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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Wow, Luke Stocker gets named player of the week and gets a Fab 5 section. I can already see the comments from jongruden. But I like Stocker. The real bum at TE is Myers. Also, many fans will disagree with this, but I hope the Bucs lose out. I don’t care about momentum. I want the best draft pick possible. Fourth is probably out of the question, but picking in the top eight sure would be nice.

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      If you were sitting in the stands with me surrounded by transplanted Bears fans you’d think differently.

  2. 2


    totally agree on #2!! people forget most good teams have very good asst coaches to go with a good head coach…look at all the good coaches under dungy in tampa’s good ol days… the coaching staff needs to be looked at

  3. 3


    Compelling comparison between the 2010 and 2015 team, Scott. I would say that with Winston, we are in a different situation that, as Bucs fans, have never been in before. The upcoming schedule may look daunting, but we’ve never looked at an upcoming schedule with a franchise QB on our team. I think a winning record is definitely on the table next year as well a potential playoff spot because we now have a legit QB for the first time. I still think that upsetting the apple cart and starting over with another regime is not a productive idea for the Bucs. A new coach would need his players and it would basically be following the same coaching turnover cycle that the Bucs have recently fallen into. This team needs some continuity. There is definite improvement from this team from last year. Licht is showing that he has an eye for talent. I say, let this play out and see what happens. Great work from you Scott, Mark and the gang this year… I appreciate the depth of coverage that I never really saw on the TBT site that I participated in for years. Bring on 2016!

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    I saw a clip of Koetter interviewing for the H.C. spot in Denver, so it seems he does want to be a head coach. Since Lovie IMO, isn’t any better then Frazier as D.C., I’d S- can Lovie, and promote Koetter to H.C. rather then lose him. You know Lovie would promote the Q.B. coach, and degrade our coaching talent. Speaking of coaches, I don’t see Lovie firing his son, or any other coach, although he should. O’Dea comes to mind, since our S.T.’s have been horrible. Who knows what the Glazers will do, but Scott points out some damning stats on Lovies watch.

    1. 4.1


      Surfer, You are a true Buc fan and I know you are. But sometimes we have to let things take their natural course. The clip you saw was from last year before Koetter took the job as Buc OC. Gary Kubiak got that job and has been Broncos HC for one year now.

      I understand your frustration, but hang in there all things have it’s place in time. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Patience is virtue!

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    Mary Christmas to Scott and Mark and the rest of the PR Staff, and the same to Horse, Scubog, and all the rest of the PR Posters!!! Go Bucs!

    1. 5.1


      Same to you owlykat.

    2. 5.2


      Owly, I luv you man. But I couldn’t resist. I thought Mary was the chick with the lil ole lamb. This not the time of year to get St Nick all riled up. Lol.
      Merry Christmas Owly, and to all the folks you mentioned in your cheer. I hope all of you guys can find something to smile about today and for the rest of the year. Cheers to all my PR brethren!

    3. 5.3


      Thanks Owlykat. Same to you. Love your passion.

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    Scott, Merry Christmas to you and Ppewter Report. Great reading Scott! Lots to think about if we lose the last two games which I hope we don’t. I would love for us to put it to the Bears and have Scubog do his Buccaneer dance around all those Bear fans seating around him. There is no reason why we shouldn’t beat them badly. I hope we play to win and not to lose. Okay one more thought here? You would think every NFL has a player on their PS that they expect to contribute next season; why can’t we put Jackson, Spense, G. Johnson, Wright, M. Jenkins,on IR and pick up some more players. It would basically be like signing players now for Free Agency. Go Bucs; get this win?

    1. 6.1


      Not much of a dancer Horse but, being a certified smart ass, I always have plenty of remarks for the ones who live here. All in fun of course.

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    I would sign DE Olivier Vernon, draft DE Noah Spence in the first round as long as his background checked out. I like Noah Spence on field play better that Joey Bosa. I think he is more explosive, more athletic and has a higher ceiling than Bosa. I would use the rest of the draft on CB and safety depending on FA.

  8. 8


    Yannick Ngakoue looks like a smart player indeed. I’m generally hoping for one of the corners in the first round; but, this guy might move up.

  9. 9


    What a great Christmas present, a Fav 5 on Christmas Day.
    Egads, jongrudens is going to go off the deep end when he sees that truthful bit about Luke Stocker, I hope the TPD just uses stun guns on him to quiet him down when the neighbors call to complain about a crazed man in the neighborhood lurching around turning over garbage cans and kicking defenseless household pets.

    1. 9.1


      Funny! JonnyG lives in Arizona drdneast so he won’t be tazzed by the TPD. He’ll just ride out into the desert on a Horse with no name and scream at the top of his lungs how stupid we Tampa Bay folks are for thinking #88 has a meaningful role on the team.

