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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Look, Koetter might be a good head coach, and if he is our coach next week I will get behind him. But I haven’t seen any proof of it. And I don’t know why we panic-hired him. No one was going to hire him, certainly not Miami. But regardless, go Bucs.

    1. 1.1


      Miami might’ve been the only team to actually hire him, IMO. I doubt the other teams, 49ers and Eagles) would’ve signed him.

    2. 1.2


      Well I guess that the ownership sees that the bucs has a chance to do something now and not wait untill all the good coaches are gone. I forsee that Tampa in 2016 is going out of the gate in 2016 with Impact players on both side of the board and bring the BUCS back to the top GO BUCS.

    3. 1.3


      Arians has changed the calculus of some coaching circles, and Koetter is probably Arians Mach II.

  2. 2


    Wow, I am shocked, and disappointed, that Coach Smith would do that. These are men. It sounds like something Schiano would do. I thought we got past that. I support his firing now and look forward to a bright future. Go Bucs!!!

  3. 3


    Call me crazy, but I don’t see DK being the chosen one. I really think this will be a real HC search.
    One thing about Dirk I will say, still only the 20th scoring offense in the league. You get a lot of yards while playing from behind to reach 5th. Love’s D was 10th in yards… 26th in scoring, as you mentioned.

    1. 3.1


      To further, I think Dirk just looks great compared to what we had last year. There are better options. But I will support him if he is hired.

  4. 4


    This is the one time I agree with Steve Young who said, it’s more important to keep the good O.C. who’s got a good relationship with the Q.B., then the head coach. He said it doesn’t make sense not promoting Koetter. Sounds like Licht already likes their relationship. What did Koetter say at seasons end? The only thing anyone gives a shit about is wins, and losses. Lovie, pardon my French. That sounds like he checks one box, honesty. Funny how he said any H.C. could bring in his own coaches, yet fired some, but retained others. Could Koetter already tell Licht who his keepers are? Where’s John Gruden been? Not our J.G., the real one. Every other ESPN talking head has chimed in but him.

  5. 5


    The search for the next Bucs coach is great Kabuki theatre! Koetter is the pick and that’s ok with me. But the drama being sold as an extensive search is a farce! Check to see how many outside interviews Koetter makes and how many coaches on the offensive side of the ball are let go. I’m surprised they didn’t pay Frazier $20 to take the Rooney rule interview before he left town to grease the skids.

    Think about it! Name a new coach that has ever come in and didn’t bring his own OC? And isn’t the whole reason for making changes now is to keep Koetter’s rapport with Winston? As difficult as it will be to attract anybody worth a nickel for what most believe is at max a 2 year stint, no coach is going to come in and be forced to take the incumbent offensive staff. It doesn’t happen and it’s not going to.

    NFL protocol requires them to go thru the motions and that they will do over the next few days. But like it or not, Koetter is already your next Bucs HC!

    1. 5.1


      macabee – I think you’re correct. In my own business experience – and if it was DK I wanted, no one loses his job until DK is on board. That said – and staying with your premise, bringing in top DCs for interviews fits perfectly. We do pay coordinators well, maybe well enough for a lateral move.

  6. 6


    a koetter mcdermott coaching tandem would be pretty exciting

  7. 7


    koetter’s 2015 is merely good when looked at in a vacuum. his work goes from good superb in light of how much youth was on the field every snap and how terrible this unit (especially OL) was in 2014. what makes me believe there is upside is you saw those young players blow TD opportunities left and right and you just get the feeling koetter and our QB will get that cleaned up pretty fast

  8. 8


    I’m sorry, but I think there is a whole different point to be made about the swearing thing. If your Shepard and you know that using profanity is offensive to your head coach, then you should have respected that. Your a college graduate and if you can’t come up with enough proper words to use without resulting to profanity, then maybe you should go back and audit some English classes, or you shouldn’t be leading the charge. You didn’t hear Jameis, or other players doing that in their speeches that have gotten played back on the news, and on the NFL network. You never heard it from Drew Brees, and he sure knows how to fire up his team.

