BLM, PFF… For a man that’s suppose to be on vacation, you’ve obviously not “found your beach” yet… Good and fair stories though. I just worry about your blood pressure. You work hard all year and I’d like to see kicking out stories for PR for a while. I recommend something cold in one hand and the sound of waves droning in the background as you forget about the Bucs for just a little while. They’ll be here when you get back and as for all of your readers; we can entertain ourselves… Jon can tell us the value of Stocker, CG can pound Pink about Winston, someone will mention God or Trump and the strand will go on for days. You’ll be back in plenty of time with a renewed sense of optimism that this is the Bucs’ year and we’ll all finally have something to be proud of. In the mean time… R-E-L-A-X.

    1. 1.1


      Haha, I don’t think I’ve even seen Pink on here in a while. I’m sure we could find something to disagree about. We don’t have a QB situation like last year to keep us rolling through the boring parts of the offseason. But soon football will be back.

      1. 1.1.1


        Yeah, I think the Winston beat downs were getting to him. Maybe he’s signed in under another user name now? Just look for random pro-Mariota ramblings.

  2. 2


    I hope Brent Grimes has a great year on the field, but his choice for a life partner doesn’t say much for his character. Those cops who died never killed anybody. To find joy in the deaths of the innocent is despicable. Bigotry and prejudice comes in many forms, and they’re all ugly.

  3. 3


    I hope Brent Grimes has a good year and help the Bucs to many victories. One of my concerns is that he goes home to her and has to deal with her. One of the many reasons why I love my wife is because she is low maintenance. There is no question that she is not. Social media can be a valuable tool if used properly. There are some people who are better off not having a Twitter account. I present to you Exhibit A.
    TC can’t start soon enough so we can get back to what happens on the Field. Go Bucs!!!

  4. 4


    Is Miko correct on all of her shared opinions, no, but to infer that a simple word usage, and yes, the term jew as she used it was a simple word used with no derogatory or complimentary adjectives attached to it, immediately implies racisim is pc garbage and thought policing at it’s worst.Funny how I’ve heard nothing but REAL ANTI-SEMITISM rhetoric and even worse carried out actions every day for decades out of the middle east where it is VERY MUCH ALIVE AND WELL. The frequency and deamenor of which has doubled on itself by thousands since our current “POTUS” has been in office alone, but yet all thse but-hurt media talking heads are out there calling Miko the anti-semite racist because she called someone out and chose to do it by identifying them by their religion…I was born and raised a catholic kraut myself, so what?! Even funnier how people used to understand that words only have power if we choose to give it to them, well, not funny anymore though.GO BUCS!!!

    1. 4.1

      Dy-nasty D

      You don’t think that Miko ranting “jew buddies” was meant to be anti-semitic? Wow, you don’t get around much. Are you an adult?

      1. 4.1.1


        I fortunately do qualify as an adult based on my experiences, maturity, and time on this earth alone. Obviously you haven’t spent enough time around real “adults” in your life to know that if you cannot even offer a simple rebutal to someone’s stated opinion without blatantly insulting them, it is you whose lack of age and or maturity level shows and should subsequently be questioned. Wise-up D.

    2. 4.2


      I have to agree with you. That was a poor choice of words in my opinion. Her statement wasn’t negative at all. She should have said something like “Jewish comrades” instead of “Jew buddies”, but I’m not going to pretend that I feel she was being hateful.

  5. 5


    Macabee unveiled!

    Wanted to say goodbye to my PR friends in person. I’m going to do something different this season – I’m going to just watch football for my enjoyment like I used to do pre-social media.

    I’ll explain the photo I used to reflect then (40) and now (67) in a final post with a picture of my family today. Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go out with a flair for the dramatic. Lol!

    Enjoyed chatting with you but it is time for me to move on. Good luck and good day to all of you! Bye!

    1. 5.1


      Two comments;

      First Macabee please do not leave. Your comments are always informative, balanced and not biased (either way). We need people like you on PR so please stay. Which leads me to my second comment.

