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    Again, more praise for Glennon….I agree with the one assessment, he couldn’t beat out McCown. Someone will make a move for him but I don’t see the value. Another average QB which there are plenty of in the NFL.

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      You really think he had a legitimate shot at starting? The minute Lovie brought his boy Mcclown into town and paid him starters money, Glennon had ZERO chance at being the starter.

    2. 1.2


      this was all politics. McClown was me boy..

      Competition was in the Twilight Zone//////

    3. 1.3


      Everyone is entitled to an opinion jme0151, but I recall Lovie Smith bringing in multiple ex-Chicago Bears to fill key roles including elder journeyman McCown who was named the starter upon signing based on ONE good season with Chicago. Glennon has been a class act and I agree with Schein, Schiano, Koetter, and the unnamed GM sources that Glennon has plenty of upside, especially when compared to possible 2nd round college QBs in this years draft.

      1. 1.3.1


        I think people miss understand my position. I DON’T feel he was ever good enough to start!! I also don’t see the value in him for a high draft pick!! Hence the couldn’t even beat out McCown. Even if it was a competition he wasn’t the better



          There stats for that year are as follows.
          Josh Mcclown 56% completion percentage. 11 TD’s 14 Int
          Glennon 57% Completion Percentage 10 TD’s 6 Int’s
          QBR Mcclown 73
          Glennon 83
          And Glennon did that with half of the starts. So please tell me how he was not the better option?
          You’re also not taking into account how bad the QB market is right now. This drafts QB’s are projects and the free agent class is terrible. Glennon is a better option with experience than all of those options.
          So regardless if YOU feel he can’t start, other teams do. It all depends on what Licht wants for him.

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    amen cgmaster27

  3. 3


    The only problem I had with Glennon was when he had the chance to grab the job and make it his, he failed to do so and gave Smith the opportunity to put McClown back in as starter.
    If he had been a little more dynamic and had won at least one more game, he failed to do so.
    I agree though, there should have been a competition to win the starters job during camp and the preseason.

    1. 3.1


      True he definitely wasn’t spectacular, however he was better than Mcclown in just about every way. Glennon just doesn’t have that extra fire I like to see. Could be very good with a great defense and strong running game. But then again, who couldn’t. Just pointing out that in my opinion, once mccown was brought in, he had no shot.

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    I could see Glennon being really pumped up with coach K as the OC.

  5. 5


    Well we can hope we can get a 2 or a 3; I doubt it though. I believe the best possibility is a trade for another player.

  6. 6


    I think he can be a starter too just not a great one. Average maybe. I’m sure he can do more with better team. He just lacks mobility or escapability of any kind. Clean pocket all the time, yea he can make some good grows.

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    I think he can be a starter too just not a great one. Average maybe. I’m sure he can do more with better team. He just lacks mobility or escapability of any kind. Clean pocket all the time, yea he can make some good throws.

  8. 8


    Send him to New England fo a yr. or 2 and see who’s in the playoffs

  9. 9


    Read the Schein article. He had some good points but I believe like Horse when he suggest 3 would be a reach for him. We may find a trading partner but until now there hasn’t been much conversation over Glennon outside of Tampa. Cant help the teams mentioned may be using him as a diversion or smoke screen for deals to get the players that they feel have a better resume’. I might be wrong, been wrong many times before. Still like the idea of Glennon as back-up to Jameis in 2016.

    1. 9.1


      Just curious…What hidden player has a better resume? Osweiller signed for 208 Trillion and he was slightly less effective than Glennon with the same basic measurables in his limited starts which featured a top ranked defense and two incredible receivers. Im not beating you up. I like Glennon too and hope he stays, but his mental makeup and team first attitude will be very appealing to teams that have had a carousel at the QB position(like NYJ, Cleveland, LA) or a team that is about to lose their starter(Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Philly, San Fran, SD). He’s worth more than a 3rd or late 2nd.

  10. 10


    It really isn’t fair to say that he couldn’t beat out McCown. McCown was given the starting Position the moment he signed. The Team never even considered giving GLennon the Starting position. But when he got his chance he played better than most of the other rookies in the NFL. He is a gamer. Maybe not in the class as WInston, but defintely worth a 2nd if not more.

  11. 11


    Richie McKay got a first round pick for the immortal Craig Erickson. Glennon is better than he was. Not saying we’ll get a first rounder for #8, but I think a third rounder from a needy team who missed out in the first two rounds is a possibility. Also wouldn’t be shocked if we just keep him until a team is desperate.

  12. 12


    Glennon was a third round pick, he’ll fetch at least a third in this years draft. I like Glennon better then this years top Q.B.picks, let alone day two’s. What 2nd, or third round pick could come in and start for a team, let alone compete with Mike? A team like the Jets would be fools not giving up a day two pick for Glennon.

