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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at mark@pewterreport.com

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    I think this offense looks exactly the way it should when you lose Tedford right before the season starts and replace him with a QB with no experience as an OC in the NFL (and little experience as a OC at the college level). We need a great QB and a great OC, plain and simple. I’m sure the lure of either Mariota or Winston based on where we’ll be drafting and the free reign of the offense since Lovie is a defensive guy will draw in the OC’s in the country.

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    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m totally done with this McCown experiment. While everything wasn’t all his fault today, his awareness looked questionable at best. I’m also done with Warhop. I’d love to see us land Chudzinski, especially if we plan to draft a QB

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    We have two decent Back up QB’s but after today’s game it is very clear why McCown has never been a starter. If you put pressure on him he will turn over the ball. We need a QB that can start and lead this team to greatness. And neither of these guys can.

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      Mark Cook

      That is pretty much an QB, you know like Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl last year. O-line needs to be fixed asap to have a chance to do anything in the NFL.

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    The fact that this team called a QB sneak on a long 4th and 1 shows just how DUMB these coaches can be…and how this team can keep making stupid penalties is beyond me…Everyone on the Oline needs to be replaced next season…cant run and can barely protect.

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    Honestly, I’m ok with losing to stay ahead of the Jets in the draft at this point. I’m not sure it makes a difference given the assessment of PR on Mariotta and Winston. I think given what we’ve seen thus far this year if we’re going to be given a really high pick and can’t find a trading partner we should just draft a left tackle and be safe about it. I also don’t watch college so I don’t honestly know whether Mariotta or Winston have ‘it’ but I do know that high 1st round QB’s are busts more often than they’re successful and it sounds like there are no sure thing QB’s in this draft.

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    Jason Bourne

    McCown is horrible brah !

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    I agree Mark it has and always will start up front on offense or defense. This O line is a joke and Lovie put it together after getting rid of most of last years starters. I still don’t see McCown or Glennon being Starter Material though even with a good O line.

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    We scouted Carr and liked him. Too bad didn’t take him. Looks like he may pan out. I know Pewter Report liked him too.

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    Mark Cook

    True Fredster but I don’t see many QBs succeeding with this offensive line as it is currently. Mankins whiffed on the 3rd and 1 run. That run would have easily gone for a first down. McCown was off all day, even when he had time. And an accurate QB today probably wins that game, but against a bad Bears D. They gave up over 50 points two games in a row a couple weeks back. And this team scores 13? Can’t run, can’t pass block, continued mental errors and just overall bad play. I liked Carr a lot but not sure he is any more successful behind this line. That is one reason I was behind the move back to McCown as he at least has some mobility. But even he looked super slow today.

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      Mark, he was off big time. I was in Alabama yelling at him to out some gloves on, but apparently he didn’t hear me.

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    The play calling was bad, but I think they had to hurry up in case they scored and didn’t get the 2pt conversion. They would need time for to offsides kick. At least that was my thought process.

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    Mark Cook

    Yes from the start he looked bad. Disagree with rushing the play. As we saw, if you don’t make the first, everything else that happens is irrelevant. HAVE to secure first down.

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    Issues elsewhere don’t mean don’t get another QB in here. It needs to happen.

  13. 13


    Haven’t said anything about this loss, no need to. Anybody who saw the game knows what happened! But there is one question that keeps popping up in my head – “why would a winning football team fire a coach with a 10-6 winning record? It won’t go away! I can hear it now – “why would a winning football team fire a coach with a 10-6 winning record? There has got to be a reason!

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      perhaps for the same reason a winning football team would fire a coach with a 9-7 winning record…and a SuperBowl….just saying, the Bears have company in that decision…

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    Good points as always Mark. You may be right to a degree and I doubt any qb would be very successful in this offense right now. I just feel even if we were playing good defense and special teams and the O like was playing good, would either of these two guys be good enough to get you deep in the playoffs or to a super bowl? To me the answer is very clearly no. I have no doubt they could play better but glennon like you said has no mobility. A pocket passer statue doesn’t succeed unless you are Peyton manning. McCown just does stupid stuff when he’s pressured. If the whole offense played better I’m sure he would too but I just can’t see us getting into playoffs and him not throwing an ill advised int. at a crucial time or fumbling because he held it too long. We need a QB and not a mediocre one or a career backup. Build the o line and get a QB please! As far as Lovie I’m not sold at all. Yes there was a reason he was fired after going 10-6. Have to be careful too and not just knee jerk fire unless we have a better option for sure. It does not look like to me Tressman was an upgrade over Lovie, or Lovie was an upgrade over Shiano. Maybe but doesn’t seem like it.

