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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Thank you Scott. Thought Florio’s article was a bit jacked up and you mentioned in your article several thoughts that I had while I was reading his.

    1. 1.1


      Well Coach- I know that their are a lot of questions of what the bucs are going to do! Here is my senario!.Tampa waits until the last minute and make a series through Rd-1. First they trade with Cleveland for both #12 and #19. Then later in Rd-1 they make another trade with dallas cowboys at #27. This means Cleveland has a pick of their chosing. At #19 Dallas makes that trade for their #27,#60 & a later selection. Tampa would select a qb at #12 then Tampa could select the player available @27 in Rd-1,#34-Rd-2,#60 Rd-2. and their pick at #65. This would give Tampa 5 picks in the first 70 picks, Plus picks in 2016. What choices would Tampa make then.Can’t wait till Draft Day.

      1. 1.1.1


        Georgehicks, I like the idea of trading with Cleveland but it would cost Cleveland both first round picks and a 2nd round according to the draft pick value chart. If we could get all 3 of those picks then I am all for trading but I think we should use the 12 over pick on a DE if Mariota is gone. Most mock drafts have Gregory, Dupree, or Shane Ray falling to 12. Then with teh 19th pick we can get one of the top 3 OT’s. Then with our 2nd round pick we can get a QB (Grayson, Petty, or Hudley). With clevelands 2 round pick we can get the best OG avaliable.

  2. 2


    Please stop. The objective thinkers among us, likely even those who give the edge to Winston, would appreciate it if you’d find something else to write about besides cheerleading for Winston. It’s beyond embarrassing, especially given your history of misreading the abilities of prior Buc QBs. Please?

    1. 2.1


      Well the great thing about the internet is you don’t have to click the articles. If you don’t like the stories , write your own.

    2. 2.2

      Bucs Capacitor

      Give me a break. There’s even opinion articles on CNN.com and ESPN.com. Opinion pieces are a part of journalism. If you can’t handle opinions, don’t click the links.

  3. 3


    Scott, some people just can’t face the truth, Winston hands down has “IT”, Mariota doesn’t. Also, I’m not sure Winston isn’t the better Athlete, I don’t think Mariota has a 94 MPH fastball. I tell you what, if you put them in a ring, I’d take Winston all day.

    1. 3.1


      Gino Torretta had more it and didn’t throw many INTs… He went in round 7…
      And Winston throws with a baseball windup. All his medium and long range throws have a windup. Hence so many INTs.

  4. 4


    I lot of this is re-hashed information that I’ve already discussed in other articles. It seems other websites are starting to do some of the heavy lifting for me so I don’t feel the need to jump all over every point made in this article. The one I will address is one of your first points. Why are you upset that Florio mentioned Jimbo’s history with QB’s failing in the NFL and not mentioning Oregon’s equally poor NFL QB history when you did the same thing? A while back you brought up Oregon’s system and it’s poor track record of producing NFL QB’s but you never mentioned Jimbo’s poor QB track record. I figured it was because you want the Bucs to draft Winston but I don’t see why you would be bothered by another website doing the same in favor of Mariota.

    1. 4.1


      Well pink as for the systems and schools it’s obvious to everyone that watches football that none of those qbs before Winston were even remotely as good as he is. Taken it from a noles fan ej and ponder are terrible and if it wasn’t for al Davis, Russell would have never been taken number one. As for the article all it states is mariota is more athletic, and we all knew that . A cone drill and fourty time doesn’t amount to squat in the nfl.

      1. 4.1.1


        I’m an FSU fan also and I agree. However, it’s exactly the same case with Mariota. None of those other QB’s from Oregon’s system were even remotely as good as Mariota. That’s just as obvious to everyone that watches football which is why Mariota is the 1st QB from that system that is being considered for the 1st overall pick.

  5. 5


    There’s no question in my mind that Winston is by far the better QB. I’m not expecting much from him this year because our OL is awful, but learning how the NFL works; I can see him in his second year being a solid QB. He has the drive and desire so going into the next season will he had worked hard enough to support all his previous talking points? That’s my question and I don’t know the answer. As for Mariota, I don’t know what he can do for his future as he has much to learn. He is a project in the NFL and I hope he has the right coaching to help him become a fair QB. Just my opinion.

