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    I hope they trade Melman for OL that can play now, not just a draft pick, but whatever, I’ll be happy for him to go back to Madagascar, to shut up the MGM. He doesn’t have “it” and he will never have “it” Cut your losses now Bucs, while there are stupid teams with interest.

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    Buc on the Move

    Just don’t give him away for nothing. Though his win/loss record isn’t great, and his comp% could be higher, his TD/INT ratio shows he is a capable backup at worst. With a better O-line that can not only protect, but open up a running game (something we haven’t had since Glennon got here), Glennon is better than alot of the QBs out there. Name a QB who has “it” without an OL or running game. Neither will JWinston or Mariota if we don’t get those pieces fixed.

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    Buc on the Move

    Besides, if we let Glennon go, then who will back up our new savior?

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      I think, ultimately, it would be best to trade Glennon while there could be interest. It would be best for him as well as the team.

      As far as a backup / mentor, maybe sign some aging clipboard Jesus, who could stand in in the case of injury, but would also be a better mentor to someone coming just out of college. (Not really sure which aging QB would fit, but would look to someone who will bring a positive and supportive attitude to the QB Room.)

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    Problem with Glennon is his ultra thin frame. He needs to beef up considerably and it is not an easy thing for him to do.

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    So you want Glennon for a fourth rounder?, hmmm, throw in a pack of bubble gum and you got yourself a DEAL!!!!

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      Jon I actually think we can get a third for him. The qb position is so bad right now. Hell mcclown just got singed for 5 million a year again.

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    I wouldn’t have much of an issue with Glennon remaining our back-up QB if Licht isn’t able to get at least a 4th round pick for him. He has the right demeanor for the role.

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