  15. 15


    Also one could argue Carr has played better than our two qb’s on a Raiders team that’s as bad if not worse than the Bucs at 1-10.

  16. 16


    Mark, I COMPLETELY agree and have been trying to say the same thing as well…O-line! The D-line is improving but the O-line is consistently horrible. I also believe Glennon MAY become better given a reasonable chance, McCown is no way a starter and after a decade he still makes rookie mistakes. Glennon appears to be very intelligent and that is the biggest key weapon IMO. Secondly, strong arm..he has that as well. Now, I am NOT a Glennon supporter yet but feel strongly if he went somewhere else and had GOOD coaching he would become a good QB, perhaps not great but good. I DO NOT subscribe to “mobile” QB as the top necessity like most. Look at the best most consistent QB’s in the league…much more smarter than mobile. Rogers is both and still GB struggles to make deep playoff appearances. QB’s HAVE to adjust during game time situations and recognizing formations, schemes, counts, etc. in an instant is for highly intelligent people. It has to be done very quickly and only a select few can do this. That is why they are consistent every year, they Know what the defense is doing and what they can get from it…Mariota or Winston is a gamble and not sure how intelligent they are. Let’s draft GOOD linemen on both sides and get a smart QB in mid rounds. Start Glennon next year all out and see what he can do with a better OC?? assuming we get one.

  17. 17


    The point about good linemen is that you can draft them in the middle of the 1st round (or even late 1st round, or even 2nd and 3rd round)…but the odds of getting a “franchise” QB are highly skewed (not guaranteed of course, and of course the Tom Brady lottery approach exists) to drafting one at the top of the 1st round. Unless we plan sucking for years to come, the 2015 draft will be our best chance at a QB…we can pick Oline in 2016 with 32nd overall pick.

  18. 18


    I agree glennon is smart and has a strong arm. You don’t have to be a “mobile” quarterback but he just has no mobility. You have to at least be able to move around in pocket and buy time becasue the best o line will break down at times. If things break down he’s just done. That won’t work consistently IMO. Also agree greenbay not making super bowl multiple times had nothing to do with A.Rodgers or offense. Injuries, defense, luck, and homefield all play in. They consistently compete though and packers won superbowl recently largely in part due to to A.R.

  19. 19


    Mark, I’m glad you’re finally starting to smell the morning coffee, maybe you can talk to your partner. The biggest problem in the Buccaneer’s organization is Lovie Smith. Do you ever notice that nobody talks to him or even goes near him during the game? He built this mess he owns it. Lovie Smith deserves to be fired at the end of the season, period. This team has all the lack of discipline, confusion and penalties that young Coach Morris’ teams had, Coach Schiano’s teams never looked this lost. I’m fully aware of all the arguments, you can’t pay 3 coaches, you can’t change staffs every year, he needs more than one year ect. For what? To have 1 win at Halloween every year. The Bucs need a legitimate, NFL experienced staff or there will be a lot more than 4 loosing seasons in a row.

  20. 20


    St. Lovie Smith IS the problem and has been from day one. We are stuck with him and the downward spiral continues. I’m still paying for next year’s seats but have to wonder how many are not. This is as bad as it gets. I’ll even go so far as to type that if Coach Schiano had not been fired we’d be in the thick of it for the South and probably in first place. We had hope and now we have St. Dope.
    Does ANYONE see this mess turned around under the “leadership” (HC and GM) we have now? And yet we are stuck with it. Great.

    1. 20.1


      I agree with you Gary…I for one was screaming hire Lovie, reason is…I figured this guy has been out for a year and has been studying a new approach to the game and will have a new attitude and demeanor. I was wrong…as soon as he comes to town he brings in an unproven offensive coordinator who hasn’t been here, he brings in Josh McCown and names the starter, and gets rid of a decent offensive line and takes a chance on a sorry line that we have today! He only had to make a few changes and draft a few pieces…I had liked Jimmy Garapolo who would have gone nicely with Mike Evans….SMH Just think where we would be today!!!!

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