      Second. Scott great FAB 5 no I mean great FAB 3. I am speaking for me but perhaps many of the readers of PR. We love football and the Bucs because it gives us an escape from the crazy and sometimes insane world that we live in. FAB 1 & 2 ejects us from our peace and safe haven of football and the Bucs and just throws us back into the mayhem of our world. The true Buccaneer fans (me since 1976) do not care what Miko Grimes says, believes or spouts and we do not want to see it in PR. Your only giving voice to her stuff and or anyone else on either side of the issue. Finally, not sure why Macabee is leaving but if he does his lost voice will diminish this web site.
      Please reach out to him and leave the madness of this world out of PR.
      Thanks for listening,

    2. 5.2


      You will be missed mac! I hope someday you change your mind and at least do some periodic, strategic post.

    3. 5.3


      Mac, I sure hope these aren’t your last posts as they are always good for an insightful laugh. We hope you do return one day and I can only say thanks for the posts and enjoy the season.

    4. 5.4


      Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
      And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      And you, my father, there on the sad height,
      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
      -Dylan Thomas

      Please say it ain’t so?

    5. 5.5


      Macabre; I have enjoyed your posts. Hope you come back soon.

    6. 5.6


      Macabee, Very sorry to see you go. But I understand. I almost never most myself anymore.

    7. 5.7


      Thanks Mac – it’s been a pleasure. All the best!

  6. 6

    Ghost in the Ruins

    Is it possible that Miko is bipolar or maybe a raging alcoholic that can’t control her angry outbursts? In my career I have had good troops that kept their noses clean and produced good results at work, but had their promising careers derailed because ultimately they are responsible for their dependents actions. While being a professional athlete is a far cry from the military, it carries an inherent role model responsibility with it, whether wanted or not, that the player should be held accountable for. I’m sure Brent loves his wife, faults and all, or maybe is just too scared to say anything to her about it, but when she causes controversy in the media, it is bound to affect the team and become a distraction. Eventually either Brent or the team will have to decide risk verse reward of his play on the field justifies the distraction his wife presents. It’s sad because it looks like she is just wanting attention, positive or negative, and has no regard for how it might affect Brent, begging the question of whether she loves him or the spotlight being married to him provides.
    Good job SR on taking the high road in reporting her actions and outbursts while keeping your integrity intact by not responding to her comments about Pewter Report. Too much hate already exists in the world without venom spewing spotlight seekers stoking the fire, especially towards the Law Enforcement community that already has a tough enough job keeping families and communities safe. Maybe one day the team will produce such a good product on the field that there will be too many positive things to write about so as not to allow time for covering the ignorant, hateful things a players spouse might say.

  7. 7


    Scott, i always love the Fab 5 and look forward to it every week but i dont come on PR for content on police shootings and things of that nature. I understand its a topic that has taken front and center in the media and our society but i dont feel as though this is the place for it. I come here for BUCS content and thats it. I also understand this your site and you can do as you wish. I furthermore get jt that there is a lull in bucs action this time of year and you are on vacation and need content. I am merely nicely explaining my pov as not thinking its such a good idea having topics like this or politics on here. Like i said, i always look forward to Fab 5 every week but wa somewhat shocked and disappointed that this topic is taking up “air time” on PR. ENJOY YOUR VACAY…IM SURE U NEEDED IT!

    1. 7.1


      Agreed. I don’t read that stuff or read national, local, or international news, except as pertains to economic issues. I don’t want to read it here.

    2. 7.2

      Dy-nasty D

      This ^. If I want to hear right-wing rhetoric, I’ll turn on a.m. radio – NOT. Please stick to football and stop the conservative moralizing. Btw, who the fuck is Miko? I would’ve never heard of her if you weren’t giving her a stage.

    3. 7.3
  8. 8


    How is this even news? Why does it matter what a woman types on twitter? Why does PR feel the need to add fuel to the fire by writing articles directed towards her? I thought this was a football outlet, no? I’m sure there’s more insightful articles that could have been written on some x’s and o’s of the Bucs new defense, am I right?

