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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    If I remember correctly, fan polls suggested back in August that 6-7 wins this season would represent significant improvement for the Bucs. It seems we’ve seen a bit more potential to get excited about thru the year and now those 6-7 wins aren’t enough. And that’s fair, but I’m pretty happy with this team and what it’s overcome with the injuries and suspension of #58. And I’m already excited about next year. Go Bucs!

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    Drum roll please! And here it is folks! Scott Reynolds should stand up and take a bow because he’s almost clairvoyant. Read where where he says we would be at this point in the season – even the results of the Rams game and his outlook for the remainder of the season. The man is damn good!
    Read your own comments and see what you said then and what you’re saying now. I want belabor this, but I will give advice here. If any of you plan on writing your tell all memoirs, remember words matter and once you put them in print, you can’t take them back!


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      Macabee- Relax on the criticism of Reynolds who does a fine job for us, I know you are funny and have well thought out comments and scubog loves you to death, but Scott has been doing this for yrs and gives great insight on what’s going on with the Bucs, is he perfect? No, but then again neither are you

      1. 2.1.1


        I’m not criticizing Scott. Scott is an accomplished journalist and is quite capable of defending his own reputation. I’m laughing at you. You said 3-13! lol.



          Laughing at me? I care? Records don’t tell the story you think 6-10 will be an “I told you so”? I didn’t know before the season Romo wouldn’t play, Atlanta would suck, Saints would suck so and so on

      2. 2.1.2


        Don’t get jealous JonnyG; I like your posts too.

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    The Bucs made my expectations which wa 6-10 and we still have a chance for a Chicao win Might I suggest to Lovie that Chicago knows your plays and when you will use them; you might want to change your scheme slightly to throw them off if you intend on having a chance for a win. For goodness sake, play Dotson! What the heck is wrong with you Coach!

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    We can’t keep pretending we’re set at the 3 tech because we have McCoy. Shoulda drafted Donald, that’s what a 3 tech looks like. Pushing, shoving, mixing it up, not helping them up. McCoy is not that explosive anymore, and won’t be improving with age. Trade him now while he’s still worth something. Lovie Smith is a horrible coach, and if he stays, I’d say be happy with 8-8 next year. I’m with you Scott, his logic boggles the mind. It’s like him deferring the ball to open games. Why would you want to trot that garbage defense out there to open games? Oh I know, so you’re rookie Q.B. can take the field down seven nothing! New’s flash Lovie, your defense isn’t your best unit. Oh well, Lovie says it’s just two losses nothing more. What if the season ends, and it’s nothing more then four in a row?

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      I can’t agree with you more!

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    I love how Scott said “lost games to less than Dubious qb’s like Derek Anderson, Austin Davis, Cousins, Mallet,Case Keenum” but as other fellow posters say “no asterisks please a win is a win even if its against Case Keenum” ha. I want the best Corner or DE in the draft when its our time to select period, same for round two in fact I want to hear a defensive player called for every round of next yrs draft. We have 4 starters on defense that means we have seven openings. I also liked how you mentioned our weak Defensive end stats for the past ten yrs but Scott doesn’t “play hard count”? and what if our DE is good vs the run and finishes with 3 sacks is that not good enough for the Bucs?, kidding aside we need a DE in front of Gholdston esp on passing downs, if we want to play him on obvious running situations fine, but not on 3rd down please

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      Too many holes to fill on the D in one year. Realize that Lovie and Licht blew it in yr 1 so we will only be 2 yrs into the turnaround next yr. Drafting for D in round 1 is fine but we need more OL draft picks, at least one in the first 3 rounds. That is where your 10-yr starters come from. Winston needs more time to throw, if he keeps running he is going to get hurt. If it’s me I pick OL in the 2nd or 3rd and again in the 4th or 5th. Let the next regime fix the D while the OL gels.

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    I like this Fab 5, particularly the DE breakdown. As for Fab 1 & 2 I’ll keep saying it, I don’t care who they fire at OBP. As for the DE breakdown, I’m not a fan of Bosa. I like players who perform better as they progress through their 1st, 2nd and final years in college. Show me that you’re developing and learning in college and have your final year be your best year when you put it all together, not have a bunch of excuses made for you (facing double teams, OC/DC changed, a new QB stopped throwing the ball his way, nagging injuries, etc.). That’s why I had E. Mack ranked ahead of J. Clowney and one of the reasons I had Mariota ranked ahead of Winston. In the case of Clowney, who draft’s a DE 1st overall with like 3.5 sacks his last year? In the same vein, why make a DE with 5 sacks his final year the first DE selected? I hope the top drafting teams do pick Bosa early and Ogbah is still available when we pick. I haven’t seen Oklahoma State play much this year, but his scouting report is too good to ignore and we need a DE. Ogbah is the only DE I like from this draft. The other guys I would take would be FS Ramsey, CB Desmond King, RB E. Elliott and CB Hargreaves…in that order. I think King is better than Hargreaves and will end up being a top 15 pick.

