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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    FYI Aikman wan 3 Super Bowls (in 4 years) …but your point is duly noted and I think everyone expects these rookie moments from Winston.

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    Good article.I was wondering about our pursuit of Smith.Shedding light on that,makes me wonder if we will make a play for a financially in flux M.Bennett from Seattle via trade???
    Are we hearing anything on that front?

  3. 3


    Well said Scott, good Fab 5. Fans also need to realize Jason Licht was hired after the head coach was in place. That’s not the way it’s normally done. The players he’s picked are basically the players Lovie wanted for HIS system. I think Jason has a good eye for talent, and if Lovie should be let go, I’d keep Licht, and his people in place.

    1. 3.1


      I am getting a little disillusioned with Lovie too, but in fairness I don’t think the player selection (in the draft anyway) can be pinned on Lovie…Tedford reportedly had a big sway last year (see Charles Sims), and overall, Lovie has historically been known for throwing his two cents in on defensive guys (not something we selected much of)…I suspect Licht has had more input than suggested…

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    One thing Tampa I believe that the defensive players must play the best they can. Tampa must show the rest of the league that Tampa is changing to be better, Great Defenses wins championships look at 2002 when Tampa won it all. We must build thru the draft.and if we have to move around tje draft board and get the best defensive players so be it go bucs

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    Thanks Scott – I’m going to skip right to FAB 5) this time with a few thoughts:

    1) AGREE on ASJ wholeheartedly (love this kid – we need more passion like that on our team)…he was having fun, not taunting anyone (there has been so little to celebrate, give the kid a break).

    2)what a sad comment by my favorite Buc…how can a penalty on the first couple plays of the game drain your momentum for the remainder of the 3 and 9/10ths quarters of football????? If that’s all it takes to beat our defense – if our defense is that mentally weak – then we have no chance of ever winning. TOUGHEN UP MAN! If I can keep watching the game without throwing my TV through the wall, you can keep playing it hard.

  7. 6


    I’ve been out on a limb so much this season, I feel like I need to carry my own personal saw around with me.

    My desire to win had maniacally driven me to make a plea for troubled Aldon Smith when he was first released and yes I read his reasons for not accepting the Bucs late offer, but I wonder what could have been if we were his only suitor early on (ignoring my on advice to never look back).

    I’ve been a Buc fan too long and find myself reminiscing about what could have been as I watched bad guy Talib make those game changing INTs every week for Denver.

    Oh, well back to reality. Forgive me in advance, but I can’t help it, I always want the Bucs to get better. DE Willie Young, now 3rd string OLB for the Bears when they went 3-4 defense, is rumored to be up for trade. He had 12 sacks last year. I’m going back out on that limb again, because I’m going to be reminded that he is soon to be 30 and the Bucs do not need a 1 year wonder. Well, right now they have no wonder. Isn’t he worth some kind of late round or conditional pick?

    So for everybody that follows that tell me to be patient and wait for Joey Bosa, please stop posting about burning the Bucs to the ground and starting over. lol.

  8. 7


    Fab 1: Like I said in a few other stories, I think since the Bucs tend to rebound defensively after a blowout and we picked off Brees 3 times in both games last year we have a good shot at beating the Saints if Winston can hold himself to one INT. That’s a big if though…
    Fab 2: This is what I mean when I said in the last PR story about the rushing attack that PR still offers the best coverage and reporting on the Bucs but their analysis is bad and has fallen off over the years. You’re showing stats of 1st overall QB picks but you’re not showing any stats on what made them 1st overall picks in the 1st place. If you look at the TD to INT ratio for all these guys their last year in college before they were drafted Winston is at the bottom, ranking ahead of only D. Bledsoe. Here’s the numbers:
    C. Newton – 4.29:1
    A. Luck – 3.70:1
    P. Manning – 3.27:1
    T. Aikman – 2.67:1
    M. Stafford – 2.50:1
    J. Winston – 1.39:1
    D. Bledsoe – 1.33:1
    …and D. Bledsoe never won a Super Bowl as a starter. The INT’s in college and the pros are the biggest reason I’m so down on Winston. That’s why I put the ceiling for Winston at J. Cutler, who made it to the NFC championship once but is such a scattershot that he never had sustained NFL success.
    Fab 3: I’ll take points over confidence.
    Fab 4: A. Smith could have been a help to us, it’s too bad that didn’t work out. I was on the fence on signing him at this point, but when it’s that close I guess you go with your gut if your a GM.
    Fab 5: I don’t care about the ASJ celebration, but what L. David said is unnerving. I’ll just store that for now to see if it becomes a trend…

    1. 7.1


      @pinkstob, I can appreciate that you were down on JW from the start and your sticking to your guns. I have more hope than you because I see all of these kids as indivduals…by the metrics you’re using Ryan Leaf was 3.1 and Jamarcus Russell was a 3.5!!! Let’s give this kid a chance – he has a work ethic that I have never seen before in a Bucs QB – besides he’s the guy we have like it or not. Go Bucs!