    1. 5.1


      Horse, I think he can do some things this year with Evans at wr. Evans had a great rookie year with a bad qb and a bad line. Think what he can do with a decent qb and an ok line.

    2. 5.2


      @horse: don’t start making excuses for him already….if he’s as good as Scott and others claim, and he’s good enough to be the #1 pick then he’s good enough to not need excuses….that goes for whoever we pick at #1

      1. 5.2.1


        It’s not excuses; whomever we choose is going to have a thought time behind that line. It’s a fact not an excuse.



          cjmasterless, They are excuses. Apparently you have no idea what excuse means. Excuses come in all types however. Some excuses are credible as some are not. SR is presenting what he believes is a credible excuses. EEB does not find it to be credible.



            Dbag, its Cgmaster by the way. No they are not excuses, our line sucks and that’s a fact. Did you not watch football last year? Please enlighten me as to how good our line was last year genius.That’s what we call FACTS and just because you don’t find it credible, doesn’t mean most of us don’t.

  6. 6


    M.M. will turn out to be a better qb in the nfl and a better man for the face of an nfl team.

  7. 7


    M2 has a 50/60n shot at the becoming the better person… not so much on the better qb imvho

  8. 8


    This right here is one of the MAIN reasons we don’t want Marcus. He can’t even sell himself. He looks completely socially awkward. You want this passive guy in your football huddle. I don’t.

    1. 8.1


      I’m going to have to go back and re-watch those 14 games I saw of Mariota over that past two seasons to see how he outscored Winston throwing from the fetal position. I was so fixated on the ball and the scoreboard I must’ve missed it.

      1. 8.1.1


        Might want to keep watching that film pink seeing as how you won’t see him in a bucs uniform. But don’t worry you can keep playing dominoes.

      2. 8.1.2


        No the championship game was the game he was in the fetal position. Which is exactly what will happen to him when he scrambles in the pros.

    2. 8.2


      CG, Mariota did just fine as the face of his team. Also, sometimes if you have to sell yourself instead of letting your actions speak for themselves there is a problem. Talk about being socially awkward, Winston doesn’t speak standard English, and sounds like the little boy in the Cam
      Newton commercials. Personally, I prefer the quiet confidence of letting my actions and past performance speak for me, not the childish false bravado of I’m going to the HOF and SB and beat Brady and Manning. Give me quiet confidence and leadership every time.

      1. 8.2.1


        And you think Brady and manning have a quiet demeanor? And you’re selling yourself before the draft if you’re a football player. If you aren’t selling yourself at a job interview, then you’ll be unemployed. As for Winston speaking I have no problem understanding him.

  9. 9


    Time will tell which one is better. To me Winston has slight edge but neither are worthy of first overall. Way more first round busts than franchise QB’s over the years. The worst O line in the NFL by far last year was our Bucs (good call dismantling it and not drafting any starters!) It Will not get fixed in one year. Likely will not even be average this season. So many holes and question marks doesn’t matter who QB is in short term in Tampa.

  10. 10


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your “uncanny charisma” is obnoxious and false bravado to others. His leadership of in your face screaming is non leadership to others. Scott you never address Mariottas leadership, and everyone who has played with him speaks just as highly of him as Winston’s teammates do of Winston. You talk of interceptions and The apologists blame his receivers, but after 12 games that is really no longer valid. Mariota has a sack isuue, but you didn’t mention that a lot of those sacks came when 60% of his OL was injured and backups were playing. Bottom line is both have pluses and minuses. One has a precieved higher floor coming in, the other has a perceived higher ceiling. Do you want a quick fix, which the rest of the roster will not support; or do you want a long term fix so the QB improves as the team grows. Winston was great his first year and digressed, Mariota improved each year. Lots of decisions to be made based on football abilities. A case can be made for either choice. If you factor in the face of the franchise it tilts very onesidedly to Mariota. But how important is that to the Glazers, Love and Licht? A lot of things to weigh in on.