    Profanities are worthless, and meaningless words that have no real value. There has never been a meaningful speech throughout the history of this great nation given that used them. They prosper nothing. So why would anyone expect differently?

    Second, that is no excuse to come out flat. If you can’t get fired up before an NFL game your about to play in (which that alone should be sufficient) than maybe you don’t deserve to be there. There’s not a single player in the league who should need a RAH, RAH speech to get them fired up to play. Especially when your getting paid a king’s ransom to play a game. That’s just an excuse. I don’t buy it.

    I praise Lovie for not selling out his morals. Sure he could have handled it better, and I would have done like SR suggested and pulled him aside afterwards. But then again some things are more offending to some then others.

    1. 8.1


      “….we gon’ go 7-0 on these bitches!”–Jameis Winston
      Lovie Smith smiles in his reaction.

    2. 8.2


      You’re kidding right? It’s a swear word and these are grown men. It’s reasons like this why Lovies soft ass will never coach again. As a coach, if you can’t deal with searing, go teach pee wee ballers. This exact situation is a reason why Lovie will never succeed. He too damn nice and that rubs off on his players, I’m looking at you Mccoy.
      You are entitled to your opinion pick 6 but I am on the complete other side of this situation. You might as well have the players go check in with their mommy’s and make sure it’s ok to go play before the game.

      1. 8.2.1


        Sorry just looked up, didn’t mean pick 6, dude was who I was referring to.

    3. 8.3


      Actually Dude, quite the contrary. Jameis dropped MFs after a win while giving a speech and Lovie was grinning ear to ear like a proud papa. I can’t recall which game it was that they won but I think Lovie had a different set of rules for Jameis. Hey football is a hardcore sport and there is profanity shouted on every down in a game it just comes out along with the players adrenaline and has always been that way and always will. This team needs some fire and if it comes out profanity laden so be it.

      1. 8.3.1


        Well, if that’s the case, then clearly Lovie has a double standard and all else is mute. I get the profanity on the field, in the locker room, ect. It’s just a fact of life. But it still don’t change the fact that if your paycheck isn’t enough to get you fired up to play in an NFL game, then maybe you don’t deserve to be on the field. This is still no reason for a flat performance against the Saints. Let’s face it, the coaches didn’t have their team prepared. It’s as simple as that. If they were prepared, a last minute buzz kill wouldn’t curtail all the preparation that was done the prior week.

    4. 8.4


      Actually Dude, quite the contrary. Jameis dropped MFs after a win while giving a speech and Lovie was standing right there grinning ear to ear like a proud papa. I can’t recall which game it was that they won but I think Lovie had a different set of rules for Jameis. Hey football is a hardcore sport and there is profanity shouted on every down in a game it just comes out along with the players adrenaline and has always been that way and always will. This team needs some fire and if it comes out profanity laden so be it.

  9. 9


    Great Fab 5 Scott! Cudo’s for the other beat writer’s at Pewter Report. Tthe missing word for Lovie was Leadership. I mean today’s type of leadership not his old way or my old way. We might need a younger HC like Josh McDaniels who I believe is ready to be a good HC. I’m not backing away from Koetter, but he is 57 and we don’t seem to be doing so good with the older coaches. Our success has been with Dungey and Gruden who were young guys. I’m sure the Glazer’s thought the same when Raheem Morris was promoted, but he just wasn’t ready. I’m wouldn’t leave Raheem out for an interview as he I think has matured at least i hope so.
    Anyway the ship is not in that bad of a shape and i believe still has cannons to fire and sails still flurrying. Go Bucs!

  10. 10


    A Fabulous Fab 5 Scott! I for one, am hoping we hire Dirk. We shall see. Keep up the great work!

