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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    What a relief to know that Glennon will start. I will sleep easier now. I imagine the Ravens are shaking in their cleats. Our only chance is if they come in here thinking we are a pushover and then let down, or if their plane crashes en route.

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      Every single comment I’ve read by you is disgusting. Wish I could block all your comments on the articles like I can on the message boards.

      I won’t be reading your reply, so do us all a favor and don’t bother.

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        Whatever, then don’t read this. I don’t write for you. Not that it matters, but I just had a bunch of venting to do yesterday about expectations that the Bucs set us up to accept and have not delivered.

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    Odds are? For the lovie of God, ENOUGH!

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    Lovie is a fool if he starts McCown over Glennon. Geeze enough with McCown already. He had his chance and he was terrible!!!

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    I think Glennon should start so we can see how far he can improve and decide if we need to draft a QB. However, I don’t think that Glennon would have had any better stats than Josh if he had started the first three games behind the worst OL play we have seen since the old sombrero, and Josh still had a better completion rate than Glennon behind a much better blocking OL. Glennon’s production now is also good enough to keep him at least as the number two QB if he can’t improve enough to show he can be the Franchise QB of the Future. I really like how he has improved under Josh’s Coaching!

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      Did you notice that the line started playing better the moment Glennon took over? Coincidence, hardly…

    2. 4.2


      owlykat- Congrats on “changing” your ill opinion on how horrible Glennon is, seems now like you were always in his corner. By the way, I am willing to bet the house that if our defense was that of 2002 and with this offense you would be praising the OL. Please keep your invaluable opinions coming…

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    I don’t think any of us believe Glennon is a great QB, but compared to McCown he appears to be Manning in disguise. Go Bucs!

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    That was a fumble.two feet down.coach should have called time out hoping NFL would review but saints were smarter and got next play off fast.stay in shotgun and play lights out every procession only hope.stop 2 Doug yards up the middle on first down.rainey is the guy.glennon needs to be turned loose.we got good receivers so use them and stop thinking running game is gonna scare somebody unless Rainey gets the ball . coaches need to stop being so scared to realize this.been a fan since day one and first time writing in.please do not waste what Mccoy and others are trying to do.they deserve better

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    I used to enjoy Buctebow’s posts since they typically injected a little humor. But now it seems he is acting like a kid whose mommy took away his Big Wheel and his friends are making fun of him. This team has mostly disappointed me and sometimes irked me for the past 39 years….but I have never been in a rage like some of you people seem to get. I’ve never thrown a temper tantrum and threatened to give up my season tickets at a whim. If we were realistic, most sat down to watch the game hoping for a competitive duel in which our Buccaneers didn’t embarrass themselves, and us, again. But a funny thing happened…..the 10 point underdogs went into the 4th quarter with a lead but couldn’t hold on for the victory making the loss even more disappointing for sure. But I was encouraged by the periods of good play and can see the development of the team taking place. The NFL game is mostly a mental battle. The Buccaneers showed a lot of grit. But after the series that resulted in a safety the momentum and the home crowd went against the red and pewter. Yes, there was a lot about which to be peeved; but one play here or there in three of the four losses could have avoided the defeat. It’s coming together. Isn’t it?

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    Football is a pastime and entertainment for me. I’ve been watching the Bucs lose as long as Scubog has and I’m still a big fan. I am hesitant to counsel or criticize, but when we’re on a website, we’re on the stage at the theater of the absurd. Nobody hears us, but us. Lovie Smith does not come here for advice. It’s called a game for a reason, and frankly shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than having a Madden controller in your hand. Reader’s Digest says laughter is the best medicine. Take a dose!

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    Scu, Horse, Mac, and me have been around for awhile. I’ve seen, and lived through things in my life that make winning, or losing a football game a joke. It’s entertainment people, not life, or death, don’t take it so seriously. The Bucs like the south will rise again. Try to enjoy the ride. If Glennon proves this year he’s the future, we’re half way there. Lovie needs his Urlacker in the middle, then we will be on our way. Wish it was this year, but it will come.

  10. 10


    If I was Lovie, I would not commit to Glennon either. So far he has only been ok. Of course, I wouldn’t commit to the other offensive collection of stupids starting for us either. The OL is still making drive killing mental errors and the receivers, especially VJ and ASJ have hands of stone. The offense got a little better in some aspects last week but it is improving at a much slower rate than the defense. I actually have hope now that sometime this year the defense will be an above average NFL defense. I still think we are multiple players away from being a top 10, but most of the ineffectiveness is learning how to play our schemes. I am expecting a better defense after the bye week.

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    Odds are? You gotta be kidding me. Even those who are not sold on Glennon have to realize that putting Josh back in would be a huge mistake, strategically in terms of understanding what Glennon’s capabilities are, and tactically (unless you are trying to lose all of the remaining games to get the #1 draft pick)…It’s still early but so far not a lot to show from L&L’s free agent ‘splashes’, or drafting, or coaching, or game day performance… Hopefully this is typical yr 1 rebuilding (which we were assured wouldn’t happen), else the Glazers have done ‘it’ again.

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    Come on… If the recievers caught the ball in the beginning of the game it would have been a different game… And in My Opinion Glennon played almost as good as any QB in the league on Sun… He went blow for blow with “King Drew” and did just about everything He could to win that game… Better hands by the recievers and stop the Bleeding with the penalties and We would have blown them out… Yes Glennon has a few throws that He needs to work on His accuracy but the majority of His game was as good as it gets… And You guys don’t have to mention every post about how long You have been a Bics Fan… I too remember having to listen to every Home Game on the radio as a kid working in the yard with My Dad and the first Bucs game I ever saw We lost to Green Bay by a last second Field Goal… A lot of us have been long time fans and had more than our share of Heartache… The point is that if this season We can learn the schemes on both sides of the ball and find out who is here to stay and who needs to be replaced then this season will be Invaluable to our Future after a Good Draft and FA in 2015… And if Glennon keeps it up and continues to improve Glennon is definitely our QB of the Future…

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    I remember the 1st NFL game I was fully attentive to SB I GB vs KC, SB III where I was crushed as my beloved Colts were whooped by Joe Wille’s Jets. Years of fun and yet great disappointment watching my beloved Cubs and a couple of trips to Wrigley Field – what a treat! A few years where my NFL teams (front runner as a kid) won big. My first drive across the causeway bridge into Clearwater & down to the beach. 1st game attended in the Old Sombrero. The great fun of gameday, regardless of the score. The excitement of the drafts that eventually built the old Buc championship team. The worry of losing the team, the joy of stepping into the new stadium and confirming my season tickets location. The home playoff atmosphere, the eventual Super Bowl win, etc…. Point being, Life’s an Adventure – try to enjoy the ride. Football’s entertainment for us fans – try to keep some perspective. But when in the stadium on gameday, when many of us who have played at some level have that adrenaline rise up and make you forget it’s a young mans game & you’re not a pro, well, absolutely enjoy that too. And be nice to your fellow GM’s/posters on PR as the journey twists us into uncomfortable positions at times.

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    Oh yea, subject originally was Glennon. I’m certainly enjoying watching his development.

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