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    This team stinks.

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    Yeah, this team does stink. I’m still baffled by how the defense sucks so bad. I believe L. Frasier will be one and done with the Bucs. His Cover 2 defense in Minnesota never were much good. The more I think about it, everyone else that has run a Cover 2 (Dungy, Lovie, Marinelli, Kiffin, Tomlin) has had a year where they led a great defense…expect Frasier. Glennon play wasn’t as bad as it seemed today, just like it wasn’t as good as it seemed in Pittsburgh. So far he are who I thought he were through 3 games, expect he is much better now in the 4th quarter vs. last year.

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    Please open your hymnals to Macabees 48:17

    Friends, Buc fans, and PR posters, I come to bury the Bucs, not to praise them.
    The evil that men do live after them. The good is oft interred with their bones,
    So let it be with the Bucs! – Act III, Scene II

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    With our under performing OL in the first half acting like our OL in our first three games gave you the opportunity to compare Glennon to Josh. First Half Glennon was worse than Josh under the same circumstances, which tells you Josh should be starting when he heals up. The heat and humidity got to the Ravens in the second half or we would have allowed Flaco to set an NFL record for scoring. I watched the Cowboys beat Seattle at home and note what a great turnaround Dallas has made from their terrible team last year. They did it by picking OL high in their draft and picking our DL Coach from our Superbowl days as their DC. He played man for man the entire game except for the Tampa Two on the last play which saved the game. That means we can turn around this miserable team the same way next year. But we will need to take a franchise QB with our high first pick. Frazier and Miserable WarFLOP, who brought the old Browns play to our OL have to be replaced and we have to bring in an NFL proven OC too. We should never have parted with Reavis.

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    After saying McCown has played better than Glennon and should be starter I didn’t read the rest of Owlkats post. Nonsense. Lol.

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      lol, agree. You know, perhaps he is a middle school kid? My little nephew analyzes the same way.

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    At least he didn’t mention that Tebo(w) guy as a savior. Glennon might not be a “franchise” QB who can win games by himself or make defensive coordinators stay up late, but he’s not the reason for the losses. It’s that putrid defense, dismal running game and ho-hum special teams. Passing game is the only positive aspect right now.

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      What about Tebow for entertainment value…we could use some. At what point does the team and or coach(es) give up?

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    Glennon is the least of our problems. Had he been starting for the Ravens he would’ve put 5 T.D. passes on us like Flacco. Our problem is we have the worst defense in the league. Someone should tell that to Lovie, he insists on deferring kick offs to open games. We’ve lost all 15 games that the opponent has scored first! Maybe we can make Dungy the highest paid D.C. in the league, come bale his buddy out. While we’re at it, throw a boat load of cash at Gruden to take over the offense.

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    I’m not mad, angry or frustrated today, in fact I feel pretty good. My expectations were that the Ravens were a tough team and the Bucs would not have answers for them, so a blow out was not surprising at all. Good luck Bucs, get better…someday.

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    Has the NFL ever taken a game off of the air because it is unwatchable? Bucs-Vikings. I’m just sayin’….

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    Demoralized the Bucs? I saw some Bucs players smiling on the sidelines. How about the demoralized fans who’ve suffered through “Bucs Ball” since Gruden was fired…..?

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