  9. 9


    Good Fab 5 once again. In terms of Miko, personally I think shes pretty trashy. While she is more than entitled to her own opinion. AS long as they aren’t directed at our team, I have no problem. The minute she starts riding our own players, then it’s a problem.
    You can’t possibly say it wouldn’t effect our team in a negative way. Even with having to talk to other media outlets every time she blurts more BS , to have to answer questions every week would get annoying as hell.
    I wouldn’t worry about hr affecting Jameis at all. With what that dude played through in college, he’s mentally up to any challenge.
    As for the police maters, these are all tragic events and the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Never seen anything like this, the great divide that is happening.
    I’m into going to go any further as I have family that are good police officers so that subject is a little too passionate for me.
    Seen the movie and read the book 12 angry men, but it was many moons ago.
    As for PFF, I think they are kind of a joke when it comes to ratings. Not sure how they value stuff at all. I agree though as it’s almost like they hate the Bucs. They severely undervalued Luke Stocker and that simply can not be overlooked.
    Enjoy that vaca buddy, the world will still be falling apart when you get back. Which leads me to say, i think the world needs football now more than ever.
    I know that sounds superficial, but we all need some distraction , something to take our mind off the crap going on out there.
    We need a little FOOTBALL!

  10. 10


    “To be clear, in firing Smith and keeping Verner, Banks, Conte, McDougald and cornerback Jude Adjei-Barimah, who all started last year, the front office essentially said the problem in pass defense in 2015 was more coaching and scheme than it was lack of talent.”

    The 70% completion rate had nothing to do with a lack of pass rush, right?

  11. 11



    When the media stops talking about her, she ceases to be a distraction. So even the above question is perpetuating the potential for distraction. See? All this nonsense is a media creation. Miko Grimes is nobody until the media decides to make her somebody. So the question is part and parcel of the issue. If people ignore her, she goes away. Pretty simple… But media wants to drum up outrage to sell advertising, and she becomes someone, and eventually this creates a distraction. Make no mistake, it isn’t Miko’s comments that are a distraction, it is the undeserved attention her remarks are given. Honestly, I don’t care what she says. I don’t care what she has to say. She is nobody worthy of my attention.

  12. 12


    When a woman craves attention she will do whatever it takes to get it. This woman loves the spotlight and has no talent fit for public consumption.

    1. 12.1

      Dy-nasty D

      Unnecessary sexist generalization on women.

  13. 13


    it won’t be long now that she’ll be defending her actions in a civil suit and hubby will be paying for it.

  14. 14


    In my opinion Miko is an entertainer that is un entertaining. Who cares. Great points on Fab 5. Having kids of similar age so true about living in Dangerous times. Many people are brainwashed and don’t even realize it. KUDOS SR. I’ve defined thick-skinned as having above average wisdom and tolerance. Both declining everyday in the USA.

  15. 15


    The only reason I am abandoning my off season hiatus is to wish Mac the best and sincerely hope he shares his superior football knowledge with us on occasion in the future. You will be missed Mac.

  16. 16


    Why is pr following miko on twitter in the first place.

  17. 17


    Miko is nuts plain and simple. I doubt she becomes a big distraction or matters here in Tampa. Grimes is a stop gap player at the end of his career. Get a good year or two out of him and that would be fine.

    Cracks me up to hear people here saying this article is too political or too right winged. Yea, saying we should support police and the vast majority of cops are good cops that risk their lives daily for not much money is crazy right winged politics? Or saying we should get all facts before we react is right wing politics. What a Bunch of frigging idiots.

  18. 18


    I really don’t care what Miko Grimes has to say. I wonder if her questionable choice of words is really who she is or if, as someone said, she is trying to be an entertainer. I wonder what Brett thinks about his wife’s Twitter persona. Is she a reflection of who he is?

    Like many, I want to come to Pewter Report for insight about my favorite team or other football related topics, not for social commentary. I agree with Fredster’s observation that there’s always someone with an angry message toward the “right” but I rarely see a negative comment directed to the “left.”

    macabee: I hope you’ll reconsider. I know I will miss your posts. Not many here have a sense of humor. Thank you for entertaining and enlightening me.

