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    I’m not a Gator hater! I have watched all the Florida games and Hargraves is nothing special at all; he’s a notch below Ramsey and I wouldn’t draft neither one at No. 9. I hope we stay focus on a DL or BAP.

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      Amen. Only watched handful of Gator games but Hargraves looked pretty average. Lots of hype. Need another starter, best available athlete.

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    Well I still think that the Cleveland sistutation is a factor and I wouldn’t believe that Tampa/Cleveland sistutation may be a great key in parners,Remember Robinson is a former Bucs person. I think Ramsey could be in the works if Tampa works a series of moves with Ramsey coming to Tampa instead of Hargraves. Plus Mike Glennon may wind up going to Tampa and Bucs Fans will have to wait and see. Go Bucs

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    bucs could grab Brian Poole in later rounds and still have a solid DB… had the fastest forty at the UF pro day and he played nickel, CB and safety while at florida

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    Watched all of the Gators and Seminoles games and was far more impressed with Ramsey. Hargreaves didn’t seem to live up to the hype and didn’t really stand out. But I’m sure the real experts know a lot more than I do. Size is adequate if speed, leaping ability, awareness, flexibility and work ethic are first rate. Need a little ‘tude too.

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    Can’t really go wrong picking this kid, but I’m of the ilk that would rather build our D line with the best 3 tech in the draft, Rankins. I also want to see the experts face’s when the card is turned in for Rankins, since they all believe our biggest need is corner.

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    Everybody likes rankings because pewterreport likes him.

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    Well NFL Network likes him but not as a Top 10 or even a first round pick.
    I’m not thrilled about any Gator player because I have seen to many come in here and fall flat on their faces.
    Ernest Graham being one of the few lone exceptions.
    I just feel we need to put as much pressure on the QB as possible much like the Broncos did to the Panthers in the Super Bowl.
    Putting pressure on the QB is the name of the game in the NFL.

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    Had lunch with a big Gator fan who said Hargreaves played with a hamstring injury last year. Maybe that’s why he didn’t look like a top 10 pick.

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    As we get closer to draft day the consensus pick for the Bucs at nine is fast becoming Vernon Hargreaves/UF. It’s hard to vote against a guy that excelled at the position in the SEC, a hometown guy, a guy who even wears Tampa on his shoes.

    I’m going against everything I believe in because in my heart of hearts, I know if you can play, you can play regardless of size. I hate to admit it but I have a bias! I like CBs with length – preferably 6-0, 6-1 or 6-2 max. You get too tall and you lose the quick twitch and agility movements required to play man to man. As much as I like the play of Hargreaves, I would prefer a longer CB on the edge.

    I have no justification for my preference other than my bias which I reluctantly confess to. We already have Grimes and Verner –both pro bowlers – both 5-10. We had Revis at (5-11), and who can forget about our own SB CB Brian Kelly (5-11). All good CBs, some were excellent and all are/were under 6 feet.

    Yet when I see Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, Devin Funchess, Marques Colston (now gone) replaced by Brandon Coleman, and a host of other 6-5 TEs in the NFC-South tearing us up in the slant and down the seam, I give in to my worst fears and dream of a Richard Sherman or Josh Norman on the outside to stem the tide.

    Hargreaves has a private visit scheduled with the Bucs, so there is some mutual interest. I won’t be disappointed if we take Hargreaves, but I hunger for the day when we have two intimidating ball hawks daring the QB to throw to his side of the field. However, after 2 years of Mike Jenkins, I would take a gnome from the Hobbit!

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    This is george hicks again. Tampa has moved is a different direction then in the pass. I think that if mike Glennon is not traded this year Tampa will reamped idvidens in 2017. If Tampa get a #1 or #2 CB, a top 5 de and dt. a good Dt from draft and other players that can do there job. Tampa will move to the next level. We Will see in over a month to go before the draft.

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    We need more pressure on the QB, we have for the past five or size years.
    We need to draft one if not two killer DL with attitude.

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    Uncle Stan

    “Defensive end Alex McCalister, who stands 6-foot-6, 245 pounds, did well in position drills but appears to be a misfit on the D-Line due to size”.

    Are you referring to height or weight?

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