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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    I’m very confused and wondering what’s going on between you writers at PR. You reported that McCoy got a contract that “will keep a Buccaneer for life” last weekend. Now you say it’s basically a 4-year deal. What’s up with the flip-flop. It’s also quite evident in your coverage of our punter. Some stories talk about how horrible he’s playing, others talk about how he’s being directed to punt directionally and shorter. Confusing messages.

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    Johnson is not worried about being benched, traded etc.he has got his money just like so many other FA that don’t play up to their FA contracts. Glennon is SOFT, time to move on from a QB with no heart and can’t get out of his own way.

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    Scott Reynolds

    mattym3 – The seven-year contract would keep McCoy in Tampa Bay until he’s 33, which is when he would be close to retirement – IF he plays out every year of that contract. Davin Joseph was signed as a “Buc for life” several years ago, but was released in the offseason due to his performance not matching his play. Same thing could happen to McCoy, which is why the way it’s structured the Bucs can escape dead cap money after four years. Time will tell. As for the performance of Michael Koenen, he has had a disappointing season, but he has been told to punt directionally. He’s just not doing it as well as the team would like. Not many returns – but not much distance, either.

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    Good Fab 5 Scott. Telling it like it is. The pen must be mightier than the sword with this administration. Lovie is never going to admit that some errors were made in free agency. I understand his reluctance, but don’t approve of his media strategy. You guys, the pen and mic club, must publically embarrass this administration into taking action.

    I agree about getting players with attitude and maybe even a few warts. I would put a box of crab legs in the cooler at OBP and draft QB Jameis Winston in a heartbeat. Replace headhunter FS Mark Barron with FS Cody Prewitt/Ole Miss, another headhunter that can also cover deep. WR Dorial Green-Beckham was kicked out of Mizzou and must sit out this year with Oklahoma. Get him! A 6-5 WR that also runs a 4-4 and could possibly replace Vincent Jackson seems like a chance I would take.

    No more former team captains that can’t play. Could you even imagine Suh next to McCoy? If we only made one move in FA, I would be happy with that one. The Broncos and the Pats seemed to put up with Talib ok because he can play. Prayer is alright in prayer meeting, but you might want to use pepper spray in bear meeting.

    I’m tired of losing. Time for us to win some by any means possible!

    Oh, one small point: The bucs do not own their 5th round pick. In the 2014 draft, the Bucs gave the Bills our 2014 7th round pick and our 2015 5th round pick to move back into the 5th round to select Kevin Pamphile. We still have the Ravens 5th round pick that we got for Zuttah and we just got another 5th round pick by exchanging our 6th round pick for their 5th for Casillas. Kinda like moving up 10 spots. Both of our 5th round picks will be at or near the end of the 5th round.

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      Just noticed that I didn’t name the Pats in the trade for Casillas. Pretty sure everybody knows that!

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    I agree no mariota Winston is the man winless for Winston should be the catch phrase,and macabee is right if you can somehow get dgb at wideout to pair with Winston and evans look out, but I believe dgb will get drafted in the first round he has way too much talent

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    Winston is the top QB in the draft, hands down. Bucs are fools if they pass on that kind of talent.

    If Licht wants to keep his job, he’ll draft Winston then sit back and look like a genius for years.

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    Great reporting Scott and I agree with your evaluations and recommendations. Having said that, other than Martin’s injury, none of your recommendations will happen. The real problem is with Lovie Smith and Frasier. Their viewpoints are fixed and they are very arrogant with their excuses for failure. Their “laid-back” personalities just don’t work in the NFL today. The Patriots, 49ers, Ravens, Giants, Eagles, Saints and other winning franchises have the type of coaches that hold players accountable…..and they win!!! I was roundly “hammered” for defending Greg Schiano last year and to all of those who view Lovie Smith as the savior, what do you think now? Coaching failures, arrogance and poor player evaluation has destroyed the BUCS for 2014.

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    Jameis Winston is a disaster of a human being. He may have an amazing arm and amazing legs, but he is barren between his ears. His legal and disciplinary problems are causing him to evaluate dropping out of school to avoid being kicked out. Give this train wreck millions, free time, and a whole gaggle of yes men, and he’s a heartbeat away from jail at any moment. If the Bucs are smart (big IF), they’ll avoid him like ebola.

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    Winston is very talented like Williams was, but what make any of you Winston promoters think that once Winston gets his big contract, he isn’t going to be chasing women and ignoring his duties to the Bucs just like Williams did. I don’t see Williams becoming an All Pro with Buffalo either. His poor character plus big money has ruined him just like it will Winston. Great article Scott, specially as to the OL! I totally agree but I also agree with the rumblings against WarFLOP. He is a bigger BUST than our departed Safety.

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    Excellent Fab 5 Scott. We all know this free agent class has so far been a huge disappointment. Like Horse and some others, I’m most concerned with the offensive line group. The alleged “upgrade” has been anything but. For me, the worst signing has been Evan Dietrich Smith who is just getting his a$$ whipped inside on running plays. Collins seems to be realizing his own shortcomings and is cowering instead of showing a little Donald Penn type spirit. Omameh is “just a guy” who may improve with time, but when Gilkey is taking snaps away that tells me something. Mankins is probably playing out the season and his career before retiring this off-season. We always talk about Dotson’s potential and athleticism which I too believe is better suited for the left side. Move him there now. But I also believe Coach Warhop needs to be held accountable for his unjustified favoritism for ex-Brown players like Cousins and Gilkey. I get that Gilkey and Cousins have some versatility. But that just means they suck at more than one position. Gilkey was brought in as a back-up center but he’s too tall for the position. Bottom line (we certainly hold that distinction)is that this unit needs a complete overhaul including the coach. Fortunately, other than LT who we may already have with Dotson, offensive linemen can often be had in the later rounds and undrafted free agents. Pile up those draft picks Jason! Target big and nasty.

