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    How disappointing! This is one of the reasons we never get better. He will be on IR before the season starts. We keep players that have sucked for four years and expect different results. The next info we get on this is that we overpaid for tbe guy.

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      Yeah I just don’t get it. He’ll probably hurt his wrist while signing the contract and be out for the season. I mean this guy has got to have some dirt on Lovie and Licht. This is just perplexing to say the least.

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    cg, What an opening salvo for the beginning of 2015. You could be right that he has something on somebody. I would rather take my chances on a undrafted FA then hope Stocker can stay healthy for sixteen games.

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    Clearwater Buc 21


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    Right out of the FA gate, the Bucs re-sign Luke Stocker. Not a great way to reinforce my optimism for 2015.
    Giving the benefit of the doubt, I’m thinking he becomes the Bucs version of a blocking fullback.
    What amazes me is how they were able to get Luke to come out from behind the cold tub long enough to sit down and sign a contract!

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    This falls into the WTF category…the only thing I’m thinking is that other than being often injured,he is a hard worker and a positive person in the building – this might be a work ethic signing( also we need players on offense who can block- not sayin he’s great,but he can block).this years batch of TE are underwhelming and most FA are of the pass catching variety,so we are stuck with stocker…

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    On the Stocker signing…they never mention contract specifics, so I would hope that there is little to no guaranteed money in the deal allowing our BUCS to cut him without much impact to our financial situation.

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    I’d see that Tampa Bay is signing certain players that showed certain potiantle in the future needs of the bucs. If they don’t work out they will be cut after one year.go bucs

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    Why would we re-sign Stocker? He never earned his original contract money, was frequently injured and yet we sign him to another long term, 3 year, contract. Why? No-one else is going to sign him. If we must re-sign him, which is highly debatable, then why not offer him a one year deal?

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