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    I assume Akeem Spence is now or will go on Active/PUP. This way he can attend meetings and participate as much as his injury will allow. It sounds like he’s not expected to be back before the season starts so he may be moved to Reserve/PUP which means he no longer counts against the roster and must be out 6 weeks after the season starts. Then the team has an additional 3 weeks to activate him, move him to IR, or release him (Charles Sims last year).

    Now you guys should read up on PUP since it’s been a while since I’ve done so or the rules may have changed. But I think this is how it still works. I hope he recovers well and can resume his career. This a bad time for this to happen as Spence didn’t have an especially good first season under Lovie Smith in 2014. He graded out a dreadful 79th among 81 qualifiers in Pro Football Focus’ 4-3 defensive tackle charts. Bowers, notwithstanding, the Bucs are deep at the DT position.

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      Coaching is not all X’s and O’s !!! It’s sound prudent decision making and putting players in position to progress mentally !! As has been said before you are as good as your weakest link, which in the NFL so many times equals depth. We just had this conversation !!! This is ( Spence)the exact scenario the bucs can il afford with the OLine and Winston but they are foolishly going to swim with the Sharks. Growing together is one thing , taking a chance of mentally damaging the progression of your young QB is another . There have been Many young top flight Qb talents ruined by organizations not knowing how to mentally progress there number one investment .Foolish, Foolish and beyond Foolish……….. The draft was part of the puzzle but there was plenty more help / insurance available and these guys L and L are just showing their inexperience with this type of thing , hey Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler but I think he could have used a touch more help from his OLine also and he’s a Vet. Ask Doug Martin what an NFL beating can do to your mental status and performance. Schiano put that guy through a first year beating that he may never recover from, he took more hard hits in one year than Emmit smith took in his career. I assure you Martin had no less than six concussions and has no chance of making it through another season as a starter if he doesn’t change his Running style. Oh he’s tough , he’s the muscle hamster,oh he’s this , he’s that, these guys are bigger, faster and stronger than ever. The stance that L and L are taking with Winston is the same that Schiano and Dom took with Martin and I assure you Winston is way more important than Martin so let Spence and Martin help you to quit being of Fools.Surely the Glazers aren’t this dumb !!! Btw Macabee it’s only been a week and you have Eaten your words, I sure hope it’s not twice 🙂 …………. I’m an experienced football mind and poster ; and it looks like you are an in-poster…… Smart arsss comment returned to ya Go Bucs !!!

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        Gee, a back-up player set to go on the PUP list sure did strike a nerve with Kino.

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        Kino, I’m sure you’re trying to tell me/us about something that concerns you. I’m afraid to ask for further explanation (lol), so I’m going to take your comments as that of a well-meaning fan that is passionate about the Bucs.



          Exactly !! And Yes the O Line and Winston may turn out just fine but I am sharing foresight ( in which I and many others think the bucs are lacking) , not hindsight . I think Winston can be a special player and I would do everything I could to protect that , the bucs are far far short of that.If Mankins ( no depth) makes it through the year uninjured and is effective I will mail you a 20.00 bill at the end of the year.I look forward to mailing it !! Lol

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    Doesn’t sound like he will help us much this year. I don’t see a DT recovering as fast as some other positions. Tough luck for him.

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    Scott, Mark, McDaniels was released by the Seahawks. Possible replacement? I don’t know, just asking.

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    McDaniels makes 2.5 million a year. Don’t think the Bucs want to spend that much money on a backup for the Seahawks who will be a backup here and who isn’t known for having a stellar pass rush.
    Shame about Spence, one of the few Dummynick picks that was actually improving his game and was a solid backup.
    I doubt if Bowers is going to make the team. I see a FA with a lot more hunger and desire cracking the squad than Bowers who love of the game has been questioned.

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