  11. 11


    One things for sure… If it’s Koetter, he’s only going to have a couple of years to prove himself as HC. There’s no denying the chemistry between Koetter and Winston, but that certainly doesn’t mean that Koetter will be a great HC. Lots of great coordinators fail at the next level. Lest we forget the hype around a certain youngry up and comer that the Glazers felt they could ill afford to lose? Fortunately, having Winston at the helm now is going to make any coach look good over the next few years, so the new Bucs coach has a good sporting chance to avoid the Glazer turnstile.

  12. 12


    Anybody ever hear of this guy? A mockery of a well-intentioned rule rendered ineffective by the gamesmanship allowed for every NFL team. Fritz Pollard is rolling in his grave!


    1. 12.1


      Tony Dungy, Raheem Morris, Lovie Smith.

      If there was a team in this league that has not made “a mockery” of the Rooney rule it is the Bucs.

      1. 12.1.1



        I know that the Bucs have hired black coaches before, more than most. I’m referring to how the rule is used by all NFL teams and in particular when they’re meeting the letter of the rule instead of the spirit. Unless you believe that Harold has as much chance as Koetter for being HC, my opinion stands! I don’t think the rule had anything to do with hiring those coaches. If it did, then Dungy aside, you would have to question it’s effectiveness!

    2. 12.2


      9 years ago, the Steelers brought in Tomlin because of the Rooney Rule.
      There You have it.

      1. 12.2.1


        Please do not misunderstand. I don’t think it’s a bad rule. I think i’ts too often used as an accommodation.




          Personally I get why the rule is in place, but I agree with you Mac, most times it’s used just to say that they did it. I’ve always been under the impression that whomever is best for the job, that’s who gets hired. I don’t care if they are white, black , purple, or orange.

  13. 13


    First off Buccaneer fans, ask yourself where would we be today if Chip Kelly had come here? National media pundits don’t pay attention to us as much as the “big market” franchises so ignore their speculations as to what will happen here.
    Lovie sealed his fate with the last four losses. I agree with Scott that his game management plus I will add his lack of ability to instill the discipline to reduce penalties over time were significant also.
    Third, I believe that the Glazers had to be conservative for a few years after they bought the Manchester United team and then the broad economy took a downturn. In recent years they have shown that they are not afraid to spend some money. They seem focused on the Buccaneers again.
    I am ever optimistic that good things are coming to our team, sooner rather than later. Go Bucs!!

    1. 13.1


      The Glazers may have turned a corner in spending after being the lowest spending team in the league along with the Chiefs for several years but some of that is due to the fact that there is a salary floor requirement to meet. Teams can no longer do what the Glazer babies did from 2008-2011 and cheap out on their fan base by signing a punter as their biggest free agent catch in an offseason.

  14. 14


    I think you have to look at this by what did Lovie really do that warranted him getting another year? If you say he improved from 2 wins to 6 wins, you could rightfully counter with the fact that he should have won at least 4-6 games in the 2-14 year. That makes any improvement this year less impressive. His defense regressed, he never got the penalty situation fixed, his teams came out flat in games that they shouldn’t, his game management skills were very suspect. What ever you think about Koetter, Lovie didn’t do his job well enough this year to be given a 3rd year IMO.

  15. 15


    Yep. it was all Lovie’s fault. Not the fact that we only scored 17 points on the worst defense in the league. A defense that allowed 29.8 points per game. No mention of Koetter’s play calling. Yep, that’s real insight Scott.

    1. 15.1


      Nope none of it is Lovies fault. The head coach has no responsibility on game day at all. You had 9 rookies or second year guys on offense, games like that are going to happen. You have a defensive “guru” running the team, with veterans and people who have played in his crap scheme before, who can’t stop anyone. Literally anyone.
      You’re right, maybe smith should get another chance so we could’ve won 4 games next year we can say it was the offenses fault again.

      1. 15.1.1


        Perfectly stated!!

