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    At least one can argue they’re learning!

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    Yes, building and developing your players through the draft is the way to go for sure. The problem is this team has not drafted well in over a decade. The next best option is FA. When your are a 2-14 team you have to overpay for players to get them to come here. To become what I would call “gun shy” is also a bad approach. You have to trust your scouting and if you have to overpay somewhat,so be it. Licht and Lovie Could be a one and done team in the front office if they blow this FA and draft. They have four years left I believe for sure and I say that only because they will be selecting their QB of the future in this draft. They will be allowed the remainder of their contract to get the ship turned in the right direction. This is the time to spend wisely and trust your scouting and don’t be “GUN SHY”

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    Seems like a ‘plan’ but until it’s actually done and they get the guys they claim they are interested in I’m still worried. Verner wasn’t exactly a mid-tier guy either, he was as big priced as any they brought in last year.

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    the youtube highlights of Morgan, of his college days that are still up, shows him blowing up Bulaga; I get this feeling that he could be better than some think; surround him with talent, and he’ll get more stats and help the free up the others as well.

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    I’m wondering why the Bucs don’t like Colin McCarthy. Outside of injury problems, he’s a faster Mason Foster.

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    It makes sense. They paid a lot of guaranteed money for busts and doing that two years in a row might strap the salary cap if the bust again. I think if they just shoot for slightly improved players and not the moon shot, the team will be better this year. We will just have to wait a month or so to see who they actually land. I expect the process to continue after the draft when more cuts are made when teams are sure they have replacements for current “rostered” players.

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    Well I suppose we will be reading articles about how the Bucs either lost, or were mediocre in FA this year. Last year we won FA….on paper. We lost on the field. I hope losing FA translates to wins this year!

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