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    Winston’s reputation of college off-field shenanigans is the reason for the “dislike.”

    Bucs fans see him every day and know his character. Others don’t.

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    Absolutely typical for people who are uninformed to think those thoughts. Amazing how the truth nowadays doesn’t mean much. I’m glad Jameis is a Buc! Go Bucs!

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      Agreed. It’s sad when people jump to conclusion before having all the facts. The truth today is irrelevant. Just sad.

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    “If nobody talks about you then you are nobody” I see this as jameis increasing relevance in the NFL… whether people like him or not doesn’t matter, it’s all emotion, ignorance or stubbornness. These people that don’t like him will not change their opinion no matter what he does so no sense worrying bout them. If he continues to do the things he’s been doing on/off the field, Bucs fans will love him… and that is the most important, all others are a bonus or don’t matter.

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    The public is mostly white and not wealthy. NFL players are mostly wealthy young black men that they can’t relate to and maybe resent. You go to the stadium and see all those old Alstott, Connor Barth, and Mike Glennon jerseys and you’re like, “C’mon, guys. It’s ok to like somebody who isn’t into country music and pickup trucks and who actually starts for the Bucs.” It’ll change. Slowly, but it’ll change.

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      Some what agree with you. But Winston is disliked most from his college career. They made a movie about for Peres sake. Same for Big Ben. If I paid 100 bucks for a jersey I’d wear it til it fell off.

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    Sorry russmillerwy, but I don’t agree.
    Did you not see Ben Rothlesberger’s and Tom Brady’s name on the list.
    The reason for both is because people dislike Brady because he is white, rich, handsome and married to a beautiful model. They perceive he has the perfect life and our envious.
    Rothlesberger is on the list because of his alleged sexual abuse of women earlier in his career.
    That is the reason Winston is on the list as well.
    The facts surrounding the case don’t matter to most people, they have already made up their minds.
    People will believe what they want to believe and won’t let the facts get in the way in what they have already made their minds up about, no matter what is said or what facts are presented. People don’t like to admit they are wrong about their original perceptions.
    That’s a normal fallible character flaw.
    There is someone running for president who has banked on it.

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      Hey drd, I personally dislike Brady because beats everybody’s ass all the time. If he was on my team I’d marry him.

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      Dr.D: You just had to bring your politics into the discussion. And right after you had a diatribe about facts. Hmmm, maybe you meant the career politician who has made falsehoods a lifestyle.

      Russ: I’ve never seen a Connor Barth jersey. Here’s what I know. All of the players are red and pewter to me………..not black, white or brown. People had Alstott and Lynch jerseys because they were good. They donned Glennon because they were available in the stores once he got the starting job.

      I doubt if race has anything at all to do with Winston being disliked nationally. It’s peoples perception and ignorance of the facts. It got me to thinking. Who does Scubog dislike. # 1 Jerry Jones # 2 Cam Newton # 3 Drew Brees # 4 Sean Payton # 5 Troy Aikman # 6 Rex Ryan # 7 Josh Norman # 8 Odell Beckham Jr # 9 Jimmy Johnson #10 The Rams (this week only)

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    Who cares who likes him if he plays good? Not me.

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    Scubog, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am a Caucasian male and have purchased at least 10 Buc jerseys in the last 20 years. When i buy a jersey, the race of the player has nothing to do with my decision. I admit I own an Alstott and Lynch jerseys but i got them because they were great players. I also own a Barber, Sapp, Brooks, Freeman, VJax, Revis, Nickerson, Blount jerseys. What do all these players have in common except maybe Freeman, they were all great players with the Bucs. My next Jersey will be a Winston Jersey.

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