  16. 16


    Great fab 5 as always. The lovie situation with Russell Shepard is just embarrassing if you ask me. These are grown men who are about to go out and play a game that in essence has you running into a brick wall over and over again.
    I don’t care what you have to do to get in the right mindset, you do it.
    This soft Lovie is why I’m glad he’s gone. It shows in his coaching style, his play calling, and the way he deals with players. Good luck to him but I’m not going to feel bad for a guy whose making 5 mill a year for the next two years while doing nothing because he sucked at his job in the first place.
    AS for our new head coach, Licht will do his due diligence and I trust in his skills of assessment. I’m glad he has power over the 53 man roster as well. I would be pretty surprised though if it was anyone else than Koetter.
    We have some damn good pieces, need a good draft, and we need to be at leaste a little active in free agency. We have way too many holes to fill to just depend on the draft.
    I’m more interested to see who our new defensive coordinator will be.

  17. 17


    wait a minute!! so smith being authoritative & disciplinary – which you criticize him about not being and said was a reason for all the penalties – is now the reason for the team coming out flat? had nothing to do with the offense & koetter sucking it up both games? no lovie killed the locker room because he put his foot down LOL

    1. 17.1


      Putting his foot down over curse words?? Why didn’t he focus on football issues instead of cuss words. How about He figures out how to make adjustments in the second half instead of getting beat by the same plays over and over. Your talking about a man who had mariota throw almost 25 percent of his td passes against us in week one. I’m glad he’s gone. Find me a real defensive coordinator now

  18. 18


    I must admit to having mixed feelings about Lovie. On the one hand stability is important. OTOH, Lovie is clearly not a dynamic in-game coach. But what is more important here is what we see from Licht. This is the just the latest (and perhaps most poignant) example of guy who sincerely cares about building a successful football team. Even if that means cutting guys he signed. Or giving an honest, negative assessment of the guy who brought him in. I am impressed with him and agree with SR that he seems to “get it”. Good players can win games. Good coaches can put together winning seasons. A good GM can win you championships. And it doesn’t hurt to have a franchise QB either. Licht will get it right!

    1. 18.1


      I agree. Licht is impressive.

  19. 19


    Wow, we are throwing out names like Guy who coached a horrible defense at ASU, wow, and to give him credit for Suggs 22 sacks is hilarious, Suggs put his hand in the ground and just went after the qb not sure what the coordinator does to help him out. I was at the game vs Wash when Suggs sacked Cody Pickett 4 and half times so I know this team better than PR believe me, ASU Defense sucked big time than and gave up huge yds and pts to sub par teams, Koetter had a below 500 record within the conference and over all record of 45-40 at ASU and had the worst tenure of a ASU Coach since Larry Marmie another ex Bucs Coach on staff. Koetter is good with qb’s but were talking about the head coaching job where he has failed at the collegiate level and we think he will make a good head coach in the NFL? ok we will see I guess, but I hated him at ASU.

    1. 19.1


      That’s why I’m for taking our time and let Jason find what he wants.

  20. 20


    Cudos to Doug Martin for being named all-pro.

  21. 22


    they should have fired him after the Saints game, if not the Rams game; this would have given the Bucs a better look at Koetter as a head coach.

  22. 23


    I was pulling for Lovie. I had changed my mind or rather, was very happy with him after 12 games. I thought we had “turned the corner”. Something more happened by the end. I don’t have a clue what it might have been.
    I heard a comment about the Seahawks in recent years on the radio this afternoon on the radio. It seems they win a lot in spite of consistently having a high rate of turnovers. Go figger!
    I was caught by surprise but, not totally shocked when Lovie was fired. I still don’t have a feel for the thinking of the Glazers. Malcom was in charge of major business decisions from the time of his purchase until his strokes in 2006. This spanned the buildup under Dungy and the Superbowl win under Gruden. Gruden’s tenure was some seven years.
    I have yet to see any insider analysis of the transition from the Malcom through the time of the three sons by anyone in the local or national media. If it happened I missed along the way.
    How about it Scott? …. Go Bucs!!!

  23. 24


    CORRECTION: The comment I heard was that the Seahawks have a high average number of penalties under Carroll. (Not turnovers.)

