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    I think Tampa is on the road to playoffs in 2016. Tampa is spending its money very wisley. Maybe Tampa may be going in a different direction in Rd-1. May be a WR! TE! or even a OT. we will see! Go Bucs.

  2. 2


    I see a pattern developing here and one I’m not against, either.
    It seems the Bucs, other than Sweeny, are using FA much the same way the Patriots are.
    They are getting older players to use to fill in positions they know they need to draft for in the next one or two years.
    They aren’t having to pay top dollar for a player who they think will keep developing and whose career they feel is still ascending.
    So many of those players seem to get fat and lose their hunger for the game and have no allegiances to the others on the team so they lack the appetite to continue performing at a high level in a brutal game.
    The Bucs aren’t the only team to have suffered through the Eric Wright’s, Anthony Carter’s and Michael Johnson’s.

    1. 2.1


      I completely agree drdneast. They have cap space and they are getting some players but nothing that looks like they paid way too much

  3. 3


    All age aside, this guy seems to produce and may have been flying under the radar for years. I think it would be a good signing and solidify the LB corps for a year or two. Can allow Licht to go after a replacement when the time presents itself. This dude seems solid though, the exact type of player we need…go to work kind of guy.

  4. 4


    Guys lets go a different direction. The guys they brought in are veterans who know how to win.Like I said all along! What if Tampa is looking another direction espically the first three rounds. I been saying this for months. Tampa is in a good position to get these players that will fit the bucs needs down the road as well as today. Look at 2 examples;No#1 Tampa trade with example LA Rams-LA gets there QB plus Tampa could get Shelton Rankins at 15 plus p/u a 2nd Rd(LA Rams has 2 2nd rd picks and what if Cleve selects one of the 3 top qb’s. Tampa could trade Mike Glennon in Rd-3 for Cleveland #3 pick and Tampa gives cleveland a no#6 pick. Mike Glennon could start for clev until the rookie is ready. I believe that may go. Tampa can select @15, also has 2 high 2nd rd picks plus two #3’s.Then Tampa could swing back in 1st rd and get Olb Noah Spence with two 2nd rd pick!

  5. 6


    The Bucs are certainly trying to balance the “need” to win now with the need to build for longer term competitiveness.

    If things work out so that the Rams desire to trade up to get a needed quarterback the Bucs could get Rankins. I would like to see them then get Emmanuel Ogbah. I think he has a lot of potential and doesn’t have the character questions.

    Go Bucs!!!

  6. 7


    The only problem with your scenarios George Hick is the Rams have to thin Glennon is worth a 3rd round pick.
    As it is, I doubt if Licht will trade him for a third because at the very least he will get a third when he goes into FA.
    So for Licht to trade Glennon this year, a player he feels is a more than capable backup, a team is going to have to cough up a second.
    The reason the 48ers didn’t trade Kapernick is because they wanted a second and Kap has gone to the Super Bowl. the NFC Championship game and has a lot more game experience than Glennon.
    Now this may change, but right now I don’t think there is a team ready to give up a third for Glennon, let alone a second.
    Glennon put in reputable stats as a starter, no doubt.
    But when given the chance to take the reins over from McClown, he didn’t show the type of dynamic play and leadership that would have allowed him to do so.

    1. 7.1


      drdneast; agree with you.

  7. 8


    Looks like they signed him and probablu for close to the league minimum.
    Seems like the Bucs didn’t even want to tender Lansanah that.
    Has he Lansanah signed with anyone or has any team shown interest in him yet.
    Has anyone heard.

    1. 8.1


      Hey drdneast, I really like this signing. I said a couple of days ago that I didn’t like any LB’s that were available in FA, but I didn’t hear about this guy. Probably cause he is like 88 years old. But he seems to have been playing at a decently high level the last 3 years straight!! At least 120 tackles per year is pretty darn good. Hasn’t seemed to have slowed down at all and knows the defense. I remember he was also very solid in Jax too. He can plug the vacancy at SLB until we draft his replacement, and if we draft him this year, the guy can show him the ropes. Best part is, sounds like he came pretty cheap. All we need now is a RT. I’m not a big fan of Cherillius, and would like Dotson to be our swing T.

      1. 8.1.1


        Well. I guess there are no RT’s left. I see that Schraeder was just tendered by Atlanta. I didn’t realize he was a RFA. Now we might have to look at the draft or a trade. Since we probably aren’t trading, I need to go re-check who is available in the later rounds of the draft.

    2. 8.2


      Oops, forgot that my main idea, before getting carried away, was that he sounds like he might be cheaper and a lot better than Lansanna anyway. I have not herd of any interest in Lansanna at all yet. Wish him the best, always kind of liked him too.

  8. 9


    The difference between Mike Smith and Lovie Smith is that when Mike brings back his former players, they are guys that have actually had success in the league!

  9. 10


    This gives the DC some players who have been in his scheme before to help fill in the blanks.

  10. 11


    Totally agree Brandonges and Horse !!! This is a solid FA in my opinion. I knew they weren’t going to spend much and I expected to get much worse players. At least they have produced in the last couple of years even though they are older! This LB seems very solid the last 3 years and Grimes has been a Pro Bowler the last 3 years. I’m not sure about Sweeney, but I herd that 7 or 8 other teams wanted him too, so he can’t be all that bad. Probably why we had to overpay for him a little, but we have the cap space to do it. At least he is still at a pretty good age and can hopefully stick around.

  11. 12


    34 is the end of the road for a linebacker. Another stopgap signing to give themselves a short buffer while a rookie gets phased in. SAM linebackers don’t really do that much unless the offense is in ground and pound mode. That’s when being 34 starts to show. That and trying to keep up with those tight ends and running backs. This time next year, we’ll have already forgotten about him. Bruce who?

  12. 13


    Seems to me these NFL senior citizens signings may bring another needed quality to our favorite team. A desire to win and willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

    When Jameis made those remarks about some teammates not having the same drive as the coaching staff, it gave us a peek at the psyche of the roster that rolled over at DC and the last four games. As soon as something bad happened they uttered a collective “Oh No!”

    Yes, these relative oldsters will probably only be here for a year or two, but their influence may go on in the mindset of their “grasshoppers”. At least that’s what I hope.

  13. 14


    I’ve noticed that some of these signings are for only one or two years, providing time for our rookies to get up to speed without having to start right away. You can’t say enough about how this helps the team grow in a planned fashion. Licht has a multi-year plan and it looks like he is following it!

  14. 15


    I see Tampa is signings veterans who can fill a much needed need. Plus it will give the rookies that they drafted and UDFAearn this system. Tampa is already ahead of the game go bucs.

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