    Two more weeks Pink. Looking forward to seeing you at Training Camp.

  19. 19


    Mac, enjoy the life change. With Miko, at least people are talking about us. Why would the Glazers have to respond? Right now they are Miko’s Jew buddies. Don’t be offended, she has whop, chink, nigga, she name it buddies. As long as you’re a buddy, you’re O.K.. Anything the Glazers say could move them from the Jew buddy list, to the Jew sh-t list. If you see a rattle snake in your path, best keep quiet,and give it a wide berth as you walk around it.

  20. 20


    Miko is perpetuating a stereotype…the prettier they are the crazier they are! It’s easy to see why she is always getting in trouble with the public or game day security personel!

  21. 21


    I hope you change your mind and stay macabee. I enjoy reading your common sense insights and the additional relevant links you post.
    I always look for your insights in the comments section.
    I hope you change your mind.

  22. 22


    ditto,ditto, ditto!!!

  23. 23


    I liked this site a LOT more when it was just about the Bucs and issues that had to do with the Bucs. Granted now, Miko in all her obnoxiousness is part of that. But, I don’t come here to read commentary on world events….just the opposite Frankly. And WHY does every right wing leaning person insist on having to label these awful terrorist events as RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST acts? As if Islam is the only religion capable of such horrendous acts? All you’re doing is giving these fruitcakes what they want, which is why your Commander in Chief refuses to use that label.

    1. 23.1


      Maybe it is because it was RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST who perpetrated them.

  24. 24


    Scott, the reason Pewter Report is my #1 source of Bucs news and insight is because there is no one better at reporting original information on the Bucs not just re-tread information. Your SR Fab 5 is a must read. I also appreciate the fact that you typically don’t report on the TMZ type stuff like Miko’s actions and when you do it’s usually how it may affect the Bucs organization. That being said I really don’t care what any player’s wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, kids, or any relative tweets out and if I did then I would personally follow them. So thanks for addressing this Miko situation but hopefully you’ll keep it to the news on the field and in One Buc Place like you have always done and in turn makes Pewter Report the best!!!

  25. 25


    I, like many others here could care less about Miko and what she says or does. If Brent plays at the level we are expecting, she can rant on twitter all she wants and it shouldn’t effect his job. I am anxious to see our new defense and especially our secondary this year, there is nothing anyone can say or do to change that.

    I hope this is the last time Miko is mentioned here. Good or bad, she is not a player and therefore has no place on PR. I just want to read about wins so let’s get some!

  26. 26

    Bucs Capacitor

    Please continue calling out PFF. They have a misconception around NFL fans as the go-to source of unbiased, numbers-based player rankings. I think they USED to be that, but since they were bought out they’re just like any other national media source…very biased and mostly opinions under the guise of fancy numbers.

  27. 27


    Interesting Fab5.. When I remember to look at PPF it becomes obvious why I don’t care what they say. What a bunch of morons.
    Speaking of morons, this Miko girl is some piece of work. What intestinal fortitude her old man has. This guy is the re-incarnation of Gahndi. But I guess every nut has a screw. You can determine who’s the nut for yourself.
    I just hope that this does not get into Grimes head. We shall see.
    Good arrival about Jon Hoke. Should be a big upgrade over Lovies kid. This just proves that nepotism is kind a bad.

  28. 28


    Since one of the underlying themes here is free speech, the June 4th issue of Economist magazine features “Free speech under attack.

  29. 29


    If the media would just stop reading her Twitter posts, then they won’t have anything to report. Most fans could care less about what players’ wives and parents think! We can just ignore her. Doesn’t she knows we had to deal with Warren “I’m an a$$hole to local media & fans” Sapp off of the field! She’s a novice compared to him. He didn’t hide behind the isolation of social media, he was nasty to your face. If the Bucs or NFL choose, they can just ban her from team or league related events and facilities.

