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    Kwon’s rise has been very impressive and is, IMO, much more a testament to his talent and hard work than it is to Carter’s getting, at least temporarily, passed on the depth chart.

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    Looks like we’ve got ourselves a player in this one.

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    I’m glad to see K. Alexander already earning time with the 1’s at MLB. That’s great value for a 4th round pick and not an easy transition from college OLB. I was never sold on Carter in middle. The play actions seemed to always have Carter out of position last Saturday. Alexander was on the balls of his feet and chopping them up and down before the ball was even snapped, buying him an extra jump in transition.

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    Our linebackers have always been great here. Kwon is just one more in the lineage. Great to see him “earn” time with the ones. But is it that he’s better or that Carter knows what he’s doing and they are seasoning the kid in practice? Either way kudos to him for making his name known early and often.

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    Kwon was the most impressive rookie in week 1 imo. Good to see him getting recognized for his efforts. Ironically, he was the one draft pick I thought was questionable…good thing I’m not a GM lol

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