  11. 11


    17 more days of this, geez….they need to move the draft up a couple of weeks. I don’t care who they pick anymore, just pick someone who can play.

  12. 12


    I heard somewhere recently that Winston prefers bubblegum to chewing gum and that Marcus likes chewing gum more…Based off this new report,I dont know who we should draft..17 more days of this kinda crap…

    Just make a pick,right or wrong and live with the choice made…Every pick has a 50/50 chance of working out…one of these guys might light it up for 2 seasons and then suck it~the other might take a few years but will remain somewhat successful for the next 8~you just never freakin know…I just want to watch some entertaining football…

  13. 13


    This guy folio or whatever his name is, can go kick rocks. Im seriously startting to beloeve that all these “analyst” just have something against winston. And that includes mike mayock. Think what you want, winston is the better QUARTERBACK, like it or not. Who cares about combine numbers. If the combine was the deciding factor in a successful qb in the nfl, then brady quinn, troy smitg, terrell pryor, and tim tebow would be the top qbs in the league while guys like tom brady, peyton manning, drew breese, and other qbs similar to them would all be failing. I like mariota, and i believe in him and know he can succede, but hes not better tgan winston. I like what mariota brings to the table. I just dont think hes a fit for us. Now he cpuld still be the pick, and i wont be mad if he is, but for what we have weapons wise, were gonna be pushing the ball down the field and doing a lot of things passing wise from the pocket. But like i said, mariota could still be the guy and we let him learn and for the first 1-2 yrs, we use a lot of packages that tailor to his skill set while he learns the things he needs to learn to be successful for the long haul. I think winston, but im not counting out mariota either.

    1. 13.1


      Jdub might (MIGHT) be the better QB tomorrow. But he doesn’t have the ceiling of Mariota. And there probably won’t ever be a video of MM doing something naughty showing up on TMZ.

  14. 14


    PFT has a major axe to grind with winston. Florio, who delves into obscure legal details on a whim due to his background, continues to fly 10,000 feet above JW’s accusation. i’ve only ever seen the website mention the accusation in the same ham-handed way as the judicially illiterate – “well, he was accused of raping a young woman”. their evaluation of winston has been superficial and malicious, and they take pains to ensure that he doesn’t come out of any article without the qualifier that he was accused of a crime. for a guy who explains judicial procedure in minute detail when it suits the point he wishes to make, the effort Florio is putting into a balanced account of Jameis Winston is just laughable. I think they’ve portrayed Greg Hardy in a better light

    1. 14.1


      So if you got accused of rape… And your friends had a video of you doing the act… And then after the investigation started your lawyer had your friends delete the video that could exonerate you… You don’t think people of a logically mindset might assume you were guilty of something?

      1. 14.1.1
      2. 14.1.2


        What will the Glazer’s really have to say?
        Say YOU got accused of rape… And 2 of your friends had a video of you during the act… And then after the investigation started YOUR lawyer had your friends delete the video that could exonerate you…
        You don’t think people of a logical, reasonable mindset might assume you were guilty of something?

        And keep in mind YOUR smarmy duplicitous lawyer, or even your friends may have retained a copy… And keep in mind the the 40,000 or so guys who had Edward Snowden’s job also probably have access to that video… Who thinks there isn’t a small chance TMZ doesn’t slip someone 100,00K for a copy?
        If I’m Joel or Brian there is no way I’m giving YOU a check for 15 million. Not a chance. But hay, these are the same brothers that hired (or let Dom) Rah and Schiano too. LOL.
        Go Bucs!

  15. 15


    And Scott Rynolds. Ive never seen you put all your eggs in one basket like you are with winston. What if your wrong and Mariota is the pick? If we trade down (really hope we dont for the sake of the fan base) then thats neither on winston or mariota supporters, but if mariota is the pick, what then? Will you own up and say you were wrong and that next time youll be more neautral? Giving your opinion and beliefs are fine, but if mariota is the pick, how are you gonna be able to look mariota in the eye after all the winston love and lack of mariota love youve dished out?…idk Scott.. just hope your that your right and this doesnt explode in your face.