    2. 7.2


      Isn’t favre a “scatter shot” gunslinger as well? has all time int’s record fyi

    3. 7.3


      Pinkstob- Your fab 2 analysis is correct. To add to it, Look at QB’s who were picked 1 and 2 overall. My point is we picked Winston and from a mechanical and so called pro offense standpoint, Mariota is lights out ahead RIGHT NOW. WHY? One glaring reality is Mariota is flat out better and another is coaching, or both. Either way this is disturbing. PINKSTOB, you were right with Mariota. One more thing, We deliberately lost our last game again NOS so we could pick up Winston. Had we won, I wonder if we still would have had Winston..I think so. losing the last game the way we did IMO is effecting us along with bad passive coaching. Most coaches would have noticed this “soft” admission by David and done something about it early in the game IF you believe that is the problem.

      1. 7.3.1


        Agreed Dbuc63!

    4. 7.4


      Good analysis. I totally agree!

    5. 7.5


      Pinkstop- totally agree. Accuracy NEVER improves in the NFL versus college.

      1. 7.5.1


        It did for Brady… But he went in the 5th round for a reason.
        JDubb should be doing boxing footwork drills everyday. Just like NE did for Brady.

  9. 8


    Good Article Scott. Fab 4 helped me defend my lack of patience with Lovie that even not all players want to play for him with his style of defense. I too want the Bucs to win out. Most importantly for me is I just want to see the Bucs get better; win or lose. The next couple games are going to tell us where we are heading. Go Bucs! Get better!

  10. 9


    Let’s hope Lavonte David’s new mega contract has nothing to do with his effort.

  11. 10


    I will not give up on Winston in yr 1, but he must show some better foot work and decision making in order to progress. Vince Young looked great in his rookie of the yr campaign Pink so slow down on the Mariota stuff

    1. 10.1


      jongruden; Winston is the least of the problems right now. Right now we have a lot to fix and hopefully we’ll get some of it resolved this season. Like you, most of us want to see us win.

  12. 11


    I think of Eli Manning and how long it took him to develop into a winner… It was 5 years before he started showing that he could win. Two Lombardi trophies later, the patience has paid off. Let’s not fire Lovie tomorrow or proclaim Winston a bust. I hope the Bucs can be patient and develop this team. When is the last time the Bucs were patient enough to develop their players and not just blow up everything and start over? You have to go back to Dungy. That’s a looong time ago. Patience, grasshopper; patience.

  13. 12


    SR, I totally disagree with your Winston assessment. First of all the comparisons against very good or elite NFL QB’s you mentioned is bogus. All of those QB’s either were much better athletes i.e. newton and luck or have much better releases and much better footwork, i.e. the rest of them. Jamies is a great kid, very confident and gives a great press conference. Unfortunately confidence and press conferences don’t win games, skills do. And unfortunately for all of us, JW is sorely lacking in the skills that matter. There is NO basis fro comparing him against elite NFL QB’s. His skills are not elite. We will be drafting another QB 3 years from now.

    1. 12.1


      you and pinkstob should be the captains of the hate winston fan club. the kid does have elite talent. every scout, every analyst, and every coach sees the talent. you dont know more than them. perhaps we should bring back freeman, who if you all have forgotten, brought us back against aarron rodgers the Packers. o wait, we all know how that story played out. please, stop. hes 21 years old, and both of you act like you have his career figured out. Pinkstob,Jay Cutler continues to be an terrible comparison, and in time, youll eat your words.

      1. 12.1.1


        Wouldn’t that be nice. If JDubb learned what to do when pre-snap read is right but the player who is the primary target doesn’t beat his man… but those that can’t do, teach.
        JDub will make a GREAT Head Coach one day.
        In the NFL right now he will make the same strides towards greatness as all the other Jimbo Fisher QBs.

    2. 12.2


      3 years. lol. They drafted him because he was pro-ready.
      No way it takes 3 years.
      You can bet all the scouts that told the GM not to take him are already pointing out how he is still doing the exact same things wrong.
      That doesn’t go over well when you have the physical abilities of a 4th round QB.