  30. 30


    Macabee, very sorry this is your last post. You are one of my favorite and most informed blogger, and you will be missed!

  31. 31


    Some of us or most of us could care less what Miko says but I think SR whole point is it’s not that way with all fans and if she keeps it up especially if we start losing early it could have an effect on attracting or keeping fans which is detrimental to what the Glazers, Licht and the Bucs are trying to do. That’s something we don’t need as a team IMO. There’s always someone who gets offended and her rants could drive away ( unnecessarily )new fans or existing fans wither you care what she says or not. The Bucs organization really cant afford that. I think that’s all SR is trying to say. Anyway….. Man, will Football hurry up and get here. GO BUCS!!!

  32. 32


    It should go without saying that Scott Reynolds is more than capable of speaking for himself. Yet it seems like he may need some help here because it appears that some of you failed to comprehend some important points Scott was trying to communicate. Scott stated several times in this Fab 5 that he doesn’t want to report on Miko any more than any of us care to read about her. But it’s news related to the Bucs. And as he’s explained in the past, he simply reports news relevant to the team. Like her or not Bucs fans; Miko is news relevant to our team. But then we come to what appears to be the biggest source of contention this week; we’ll call it Fab 5 Buc shots section 3. Here’s where some of you really missed the point. Ask yourself. Why did Scott include this section? Is it because he’s a right wing nut who wants to spew his political ideology on his site because he can? The answer is of course, no. The overwhelming body of evidence on this site demonstrating the man’s professionalism clearly answers that question. He deserve more respect than that. And yes I’m talking to you Dy-Nasty D. It was obvious to me why he included the section. Read it again yourself. He couldn’t have been more clear.
    “What I thought about last week as the videos of the shootings of Sterling and Castile made their way around Twitter and social media was how people were jumping to conclusions without all of the facts.”
    But let me help you in case that doesn’t clear it up. WE’RE ON A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE RIGHT NOW. He was simply relating and connecting the issues of the bigger world to the issues of this team and ON THIS SITE. This message board is a social media site and many of you jump to conclusions without facts. And in an extremely professional way he’s talking about not jumping to conclusions even about crazy lady Grimes. I for one am glad to have Scott as the professional he is reporting about the team that I love. He shows time and time again his journalistic integrity. I wish this site was all football just like most of you. But it’s not up to us to decide what’s news relevant to this team. It’s news and thanks for reporting it Scott.

    1. 32.1


      The shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are not relevant news for Buccaneers football. Neither are Scott’s (ignorant) thoughts on the cause of social unrest in Ferguson, MO. Neither is the information he shared about Jonathan Butler or the events at Mizzou.

      The only one of these that could very, very slightly be argued to be relevant to the Bucs (and it’s an enormous stretch) are Miko Grimes’s expressions related to the recent shootings. Even then, going super in depth on the incidents themselves is inappropriate for this setting.

  33. 33


    I too will miss your insights. I really have enjoyed learning from you. Thanks for sharing with us.
    You might consider making a return visit occasionally. I happen to be a retired guy who is 69 years old. My life does not revolve around PR or the Buccaneers either. That is why I just jump in randomly here.
    I respect that you may have other reasons for leaving us. With that thought in mind I will just say “So long!”
    Go Bucs!!!

  34. 34


    Whelp, SR, you’ve officially lost me, too. I won’t be back to PR again. I’ve said multiple times that this is a Bucs news website with a touch of analysis. At least, that’s what it should be. I really, really mean this – nobody here cares about your thoughts on social or political matters. Nobody here wants you to do interest pieces two or three times a year that are strictly focused on sharing a distinctly Christian viewpoint. And don’t even tell me that you’re just covering the team or whatever. That’s nonsense, and you know it. Christianity is a proselytizing religion. I get it. And THAT’S what you’re doing when you write those pieces. Not just reporting.

    Anyways, back to my overall point.