  16. 16


    If Mariota would be concerned about Scott’s opinion, then he is too insecure to be the Bucs pick for a QB.

  17. 17


    And Winston will be hurt if he is not the Bucs pick, but we will over look that comment and his insecurity

  18. 18


    I dont want a 21 year old accused sex offender who steals crab legs in his free time to be our QB for the future. Being a leader starts off the field and in the community. His messiah complex is annoying…he can’t save himself let alone a football team

  19. 19


    What is the point to devote complete articles just contradicting other sources, on something that clearly is a matter of opinion? I am ok with either one being our pick, but this one sided reporting is starting to push me away from JW, by pure annoyance. PLEASE let it be 30/4 soon!! (still hoping for a massive trade down, since for diff reasons, imo, neither one is a #1 pick)

  20. 20


    Like it or not, the opinion of the Glazers is as important as the coaches evaluation. They sign the checks. If they aren’t comfortable with Winston, the Bucs will likely draft a great person and player with tremendous upside in Mariota. It’s a heck of a consolation prize, even if you think Winston is a better fit or could be the better pro. I do like the comparison made between picking Peyton Manning or Michael Vick though. I would choose character and work ethic if those were my choices. So Peyton Manning. If we are talking about Winston or Mariota, I would stick with character and work ethic…so Mariota.

  21. 21


    17 more days…this place has become more drama than Kanye and Kim…Just imagine if the leadership of this team started Glennon last year- we might not be having this discussion…

  22. 22


    To come out of this draft without the top QB would be an epic failure from a team that needs a QB. It’s a risk vs reward pick and you have to take a swing if you want to hit the ball. As a Buc fan for twenty + years I can see the Bucs screwing this draft up as they have done for so many years.

  23. 23


    Wouldn’t you know it. Just listened to Jaws on NFL Live 4:00pm and Jaws has completely changed his story. Didn’t say he has sources but that “HE” believes that Winston’s decision making should require the Bucs to look at Mariota. He then went on to say a lot of the things that he originally saw has been corrected and gives Winston credit for that. Schefter and McShay quickly debunked the idea that the Bucs have Mariota ahead of Winston. Jaws had no response!

  24. 24


    The draft is a game of risk. Every player in the draft is a risk and it is the job of our scouting department to best define that. Winston has been asked to read defenses and make progressions like an NFL QB over the last 2 years. You can take what he has done in college and have some sort of idea how he will react to different defenses and schemes. MM’s experiences do not translate as easily to the NFL, so it is a bigger risk. Even if the scouts feel he throws as good a ball as Winston, we have a lesser idea of how he will be able to read a defense, go thru his progressions, and fit passes into smaller windows than he had to do in college. We’ve seen it from Winston and can imagine it in an NFL uniform. Many MM believers are falling in love with his athletism, but that does not automatically translate to NFL success. I like the guy, but even if he develops into a pretty good QB it will take a few years. And there is a real good possibility he has difficulty being a consistent QB when he has to anticipate and make quick decisions in small windows. He really doesn’t know himself, because he’s never been asked to do it. If I’m Licht or Lovie, I can’t make that risk the #1 overall pick.

  25. 25


    The pick is Winston~love it or hate it~it makes the most sense.Its a high risk/high reward pick and no matter how he pans out,it wont be the end of the world.Since most football fans have the lowest of expectations for anything the Bucs do,if he is successful,folks will need to take notice..If he is successful I could see a lot of offensive FAs looking to play with him in the future..We will just have to wait and see..We are picking first which means we were the worst team in the NFL last year which also means that there is nowhere to go but up from here…Go Bucs and GO Winston…

  26. 26


    Herm Edwards knows Lovie as good as anybody. He is going to be a guest coach during training with the Bucs. I’m surprised that so many bit for the Jaworski prediction which has now by his own words proven to be without merit.

    Listen to Adam Schefter completely debunk Jaws assertion and Herm has the last word. Enjoy!


