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Zach is entering his 3rd year covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a writer for PewterReport.com. Since 2014, he's handled a large part of the beat reporting responsibilities at PR, attending all media gatherings and publishing and promoting content daily. Zach is a native of Sarasota, FL, and a graduate of the University of Tampa. He has also covered high school football for the Tampa Tribune and the NFL for Pro Player Insiders. Contact him at: zshapiro12@gmail.com

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    Praise Begeezus. Our Kicker showed up and how. What a game. Just what I needed to calm my buccaneer nerves. Winston looked amazing and so did our receivers. And what is this ? A punt return for a TD ? I thought I was listening to the wrong game. 8 sacks ? wow.

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      26 we were both obviously experiencing what is known as a Folie à deux.

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        Nah, it was pure reality and as in a folie a deux everyone is happy

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    60 sacks this season. Smoking my stuff again. GO BUCS

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    I think the O-line should get a mention. A re-made line did a good job keeping the pocket. clean.
    Plus, the penalties were down. All good to see.

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      Actually if not for Winston’s ability to scramble they would have had several sacks. He faced a lot of pressure but moved enough to get passes off or run. We need our guards to return…….SOON!!!

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      Agreed. The were plenty of plays where Jameis had lots of time. It was noticed in the stands. Sure Jameis created some time, but clearly the OL played well despite being down two starting G’s and Pamphile.

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    i thought Adam humpfres played well and should have had honorable mention

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      I think it would help to read the article before commenting. Adam DID play very well and…….?

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    I thought Johnthan Banks had a great night, too, breaking up a couple of passes in tight coverage. It would have been interesting to see how the much taller Banks might have done instead of Grimes covering the excellent Josh Gordon.

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    Lots of positives in last night’s exhibition game. Crowd was decent albeit too many Browns fans who no doubt live right here. The new stadium features, including the sound system, are first class. I too thought the O-line deserves some recognition playing without starters Dotson, Marpet and well……..Sweezy as well as Evan Smith being called on for double-duty as were others that go unnoticed. Even Kenny Bell finally had a catch. Both punters did well.

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    I couldn’t watch Aguyaos first kick. I couldn’t take the pressure lol. Hopefully he’s gotten his head right after a bad couple weeks.

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    This was best Buc’s game I’ve seen in a while. Aguayo made the kicks, but a few were very close to crossbars. I hope he’s done with the missing non sense and this fixes his confidence. You like to see most short FG’s and extra points drilled down the middle, but Will see what happens. Was very encouraging since we are stuck with him.
    Winston looked great. O line should have got mentioned he had mostly very clean pockets. It was a total domination and Browns aren’t a great team but they didn’t look that bad in their first two pre season games. D looked sharp other than that blown TD by Grimes. Not sure why he stopped like it was a stop route. RG111 throws a damn good deep ball. They keep throwing deep and not being balanced he’s not going to last long.

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    Haven’t looked at the stat, but thought we struggled against the run in the 1st half. Jameis was awesome moving in and out of the pocket. Humphries is a “slot” for sure, though he did drop a good ball. Buc receiver depth looks a little shallow. Need to mention all of Aguayo’s kickoffs were not returned – that’s big this year. Lastly, our DE group owned their OL. Go Bucs!

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    VERY impressive game played by our young Buccaneers. And the stadium upgrades? Fantastic! Things are looking up my friends, things are looking up.

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    I know it’s preseason, but when it was starters vs. starters, the Bucs laid the wood on… well, the Browns… But, that’s what then need to do to be competitive. Beating the weaker teams soundly is part of developing that winning foundation. Eight sacks? Nice! Good to see the sacks coming from different players. Depth at DE is really going to help the whole defense this year.

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    It is only pre season but I think the Fans needed a game like that where all three fazes looked competent and productive as much as the whole Bucs organization did. I think this was huge for team confidence week one. If we can beat the Falcons that could really make a whole different start for this season. I think this team would really feed off a week one win going into Arizona. I have a feeling C Palmer wont play that whole game. Day dreaming now. anyway, Great game! Come on week one! GO BUCS!!!

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    Cant remember the last time if ever I said great game after a pre season game. lol

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    How can you leave out the rookie Center Gottschalk? Hawley goes out with an injury and Gottschalk comes in and we get 7 points. He also played the whole 2nd half and no one was coming up the middle on him. Seriously he will be our starting Center next season. Start focusing on No. 72, he is the surprise of the rookie free agents so far in my book. Go Bucs!

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      Nice catch! Very impressive play from the rookie.

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    Another positive was we got thru that pre season game with minimal injuries. That’s exciting! GO BUCS!!!

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    Nice report on the clear gems – agree with the assessments. I’d like to point out a few unsung heros on the day that played well IMO but won’t show on the stat sheet.

    1) ASJ – I thought his blocking was excellent. Several times he was left to handle the DE and did admirable.

    2) Alt Verner – I thought showed the best coverage on the night.

    3) J Banks – as @russmillerwy said…nice game, even if it was against 2nd stringers.

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    How about some love for Will Gholston? Seems like he plays his ass off every game and no one notices. Anyway the Bucs have some nasty!!!! DEs now. Ayers has already paid off. NIce pick up Licht.

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