  24. 25


    What a fantasic read. Sorru I couldn’t get involved earlier but a prior reservation at a local golf course intervened.
    You nailed it right Scott in regards to the Shepherd. One of the few ooncepts my ex company lived by (and one of the few that made sense) was that managers “praise in public and criticize in private.”
    Not only should have Lovie held his tongue, he should have waited until the next day to pull the young man aside and explain his thoughts.
    I once heard Derrick Brooks was very respectful towards Dungy in regards to using it around him. Although Dungy did not disallow it, the majority of the players respected him so much they refrained from using it.
    I myself hate to hear people dropping F and S bombs in every sentence they use. It shows a complete lack of education and the ability to converse intelligently.
    Of course a football field, the belly of a ship and a foxhole are different places altogether.

  25. 26


    Macabee, I think I have to disagree with you about new coaches bringing in their new OC with them.
    When Dungy arrived in Indianapolis, he wasn’t allowed to touch the offense although he did bring in Clyde Cristenson as the QB coach to help the clumsy QB they had at the time with his mechanics and throwing motion.
    As far as what the national media says, they can all go pound salt as far as I care.
    As I said yesterday, they aren’t paying 1K a year to sit in the stands and watch our defense get shredded on a weekly basis.
    Agree totally with your assessment of the defensive FA’s who were brought in after being hand picked by Lovie.
    Finally jongruden I just have to ask this. It appears you have lived in Arizona for quite some time with the Cards being your favorite pro team.
    Why the interest in the Bucs.

    1. 26.1


      One exception does not make a rule! Feel free to change my statement to “As a general rule….”. Now to make my point – name two! lol.

    2. 26.2


      Ha- Knew my name would be mentioned at some point, I lived in Bradenton, Fl from 1983-1994 dad huge Bucs Fan since 1976 brought me to training camps and games since we had season tickets. I have a photo album full of me with players as I would meet them after practice as they would cross the street from practice field to locker room. Me and Hardy one of my favs with his arm around me and smiling with his famous mouth piece in place. Sat through many horrible seasons from Joe Ferguson, Steve DeBerg, Vinny, Erickson sitting on the 50 yd line with my legs stretched out on those hard cement rows. Joined the USAF in 1994 and never lived in Tampa again except visiting family on vacation, sat with Scubog for one game and it was a pleasue meeting he and his wife. Hope I have your apporoval now, ha

  26. 27


    SR- I really respect you but FAB 1 is nothing but crap. There was a game, i don’t remember which one, where JW give an impassioned speech and the Bucs played like crap. I was not and am not a Loive fan but saying that a his actions on that speech caused the Bucs to come out fast is ludicrous. How about this theory, JW played really poorly in the first half of the last 4 games. The offense could not convert a first down. Let’s start with JW looked like a rookie down the stretch and the defense was absolutely HORRIBLE. Pre game speeches are NOT the reason the Bucs lost 4 in a row.

  27. 28


    Scott, having JL meet with Winston is a great idea, but I’d take it a step further. Have the winners, LD, GM, DM, and other winners sit with JL and go over the roster

  28. 29


    Great read! This is why I like Pewter Report. Inside info you just don’t get elsewhere. Lovie needed to go for a million reasons. Too many to even name in one article. I do have faith in Licht. I hope to god we get the right coach this time. My gut says they have already decided on Koetter. I think he will make a good head coach but there are no guarantees about anyone period. Equally important as stated is finding a really good, aggressive, creative D coordinator. We have some very talented players on defense. It’s not as bad as people think IMO. They just were not coached well or put in the right defense most of the time. I just don’t see how any objective person could not give Lovie most of the blame for this teams woes on defense and the penalties overall. He really did himself in when he took away the defense play calling from Frazier. You do that nobody else to take the fall. Better be damn sure you can do better. He obviously thought he could. He clearly could not. I have zero doubt having a great defensive draft this year would not have helped much. Poor clock management, poor free agency choices, poor scheme and adjustments, just could go on forever. His press conferences were all the same. He talked in circles and insulted our intelligence every time. Lovie had no fire in him to win that i could see. Lot of the team adopted his oh well we will fix it eventually attitude. He didn’t seem to hate losing like our rookie QB does. Again wish him and his family the best he’s a nice guy and a lousy coach.