  27. 27


    Tremendous article Scott!!!

    This is everything I thought of in my mind at a high level.

    Also the bottom line for me is Winston has a knack for making place in big moments and proved multiple times that he can rise to the occasion.

    Looking back to the Championship game I knew that once Oregon was down Matiota couldn’t lead the charge back but I have no doubt Winston would’ve led the back to a win.

    Winston has Proved it.

    1. 27.1


      Architek79 were you trying to be ironic?
      Were you being funny by pointing out Jdubb had the exact same chance vs Oregon and failed…
      Or are you just as blind as Scott lol 🙂

      1. 27.1.1


        And the only times Winston Seminoles were behind were when Winston was throwing picks and putting FSU in that position in the first place.
        He wasn’t someone who lifted a lesser team… Ever. FSU out-talented and had better Coaching by far then any team they faced.
        The same coaches who when Winston played badly int the first half would often then call simple plays and call for jump ball passes to Kelvin Benjamin before he went pro.
        Benjamin bailed out Winston. Great coaching bailed out Winston. Often it was not the other way around.

    2. 27.2

      Uncle Stan

      How did Winston do in the Rose Bowl game?

  28. 28


    What will the Glazer’s really have to say?
    Say you got accused of rape… And your 2 of your friends had a video of you during the act… And then after the investigation started your lawyer had your friends delete the video that could exonerate you… You don’t think people of a logically mindset might assume you were guilty of something?

    And keep in mind the smarmy duplicitous lawyer, or even your friends may have retained a copy… And keep in mind the the 40,000 or so guys who had Edward Snowden’s job also probably have access to that video… Who thinks there isn’ a small chance TMZ doesn’t slip someone 100,00K for a copy?

    If I’m Brain or Joel there is no chance I’m handing you a check for 15 Million. Zero.
    But hey, these are the same brothers who hired/promoted Dom and let him hire Rah and Schiano…

  29. 29


    I’m just wondering if you’ve ever had a hotter topic on PR in all of your years of reporting, Scott? When I clicked on the comment, I thought of the move The Abyss…Finally; rock bottom. All I can say is that I hope Winston is getting a good dose of what is being said about him online before the draft and that he realizes that he is this amazingly polarizing figure that is entering the NFL, which I bet is a surprise to him. He surely has that star quality and will be promoted as such in the beginning of his career by the Bucs and the NFL. He will face the most fire that a rookie has ever faced walking into the NFL as a rookie. When it comes to NFL success; Winston is not a sure thing, but he is the surest thing. This is why Licht & Lovie should pull the trigger on him. e

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  31. 30


    Jameis Winston wore a Mike Alstott charity shirt on his visit with the Titans. This is much to do about nothing, Jameis is the pick and thats pretty obvious. Jaws was doing nothing more than drumming up ratings for ESPN like he did last year when he proclaimed these same sources told him Manziel was going to the Texans at 1 lol. If we cleared Greg Hardys background enough to pursue him then Jameis is a piece of cake. The real articles need to focus on what to do with the 2nd round pick, what type of offers we could receive for Martin/Glennon on draft day and more late round gems. I repeat round 1 is done, Jameis is the pick.

  32. 31


    Personally I’m not thrilled with either QB. As slanted as the Florio’s article is, so has the Pewter Report.

    Winston is still very immature. You can see that in the Gruden interview. I have major concerns about a 2nd year regression. Yes he threw 18 INT, but there were also 13 that were dropped by the inferior talent Winston played against.

    Also when I look at Winston’s highlights, I cannot understand why O’Leary is not thought of higher because he makes a lot of catches on Winston’s off target throws.

    Our OL is so bad that any QB will struggle next year. If you do not have a decent OL, you have nothing.

  33. 32


    How about this…Chicago with pick #7 trades up with the Bucs for Winston and sends Cutler to the Bucs, plus a bunch of picks? I think there is a slim possibility that this could happen based on the relationships everyone is aware of already. There, everyone is happy, except the Cutler and Lovie haters and the JW and MM lovers, but maybe we wouldn’t suck this year. I am not recommending this, but the concept is interesting.