  13. 13


    I say keep him if he’ll stay. Offer him top 25 QB money and sleep better at night if he’s that good. We really haven’t seen him play have we? He’s probably a good backup … when did he show “starter” skills? If the Bucs are serious about his talents then pay him as insurance while Jameis is still on his rookie deal. At least through the next two to three years.

  14. 14


    Also the couldn’t beat out McClown talk is dumb. I don’t think you can fairly evaluate a QB when the O line is horrible and they are under pressure like that. McClown did ok in Chicago and wasn’t nearly as bad for Browns as he was for us. That first year with Lovie the O line was a total joke. Remember in preseason last year when McClown came to Tampa and looked like Tom Brady? Yea Lovies defense was garbage but the O line blocking was great and his play was great. Glennon will need a team with really good O line or he will not do anything with his big clumsy clown feet. Just being honest as I do really like Glennon and his attitude. Strong arm and smart too.

  15. 15


    A team with a regime that has pressure to “win now” with a QB need is what they need.

  16. 16


    Sorry Scudog, but Erickson was a good QB playing on an average team with poor receivers and certainly better than Dilfer ever was.
    Wyche never wanted Dilfer and got stuck with him anyway. Erickson was his QB.
    Glennon did get a chance to claim the job as his in 2014 when McClown went down with an injury but didn’t do enough to keep him on the bench.
    I was rooting for him, but that’s just the way it was.
    Once again fredster, it wasn’t so much the line, but the offensive coordinator who was totally clueless about protection schemes and play calling.

  17. 17


    So, how did Erickson do in Indy? Ask Colt fans.

  18. 18


    That “good” QB, Craig Erickson, lasted one season (1995)in Indianapolis after being beaten out by Jim Harbaugh. Dilfer, you might recall, had a fairly solid career and was the starting QB on the Ravens team who defeated the Giants right in our own stadium. So, who was better? Hmmmmmm.

  19. 19


    Scubog, u are comparing apples to oranges and in a failed attempt to prove your point.
    The Colts acquired Erickson because they felt Harbaugh wasn’t living up to the positions standards.
    Apparently Erickson’s arrival lit a fire under Harbaugh who seemed to notch up his play upon his arrival. Nothing like possibly losing your starting job to motivate some players,
    As for Dilfer having a “solid” career here, I can find about 50,000 season ticket holders who would argue that point of view.
    At his very best, Dilfer was an average QB who was beaten out by a rookie who wasn’t known for his hard work or studying habits.
    Dilfer was also lucky in the fact he played on two teams, Bucs and Ravens, that featured outstanding defenses.
    The point still remains that Wyche neither wanted or felt he needed Dilfer and the Bucs would have done their team a service by drafting another player.

    1. 19.1


      SCU did prove his point. It comes down to your narrow perspective as usual. That is why you can’t see his point. One minute you explain yourself by making excuses that a player was good but the people around him were bad and then you turn around on another post and say that a player wasn’t good but the team around him is what made him average. That’s a rhetorical argument. A simple minded man with strong opinions. Keep them coming dude!

    2. 19.2


      You brought Dilfer into the discussion not me. I never said Dilfer was a great QB here. My original point was to remind us of the bounty Richie McKay got for Erickson, who did not much. if anything, more than Glennon has done to show how some desperate team might overpay. As I pointed out, Erickson’s Colt career was over after one season on the bench. Colt fans weren’t too happy about giving up a first round pick for him.

      I think your only point was to try to find something about to argue.

  20. 20


    Just remember Steve Young showed a lot less for the Bucs than Glennon. I think he panned out ok.

    Also no way the Bucs should trade Glennon for a 3rd round pick. They will get that as compenstation next year anyway.

    If Dallas does not draft a QB in round 1, then Glennon will be worth a lot when Romo gets injured by week 3.

  21. 21


    Yes magoobee, but Young got to sit on the bench for four or five years behind Montana while being tutored by QB guru Bill Walsh.
    Such instances don’t occur often in the win now culture of the NFL.
    If Glennon is traded for a No. 2, he will be expected to perform right away and at a high level.

  22. 22


    Scubog, you stated, Dilfer, “had a fairly solid career here.” 70 TD’s and 67 INTS is hardly a “solid career.”
    Heck, even as he “led” the Ravens to a Super Bowl he only had 12 TD’s and 11 INT’s.
    Move over Joe Montana.
    My main point was not to argue with you but to disagree with you by using facts.
    It’s not personal.

    1. 22.1



  23. 23


    Scubog, you are right about some teams getting desperate for a QB this time of year though and I hope we find one willing to give up a No. 2.
    Look at the Texans blowing all that money on Osweiler although it didn’t cost them a pick.
    I hope the Texan remember how to spell Matt Cassell.
    I always liked Erickson who I thought has a great feel for the pocket and was a much better QB than Dilfer.
    Picking Dilfer was a mistake pure and simple. He was never a top ten draft pick and proved it.
    He drove Sam Wyche crazier than he already was.

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