  29. 30


    Sorry macabee, I guess I was just trying to show off what a smarty pants I am. That and make fun of Clyde Christenson. Boy, has that guy lived a charmed life. Just shows you want going to church will do for your career.
    Thanks jongruden. I remember those years to well. I think I still have a picture of me shaking Sam Wyche’s and Craig Erickson’s hand when they had training camp at U of Tampa.
    I know you say you didn’t like Lovie from the start and I can’t help but notice that you are not thrilled about Koetter as a head coach either.
    Do you have anyone specifically you would like to see behind the held of the Buc warship.
    Also you don’t need my approval. I’m not God, but I did play him one time on stage in the award winning play, “Waiting for Godot.”
    Is there a head

    1. 30.1


      I think Koetter can do fine as long as we have a good defensive coordinator, that will be key but hiring the coach Guy from ASU would be a disaster. If I had my choice I would like Mike Singletary or Hardy Nickerson as my defensive coordinator they are no non sense guys who would bring a fiery attitude for the defense. I met Sam Wyche too after practice he was always gracious with fans and I liked him as our coach even when he would have fans choose a play to run that week from the news paper, lol

  30. 31


    That is helm, not held. I wish I could type without typos.

  31. 32


    The religious Dungy wasn’t a fan of swearing, but I believe he had several defensive assistants that weren’t afraid to drop f-bombs to the players. I think I remember him discussing it on his radio shows several times that he didn’t care for foul language. Hell (pun intended), Sapp had a horrible mouth on and off the field and he didn’t put the kibosh on it.

  32. 33


    As far as the Rooney Rule it’s hard telling from organization to organization. Since, I did not follow the Steelers in recent years I don’t have any insight into the ownership mindset. I do think that it is more likely that they got Tomlin because they thought that he would fit well. They had much of what they wanted in place when Cowher left and Tomlinson was really handed a golden opportunity. He has done the job and is still Pittsburgh’s head coach. Someone somewhere in all the discussion I have been trying to keep up with regarding our situation noted this. “The Steeler have had only three head coaches since 1969.” They had 13 during the previous period going back to 1933.
    (I just love the Web. I don’t have to know very much, really. I got this info via Wikipedia just a moment ago. If it is wrong feel free to go there and update it.)

  33. 34


    This is starting to look like the biggest coaching gamble since the Rah experiment….none of the DCs or OCs on offer are filling me with hope….I sure hope we find some diamonds in the rough this time.

  34. 35


    How nice to see jonnyg and drdneast getting along so well. I must say, I’m surprised drdneast leaped off of the Lovie bandwagon so quickly.

  35. 36


    As I have said since PR called for his firing on the Bucs lost to the Jaguars scudog, if the Bucs wanted to fire Lovie for the sound reasons PR stated, I was okay with it.
    I only defended Lovie when he was attacked for things beyond his control and for his calm, cool demeanor.
    The days of halftime locker room rah rah speeches are over. General Patton on the sideline doesn’t cut it either.
    As the smarter foot soldiers under his command used to say of ole George “Blood
    and Guts” Patton, “His guts, our blood.”
    EastEndBoy, your thoughts were the main reason I had for keeping Lovie.
    We fired Gruden because the team felt it needed to go in a different direction.
    Well, it worked.

  36. 37


    Scott OUTSTANDING ARTICLE! I have been searching media for the real story and insight! I agree with your assessment 1000%! I hope we can retain Koetter as a OC and bring in a strong DC as head coach. Offense is far too critical in today’s game for a HC to wear multiple hats. Hope ego’s stay in check thru this selection process. You have convinced me to be a frequent viewer of the PR site!

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