  34. 33


    @ Buctebow~ I hope and pray we dont do something stupid like that..Cutlers contract numbers are moronic and he is a more polarizing player than Winston will be.We get picks but the Bears would get better and unload a QB that has an attitude problem and isnt well liked~its a win for the Bears and doom for Tampa…If Lovie could even consider this peal he should be fired on the spot…

  35. 34


    deal not peal

    1. 34.1


      I doubt it will happen and really want a rookie QB, but the Bucs have done stupid things before, so I wouldn’t be totally shocked, just a little disgusted.

  36. 35


    Just when the folks who prefer Mariota start to accept the idea that the Duck likely won’t be a Buc; the “experts” who want to appear “in the know to pimp their show” start going against the common line of thinking. So, just what has Mariota done since the season ended for the media to elevate the young man? And furthermore, what morsel of mischief was dug up from Winston’s 7th grade classmate that has tainted his football prowess? Truth is, nothing for either. This stuff goes on every year there are two players on which people can debate. They both are good QB’s. Mariota has an additional year of experience and maturity. Both are football smart. Both are athletic enough but Winston relies on it less. Both have had their of turnovers. One tries to do too much and throws a few ill-advised picks while the other simply drops the ball. Either is better than who we’ve had under center (yes, Marcus-under center) in the past decade. I’m over this “BS face of the franchise” needing to be Dudley Do Right. I’m over the ridiculous “guilty if accused” psyche of some fans. Look, I’ll cheer for whomever is chosen. Both will be successful. But for Scubog it’s a matter of “Nice vs Spice”. This teams desperately needs some Grudenesque “juice” and a little swagger. Winston has the “IT” on which he and the team can look to when the *%IT goes bad. That’s the mark of a leader.

  37. 36


    Roland, so much hate for our #1 pick Winston. The Titans, Jets, maybe Philly, will have a new fan when Mariota finds a landing spot. Maybe you should be trolling their sites to see where you’re boy Mariota might land so you can order your jersey. Sad for you, not for us, when you leave us true Buc fans for you’re new team. I don’t see how you can remain a fan of a team who’s about to use the #1 pick on a guy you despise. Famous Jameis, Jaboo wins!! If that pisses you off, just leave.

  38. 37


    After so many articles about how brilliant Winston is we find out he only scored a 27 on his Wunderlick test out of a possible 50. That is just 15 points below what the Colts QB scored, who is a bright QB and took the Colts to the playoffs his first year with a team that had only gotten two wins the year before (like us last year). That is what a smart QB can do but that isn’t braggart Winston! We have a lot better chance with Mariota who scored 33 on the same test! Winston is about as smart and compares best to Byron Leftwich, with the same lumbering running style and long throwing motion. Throws interceptions like Byron too. No wonder the Chargers want to move up and trade off their Super QB just to get Mariota and the top evaluator of talent Mayock has Mariota ranked the top QB. The Bucs need to wise up before they throw character concerns out the window. After all Winston threw more interceptions at the last of last season and was on a downward spiral on the field as Mariota was showing improvement and winning every college QB honor given last year. Trade Glennon and sign Tebow to start while the OL develops.

  39. 38


    Owlykat: Coming from a Gator you just might be a little biased. Bet Tebow didn’t score that high on the Wonderlick Test. 27 is actually very good if you knew what you were talking about. With your suggestion to sign Tebow, you might not score too well yourself.

  40. 39


    I’m not sure why the media is giving such lopsided coverage of Winston over Mariota. I’d really like to see all cards on the table for both these guys. Besides the side by side combine stats and Wonderlic scores, I’don’t like to know how Mariota’s white board skills and football IQ compare to Winston’s. I keep hearing that Winston’s is off the chart. What about Mariota’s? I for one would like to know how his IQ compares. Something tells me his knowledge and ability to process info is comparable. If it sucked, wouldn’t we hear about how it sucked? A quiet guy does not always equate to an inferior talent. Just my .02.

  41. 40


    Another article that makes me feel even more confident in Mariota’s ability to win games.


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