    This is not the proper avenue for news, politics, religion, discussions of (most) social events, etc. Nobody comes here for that. I promise. You’re being selfish by constantly using PR as your own personal soapbox. If you want to create a separate site that is focused on those other issues, then by all means, do it! Even occasionally mention it in your pieces on PR to try to draw this community’s attention to it. That’s fine. But the way you’re doing this now – using this site as a means for you to regularly express your personal beliefs – is inappropriate and unwanted to most of this community. Seriously, just read the comments.

    You’ve lost macabee, and now you’re losing me. Others will go, too. I promise. People don’t want this. Will you still continue to do this as you lose clicks, advertising revenue, etc.? You have a professional responsibility to the various people you keep on your payroll. If/when your stubborn insistence on making this your own soap box continues to alienate readers and ultimately undermine the financial success of this site, will you keep it up?

    My parting opinion – everything you said about the events of the Michael Brown shooting and the UM protests is accurate. And I agree with your overall approach to judging situations. I have taken the same stance with these recent deaths. But to state that it was the Michael Brown shooting that created the events in Ferguson is incredibly ignorant. Yes, that was the final catalyst, but what took place in Ferguson was the result of years and years of build up of the effects of institutional racism and systemic discrimination against the black people of the Ferguson community. I mean, did you even read the actual report? Something like 80+ pages of that report (which is linked directly in the article you linked) detail the incredible levels of discrimination the Ferguson police department and the city of Ferguson have utilized over the years.

    But nevermind all that. It was just a bunch of black people freaking out over a misunderstanding of one event, right? And it’s super important to make it clear that “hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t actually happen. Now, while it certainly is for the sake of the officer involved in that altercation, it is NOT RELEVANT to the riots and civil unrest in Ferguson. If it hadn’t been Michael Brown, it would have been something else, because when you hold people down for long enough, eventually, they will respond.

    I’m out. Enjoy continuing to share your unwanted and painfully ignorant perspectives. I’ll find my Bucs content elsewhere.

    I’ve enjoyed getting to interact with most of the members of this community. Good luck to you all. Go Bucs!

    I leave this community with an excerpt from the actual justice department report on Ferguson, MO and the events of the Michael Brown shooting. If you’d like to read it for yourself (you should if you’d like to have an INFORMED opinion on this subject), you can do so here: https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/opa/press-releases/attachments/2015/03/04/ferguson_police_department_report.pdf.

    “This culture within FPD influences officer activities in all areas of policing, beyond just ticketing. Officers expect and demand compliance even when they lack legal authority. They are inclined to interpret the exercise of free-speech rights as unlawful disobedience, innocent movements as physical threats, indications of mental or physical illness as belligerence. Police supervisors and leadership do too little to ensure that officers act in accordance with law and policy, and rarely respond meaningfully to civilian complaints of officer misconduct. The result is a pattern of stops without reasonable suspicion and arrests without probable cause in violation of the Fourth Amendment; infringement on free expression, as well as retaliation for protected expression, in violation of the First Amendment; and excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

    Even relatively routine misconduct by Ferguson police officers can have significant consequences for the people whose rights are violated. For example, in the summer of 2012, a 32-year-old African-American man sat in his car cooling off after playing basketball in a Ferguson public park. An officer pulled up behind the man’s car, blocking him in, and demanded the man’s Social Security number and identification. Without any cause, the officer accused the man of being a pedophile, referring to the presence of children in the park, and ordered the man out of his car for a pat-down, although the officer had no reason to believe the man was armed. The officer also asked to search the man’s car. The man objected, citing his constitutional rights. In response, the officer arrested the man, reportedly at gunpoint, charging him with eight violations of Ferguson’s municipal code. One charge, Making a False Declaration, was for initially providing the short form of his first name (e.g., “Mike” instead of “Michael”), and an address which, although legitimate, was different from the one on his driver’s license. Another charge was for not wearing a seat belt, even though he was seated in a parked car. The officer also charged the man both with having an expired operator’s license, and with having no operator’s license in his possession. The man told us that, because of these charges, he lost his job as a contractor with the federal government that he had held for years.”

    Incredibly, it really does only get worse from there.

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