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    Like your suggestions for line up changes, but would add a few more. First we need a better MLB, and since David, and Foster can both call the D now’s a good time to give someone else a look in the middle. This would also let you see Foster play the SAM where if he plays well he’d be worth resigning. Another move I’d make is moving Verner to the slot. When the Bucs first signed him I thought he’d have the Barber role in this defense where I think he’s more suited. He’s not an ideal outside corner playing man, been beat to much. The problem with all our free agent signings is they were all role players, and subs on their former teams. L, and L thought they were starters, and they’re not. We shouldn’t be disappointed with them. It’s not their fault they were over valued by Smith.

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    SR you see Mariota and you see Alex Smith? A lot of posters prefer Winston over Mariota? Are you guys kidding me? Mariota’s arm isn’t as strong as Kaepernick’s, but it’s stronger than A. Smith’s, T. Brady’s, A. Dalton’s and half of the other starting QB’s in the league today. Mariota’s personality is just as meek as E. Manning, J. Flacco and R. Wilson and they’ve all won Super Bowls. How can you guys ignore his accuracy, decision making, poise, agility, speed and ball protection skills? A. Rodgers and P. Manning were considered “system” QB’s in college as well. Winston has not played nearly as well this year in the pocket, his athleticism is overrated and he’s proven to be the most immature QB in recent memory. Our need at QB is too glaring to screw this next draft up. Like you guys I’m sick of losing and it’s okay that we have different point of views of how to improve the team. But I’m also sick of s#!+y football players being favored around here over better players available through the draft or favored over better players already on the team. It’s going to be a long 7 months around here because I’m prepared to jump all over anyone to favors Winston or a DE over Mariota. I’d much, much rather be taking the heat now but winning in 3 years than saying “I told you so” in 3 years.

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      Do not take my willingness to take Winston as a thumbs-down on Mariota. I think Mariota is an excellent choice for QB. On Oct. 27th, you posted an endorsement of Mariota under the blog title “Smith not planning a Bucs QB change”. I followed your post with an endorsement of Mariota also. Please reread if you have the time.

      Now to be sure I’m not talking out of both sides of my mouth, my post above is simply saying I would not let Winston’s off-field antics stop me from drafting a player that I believe has exceptional skills. I do believe Mariota has excelled in a system and he would be best served to remain in a similar system if he came to the NFL – an observation voiced by many NFL analysts. Most Oct. 27th post suggested the same. I saw last night’s game and I saw the Arizona game. Similar to Kaepernick, when a containment defense is used his game struggles. Kaepernick is turning the corner now and Mariota is smart and he can do the same thing. But it will take time.

      I haven’t decided which QB I would take if we were drafting today. Given the state of the Bucs today, the simple answer would be to take either one. I am simply saying that I wouldn’t let the knock on Mariota’s coming from a system or Winston’s affinity for crab legs scare me away from either QB! Others, I’m sure will differ.

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        Just a few thoughts on Mariota being knocked as a “system” QB…a knock I still can’t understand by the way….watching last night’s game I saw a QB that 1) could stand in the pocket under pressure, 2) could escape heavy pressure with his feet, 3) could go through his progressions from the pocket, 4) could throw on the run to improvise, 5) could throw more than 20 yards down field, 6) and hit WRs in stride, 7) could make the fade throws, 8) could fire the ball into tight windows, 9) could throw the check-down passes, including screen passes, 10) was unfased by the Stanford comeback in the 3rd quarter, leading his team down field to score TDs and kill Stanford,…..so if that’s some kind of product of a system – a complete QB skill set from physical abilities through mental toughness and leadership – and not just a great QB in the making….I’m good with that too….whatever this “system” knock is, we need more of that in Tampa Bay please!




          My post from October 27, 2014 7:13pm

          Let’s not just get Mariota, get the whole package. We will need a new OC and who would work better than Scott Frost at the University of Oregon. Frost, 39, is a young successful OC at who plays the up-tempo style of offense that resembles what I can make of what the Bucs wanted to do under Tedford.
          Jeff Tedford, should he come back, could be given the old Jimmy Raye title of SR. Offensive Assistant and have him mentor the new young OC. Make the move transparent with the QB, OC, and the offense. Lessen the timeline to put your franchise QB on the field. The worst thing we could do is try to remake Mariota in a new system as the Bucs attempted to do with Freeman after the 2010 season.
          Frost is a Chip Kelly protégé and is even a former Buc under Jon Gruden. He is ready to move to the next level and would make the perfect replacement for Tedford. The skill positions are already in place to bring that Oregon high octane offense to the Bucs. If we can’t stop other teams from scoring, then let’s outscore them. Let’s do something big and smart for a change! Go Bucs!
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            All for that Mac….let’s hope it happens!

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    The description of Mariota as “too nice”….where have I heard that before…..hmmmmmm mm mm mm mm……..oh ya, our probowl, superstar, defensive leader, 3-tech DT……I think I’m good with being “too nice”….any other ridiculous complaints about this kid….he is killing Stanford as we speak!

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    very good article Scott. I don’t believe Mariota or Winston should be our pick if it’s somewhere between one and five. both of those quarterbacks are not ready to start in the NFL. if we don’t trade down then I’m picking an offensive lineman or defensive lineman. We need an impact type of player for our first pick.

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    Isn’t RG the road grader position? The best run blocker? Isn’t Anthony Collins comically inept in run blocking?

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