  10. 10


    Merry Christmas Scott – impressive, writing an article at 2 mins to Christmas! Lots of good thoughts in this one too. My own thoughts for a wish list would include: please venture back into FA in 2016. We cannot fill all of our holes in the draft and we are not so close to being legitimate right now (great point on the weak schedule), but we could be oh so close if we mixed FA and the draft. For example, Eric Weddke and Eric Berry could be available…we have terrible safeties…they are play making safeties….a number of OLinemen are available…our OL was way better than expected but not nearly good enough to protect the franchise…we need to upgrade or we may not have a franchise…as for DE and CB, yes the draft is probably better this year than FA….just look at the Pats for a model….it’s the mix of draft + FA that works best.

  11. 11


    Super Fab 5. As far as DE FA’s available, I like the Miami guy you mentioned. Bot as high on LB’s converted to 4-3 schemes because they are always a tad undersized.
    As far as playing tougher divisions next year, it’s just way to early to predict such a thing.
    No one would have guessed the NFC east would have turned into a soft division at this time last year.
    The Seahawks continue to regress every year because other teams keep plucking their FA’s away when they come out on the market depleting their depth.
    It also appears the best time to catch the Seahawks is during the early part of the season.
    Agree with the defensive coordinator position/ Lovie needs to either turn the reins back over to Frazier or fire him and find another guy.
    If he can’t do that, then the Glazers should do what the Cowboys owner should have done years ago and fire the GM. In the Bucs case they should fire the head coach.
    The Bucs have very little dead cap money this year and hope they finally get a decent DE and CB then draft one of each in the first two rounds if one is close to being the highest rated player on their board.

  12. 12


    1. We aren’t a very good team. 2. outside of a few games, we haven’t done a ton on offense. Yes, Koetter is better than no one, but I am not sure he is a great choice. 3. Stocker is a fine #3 tight end. But let’s not go crazy here.

  13. 13


    Artpace, we are in the category of a .500 team so although not good, we are about average.
    Now think about how bad we were before Lovie and Jason Licht got here. Are drafts for the previous 12 years were horrendous.
    Although Licht and Love didn’t fare well in the first year of FA, they improved in he second.
    Except for George Johnson, I would say the Bucs did well in FA this year where they concentrated on picking up solid backups who would add depth to the team which it sorely needed.
    Johnson better get his act together in these last two games or he will be looking for another team.
    I hear people out here saying Lovie needs to hold these players accountable and believe me he does,
    Neither he nor Licht were hesitant about pulling the trigger on a number of players last year who underwhelmed even when they would be smacked with a cap hit.
    Johnson doesn’t even have a cap hit so how much problem do you think Lovie and Licht will have getting ride of him.
    This isn’t unusual though. A lot of teams fail to do well in FA for whatever reasons.
    Might be the reason why the Packers very rarely venture into signing FA’s. Better to spend your money in the sco9uting department than waste it on FA’s who get lazy once they get a fat contract.
    The scouting department has been revamped with new personnel and a new director which seems to have paid off in dividends.
    No one is going crazy on Stocker we are just having fun with jongruden.
    Believe it or not the Bucs certainly have the talent on offense to win the final two games.
    The key is the defense.
    The offense also needs to get off to a faster start and start scoring more in the first period.

  14. 14


    My short wish list:

    1.)since we are stuck with Lovie at least one more year like it or not…. I would hope Lovie learns from his many mistakes last couple years and has an open mind to change some things. He seems very stubborn to me. For gods sake let Frazier (or someone else if you don’t think he’s capable) do their job and call defensive plays. You are not not a good enough coach to handle this as evidenced by so many mistakes with clock management etc. not even going to go into them all, but they have been laid out by me and by Scott in great detail. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing And expecting different results. Getting some corner and DE help in draft or free agency is a must. This defense has been just horrid all year really. We really did blow golden opportunity to squeak into playoffs.
    2.)Win out. Screw the draft position. We will be fine and I trust Licht. Moving up a bit because we blew more games that were winnable is stupid. Winston and everyone need to learn how to control emotions and win! Momentum does matter and please Stop these stupid penalties now. Don’t let this garbage carry into next year so we move up some spots in the draft. Plus I frigging hate the arrogant Panthers and Cam Newton.
    3.)Mike Evans grow up. I doubt we keep Jackson given his age and injuries lately. Personally love they guy though. We need a true number 1 for Winston that doesn’t drop easy balls and whine like a little bitch every play to refs. Be a leader!
    4.)keep Martin if at all possible. Having that run game will help Winston keep developing and this offense in general. Second year for Marpet and Smith should help the O line be better.
    5.)Hope Koetter doesn’t get a head coaching offer. Could really set Winstons and our offense development back.
    Lot of other wishes but that’s my big 5.

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