  14. 13


    Roland: Brady and Manning do pretty well on zero physical ability. You know, it’s really getting comical with this totally irrational Mariota-Winston debate. The fans who preferred Mariota leading up to the Draft couldn’t wait for this day to utter their “I told you so” and offer their self-proclaimed player evaluation prowess after but three quarters of play. Folks, there’s no reason BOTH of these young men can’t have great NFL careers. Yes, that day Mariota looked great. Now that the chest puffing is done, can you fans whose favorite candy must now be M&M’s give your support to OUR QB? Funny how people harp on Winston’s INT’s but forget about Mariota’s fumbles. Might also be noted that Marcus is three years Winston’s senior and had one more year in college. The quality I liked about Winston over Mariota was his upbeat demeanor and swagger versus Mariota’s funeral director persona. This was on display eve as this game unfolded. Winston was on the losing end but remained positive while even with a lopsided victory in hand Mariota had the look of a priest giving someone his last rites. All I say is, anyone with even the most illogical bias knows this comparison that currently favors their idol Mariota isn’t over by any stretch.

    1. 13.1


      Zero physical ability… Brady has worked very hard to become a ballerina in the pocket. He had very heavy feet at Michigan. He is now among the elite in pocket sliding/footwork.
      Peyton spends his time working his core. And working his footwork speed. Go to stack .com if you want to watch his workouts.
      And I don’t know that Mariota will one day be considered a TD machine at QB, but I am 100% certain that Jdub’s ceiling is way, way lower then Mariota’s.
      Mariota has a 1 in 4 chance at a HOF career imo. Jdub has a 1 in 3 chance to play in 60 NFL games imo.
      I really hope I’m wrong.
      But I’m usually not.

    2. 13.2


      You put alot of stock into someones personality, how about ability? Does that matter at all or is all about how he is in press conferences and high fives his teammates? Remember a guy a boring quite guy named Joe Montana who is teammates said he never spoke to anyone and they were shocked when he gave a speach in Chicago in the playoffs in 1986? Yeah, who gives a rats ass if the guy is colorful or quite how about you win games

  15. 14


    I would like to say that I don’t want Winston to fail, but he has some major issues to solve 1) pocket presence 2) release 3) field awareness 4) footwork 5) Professional Maturity/Transparency. Mariota is obviously a better pro QB at this point (so yes you were all wrong to say that Jameis “Im Turnt Up Right Now” Winston is more “pro ready”). I’d also like to state that my grandfather played 6 years for the BC lions as a QB, my cousin plays D1 QB currently, and two of my uncles played in the MAC for 4 years- I know QB mechanics, I’ve watched them my whole life. Winston puts his team behind early almost every game- this will not work in the pros like it did in college so don’t expect him to be king of the 4th quarter. His sloppy footwork results in more sacks and ill-timed throws; Glennon is a much better option for right now TBH. I don’t see Jameis outperforming Glennon’s rookie stats- if thats the case we should all walk the plank.

    1. 14.1


      desznuts, and my uncle played for the cowboys for 5 yrs. my cousin plays in the arena league, blah blah blah. stick to your day job. that doesnt mean you know more. get real. i agree scudog, thank you for being a logical person. pinkstob, dezuts, and roland know so much more about football than everyone else that they should lead this team. they must have a crystal ball that tells them the future that no one else knows about…im down on the bucs, but not on winston. at all. hes gonna be just fine. its everything around him that sucks right now. pinkstob acts like winstin had the worst game a rookie qb has ever had. marcus was asked to throw the ball 16 times and not do anything complicated. winston threw the ball 30 plus times. for your first nfl game, thats a lot. i imagine that koetter didnt want that. they want to get the ball to martin and let him roll to take the PRESSURE off winston. winston is a rookie. hes going to make mistakes and unfortunately, hes gonna get fans like pinkstob that are going to harp on every single one and continue to compare him to jay cutler even though cutler is a reclus and a terrible leader.

  16. 15


    The reason why Winston was considered more pro ready and what we saw was he was making NFL level throws.

    Nothing has changed but fans perception of reality.

  17. 16


    Folks….have an ounce of patience…our QB may turn out to be garbage, but judging him as such after 1 game is the sort of philosophy that would have had us move on from guys named Lynch and Barber after their rookie campaigns too…pretty sure we’re all glad we gave those guys a little time before making a final verdict….

  18. 17


    Good comparison EastEnd. Lynch was nearly cut. But those fans who seek to display their vast wisdom and offer proof of their credentials to we fools who want only for our team to be “relevant” again, are more interested in holding up their version of the Oscar trophy before the movie gets past the first act.

    1. 17.1


      lol you must be taljing about Pinkstob and company.

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  20. 18


    wow! Amazing how soon some make decisions about players! I wonder how this compares to what was being said about Peyton Manning after his first game!

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