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    Well I didn’t like his answers? He talks about having a substance abuse problem then the next paragraph he talks about the drug issues were never an addiction but instead hanging out with the wrong people on a couple occassions. This doesn’t sound like someone who understands he can’t ever use drugs or alcohol ever again. I’m not sure if I would draft him. I think we should consider moving on from him. I know this won’t be a popular position.

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    Drafting a player with a known drug/alcohol and party boy image didn’t stop the Browns when the took Johnny Football because they NEEDED a QB. Now they are at the top of the Draft hoping this time it turns out better. Likewise, those shrewd Cowboys bought Randy Gregory’s line of cow dung because they NEEDED to replace Demarcus Ware and are having regrets. Hopefully, if Jason Licht takes a chance on this talented player at #9, Spense doesn’t revert back to his Nights of Columbus ways with his signing bonus and become a very costly ex-Spence.

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    I’ll admit,I know little about most of these guys coming out. I’m not into figuring who should be drafted where. Knowing a little about life, kicking drug addiction, is harder then just growing up, as Jameis seems to have been able to do. A lot of talented players can’t even get off weed to stay in the league let alone powerful chemical drugs. However we do things in life when we’re young that we can’t believe we did now. Hopefully this kid keeps his life together, but for us, I’ll have to trust Licht, and company to make the right pick.

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      Pretty much how I feel about this kid surf. Got to trust in GM and staff and their evaluation process. He is what buc’s need though as far as physical traits and abilities.

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    The NFL Networth is Comparing SPENCE to K MACK and VONN MILLER.I said if Tampa is sitting at NO#9 and NOAH SPENCE is There that would be a NO BRAINER.I WOULD TAKE HIM OVER A CB.WE CAN GET CB IN RD_2. I would even go up aN GET hIM. go bucs I WOULD GO de/lb,RD-2 dt,rD-3cb,rd-4 de,rD-5 cb,rd-6 ot,rd-6 Ot.go bucs PLUS FA’S AVAILABLE.

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      George, I watched what you just wrote about and I didn’t interpret the same thing you did. What I saw and heard was Spence wasn’t a Vonn Miller or Khil Mack. I wasn’t impressed with Spence performance nor the other Top 2 DE’s. I think we can grab just about the same type of DE in Round 2. Of course i don’t have any of the film skills the scouts and coaches have so this is just my opinion. I think I would make a call to Dallas and see if we could swap spots with them for Glennon as they surely need a good QB back up. I would then select CB Ramsey. Just my thoughts here.

      1. 4.1.1


        I had the same thought Horse.

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    While I am not a huge fan of Spence going to the Bucs at #9, there is a world of difference between using ecstasy or Molly with the wrong crowd at a dance club and using pot. First, pot is something closer to booze or cigarettes where people who use it, often use it regularly. Plus, with pot, even a small amount smoked will stay in your system for about a month. That said, I am not against pot, but if the league tests for it and its banned, you have a much higher likelihood of testing positive for it again and again and subsequently being suspended/hurting the team (like Randy Gregory). Ecstasy or Molly are typically used to enhance a dance club experience. It isn’t used to kill pain. It is useless outside of a dance club or rave. I truly believe Spence when he says it was a product of the wrong crowd. He could have easily been with some college friends who went to a club with a bunch of ladies and all took it to have fun. While Molly is more dangerous, it isn’t heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, oxycontin, etc. and shouldn’t be compared as such.

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      Thanks for the info BucWildwood Weed.

      1. 5.1.1


        Heck, I don’t even drink, much less do drugs of any kind. I just don’t think Spence is in the same category as Randy Gregory, Aldon Smith, Josh Gordon, etc. Those potheads can’t quit even if it costs them millions.

    2. 5.2


      BucWold02; thanks for the info and I will soften my stance a little on Spence; I still didn’t see much out of the combine from him.

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    Ramsey looked dynamite! He seems like the playmaker we are looking for! I say we move up and grab him at whatever it takes. We have proven corners…theyjust need coaching and grom what have been reading our DE jaq smith is due to break out! Lets not let another Bennett situation occur! Please! Go bucs!

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    spence proved it with a year of clean tests. this is different than randy gregory who flunked AT THE COMBINE, or manziel who not just refused to apologize for his choices but instead defended them as his right. he would not be the first or last kid to not know where the line should be drawn in his first year or so of college. i don’t have any special knowledge of the kid beyond what i read here on PR, but jameis had the same sort of problem before he realized being a college football player was a very different thing than being a college kid

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