    1. 6.1


      I forgot to add that I also don’t like one year wonders, no matter how good the year is or whether that year is the 1st, 2nd or final year. I learned that lesson for the last time with D. Bowers.

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    One of the problems that the Bucs have faced is the instability of constantly changing the regime and starting over in the last decade. So, If Lovie is gone, then it’s another coach who needs “his players” and the current players will have to adapt to yet another system. Just automatically chalk up another couple of years as losses. The defensive talent is woefully inadequate to compete and that will be addressed this year after Licht decided to focus on the offense over the last couple of years. I agree that Lovie may not be Belichick-esque; So then delegate more of the strategic offensive responsibility to Koetter? He seems to be up to the task? Lovie can focus more on defense and special teams. I believe that Lovie can be that very good defensive coach if he has the talent to work with. AGAIN, no one was assuming that we were going to be anywhere near 8-8 at the beginning of the season. I thought 7-9 would be great for a team that didn’t know what they had at QB. What this team needs is stability and patience. The most important piece of the puzzle has been found after 40 years… In the words of Aaron Rodgers; R-E-L-A-X.

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      e, Lovie should just be the Head Coach. Maybe promote Hardy Nickerson to DC. My concern is the Tampa 2 form Lovie is trying to run in today’s world and I don’t believe there are any CB’s or Safety’s that can perform it without a pass rush. Gholston and McDonald are the only two who should stay unless McCoy realizes he has to gain 20 pounds and get a new team attitude. He is no longer the franshise player; it’s Winston.

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    Well Scott, you nailed this one as usual. Lovie is too passive and it costs us at times. He’s not going anywhere this year and if I were th Glazers, I would tell him that next year it’s playoffs or you’re gone. Good comparison with with coach Fisher as I’ve always thought he never deserved all of the free passes he gets for putting mediocre teams on the field every year. I heard of the timeout debacle in the first half as well as I was at StarWars and didn’t see it.
    There’s no fire on this team on the defensive side of the ball at all.I am also inclined to agree with Surfer, if you can get a first for Mccoy, trade him. I”m tired of his excuses and not production. Yes we can say he’s injured, but when is he ever not injured?
    Jameis is the only fire on this team and that’s sad. It seems like it’s him and a bunch of guys going through the motions.
    As for the DE I like, I haven’t watched much of OK state this year, but I like a guy that has multiple years of production, not just a one year wonder kind of guy like Nassib. I think Bosa is terribly overrated and he will go top 5 anyways.
    In my dream scenario we would lock up Jalen Ramsey, but we’d have to trade up. He is that swag on defense that Jameis is on offense and can play multiple positions.
    But from what I’m reading this will be a deeper draft with secondary talent and we better hope so. Our whole secondary is up for grabs besides Streling Moore, who still played well.

  9. 9


    I THINK THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE-But be cautious buc fans.Tampa must get these draft picks RIGHT. they must get each position correct. They need the best player available at each round. This is why I trust the scouts.GO Bucs

  10. 10


    It’s not just Smiths Bucs of the last 2 years that make bad QBs look good. I have been saying all year that we have a 40 year history of making career back ups and rookies look like the second coming of Johnnie U. I prefer it when we play hall-of famers.

  11. 11


    Clemson DE Shaq Lawson. I think the fans would torch 1 Buc Place to the ground in a fiery inferno if we drafted another Clemson DE.

  12. 12


    Lovie will get another year but he does not deserve one. Another game with stupid penalties, busted coverages, dropped passes, questionable 4th down plays, no pass rush and not having a difference maker on the sidelines. ASJ kicking the ball after clearly NOT getting in is the epitome of what’s wrong with this team. Good teams don’t commit the types of penalties we do bc good coaches don’t allow it. Despite what Lovie claims to have done the proof shows his message has fallen on deaf ears. The best part of this team is the one he has nothing to do with and I don’t think that’s by accident. The defense will get some relief this offseason but if Lovie can’t get the guys to play fast and disciplined then it will be for naught. Anyone with sense never believed this team was coached well enough to make the playoffs. We have won our last game of the year as none of the remaining teams on our schedule have mailed it in which is what would be required for our defense to get enough stops to keep us in a game. Keep the draft prospects rolling PR it’s that time again!

  13. 13


    Lovie ain’t the right coach- make whatever regime change/blah blah argument you want but Lovie ain’t gonna take us anywhere better than 8-8. So give him another year and another draft and we will again be a team that made strides but is handicapped by poor coaching and penalties-that’s lack of respect for the coach. Dirk has done his job- lovies just been collecting a check- he’s a bum…next!

