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    BPA…BPA….BPA…draft for talent not need!!! Go Buc’s.

  2. 2


    I’m glad we are picking at Spot 9 because it gives us legit options to select BPA pertaining to DE, CB, Safety.

  3. 3


    This BPA stuff is hilarious first of all in the first round all these guys have grades and its subjective from there where these guys are slotted to go one scout may have Hargraves slotted at #9 while another says #27 its just to subjective at this point. What If Wentz is there at #9 who was slotted to go in top 5 does that mean we stick with “best player available” and draft Wentz? hilarious

    1. 3.1


      I must agree! BPA is a catchword used by everybody who doesn’t quite know who to pick. I use it, everybody uses it, but it exists only at draft time and in the eye of the team who’s making the pick. So the BPA is only the BPA if you think so. Some other team may have taken a different BPA.
      Every player that got a 1st round grade from the NFL is already the best player available or they wouldn’t be in the 1st round – and even they aren’t in the 1st round unless somebody picks them there. There is no list prepared beforehand that identifies the BPA. And you don’t know who it is or you would name the player when you say BPA.
      You see, at some point in the round as we trade down or pick late, what we call BPA becomes the LPF or least player preferred because he’s still on the board. So it’s subjective. But no harm no foul, everybody says it.
      So forgive me for this post – in a way it’s heresy because who wouldn’t want to get the best player available. Oh that and I had to agree with Jon Gruden. In the words of Dennis Haysbert in the Allstate commercial – not good! Lol.

  4. 4


    We need a DE I mean two DE’s, Two corners and a safety, guard, kick/punt return man etc take the highest rated player that fits our needs

    1. 4.1


      Well we should be in a great position then Jon my friend as you stated Ramsey should surely be there right? I mean there’s no way he goes top like every draft predicts. I’m starting to smell a bet here buddy. One I’d gladly lose if he fell. At nine I wouldn’t be surprised if we took Spence if he passes all of the combine interviews. But nd tackle Stanley is also a viable option I could see us taking. But they better target some free agents if that’s the route they go.

  5. 5


    Don’t get so caught up with all these “draft experts” Mock Drafts they also said Cam Newton would fall in draft, Mariota would fall etc I can go on but you get my point its anyone’s guess how it shakes out, Ramsey is rated higher than I gave him credit for so I will throw out my disclaimer

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    Yes BPA can be subjective, but so can need. We all talk about CB being a position of need, but does Mike Smith feel the same way? When he looks at tape from last year does he see poor CB play, or does he put more of the blame on the safeties? Or maybe he thinks the secondary was hung out to dry by lack of pass rush? Does he think we lack talent at the CB position? Or does he think the problem is scheme? Does he feel he can get more from Verner and Banks by scheming around their strengths? And the same can be said for just about every position.

  7. 7


    Boy JonnyG, you sure are worked up and there’s still two months to the evening we’re on the clock. At #9 there’s likely to be a “BPA” that fits one of our needs since we need more than one position. That said; a need on April 28th may not be the same need when the season starts due to injury or losing a certain RB in Free Agency. Yes, we all agree DE is a primary need, but if the top 3 at that position are taken before we have a chance on one of them, I’m not taking the 4th rated DE and passing on the # 1 OT that is a lesser need. You are correct that many players have similar rankings thus, need will certainly be a factor when handing in the card.

    1. 7.1


      Pretty much my point…..BPA. Jongruden seems to think we draft for a position. I doubt the Bus’s have a QB rated high in the first round. We can use help at every position so like you state scu….if there is a run on DE before our pick and quality OL tackle sitting there you take him and not reach for your 3rd or 4th rated DE. We already tried that and didn’t work .

      1. 7.1.1


        Jme0151- We don’t need help at every position, so if Reggie Ragland is there at rated as a top ten player we draft him and sit him behind Kwon Alexander? We will take the highest rated player in the position of need.

    2. 7.2


      Scu- You still draft for need and take the highest player at that position, we need a lot what we don’t need is a RT, we need corners too remember so unless the first 8 picks are corners and DE’s then we should be fine

      1. 7.2.1


        Given we’re at # 9, you are right. A need and a BPA are hopefully going to align. Of course need is a consideration. And of course players are there with similar grades making need an more primary factor. And unfortunately, we have multiple needs making the job of getting one a bit easier. But I’m not locking into one position and taking some soon to be stiff and passing on a far better talent at a position of lesser need is how you weaken a roster.

  8. 8


    If Jack Conklin is available in the second round, he would be a steal for the Bucs! That guy plays with a mean streak, has a good motor, has shut down all the top defensive end prospects in this years draft and would be a great addition to the Bucs young line.

    1. 8.1


      I agree he is good but the defense needs a lot of attention the O-line wasn’t the problem

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