  14. 14


    ME and ASJ have got to grow up. If they need a good model to look at, they should watch Doug martin. He does his thing, makes his run, doesn’t stop trying until the whistle blows, gets up, hands the ball to the ref, and returns to the huddle. He is not encumbered by a diva-like ego and he produces.

  15. 15


    ME and ASJ have got to grow up. If they need a good model to look at, they should watch Doug martin. He does his thing, makes his run, doesn’t stop trying until the whistle blows, gets up, hands the ball to the ref, and returns to the huddle. He is not encumbered by a diva-like ego and he produces.

  16. 16


    What a great read that was Scott. I have defended Lovie in the past and will again on the future, but your opinion based on the facts you listed made great sense.
    I especially liked the way you broke down the defenses on the two TD’s by the Saints.
    Also glad to see you point out the horrible referring the Bucs have had to endure this year.
    Once again, like you, I believe a more vocal Smith would have a great deal of bearing in how the refs called the game.
    Last nights fiasco in St. Louis further heightend my beliefs for the reasons you stated.
    Whatever the case, I believe Lovie will be with us one more year and if he doesn’t pull off a winning record, he will be gone.
    it’s also interesting to note that Mark Barron is no longer playing safety for the Rams but is now a linebacker. Apparently Fisher thought as much about his coverage skills as Lovie did.
    I love Winston’s leadership and his team first attitude but he needs to amp it down a bit. I believe a lot of his high throws are the result of him getting so emotional with his team.
    And finally jongruden, your reasons for not even coming close to guessing the Bucs season record are almost as laughable as your prediction.
    For someone who thinks they know it all, you come up horribly short. LOL.

  17. 17


    Glazers should bring Lovie in at the end of the season and tell him to hire a new defensive coordinator or they are going to fire the head coach.
    I know a lot of the defensives woes are because of poor personnel which was due to poor drafts in the past, but as Scott noted, the defenses being called aren’t jibing with what is occurring on the field.

  18. 18


    Our OC should be the HC/OC. Love should join Dungy in life after coaching.

  19. 19


    There were a lot of missed opportunities this season…

    Our defense was really exposed…Mostly due to bad play in the secondary and an inconsistent pass-rush…Had we been able to hold opposing offenses to 20 points or less this season we’d have at least 10 wins right now…

    What was most disappointing was how we got torched by back up QB’s; we made guys like Keenum, Hasselback, Cousins, and Mallett look like Pro-Bowl QB’s…

    We spent a few years building our offense now the same must be done for the defense…A few things I’d like to see us add come off-season/draft is obvious…We need secondary help, pass-rushers, and a really good speed receiver (preferably one with hands) to complement Mike Evans…The silver lining for this season was of’course Jameis Winston and his fellow rookie class…

    All in all, I did see progress this season so I’m happy for that…I think Lovie & Co has us going in the right direction; we as fans just have to be patient…guys like Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carroll, and even Ron Rivera didnt get their respective teams to the playoffs until year 3…That said, I expect us to be a much better football team overall in 2016…

  20. 20


    I agree completely with 1sparkybuc. Why not give Koetter a shot at HC? Bring Hardy Nickerson in to run the defense, he knows Tampa 2 obviously. We keep continuity in the schemes and maybe we wind up with a coach who has pulse!!
    Also agree that this draft needs to be all Defense. We still need a WR has I don’t see us bringing VJ back. But there are some decent Mid range WR’s available next year in free agency. The two I think we should look at are Marvin Jones/Mohamed Sanu on the Bengals. They are both UFA next year and either would be an upgrade over the scrubs we are using in place of VJ.
    Here is hoping next year we have a new coach, some young talent on D, and a WR2 to play opposite Evans. Then I think we are going to make the playoffs!!!

  21. 21


    I don’t think Adam Humphries is a scrub and I don’t think Winston does either.
    The young man has worked himself into a very capable heady slot receiver along the lines of Wes Welker. Something this team has lacked for a long time.
    At least he doesn’t throw the ball away in petulant fits of anger costing the team TD’s like certain star players.

  22. 22


    I would take Fisher over Lovie in a nanosecond. All that’s missing for Fisher’s system to succeed is a good QB. And, while we probably wouldn’t have Winston on our team, we would be a better team and have won more games if we had kept Schiano (not saying he was great, just better than Lovie).

  23. 23


    Great article. Pretty much captured all my thoughts and concerns. Especially about Lovie. He’s not a good game manager, he gets out coached routinely, he can’t call plays on defense, players are most undisciplined in the NFL, etc, etc. get so tired of hearing guys defend him and say we don’t have the talent. Of course they need more talent at DE,CB, and safety to beat good teams, but We are losing to teams with less talent. Why? because Lovie is not a good coach. That’s the bottom line and if you don’t see that you never will. He wasn’t fired after 10-6 in Chi town for being good! Oh and hiring a defensive coordinator Drdneast? Brilliant! He has a coordinator that had the Bucs playing much better last year down the stretch! Lovie in his infinite wisdom chose to not use A defensive coordinator because he’s so much better and such a great game manager. Lol. He’s a joke. The numbers garbage QBs put up is a insane! His mentality of sitting back and pray you get a turnover is idiotic! Lots of games you can punch at balls etc and you will not get one. Scott your right the decision to punt the ball after the Saints moved it all day at will was the dumbest thing I’ve seen in long time. Agee with others about Evans and Jenkins also. 2 of the most annoying childish players I’ve seen. One is a china doll too and the other drops balls every game and whines for flags like a little girl. Grow up! Dungy was overly conservative at times, but the players listened to him and respected him enough to not lead the league in penalties year after year. My friends in Chicago told me when we signed Lovie you will be sorry. I told them they were nuts and spoiled. A super bowl appearance and 10-6 year and fire him? It’s all very clear now and I owe them a big apology they were right! This team improved this year in spite of Lovie not because of him. largely because of Winston,Martin, Koetter. Firing coaches frequently sucks. Glazers have made some bad decisions. Now we are stuck with Lovie because of the carousel last few years. I also would take Fisher in a second over Lovie. You can’t win without a QB in this league anymore Scott. He hasn’t found one yet. You of all people know that with Bucs history. Rams are lot closer than Bucs to being a contender for sure and Fisher isn’t the problem IMO.

  24. 24


    Fred….my thoughts exactly !!!

  25. 25


    I wonder Scott, have the players tuned Lovie out? I ask becasue week after week after WEEK we hear Lovie say the Bucs are going to clean up the penalties and mental mistakes. But they boviously have not and it has cost the team dearly. Set to make a run at the playoffs and either in front of a large home pro Buccaneer crowd or on national TV they fell flat. The disturbing mental mistakes and penalties at the WORST of time continue and have, IMO, cost the Buccaneers a winning season. Either the players are not paying ANY attention to the coaches when it comes to stupid, selfish penalties or concentrating on each play to be where they are supposed to be or catching the damn ball OR they KNOW there will be no consequences. WHAT is going on? Because if the players have tuned him out, it’s over IMO.

  26. 26


    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. SR is the ONLY journalist covering the team that isn’t afraid to say the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. He’s more interested in telling it like it is rather than being liked by Lovie, his coaches or the players – unlike that jock sniffer Rick Stroud and others. Thank God for PR or we would have to endure more of that “Lovie knows what he’s doing” drivel from the other reporters. Keep telling it like it is, Scott. It’s refreshing!

  27. 27


    If these bum ass no account LOSING players have tuned Lovie out, then send those no account LOSING players out the door. No one with the exception of 2 offensive lineman have won squat the professional level.

  28. 28


    It’s just too bad there are few sure things when it comes to the Draft and hiring head coaches. If someone could guarantee the Glazers that sending Lovie back to his basement and hiring the latest hot candidate they would do it and all of us would applaud the move.

    There’s virtually no one who could be pleased with the showing Lovie’s defense has put on display the past two seasons. In my mind, the pass defense is the worst I’ve witnessed in quite a while. Totally unprepared at times and totally uninspired at others. I can acknowledge the personnel shortcomings for which Lovie shares the blame. But what disturbs me the most are the failed attempts to bring in veterans, who supposedly know the system, but suck worse than their predecessors. That’s squarely on Lovie and his secondary coaches.

    The Glazer boys have fired coaches who had better results than this one. If this team finishes this 4th quarter of the season the way it has finished the games that got away this season; Lovie might just be headed back to Big Sandy.

    But please, no retreads.

  29. 29


    I am going to say something that is going to be regarded as heresy in this town. Lovie is no Dungy, but then Dungy, in spite of having Super Bowl Teams for over a decade, only won one title. Dungy himself was not the kind of Coach that can will his teams to get over the hump. Excellent coach, but won only because he played against Lovie who is even more mellow than himself.

  30. 30


    At times I felt Lovie should go. However, there’s something to be said for the importance of stability. Too many are quick to want to annoint the next “Great Coach” Last I checked the majority of the playoff coaches are either well experienced or inherited a near full cupboard. Everyone here thinks Fisher outcoached Lovie, anyone check how many 1st round picks Rams have on both sides of the ball yet theyre no closer to playoffs than Buccs. Patience is the key! Most of your good teams are more about the ciaching STAFF than the Head Coach. Leave Koetter where he is, OC. Hardy has dine a very good job with LBs, just need more depth. This team is one more good draft and off season away from being what MIN is right now, a legit Wild Card team thats young and growing. MIN defense and are a year ahead of TB

  31. 31


    Kudos to Scott Reynolds–great analysis, particularly regarding Lovie Smith.

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